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The speakers stress the importance of holding events in a publicly known area for their church, including holding a hotbar, holding a praying lit, and reciting Koran. They stress the need for proof of actions and privacy legislation, as well as finding a hat and avoiding confusion with public decisions. The speakers also emphasize the importance of honesty, transparency, and privacy presence in public speaking. Practice and evidence in a sport or activity are essential for achieving acceptance and cultural differences between Islam and American English.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Arjuna in my blood, my dear brothers and sisters, so that medic Muhammad Allah, He will Bella cattle.

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So I want you to imagine if the responsibility of keeping people interested in Islam was on your shoulders, meaning that you were responsible for not only bringing people into the door, but making sure that they stay there. And this was one of the very first questions that was, you know, posed to me. I remember when I first had my first public speaking training, that as a thief, it is your responsibility to make sure that you keep people interested in the fold of Islam, and you encourage them to study and encourage them to grow. And I believe it's very important to understand this as a very, you know, beginning concept that this is, in essence, what you're doing. When you deliver a

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bad hook bar, you're potentially turning people away from Islam. And that's what being a thief is as a very, very huge responsibility that needs to be taken seriously. And that's what I wanted to begin with. So now in terms of our structure for tonight, we're going to be discussing three main topics. Topic number one is the focus of the hotel itself. So in terms of location, number of people, can we have multiple hotels in the same place? And then what is you know, your actual dress etiquette? The number two is the actual fabric of the hotel itself? What are the minimum requirements that are required for a hotel to be valid, then we'll be covering on the preparation of the hotbeds of how do

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you actually prepare your hotbar and then we'll conclude with public speaking techniques within the hits Allah. So let's start off Firstly, with the timing for selectel. Juma when are you allowed to pray Serato Juma? The scholars differed on two opinions over here opinion number one is of the majority and they said the timing for salado Juma is the same as Salatu thought. This was the opinion of the Maliki method, the Hanafi method and the Shafi method. They said that when the time for the Hodor begins, then you can also pray Juma the time for Thor is when the sun passes the meridian meaning that it starts to decline in you've reached midday and is now going on into the

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second portion of the day and that is what they call the passing of the zenith okay our in Arabic design ships. So, once that begins, then the the time for Juma is valid and this is the opinion of the majority. And this is based upon the Hadith found in Bukhari by saddam Aqua he said that we used to pray Juma with the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and we will only begin doing so after the zenith of the sun. Opinion number two is of the humbling method and in the humble method when of itself they had a difference of opinion in terms of how far you know can this go and their opinion was that you can actually hold Salatu Juma before the time for selected thought before the

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time for Salah to the hot now the safest opinion inside the humbling method. avian Kodama Rahim Allah He mentions is that you divide the morning into six parts. This is based upon the Hadith of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that whoever goes early to Juma then he's made a sacrifice. The earliest being know the one who shows up extremely early for Juma. It's as if he sacrificed a camel, the one who shows up extremely late before the clip just gets on to the number. It's as if he sacrificed an egg. So this hadith it divides the morning into six parts. And he said even Kodama Rahim Allah mentions that in the humble he might have the correct opinion is that you

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can study in the last sixth of the morning. So you take the time from fudger till the time to observe well, and then you divided into six parts in that last six, that's when you can actually start it. But when you actually look at the narrations themselves, you find that some of the Sahaba particularly Abdullah bin, Omar, Abdullah and Homer, he would start selecting Jamal very, very early. And you know, it's just as I was preparing for this, I was thinking about this. I was like, you do this and you know, in this day and age, people would go crazy. So I've delivered Amala de la Houma. He wants led Salatu Juma during the time of Doha, so meaning, you know, the sunray Rose. A

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little while after the sun rose. He got someone to give the event for Juma and the pre Juma early in the morning. I'd like if you wanted to give it a time. It's like eight o'clock or nine o'clock in the morning. He had someone given the event, and he was asking, why did you do this? And he said, I feared for the people that there will be overwhelmed by the heat if we did it at the time, closer to the wall. So obviously I've done Amara de la Houma. He wouldn't do this out of his own accord, but it is presumed that he learned this from the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and there are other narrations like the hadith of Jabba rhodiola han who were Jabara de la Han Sahih

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Muslim, he says that we pray to Juma with the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then we took our camels to go and rest and the sun had not even reached its zenith yet, the sun had not even reached its zenith yet, so this proves that it was permissible to press the lotto Juma before the zenith. So now in terms of what is the best case scenario, the best case scenario is that you should pray Salatu Juma

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After the time for the hotter begins, that is the best case scenario, you avoid all enough. second case scenario. If you can't do that, then try to do this at least that start your hotbar before the time for the hotter begins, but in terms of the actual Salah, try to have that after the hot and in the case that that can't be done, then you vote for opinion number three, that you go for the last sixth of the morning time and then that is when you should hold the Juma prayer and that is you know, the sequence that we should try to follow in terms of the prayers. Number two in terms of the location for Juma, can we just hold Juma in any random locations? And the answer to that is no. So

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for example, you know,

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Sajad myself and facade we have a late night on Thursday, and I was like, You know what, guys? We're going to be really tired. Why don't we just told you my house at three o'clock in the afternoon when you guys wake up? Would that work? No, it would it the Juma Salah it has to be held in the location that is known to the people as a place for Juma. Right. So we can't be using people's houses. Unless it's, you know, that's the place where people pray Juma. So when you go to like certain, like isolated areas, maybe, I don't know, like maybe like in the place that Cochran you know, they don't have a machine in Cochrane to the best of my knowledge. So for Joomla, what someone might say is,

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Hey, you know what, I'm going to make my house available for Joomla. So every Joomla will be praying to my seller, so and so time, you guys can come over here. So it has to be a publicly announced thing. With no restrictions to it, we can just say, you know, only us three are going to come and pray Juma at my house, it wouldn't work like that. So it has to be a publicized location known for Juma itself in the Hanafi month, and this is a very interesting opinion. They said you're only allowed holding one Juma per city, so one German per city, and it's meant to be the biggest location that will accommodate the most amount of people. Now the point of Juma and this is what people need

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to understand is that it's not only just a column for the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala, and to be reminded, but it's also for the sake of congregating like that's why it's called Juma because it comes from congregation it's a gem of the people, right? So you want to try to gather as many people as you can for Joomla. And the more people that you have, the more blessing the gathering is. Now this leads us to what is the absolute minimum requirement for the Joomla to be valid, what is the absolute minimum requirement for Joomla to be valid, and this is when you study something very, very interesting in terms of how scholars derive rules of fic how scholars derive rules effect. So if

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someone was to say, you know, we lead 300 people for salado Juma, what do you think the possible reasoning behind that might be?

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What would a possible reason 300 people?

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Go ahead?

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Yeah, exactly. They said, Bella vida, these are the first group of righteous people. So you need 300 people for the Juma to be valid. Now, this is what we call a far fetched istilah. This is going very, very far, in terms of this is not what the shediac came to, you know, mandate, then you'll find other groups that say 40. And this is perhaps the most popular opinion amongst them if they say it is 40. But what we want to look at is, do we have any indication from the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in terms of what the minimum requirement is? That's what we want to look at. And this is something very interesting that you guys should all know that when you look at

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rulings of fic, what is, you know, the logical sequence that you should be partaking in when deriving a rule effect not saying that you guys are deriving rules of fic. But you should understand where the scholars are coming from when they do this? So the first thing they look at, is that a term if it's given a definition by the Sharia, then that is the application that will be given priority. Secondly, if there's no you know, definition given by the city, then it goes according to the customs of the people. And if there's no set recognized custom of the people, then it goes to the language. So, this is the general sequence that will be followed. So when it comes to salado

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Joomla, you know, the term Joomla comes from Jamaica, as we as we mentioned, or from gathering of the people. So what is the Shetty are recognized as the gem of gathering? There's nothing defined in the Sharia not from the Quran, nor from the Sunnah itself in terms of the earth does the earth have you know, a set recognition that this is what we call a jumble of people? And the answer to that is no, then you go down to the language and then you look in the language that German in the Arabic language means one of two things either a group of three or either a group of two, right, this is what they differed over. So, you know, coming out of the opinions of the mother IP in terms of the

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validity of Juma will say that the cipher opinion is three, make sure you have at least three people for the jumar to be valid for the Juma to be valid, try not to have more than less than that obviously want to have as many people as you can try not to have less than that. If you have to inshallah the some of the Salah will still be valid, but we want to try to have more than that. Now who can tell me the proof of why two would be valid. Why would to be valid based upon what

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there's a linguist

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excite Andy, shall he say did this and then we'll get to your questions.

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Why would to be valid?

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Okay, what happened? They were there for a while, right. Okay. They were there for a week.

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Okay, that's very, very far fetched. That's what I'm looking for the level of the principal. I don't even know if Gemma was legislated at that time. One level I know, go ahead. Every listener needs at least one speaker. Okay, so that's like the logical aspect of it. Fantastic. Every speaker needs that one listener, fantastic. But Loki, let's focus on the shadow side of it. Why would we need two people from the shadow side of it?

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Okay, I mean, I'm saying, Can you think of a hadith that substantiates this, this goes into the book of Salah.

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the process, Adam said, when the time for Salah comes, let one of you give the event and let the other one lead the prayer. Right. So the apostle Selim himself when he defined what a jamara was, one person gives the other and the other one leads the prayer. So this is the minimum requirement for the GMR itself for the GMR itself. Now we move on to the last aspect of this. And this is the film of the Habib himself, does he need to dress in a certain way? You know, is there any particular thing that he needs to do? Does he need a cane and stuff when he's giving the coat? And I have some crazy stories when it comes to this? And the answer to that is the general rule is that there are no

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requirements until they can be proven. So the hottie can dress any way that he likes, as long as it, you know, meets the minimum requirements of the Sharia. So as Allah is covered, that's the absolute minimum requirement. If he's able to wear something nice, that is even better. Now, that's the best thing to do. But he's not required to wear white, he is not required to wear to hold the stuff. I remember when I was getting hooked by in South Africa in Cape Town, I believe I'm not mistaken. You know,

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I will go on to the number I started the hotbar. And this brother starts knocking at the bottom of the number. I'm like, What is this guy doing? And he has a staff in his hand, and he's beating the number with the staff. And I'm like, What is this guy doing? I continued my, anyways, when I sat down between the two, what was the brother came and he like, forced the stuff into my hand. And I'm like what was to do with this. And he's like, it's certain that you have to do this. And I was I don't want to get into debate with the guy at that time. So I hold the stuff by turn after you brother. The processing used to do this because he was old at that time, he needed something to

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support himself with, it doesn't become a center with no of itself, just because the process set up did it but rather the PA system had a reasoning behind it. Same thing with the wearing of the hat. the wearing of the hat is a tradition amongst the scholars to the students of knowledge. Even Abizaid in one of the great Maliki scholars and one of the great scholars of Islam altogether. He has a book called The agenda and in this he mentions that the wearing of the hat is not from the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. But it is from the tradition of the scholars and the students of knowledge. So in order to retain and, you know, continue that

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tradition, it's good for the khateeb to cover his head, but it is not mandatory, it is not mandatory. And a lot of people think that you know, the covering of the head, it has to be something like a goofy like this or white one like that. But going according to the customs of the people, and I'm not saying you try this, but even if a person was just to wear, like a skullcap or a Kangol hat that might be acceptable as well. Well, I was gonna say, even like a baseball cap, you know, that could be part of the, you know, continue on the tradition. But just in a modern day context, I'm not saying we should go that far. But that would meet the minimum requirement and actually share a

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really nasty story with you now.

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So this deals with covering of the of the head. The last time I went to Pakistan, I was about like 1415 years old, and I went to the masjid for Salah. And it was a really awkward experience really, really strange experience. So I'm praying my Salah where they mentioned the musty just by myself. And obviously I'm not wearing any headcovering at that time. So I'm going going through the rituals of salah and inbox. And in the back of the machine, they have this box of like shared hats, where if you don't have your own hat, you can come and take this hat, and you know use it while you're in the masjid. And it's so unfortunate, but these things are filthy and disgusting. Really, really bad.

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Like, never wash the smell like sweat. You know, who knows what else has happened in these hats. So I'm praying this Allah, this brother sees me I'm not covering my head. He goes and he grabs a hat and he puts it on my head. The hat doesn't fit my head. So what does he do? He goes and he gets a second hat. He thinks it's bigger, tries that on my head. It's not working, and I'm still breaking the tie. So I go down for a call come back up. The guy has a third hat. Third, that still doesn't work and this guy's

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getting annoyed and frustrated? Like why are none of these ads fitting this guy? Now this is the nasty part. So I'm sitting in for the shower with now. And what does this guy start to do? He takes a handkerchief out of his pocket. He takes his handkerchief and he starts wrapping it around my head. Now handkerchief, you know, had it been clean unused? And because no problem it's parted after Scylla was finished it like this brown states on?

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And I was like, why are you?

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And your insulin you're like, what can you do at that time? So the point being, if you people go to extremes, you know, and pushing these concepts will bring it back to a simple principle that look, if you want me to do something, please bring a proof for it, right? We're not just going to blindly follow customs over here. Yes, we believe in tradition, we believe in customs. But to make it mandatory, we need a proof for it. So the khateeb is not required to cover his head, and the hotel is still valid.

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Okay, so that's in terms of the dress code dry, try to dress your nicest if possible. But the general requirements of covering the order, as long as those are met, then the quota then the validity of you being active is still valid. So now let's get into the components of the heartbeat itself. The components of the hotel itself are very simple. The hotel is divided into two parts, the first coat work and the second quarter, and the way that they're divided is by the sitting in between the sitting in between the circle, okay, thank you very much.

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And the first part has three elements to it. And the second part is three elements to it. The first part of the code will consist of three things number one, praising Allah subhanaw taala. Number two, reminding the people to have Taqwa and number three sending Salaam Salaam upon the Prophet. So the first part of the footwork, it has these three elements to it, praising Allah, sending salah and reminding the people to have Taqwa sending salon salon upon the profit that's done in the first part of the hookah, then you will sit down

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and then you have the second part of the hotbar. The second part of the hookah you will praise Allah, since Allah and Salaam upon the proper setup, and you will conclude your hotbar making dua you conclude your homework by making dua. Those are the minimum requirements that we should try to achieve for now the ideal case scenario is that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and this is found in all the six books of Hadith taught us something called hot bottle hijjah this is like the quote of necessity. And the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to use this in his Germans used to use this in his aid first, and anytime there was like an important

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announcement, he would use this. So for the khateeb, we would recommend that you know, if you're given quote was regularly memorize this quote, but will hijack because this is from the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he wouldn't leave off that he wouldn't leave off. And that's the famous quote with a hybrid that begins with Indian hamdulillah Nakamoto and the Steena who want to talk a little till the end of it, and the messenger also some use. Remember I mentioned three verses from the Quran as well as the verse of Adam Ron verse of certain Nisa and verse of certolizumab.

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And that is something that should be tried to be done. However, in the situation where you can't you do, you can't you don't have the time or you don't know what the Metohija then in that situation, you know, minimum requirements. Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam i'd also Linda, right. You've said praise Allah sencilla and Salaam upon the Prophet. And in English you can remind the people to be conscious and have Taqwa of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So what are the minimum requirements for the first half? We mentioned three things are not give me one of them.

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praise your praising Allah. Fantastic. Someone give me a second, Najib goId

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remind people to have Taqwa. And what's the third? Fantastic. So now we go to the sitting down. In the sitting down, you sit down. Some of the scholars mentioned that you should make a stick thought at that time, at least three times when you sit down. However, there's no proof from that. If a person wants to make this default, it's fine. The person doesn't want to make this the thought then that is also fine as well. Now the second part of the fourth book, praise Allah since Allah and Salaam upon the Prophet and conclude with da conclude with dua, does the DR needs to be in Arabic? And the answer is no. If you know Arabic, that's perfectly fine. But making divine English in this

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situation is perfectly fine as well, perfectly fine, as well. Now, we actually get to the Select component itself, the Select component itself

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and the Select component. It does not need to be led by the person who gave the Juma kotoba. So sometimes you may have a very eloquent speaker, he can deliver a fantastic quote, but he may not be qualified to lead the Salah because perhaps his pronunciation isn't that great. And you know he's not pronouncing the words of the Quran properly. There's nothing wrong with someone else leading the Salah in that situation. Okay. Now in the situation that you know you're going to be a khateeb then you want to make sure that you get you know your Suna Fatiha down at least at least make sure your sutra is correct and you're not making major mistakes in it with lie to Allah

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in terms of surah that should be reciting

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In the Salah itself sort of outlined sort of Russia, what is what the Messenger of Allah says on your site? Likewise sootel cough is suddenly that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to recite. So try to recite those Sooners, if you can, if you can't recite those to us, then anything from the Quran will be sufficient anything from the Koran will be sufficient. Now who had their hand raised for question? I know you had a question. And you had a question. Go ahead. No, go ahead. Well, I said we're dealing with Vic right now. So let you go first. Because you raised during the

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throughout your question, that's what he wanted me to ask him. What was your questions?

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Here the teams recite before they sit down. And right before beginning the second part, right. So when the khateeb ends, you'll usually hear something like barakallahu. Li, when looking through court on an IV when they're finding what you know, this is not a necessity, that's not a necessity to do so is just something that was that was done by the themes of the past. And we just continued on from there, but it's a necessity to do so. When in terms of when you start up your quotable again. Then you should begin with you know, praising Allah sending Salam and Salaam upon the Prophet in the second part. Yeah.

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cup of love. Yeah. What if you

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repeat that, if you forget to remind people that the total cup wasn't valid. Now that is an opinion, that is an opinion because there's not recorded that the messenger system ever gave a cookbook without reminding the people to have Taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala.

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I mean, that's the thing. There's no direct proof for it. That's what we won't say it's invalid. But we will see that the hardware is deficient. That's what we will say. Can we say this is like an extreme? An extreme opinion? No, that's very far fetched.

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It's a powerful.

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I would choose not to label it. I would say just try to remind the people to have Taqwa because the processor did. So if you forget the hood was still valid, and we shouldn't make a big deal out of it. That's what I would say.

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Last question, we move on.

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Okay, perfect.

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Even though like you were saying, there has to be a place where the people? Yeah, so if it's a public place, and people know that you're praying, your mother and outsiders will come and pray there, then that's fine.

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Yeah, I'm not going to give a ruling to say it's invalid, but tell you the requirements. So what's done in the past is done. But I would suggest not to do it again in the future.

00:22:29--> 00:22:30

Go ahead.

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These rules applicable to just to jump off the boat or some other political group, probably?

00:22:38--> 00:22:41

No, so this is just for Gemma. Right now we're just discussing jomar right now.

00:22:42--> 00:22:50

For say, for example, if we're in Concord, there was no place with a place that we'd be allowed to, if there's going to be those and we just really want to pick, you

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know, you can just initiate it by yourself. So this is something that, you know, is like a public decision that the Muslims will come together and say, Look, this is a decision that we're making. So traditionally, it is the ruler or the governor that will make that decision. But in the situation where we don't have Muslim governors or rulers of localities, then in that situation, we say the public should come together, and they should decide on a location. Now we'll open up the floor for general questions later, I just want to address some of the things here. One of the things that I forgot to mention is what are the what is the ruling on multiple congregations, the rulings on

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multiple congregations, the general ruling is that you should not have multiple congregations, except out of necessity. And this is a

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necessity that is recognized by the Sharia. So for example, you're in a place that cannot fit, you know, the amount of Muslims that you have. So in a place like downtown, you know, we have like three places that you can play Juma and downtown, and there's still an overflow, right? We have two drummers over here, I think epcor has two maybe even three. Therefore, of course, four, and then the other musella has at least two, the church has one note all these rumors going on and there's still not enough place for people to pray. So this is a recognized necessity by the Sharia. So you are allowed to have multiple domains in that situation. However, let us take another example. You had a

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university campus. And you know, a lot of students they have class during one Juma, so they're like, you know what, let us have a second humanity, the only God university campus, something like this, when it comes time to cancel would not be recognized by the *tier. We will tell the students that you know, defer your classes at that time, make sure you don't take classes during Juma because you actually get to choose your schedule. It's not as if those classes are forced upon you. So to have multiple joins just because students can't attend, this would not be a valid reason. However, if there's not enough space for people to pray, then having multiple joins would be acceptable. So that

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was something I forgot to mention in the previous section. Now getting back to the hotel by itself, the hotel window itself, we mentioned the two parts. First part h3 praise Allah sin salon salon. remind people to have Taqwa, sit down, and then the second part has three as well. Praise Allah send salons

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And make dua and then you go on to the Salah. The last thing I'll mention is the issue of the event and the karma, the event and the karma. So for Joomla, we say that there are two events if it is done properly. And if it is not done properly, then there should only be one event. What does that mean? Exactly. So during the time of Mandela Allahu anhu, as the oma continued to grow, having one event was not sufficient in the sense that if they gave the event only from the masjid, then only the people close to the masjid would hear it. So if Mandela who he said, You know what, we're going to have one event inside of the marketplace, and then we will have the second event inside of the

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masjid. So the first event is actually done before the time of Juma by about an hour or so. And it's done in a public space, it's not done in the sight of the masjid. That is when you should have to advance for Juma in the case that you're praying inside of the masjid and you're not getting a van in the public space, then there should only be one adult in that situation. And that is after the thieves as a Solomonic call, you give the event and then the khateeb he starts his hotel. Once he concludes his hotel, you give the comma, and then you start the seller, then you start the seller. And then this will be the last point that I mentioned pertaining to the football. And that is does

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the Hotspur have to be in Arabic? Does the hotel have to be in Arabic? And the answer to that is no. The huthwaite does not have to be in Arabic, but rather Allah subhanho wa Taala, he tells us in the Quran, that messengers were sent to speak to the people in their own language. So the hauteville should be in the language that people can relate to, and people will understand. So that's something that's very important to keep in mind. However, what should be the minimum requirements, the minimum requirement is, at least keep your eye out that you mentioned in Arabic. So if we're going to quote ayat cortos, is in Arabic first, and then mentioned the translation, but rather do not give in a

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verses without knowing the Arabic or mentioning the Arabic to it. That's the absolute minimum, you want to go even higher than that, than even the Hadith that you mentioned. Try to mention them in Arabic first, and then mention them in English as well.

00:27:15--> 00:27:27

So that's in terms of the book. Now we're going to go on to the second section of preparing your hotbar. So does anyone have any fic related questions and effect related questions out of the 100? The

00:27:29--> 00:27:50

popular opinion of 40 people is a minimum number. Yeah, what was their proof? If I'm not mistaken, I believe it was br two la cobertura, one that had 40 people. And these are the people that do all those final dimensions, I always find that I was pleased with these people. So this is where the number 40 came from. Although I know I'm not 100% sure, though. Go ahead. Go ahead. Yeah, so

00:27:51--> 00:28:08

coming back to Alberta in Calgary are going to ban is called by some code has been assigned as Juma plates by MCC. And, you know, people who go to like, instead of missing their tumor, they tend to go there.

00:28:09--> 00:28:46

Right. So is that so you're saying that that is not about it's not valid? Or the people Bamford decided that I'd be I'm not sure if the only people Muslims actually live in bam. They don't. But I have personally gone there and prayed with so. So the group of people that are there, they're all travelers, they're all there and they've come to bat and there's no yeah, I would say that not like not only is not allowed, but this falls into the realm of innovation. Because for the traveler, there is no drama, there is no drama. Right. And that is why there's not a single Hadith that the boxer Southern prayed German while traveling. Right? Not a single incident of this happening.

00:28:47--> 00:29:19

Because the general rule is that when you're traveling, Allah is giving you concessions from those concessions is that you're not required to pray Juma. Right. So the fact that both of them never did it, while he had the ability to shows us that this is something we should not be doing as well. So it is permissible for a khateeb to go and deliver a quote to congregation that needs to pre Juma. But for travelers to get together and establish Juma when they don't have to this could possibly be considered innovation. And it's better not to However, if there are people that live in Banff, and you know, they should confirm this, then yes, they have to presume that they can establish their own

00:29:19--> 00:29:28

drama, and we can attend to that. But for us to go out of our way to travel and then arrange a football for travelers. This is not something about it. Well, ah ha No, go ahead.

00:29:32--> 00:29:42

Okay. And would you say that there is no demand for drummers? Yeah. Me and my friend here, right.

00:29:44--> 00:29:59

Flick called morning. It's around for events drive outside Calgary, right by vloggers. Right. It's a native reserve. There is no question. Right, right. Everyone else is either worship or Christian. Right there.

00:30:00--> 00:30:07

So can we not pre drawn? Right? So do you do this journey on a regular basis? We're like three or four days off.

00:30:08--> 00:30:41

Yeah, so that's considered regular. So you wouldn't even be combining your prayers there. Because it doesn't meet the requirements, the combining your period requirements are, is that it should be considered travel. According to the Cydia trial, according to the Sharia comes by one of two ways, either the minimum distance of 80 plus kilometers, or according to the author of the people who were considered a traveler, meaning that you make special preparations for this journey. So if you're doing four days, on four days off, you wouldn't be considered a traveler in this situation. So in that situation, you are required to pray Juma there, right. So in that situation, if there's a group

00:30:41--> 00:30:46

of Muslims, that you can get together, then you should establish as your mother, that's what you should do.

00:30:48--> 00:30:50

That's just you, then you need to find a new job.

00:30:53--> 00:31:10

Right, I was lucky to get the day off on Friday or half day off to come back to southwest Missouri. Right? When I was like, I don't know if everybody has to tell. Yeah. So in that situation, try to find a new job, try to find a new job if you can, because if there's no group of Muslims there, then in that situation,

00:31:12--> 00:31:21

then yeah, I would say go ahead and establish the Joomla and you know, let the people know that we're praying Joomla here make it like a public thing. So even if the non Muslims want to come and attend to Jolla, you know, let them come inshallah.

00:31:23--> 00:31:23


00:31:25--> 00:31:25


00:31:27--> 00:31:33

love us. And now we get into preparing your host by itself, or did you have an uncle who had

00:31:36--> 00:31:38

usually mentioned their names.

00:31:40--> 00:31:41

So this is something that Tom would have been

00:31:43--> 00:32:13

used to doing some of the, the hula after him. And this was just to, you know, show that there's a high reverence of these great companions in Islam. So when people started cursing the companions, the thieves would get onto the mumble and praise the companions to repel that that evil think so. We won't say it's a Sunnah. But if there's like a trend in the community where people are like saying bad things about the Sahaba, then there's nothing wrong with doing that on the number in pacing the Hola. Hola. Hola. Okay, in terms of prayer, your question as well.

00:32:14--> 00:32:52

My question is that I traveled to approx a couple of weeks ago, okay. It was during the Thursday. So I stayed over till Friday, right? And there's a there's a message there and everything that is that like, Am I allowed to go or you're allowed to go, you're allowed to go? It's fine. You're allowed to go and pre gym either. But in that situation, you cannot combine your prayers. So you pray Juma? And then you have to pray Australia's proper time you're not going to combine us or with a jamaa. My issue is people who travel for the sake of establishing Juma. So if everyone in the congregation is a traveler, you don't give Juma, you just pray thought. And I said, that's what you should do. So

00:32:52--> 00:33:27

now in terms of preparing the hotbar, preparing the I would say one of the most important rules, I don't want to say the most important rule, but one of the most important rules is the issue of relevancy. As a Hatim you have to be relevant to your people, you cannot be speaking about things that are not relevant to them. Right. So when you speak about like, Pakistani politics on your member, and you have like a bunch of converts from Canada, as your congregation, it doesn't work, right. And that's when you turn people away from Islam. And they're like, you know, there's no point attending Juma, My mind goes down by attending Juma, you hear those sorts of comments. And that is

00:33:27--> 00:34:05

because the quality the hook was not relevant. So I would say you have to keep the hook extremely, extremely relevant. Now, how do you keep the hutzpah relevant? These are three things to keep in mind. Number one, speaking about current events, right. So right now the situation in Gaza is going on, speak about the situation in Gaza, and what we can do to help the people been in the heat to Allah, so to speak about current events. Number two, speak about something that you are passionate about. So there's a particular Islamic subject that you're passionate about, that you know, that you can deliver. Well, go ahead and speak about that subject. Number three. And this is like the the

00:34:05--> 00:34:38

insider's tip. You know, those weeks where there's nothing going on in the news? Like, I don't feel passionate about anything this week, what should I do? The secret tip is you open up the other side. And you just take one of the chapters over the other solid thing. And there Amano is bought some of the IRS is brought relevant Hadith for you, and he's prepared the code for you. So you can just put it all together and put your code word together like that. And that's like the spiritual application. So in that situation, you are addressing the spiritual needs of the people, which is what the people need. So even if you're speaking about current events, or something that you're

00:34:38--> 00:34:59

passionate about, make sure that there's a spiritual element to it. Because this is once a week where people who might not even pray, are coming to hear what you have to say. So you need to connect them to Allah subhanho wa Taala. That is of the utmost importance. Now in terms of the preparation of the hotbar, there's actually a formula that I use that I'll share with you guys each and every time

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

person can come up with their own formula. But this is something that I found that works really well for me. And this will be called the A, B, C, D E of the cost. So the A is the captivating anecdote, captivating anecdote. And a captivating anecdote starts off with one of three things, either a story, either a question, or either a joke. These are the three things that a captivating anecdote will begin with. And the captivating anecdote the purpose behind this is to grab the person's attention. So if a person has really beautiful recitation, then of course, you can start off with recitation of the Quran, and you grab the person's attention, and you can start your hotbar there.

00:35:41--> 00:36:17

So that's what you want to use. Now, you'll notice that I mentioned joke is a person allowed to start off the football with a joke. And we'll go back to our principle is that the general principle is that this door is open until we have a specific proof to prove otherwise. So if your joke is going to grab the attention of the people, we say it is permissible to use that group, but understand that there will be consequences of that, because your audience may not be used to this and accustomed to this, you know, I've heard about car thieves now using PowerPoint presentations in their drama, right? And to be honest, this is the way you know, the world is moving forward. Right?

00:36:17--> 00:36:49

So you have a PowerPoint presentation is going to help the people retain their attention, then this is only permissible to use, because there's nothing to show you have to come and prohibit this, a person come might come and say, how about the hadith of jabber that the processors face used to turn red when used to dealing with a Clif Bar? And let's say Yes, that is true certain hood was you will get angry, you will get upset. And you know, maybe that's when you give us a very fiery, passionate hood. But you're speaking, you don't start off with a joke, right? That'd be insensitive, but you're speaking about something else you're speaking about, you know, the etiquettes of a husband and wife

00:36:49--> 00:37:25

can start off with a joke, inshallah, there's no problem. But be prepared for the consequences that your audience might not be used to it, there might be a backlash. So make sure you know your audience really, really well before you try to do something like that. So that is the captivating anecdote, you use something to grab the attention of the people, either a story, a joke, whatever you can to grab their attention, your beautiful recitation, you go ahead and use that number to use right after you get to their attention. You tell the people, what you're going to be discussing the B is what is the basic problem that we will be addressing in this course. So today, we're going to

00:37:25--> 00:38:00

be speaking about charity. So the story that you mentioned, the idea that you mentioned, as a captivating anecdote, that should be related to charity, that's how the two will tie it together. And then you solidify the subject matter in their head. Number three, conceptualize the solution, conceptualize the solution, you mentioned the problem. Now you need to give them solutions to this, as a coder, you can just mention the problem in the world online, that's very lazy with our Salah, and everyone feels bad. Yeah, you know what I haven't been doing myself, you can't leave them hanging like that. But rather, now you have to give them a solution. And the solution, I would

00:38:00--> 00:38:42

suggest try to keep it point based. So three to five points in terms of what your solution is, inshallah is very effective. Three to five points maximum, you go over five points, you're going to lose your audience are not going to retain it, try to keep it to three. And that's perfect. People are able to mention to remember three points in terms of that. Number four, this is very, very crucial in terms of determining a powerful football, versus just an average regular football. And that is the dramatic details. So when you're telling a story when you're translating a verse, When you know, you're just speaking in general, try to mention as many dramatic details as you can. So

00:38:42--> 00:39:22

you're talking about, you know, giving charity, you can simply say, you know, brothers and sisters, Islam has legislated that we have to give us a cut. It's 2.5%. And this is something that is obligatory upon every Muslim. You could read the message, right? That's, it's done. It's perfect. But you can mention, my dear brothers and sisters, I want you to imagine you just passed away and you're feeling regret. What is the regret you're feeling? Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us about that regret, that regret will be that I wish I could come back to this world and spend some more money. So why wait till that regret and give yours the character now before it's too late. You add

00:39:22--> 00:39:59

dramatic details, you get the people emotionally involved. And that's what's going to make a successful quarterback versus just your average mediocre, mediocre football. So the D is the dramatic details. And then we get to the E which is the ending the powerful conclusion that you want to come with. And the ending will have two things in it. Number one, is you summarize your quarterback. So you're the average football I would say should be between 15 to 20 minutes. It shouldn't be longer than that. You speak longer than that. You're boring the people they're going to forget most of it at that point anyways, and you're just rambling on for no reason. The process

00:40:00--> 00:40:38

So that moves to keep us caught was very, very short and his solo long. Now I want you to think about this by Salah being long, certain other suitable Russia, how long is that going to take you to recite? Even if you elongated like you know Abdelbaset stuff in your Salah 10 minutes, 15 minutes, that means the Salah was longer than the hotma, your hotel should not be longer than that, right. So now in our situation where, you know, people don't understand the Arabic language, they're not as moved by the Quran. So I would say elongate the hook by a bit more, keep your Salah you know, a relatively long size, but to make your hook was longer than 20 minutes, you're doing a disservice to

00:40:38--> 00:41:17

the community, you're doing a disservice to the community. So at the end of your hotbar summarize the points that you covered, right, you know, what was the point of the hook, but what was the problem? What were the solutions? Likewise, powerful endings always conclude with action points, your hotbar, it is imperative that you leave with action points. Sometimes you may not find the relevant action points in your corpus, but try to find them anyways. So for example, you're addressing the weakness of a man. So action points at the end of the quarter, brothers and sisters, you know what, let us try to read one page of the Koran per day, right? This is simple action point

00:41:17--> 00:41:48

it like that it doesn't necessarily address, you know, the issue of a man itself, but at least you've given them something to do. So now that when they leave your hotbar they're like, you know what, the karate gave us this advice. Let me try to read one page of Koran per day, we don't realize this and people really are like sheep, if you don't tell them to do something, they're not going to do it. And that is the role of the khateeb that he gives them action points to do. So that people will go on and take care of those action points as well. So, those are the ABCD and E who can remind me what the ABCD and E are

00:41:50--> 00:41:51

what did the A stands for go ahead

00:41:52--> 00:41:54

fantastic, what is the B

00:41:55--> 00:41:58

basic problem fantastic, what is the C

00:41:59--> 00:42:02

conceptualizing the solution? What is the D

00:42:04--> 00:42:48

dramatic details and he go ahead the ending powerful ending. So those are the ABCD and E of the fourth one, this is not set in stone, this is what I use. If you have your own techniques that you can come up with and inshallah you will come up with them where as you get experience and you will naturally you know develop as a speaker. Now let me conclude in terms of tips for public speaking. Tip number one success in public speaking comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah right. Moose Ali Salaam he made for this to Allah subhanho wa Taala right and so a Baja, he tells us that Musa the salami supplicated with rubbish, luckily, suddenly, we are still the Omri Wanaka melissani of Coca

00:42:48--> 00:43:26

Cola the last two points, loosen the knots from my tongue, and let the people understand what I'm trying to say. Right. So more sadly, salaam is teaching us a very valuable lesson that the way that you deliver your hotbar and people understanding the hotbar and appreciating it is tofik from Allah subhanho wa Taala alone. So if someone ever tells you that you know Mashallah, brother that was an amazing hotbar never ever think that you know what that is from my doing never is only from the doing of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that is why it's very important to keep your intentions in check. Number two, always, always prepare, you know, people think that you know, going to the habit

00:43:26--> 00:44:02

of giving or whatever, I can wake up, you know, in my pajamas, changing my clothes and show up on the number. It doesn't work like that. People are able to tell when you deliver a good hotline, a bad hotel when you're prepared, and when you're not prepared. And your preparation isn't for the sake of the people. But it's a preparation for Allah because this is an Amana. Right? So prepare as much as you can, you know, you're going to begin the hotwire three weeks from now start preparing three weeks from now, rather than preparing on the Thursday night before. And you're like, you know, what, what do or what should I speak about, don't do that it's a disservice to the community. And

00:44:02--> 00:44:06

it's showing that you're not fulfilling your responsibility and trust to Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:44:07--> 00:44:22

number three, document and record in terms of documenting your hotbox. What I mean by this is type of your hope bus, right? type them up, keep them saved. I've created a Gmail account for myself called lectures,

00:44:23--> 00:44:59

dot [email protected]. Every, you know, major lecture that I give a talk that I give, I type it up, I save it and I send it to myself in case I ever need to reuse it again. or number two is that the material is there and I can add to that material. So next time I'm giving a talk on the same topic. I have that material ready and I can add to it, the more research that I do. So that's in terms of documenting in terms of recording. This also serves two purposes. Number one is that when you get into the public spotlight, people want to accuse you of saying things imaam you said this kataeb you said this

00:45:00--> 00:45:40

You'll be like, No, I didn't say that. You have your recording as proof. So make sure your host was our recording recorded, so that there's no one can ever accuse you of anything. And you're in the clear at all times. Number two, the only way that you will improve is by feedback, right? So listen to your footballs yourself, share it with your close friends that you really, really trust and get them to give you feedback on your hotbar you do this with the lights on, you'll continue to develop as a speaker. And when it comes to criticism, as a fatigue, you have to understand, there's no khateeb on the planet that gives a killer hot mess every week. Every khadim has an off week, you

00:45:40--> 00:46:01

will make mistakes, you will you know, just have a bad week and you need to be prepared for that. So when people say you know what I think stunk. Don't take that to heart. Right? It just means next week, try even harder, prepare even more. You know, ask Allah subhanaw taala for more help and inshallah you will deliver a good quote.

00:46:02--> 00:46:45

Number four, overcoming fear. People fear public speaking more than the fear death itself. Can you imagine that? When you look at the things people are afraid of? Number one on that list is getting in front of people and speaking and they fear this more than dying Subhan Allah, this is just a general study that was done. So now how do you get over the fear of public speaking? Now, the only thing that I can mention over here is two things. Number one is sincerity. So always rechecking your intention, or delivering this quote, but for the people, are you delivering it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. When you're delivering it purely for the sake of Allah, you're not going to fear

00:46:45--> 00:47:22

anyone other than Allah subhanho wa Taala, either. Number two, is that your first time quotable, as sincere as you're going to be, you will be afraid, even though there might be just like two people in the audience. You're like, how are you going to pull this off? In that situation, you need to understand that this is a natural fear, the first time you're driving the first time you're riding a bike, that fear is going to be there. You give it you do it a second time, a third time, that fear will naturally go away. I remember the first time I gave birth to a big audience. No, I've been given what was in high school and in colleges, you know, since I was in that in that stage, but in

00:47:22--> 00:47:24

my first year in Medina coming back

00:47:25--> 00:47:46

from the Arabic Institute, I was asked to give a hotwire image as soon and Montreal, which the sooner it's like four floors, and you can fit like 5000 people in it. And I was like, how am I going to deliver this Clif Bar. And you know what I was like, let me prepare, I typed up my notes have everything prepared. I show up on the number.

00:47:48--> 00:48:25

I said I wanna come I sit down. And I made a mistake at that time. I like gauged my audience. So I'm looking at the floor above me the second floor, the third floor, and there's a floor beneath me, which I can't even see, that was a big mistake. I shouldn't have done that. But as soon as the event is finished, I stand up. And no words are coming out of my mouth. And you can see my knees shaking, like my knees are literally shaking, and no words are coming out till the middle of the masjid. He like in the hotel is like, Don't worry, you'll be okay just you know, say this is real and begin. After about seven minutes, you're gone by, I'm standing I was looking at me, nothing is happening.

00:48:25--> 00:48:37

And I was like, Okay, I gotta pull this off. And I just read in my hotbar no engagement whatsoever, just read the hotbar didn't look at the people whatsoever. And I was like, let's just get this over.

00:48:38--> 00:49:13

And that's how my first major quarter went. Now you move, you know, I would say what is that? Maybe 11 years down the line. I get invited to Malaysia, the Islamic University there. And you have something like 16,000 people, you know, that are there. And rather than, you know, getting into the Mumbai, this is an interesting experience, the member had like 100 steps and one golf, it was like really, really high, rather than getting excited. So rather than getting nervous about giving the hotbar I'm actually excited the first time around, I was like, wow, you know, Allah has given me such an opportunity to address 15,000 people, these are like students of knowledge that inshallah

00:49:13--> 00:49:53

will become do art in their countries. That was a big honor and privilege. And now that fear is no longer there. Because you have the practice, right? And you are accustomed to doing this. So that fear the first time is going to be there that's natural and realize that the more you do it, the less that that fear will be around. The last point I'll conclude with having the highest standard possible for yourself in delivering your health was right. It's not a competition between you and other relatives, but it's a competition in terms of you pleasing Allah subhanho wa Taala how much can you please Allah subhanaw taala right. And this will be seen by, you know, how engaged the

00:49:53--> 00:49:57

audience is, how much action they're willing to take from your footwork

00:49:58--> 00:49:59

and in terms of

00:50:00--> 00:50:33

You know, having a higher standard for yourself. There's nothing in this video that prevents us from holding papers and holding notes while we're giving hotbeds. But I would suggest in terms of having a higher standard, if you really want to deliver an effective coursework, do it hands free, right? You shouldn't be holding anything in your hands, memorize your hotbar have a down pact and that is where how you deliver a football. So you will prepare seek Allah's help. And then you go and give a football You know, that's going to change the world. That's the attitude that you come with. I'm coming to deliver this football because I'm going to change the world with this quarterback hold a

00:50:33--> 00:50:38

higher standard for yourself and deliver like the best football possible isn't in the heat.

00:50:39--> 00:50:42

And we'll open up the force for q&a now inshallah. quite

00:50:43--> 00:50:44

some flashcards.

00:50:46--> 00:50:59

So like I said, That's perfectly fine. The first couple of quarters, I would actually suggest that have flashcards with you have notes with you. But as you progress as a khateeb get rid of it, memorize your talks. Right? And you know, go out and deliver that tonight.

00:51:01--> 00:51:04

Yep. So, practice session with you one on one for

00:51:06--> 00:51:40

I've never done that. But I would say rather than using myself, just get a group of friends together, right? Just get a group of friends together, you know, how would How would you feel about this idea? One of the most difficult aspects of giving a hotbar is finding relevant examples. So examples that people can relate to. So when you come up with an example, I screwed up, okay, can you relate to this example? They're like, No, I don't understand what you're trying to say. How does this relate to the topic? Try to run those ideas off of them. So it's not just about delivery was running ideas often as you do this with your close group of friends and Sharla. And I think there

00:51:40--> 00:51:59

was a lot of people here that if you're interested in you know, practicing your homework, I'm sure they'd love to help you out and give feedback inshallah. And I'll try to attend as many of those as we can inshallah, with nightime. Well, yuck. Any other questions, we'll head into this topic, is it better to stay away from issues and just concentrate on the issues or

00:52:00--> 00:52:32

fantastic. And so in terms of detailed issues, I would say try to stay away from them as much as possible, unless there's a necessity to do so. So for example, you've been coming to the masjid every week, and you notice that people are always talking in the gym mahatva or you're giving salaams to another during the gym or whatever. So you dedicate one of your hosts was to the advocates of salado Juma, that's perfectly fine. But in order to avoid using the Juma to teach them, or to teach them Makita that's not what should what you should be doing. The general rule is using the footwork to increase the amount of the people to remind them and you should only be teaching

00:52:32--> 00:52:37

karate unless there's like a relevant issue or needs to do so at that time. Allah Allah, Allah

00:52:39--> 00:52:55

Firstly, spoke about having two genres in one location of the region speak about the same copy of doing the hook twice, right? To be twice what's what's the deal? The other question is, when he sits down in the middle of

00:52:56--> 00:53:30

it, can I just address the first question first, and then yes, yeah. So in terms of can the same khateeb give the hook twice? There's no wrong with giving the hook but twice. So the same critique can give the quarterback the issues with the Salah, what should he do in that situation? So some of them are they have they allowed the Imam to have a different intention. Besides what the followers have, and some of the Imams He said, No, that's not allowed. So to be safer in the situation, it's always better if you have someone else leave the salon, if it's possible in the situation that you can't and you have to leave the salon both times, then I will say it is upon the amount to make his

00:53:30--> 00:53:57

intentions different. So actually what we do at the ISC, so we do one Juma before the time for thought and one Juma after the time for the hot so the the first Juma that the hottie gifts, he makes the intention as just as knuffel purse, she's reading the leading the people in the foot purse, and then the second Juma that comes in after the time for thought to avoid all this stuff. That is the intention for Juma itself. And that's what we usually do. Now, second question, your question is,

00:53:59--> 00:54:23

yeah, so you've mentioned that there's an opinion that these do this stuff. Right. Right. So would it be I mean, if if you if the thing has known, yeah, he's not using them, but they're there. Yeah. And then the brain keeps wanting to get over it. So that'll be that's perfectly fine. And that break, you know, a lot of the times you may even want to drink water, you're like, you know, I'm feeling really thirsty, you can drink water, you can do whatever you want at that time. That's not a problem inshallah.

00:54:24--> 00:54:25

Go ahead.

00:54:32--> 00:54:33


00:54:34--> 00:54:59

yeah, that was my that bingeable. And that wasn't pajama that was very sharp. So we pray share with the Messenger of Allah Sonam. Then he'd go back to his people, he would have the intention of knuffle prayers, and the people behind it would be praying a shot. And that's what the scholars use. That is permissible for the Imam to have a different intention than the people praying behind him. But some of the Imams they did allow that they said this was something exclusive to why they've been Jebel and that, you know, the Imam and the people behind him should have the same intention.

00:55:00--> 00:55:00

To an

00:55:02--> 00:55:07

example of a visit with a friend that you see it was a big one by itself.

00:55:11--> 00:55:45

So that's the hadith of, of the Sahaba. He entered late after the Salah was finished, and the messenger was asked, you know who's worthy of this companion? sadaqa. Right in terms of praying with him. So there is that Hadith. But I would say apply that very, very selectively. So for example, if someone's praying, their sooner prayers, they want to pray by themselves, they don't want to be disturbed. However, if you know that the person is praying there for the prayers, then you can join in and there's no problem with that. But in terms of the sooner prayers, just because you haven't prayed your father in prayer sooner, it doesn't mean you should join them. In fact, when people are

00:55:45--> 00:55:48

putting their son there, just leave them alone. That's the general rule

00:55:49--> 00:55:49

or law.

00:55:51--> 00:55:52

Any other questions? What?

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No problem.

00:56:04--> 00:56:05

No speech.

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00:56:11--> 00:56:14

I see that he will be distracted, because he knows. So.

00:56:19--> 00:56:36

Yeah, so the hatred machine according to the majority of scholars, as soon as I saw something mandatory to do, so a person chooses to sit down, that's perfectly fine. inshallah. However, if he comes in, you know, and they're still he's just doing the hotel hijikata type in quickly pray to lock eyes and start and that's the better thing to do in Sharma.

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we're leaving.

00:56:45--> 00:56:45

On the

00:56:47--> 00:56:52

very specific subject to that. We people don't want to

00:56:53--> 00:57:00

write. And the problem that we have is we have a lot of I cannot discover for myself, diseases. Right.

00:57:01--> 00:57:07

I know that one hour per week is not enough, but at least give that out and get connected, then it will open your

00:57:09--> 00:57:10

IRA. Right.

00:57:11--> 00:57:16

Right. No, I mentioned that the importance of being relevant to the people just look at that's pretty good.

00:57:21--> 00:57:23

multiple times in one

00:57:25--> 00:57:30

building, is there not? This is not against the general rule.

00:57:31--> 00:57:34

There is under the opinion that you did not have

00:57:36--> 00:57:45

the authorization of a political right. There's, I cannot have multiple jobs in one city. Right.

00:57:46--> 00:57:50

Right. There, as you know, many opinions, what

00:57:51--> 00:58:07

applies. So it all goes back to the same thing in terms of if someone's going to stipulate if someone's going to stipulate something, then they need to mention a proof for it. So they're saying you can only have one Gemma for a city or one Gemma per locality, we will see where's the proof for that?

00:58:11--> 00:58:35

That's because there wasn't a need for it. Right? And there was, you know, a set system in that place already. But in a situation where there is no set system that doesn't apply. So as the oma grew just because there was a hotbed and bustle out there doesn't mean that there wasn't a hot button Sham, right? So that's one khilafah. When he says it's the go according to the needs of the people. So whatever meets the needs of the people, that's what should be done in Shama

00:58:37--> 00:58:46

Allah tada Tanana Allah so I think we are done for problem. No, no problem. I mean, I thought no one else had questions I have until mclubbe. So we have another eight minutes to go inshallah,

00:58:47--> 00:58:55

that you mentioned at the beginning. So the one he said they would pray with the processor number and they will go back to their

00:58:57--> 00:58:58

job that was handing them jobs.

00:59:00--> 00:59:01

Yeah, on the other

00:59:03--> 00:59:42

side. So the two ladies that I mentioned are both as a Muslim, the statement of Abdullah nama that's one of them was enough of a baby shaper. So the one is a Muslim he or a Muslim. He mentioned his proof of both opinions. The proof for before is the one and the proof for after so if I'm gonna give him Allah, he was very, very strict in that Juma can only be after the time for after the one. So when you look at his commentary on say, Muslim, he does like a very forceful job in saying, you know, this was like a once in a while incident and not a general rule. And that's when it should be implemented when there's a great necessity for it. And as a general it shouldn't be applied. You

00:59:42--> 00:59:43

know, a lot

00:59:45--> 00:59:50

of us will conclude with that sabbatical law behind the Casa de Wanda in Furukawa Tsuboi, iNec