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Of the things we learn in this lecture from Shaykh Yasir Qadhi is the Fawat of missed prayer.

The Shaykh discusses the two instances when the Prophet ﷺ missed his prayers.

Also, numerous Hadith are shared to discuss the missing of Salatul Asr on one occasion in the battlefield.

  • We should make the prayers up in the order in which we miss the prayers if it is possible.
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of the things that we learn, which is a body and Muslim and all of the books that have mentioned that on one particular day, the

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harasser or the Border Patrol, and the the skirmishes and the arrows and whatnot became so severe that the Muslims were not able to pray.

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They couldn't even pause to pray us. Now, there's a big controversy amongst the fuqaha was slotted holes revealed by this time or not. And there's a big controversy because if salata holes were revealed, why did the press a lot of hope, and the majority position is that solid hope had been revealed at this time. But they were so preoccupied that the notion of praying was not didn't, they didn't even have the the time to remember that they forgot, that makes sense. They're so busy doing what they had to do, that it was a genuine, like moment where they forgot. And the evidence for this is that the Hadees seemed to suggest this, that and there are so many, if you look at Bukhari and

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Muslim, you find that these 10 Hadith about this one incident, and because it has some fear about delaying the salah and about making a delayed slaughter, this is where we get to the fifth of a lot of the missed prayers. This is where we get it from the process of never, of course, intentionally, Mr. Prayer, we have two recorded instances of a missing Salah only two, this is the one of them. And then the other one of them was the oversleeping at fudger that took place that the more or the army was going the entire night, they were marching non stop the entire night. And then they rested obey the ledger like an hour before ledger. And the the processor said who will guard us and wake us

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procedure below said I will. And so all of the army fell asleep immediately. And then eventually as well fell asleep. And the first person to wake up was the prophet SAW them with the heat of the sun. And the first thing he said he or Bella what happens panelo Look, you know his own mind about Salah habila What happened? And so Bilal said, Yasser Allah the same one who caused you to sleep caused me to sleep. It's not my fault, right? The someone who took yourself took my soul as well. Don't blame me. And so that was a genuine oversleeping legit that took place once. And this was the only other time in the Sierra that authentically It is reported that and both of them are unintentional. So the

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entire life obviously never had happened. Now what happened here that I'll just go one or two I did that Omar came to the process of them and said

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Yasuda law, I was not able to pray until

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the sun has already set. I'm not even I haven't prepared, and the sun had set. And the profitsystem said, and I too was not able to pray also. And so, they both did, will do and they prayed after after the sun had set

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after the sun had set, so I will highly mentioned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said and this is a very famous Hadith, Sharona and Sadat it was for hat hollow but the shrimps mother Allah Buddha whom Babu to whom now that they have Shaka Luna, they've made us busy so much so that we have not even managed to pray selected woofstock Now, this also shows us half it was sort of it was solid, it was four, it means a lot of us, right? This is the correct position because of this Heidi, that shows a Luna is Salatu was star. They kept us busy from the middle Salah until we weren't able to pray it and the sun has set May Allah fill their houses and their graves with the fire Malala hora

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home we Buta home, Nara, he is so angry.

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Not because they're attempting to kill him because they have managed to prevent selectel acid, look at his anger. What is it for? Right? I wasn't able to pray. And he's angry at that may Allah fill their graves and they're so what will be the case of the one whose money prevents him from self analysis whose business prevents him from suffer losses whose television and sports show prevents him from salata lost Think about this, right? What will be his case? And here is the process that I'm on the battlefield and he's fuming angry at them. Why shows a lunar booster This is why he's angry at them. So after the sun had set, he then prayed selected us now from this the fuqaha have

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derived the fifth point not related to the Sierra.

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This is a shot of the correct opinion that when you need to make Upsala watch, you make them up in the right order order, if it is reasonable and possible to do so. So

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Example even though most of the time had come in, he didn't pray Muslim he prayed

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and then he prayed and this shows us that the general rule you make up smaller words in the order that you miss them and the order that they should be prayed now again because we just mentioned it What if this is not possible it's not possible for multiple reasons number one reason you haven't prayed for 510 15 years then what are you going to do make a 15 year solid before you say the next prayer? Obviously not so then that doesn't apply? Right. Number two, the scholars say that if you praying one Salah will make two Salah missed

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whereas if you jump to the second Salah, then the first Salah you know is the only one missed then you jump to the second Salah. What does this mean? You get the point here that it's between let's say, acid and positive right? And

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you haven't prayed, let's say vote. Okay, so if you move on to the second Salah, then you will miss the first and the second timing. Therefore you begin with the timing that you still have and then you make up the other side.