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Yasir Qadhi
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salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu who will begin by praising Allah subhanho wa taala, the one and the unique, it is he alone that we worship, and it is his aid that we seek may Salatin Salam be upon the one who reached the prophetic peak. So today Sharla is Tuesday and Tuesday is our q&a and I have been overwhelmed with literally hundreds if not 1000s of questions my inbox, ask why queue at Epic mystery dot orgy is literally inundated. And I keep on asking my viewers and readers that please understand I cannot answer from my inbox, I will choose the questions that are the most globally pertinent. So I cannot answer specific issues or problems, or else I would not be able to

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eat or drink or breathe. So I ask your forgiveness for that. But I will choose what is the most relevant and ask now, because I'm really behind. I will try to take as many questions today as they can. So we're going to do rapid q&a. Once again, I have to be careful that people misunderstand rapid q&a. I'm not going to go into details and intentions and all the opinions and all the evidence is simply a quick round of fire. The other q&a As I go into a lot of detail, so today's rapid q&a, so we began to stir it up from Pakistan is emailing saying that she has heard different opinions about whether to make up the witted if she does not pray it. Does she have to call for Witter. The

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response is that she is correct that she has her two opinions because there are two opinions

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excuse me and because she's writing for Pakistan. So the Hanafi madhhab which is the predominant Mehtab of Pakistan is the only madhhab that says that which is obligatory or wajib and therefore if it is not prayed the Hanafi madhhab says it is obligatory to make it up and therefore she has heard correctly from the Hanafi madhhab that she should make up with her if she has not upgraded for whatever reason. The other three methods the magic is the Shaffir is Andy humble is they stayed that winter is not obligatory, it is strongly encouraged sooner, so no more aka the strongest, but it is not wajib. So if you do not pray, you are not you know sinful per se, but it is not something that

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you should do as a habit. And therefore if you do not pray, then you do not need to make it up. However the other three men have said that in case you had the regular habit of praying with her, and for whatever reason you did not pray with her on a particular day. In that case, they say you have the option of praying Salah to Doha the next day, because it is reported from a Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that if something distracted him or he was sick from praying the Witter at night, then he would pray the next day or 12 Raka and you do have extra in order to make up what he had done. In any case, in a nutshell, if you are following the Hanafi madhhab, then yes, you

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should make up the winter as Coda if you're not following the Hanafi madhhab if you choose to you may pray an extra Salah to Doha regard and if not, there is no sin. Allahu Taala Adam,

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brother Jahaziel or Jerseyville from Sri Lanka, he emails and he says can you please explain how sage that Tila or the sage of frustration is to be performed says that the Tila is the sage that is done at specific places in the Quran. Now, what are those places there are 10 that are agreed upon in all schools of law. And then you know, some add one some add three, four, some add five, so, between the mother have you had between 11 to 15. So, this is something that once again it depends on which School of Law you follow, there are 10 that are agreed upon and then rest are you know difference of opinion. So whichever, you know most have you reading follow the demarcations of that

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no problem. And so, follow the you know the most have that you're reading and whenever you come across a verse of such that it is encouraged to do search there is not obligatory it is encouraged to do such that and our brother is asking how is that such the done? Now this search that may be done inside of Salah or outside of Salah. So if you are reciting the Quran, and you come across the soldier that while you are praying, then you may fall into frustration right then and there. And if you're outside of the Salah and you are reciting the Quran, you may fall into frustration right then and there. And if you are listening attentively, and I say attentively This is different than if

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you're passing by and somebody recites then you are not obliged. In fact, there is no obligation says that Atilla is not obligatory, it is Sunnah, if you do it good. If you do not do it, there is no sin on you. And this is the default position of the schools of law. So the search that Tila is not wajib it is encouraged to do and it is encouraged to the one who is praying and the one who is attentively listening as for the one who

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passes by and somebody else is reciting, then it is not something that you are in that circle because you weren't paying attention to that. So how is it done according to the majority position, a person should have will do, and a person should face the Qibla. And if you're in Salah, then you have Udo and you're already facing the Qibla. If you are not in Salah, then in order to sit with the Tilawat, the default position now of course, even to me and others, they have their opinion that you don't need to have although that's a minority opinion, the majority opinion that you should have will do and you need to face the Qibla and you say one tech Bureau to go down and one tech Bureau to

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come up and that's it. There is no tech Vera to if if data you don't say Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar No, you simply say Allahu Akbar, and you go straight down into siesta. And then you say Allahu Akbar and you come back up, and that's there is no Tasneem so there is no Allahu Akbar of beginning and there is no too slim of ending because it is not a Salah, the Salah is what needs Allahu Akbar and Tasneem as for such that it just needs the tech bit of going down and the tech bit of gear coming up. And in this session, you may say what you generally Say Subhan Allah, Allah subhanaw robit Allah subhanaw taala bill. And if you want to add some of God, that is fine. And this is the simple way of

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doing the tech be the sage that of Tilawat once again, it is not obligatory, it is encouraged to do so. And the default is that you should have will do and face the Qibla once again, so if you're in Salah, you may do it right then and there. If you're not in Salah, you may delay it if you're reciting the Quran from memory. And so you're reciting the Quran and you come across the verse of such that if you don't have the will do at that time, you may delay it until you have the will do and then you may do says that the tilava and Allahu Taala Adam.

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Our next question brother armourer is saying that he will be going for Umrah soon. And because of his circumstances he might have to be in quarantine for a few days. He does not know three days or more. So he is saying rather than where the Haram from the airplane or when he lands in Jeddah and then stay in quarantine in haram for so many days. He is asking Can he enter Makkah without a haram and stay in quarantine in regular clothes. Then when the quarantine is lifted, because of COVID. When the quarantine is lifted, he would like to then leave the city in a taxi, go to the closest meal caught where the Haram from there and then come back in and re enter to do umbra. Now, to

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respond again, very briefly, firstly, find out are you sure you have to be in quarantine? From what I'm aware and are speaking, you know, today is the October 19 that the quarantine has been lifted as far as I'm aware. So find out. Maybe you ask the question and you're not aware of this. So find out the second point maybe if you do have to have quarantine in your particular case. Okay, that's understandable. But let me make the question broader than just quarantine and COVID. Let me make it relevant so that in sha Allah be the new law and COVID is completely gone and wiped out still what I'm about to say will be irrelevant. What if for whatever reason, you have to go to Makkah for some

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reason other than O'Meara, can you enter the city of Mecca without a haram? Because you're going for another reason. So suppose you're an engineer, and the government has invited you to look at some, you know, catastrophe is a major issue. You have to come and look at it or you're a doctor with your speciality. And you know, the Ministry of Health has said we need you to Operation please come immediately to Makkah So your goal for going there is to do whatever your task or job is. The response to this is that in fact it is not obligatory to enter Makkah in the state of a haram if you're not doing umbra, why would you enter it from if you're not doing ombre? It is halal to go to

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Mecca for other reasons. Now I know some of my audience is shocked. How could anybody go to Makkah without doing ombre? And I say my dear brother, my dear sister, you are thinking as if you are from America or India or Africa, the only reason for you to go to Makkah would be for ombre. Okay, how about farmers that are close by and they have to deliver the produce. Okay, how about doctors whose specialities there are not found in Makkah. They aren't taught if they are in Jeddah, and they have to come in for surgeries once a week, right? You have to realize Makkah is a city with half a million people. And there is commerce and trade and people going in and out like every city. So

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realize the city of Mecca needs his infrastructure, and the Sharia law takes all of this into account. Therefore, if you have to enter mecca for any reason, without doing umbra, you are permitted to do so it is completely permissible to do so. And in that case, obviously, you will not be in the State of Iran now in your particular

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case you actually do want to do Umrah, but not on this trip, you're getting rid of the quarantine in your particular case. So in your case, if you do as you have described, and that is you enter Mecca with the knee of remaining and quarantine, because you have to do that. If you have to, I'm not sure what you're saying you have to then go with that intention, no problem. When the quarantine is lifted for you, you may go to the closest mucosa, which is you know, two, three hours away, because this is not the main part of Asia dimenticato relief, that is only for the one who has already done O'Meara and is now there's two there's two main courts, there's the musicality of the people of

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Makkah, or the people temporarily residing in Makkah after umbra. And then there is the MacArthur don't who has not done ombre and that is larger, and so you are going to have to go to the meal out of the one who has not done Omura and that is of course farther away. And so you will take a taxi, go there and then re enter haram and come back that is completely permissible. There is no penalty upon you and there is no sin upon you. Because your initial goal for entering Makkah was not Amara in that journey. It was for another reason. And the same goes for an engineer, if you're a doctor, if you're a businessman, if you have a sick brother to you have to go and visit them on their

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deathbed or whatever, you have to go to Makkah and for whatever reason you're not doing ombre, then no problem. You do not enter in the state of haram. However, I can give you an easier alternative. And that is that a lot of people don't understand the reality of a haram. Haram is two different things. The more important one is the knee and the declaration and that is to say, Lubbock Allahumma Umbra or Lubbock Allahumma Hajj and that is done at the knee court. Then the other thing is to wear the garment of a haram. The two are not the same, because the penalty for not entering haram verbally for not declaring the Haram and the Hajj and Umrah is much greater. And that is the penalty

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of an entire animal. So a sheep or a goat. Whereas the penalty for not wearing the right clothes the penalty for declaring a haram and then not wearing a haram because there's the declaration which is the most important. And then there's the wearing which is lesser in its degree of importance, the penalty for not wearing the Haram is to feed 10 poor people. And that is significantly much less than the penalty for giving an entire animal in sacrifice. So

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the Shediac allows if there is what is called a Hajra. A Hajah is not as high as autorouter life and death. Nor is it something that is frivolous, it is something that is genuinely

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not easy, but it's not the end of the world. So it's in between. And Hijjah varies from person to person. So let me give you an example. Suppose a doctor is called to Makkah to perform surgery. And he says you know what, I want to also do Omura. But I'm a doctor, I have to be wearing my clothes and wear my special garment and put everything on. So he declares the Haram when he enters the meat clot. And he says Lubbock Allahumma O'Meara and he declares but he's wearing the doctor garments, and he goes to the operation theater, and he's wearing whatever needs to be worn because you're not going to practice medicine without the mask without everything. So he wears what needs to be worn,

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then when he's done, he may enter into a haram and give the penalty for not wearing the right clothes, which is feeding 10 people, which is something that would be justice for him. And this is what is called a hijab. So if you believe and that's between you and Allah, if you believe that you really cannot remain in haram for 345 days in this manner and it is going to be a type of hardship that will make life not unbearable. That's the Rura it will make life you know difficult to the point of this being a concession that is allowed for you. Then you enter a haram verbally, you wear your regular clothes, then when you are done, you will change into a haram the state meaning the

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garment and then you will feed 10 people and so that will save you the taxi and it will save you the Vidya will Allahu to Allah Allah once again only if there's a hijab and if you feel that it's not then then you should stick with your opinion which is a coat in and out. And by the way, I mean even that having been said, Is it really that difficult to remain in an air conditioned room? You know, wearing haram garments isn't really that difficult. You may change your hand on garments as well by the way, you don't have to wear the exact same garment but in any case I have given you a number of options will allow you to either Adam

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our next question brother was summoned from Goa India mashallah tobacco I believe this is the first question I have answered from Goa. I've heard a lot about your district and I have not had the opportunity to visit your, your beautiful lands. So Brother Usman writes that he loves poetry, and he writes poetry. And yet sometimes what he writes in his poetry is not real. It is myth, it is fiction. It is fantasy. So he's asking that is this something that is permissible? Is or

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doesn't come under lying. And the response to this is quite simple that lying is to deceive somebody, you say something and the other person believes it to be true. As for you saying something, and the context clearly indicates that it is fiction, or it is a joke, or it is poetry. And the person is not thinking that you are speaking the truth, the person knows that you're narrating the story, we're giving poetry, this does not come under fiction in the slightest, and therefore, for you to do this is in and of itself permissible. And of course, poetry, as we are aware, is the default is that it is you know, a little bit of it is completely permissible, as long

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as the content is clean and good, as long as it is decent and encouraging, as long as it does not take one away from that which is obligatory, the Sahaba would listen to poetry, and would recite poetry, the Prophet sallallahu it he was selling would ask the Sahaba to recite poetry and he would attend poetry gatherings of the famous Sahaba and he told her son and fabric to write poetry and poetry is known to be a little bit exaggeration, even in the the even in the poetry, you know of that timeframe. Poetry is about grandiose language and exaggeration, and everybody understands that is the case. So, this is not considered lying in the slightest, and you are completely free to do

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this. But once again, just make sure that the content is decent, that it does not encourage a vise or an evil and that it does not take you away from that which is obligatory like the surah and Allah azza wa jal ventures in the Quran, that many of the poets they are followed by people who don't have any golden life. Then Allah says, but there's a group of poets who constantly remember Allah, and they do vicar, you know, and you know, they are righteous that you know, they are upon good, so be in that group of poet poets and may Allah subhanho wa Taala bless you in this matter.

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Brother Mustafa from Bangladesh emails and says our stock options, halal, or stock options halal. Once again, this is rapid q&a. So I'm going to quickly go over this maybe one day, I'll go into a lot more detail. But for those who are not aware, an option is a contract between two parties, that gives the buyer the right to buy or sell the security at a predetermined price on or before a predetermined date. So it gives you the right, but you don't have to do that. It gives you the option. But it is it is not something that is obligatory on you. And in essence, what happens is that two people are basically gambling against each other one party wants or hopes that the price

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will go up and the other party wants or hopes that the price will go down. And so they're kind of betting against each other. That's the only reason why the two would do this. And because of this, the vast majority of modern scholars, including the fifth Academy Council of the robit of the OYC, including the European Federal Council, including the University respected body of Islamic economics and finance, that was the AOP EO IR Fy is called the EO fee. And, and many other scholars. In fact, this is the default position of pretty much everybody that is respected in the field, that they have all ruled that options are impermissible haram under the Sharia. And this is because there are

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multiple problems involved with this contract most significantly is the issue of uncertainty or a horror and also the Euro basically you do not know you are not actually there is an element of uncertainty, you do not know what exactly you are having each one is betting against the other. And this is another problem that there's an element of MMR or gambling. And the two parties are both expecting the other two to lose, and one of them will win. So it's a zero sum game where one basically takes off and the other party basically goes into a loss. And this is in contrast to the one who purchases stock directly. The one who purchased the stock is a part owner, and he wants the

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company to flourish. And he's expecting the stock to go up. He doesn't know the future. But the point is, he's a part owner. And if the company goes up Alhamdulillah so does his profit. If it goes down, well, then that's the collective loss that they all share. He's not betting against another person, and there's no uncertainty that would be haram over here. And therefore, the majority position, the default position is that stock options are not allowed because there is a level of Islamic uncertainty, horror and a level of Kumar or gambling and Allah Subhana Allah knows best

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brother or EES emails from actually I don't know where he's coming from, but he doesn't say where? And he asks a very simple and yet a very difficult question. How can we tell if a hadith is authentic or not? And brother or as I wish I could give you an easier answer.

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But the fact of the matter is that there is no way for a layperson to tell whatsoever. In fact, the only thing a layperson can do is to blindly follow. It is like asking a non specialist in medicine, that how can you tell whether you have this virus or that virus in reality, you are completely more or less are dependent upon the specialists in the field. And if two doctors differ, then you have to decide which of the two doctors you trust.

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If two Hadith doctors differ, you have to decide which one you trust as well. So really, there is no easy way to tell because the sciences of hadith is one of the most complicated sciences, about verifying Hadith and whatnot. And generally speaking, if you find the big giants in this field, agree that a hadith is authentic, so one of the biggest names and half of them in hedger. And as Kalani died, age 52 Hijra that even hedger or you have a no op, you know, or you have great aroma or the Iraqi of the past or their hobby, you have great aroma of that timeframe that you know, they have commented on many, many, many Hadith. So if one of them says, I believe this hadith is

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authentic, then you know what, as a layperson, just take it and you know, you may go with it. And if you no one of them have said it is not authentic, then, you know, take that advice as well. Now, in case there's difference of opinion, as I said, there is no there is no easy way and you just have to simply follow the authority that you trust, and also by the way, so generally speaking, if the Hadith in Sahih Bukhari Sahih Muslim, generally speaking, you may take it as authentic, the default is that those Hadith are authentic. And if it is, in the other four books unnecessary, I would, I would tell by the APA manager in that order order that these are generally speaking, you know, the

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bulk of them are authentic, Nyssa abodo Tirmidhi have imagined this is the order of authenticity, even matches the least of the six. And if a hadith is only an even larger than that is sometimes problematic, but still, generally speaking, these six books are more well known and more respected than the other books, and that's why they're called the six books. But in any case, another point that you should be aware of is that even if a hadith is weak, if it deals with generic stuff of reading Quran or something of this nature, you know, stuff that we know is overall permissible, then insha Allah hooter, Allah you may act upon a weak Hadith, weak Hadith may be utilized in Nuffield in

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supererogatory rituals in establishing a specific time or place of a ritual that is already established in the Sharia. So if a hadith comes and says, recite this surah Okay, well, even if it's weak or not, no big deal recite the sword of the Quran and the end of the day, you know, so, it is permissible to use life Hadith and this is the position of Imam and Behati himself. By the way any any man Muslim, and basically every single major, major scholar of Hadith in Islamic history has allowed the use of vive Hadith with a number of conditions. You may not use the five Hadith for halal and haram and for theology, you may not use live Hadith but other than this, one can be a

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little bit more lacks in any case, so

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that answers your question, and I hope that inshallah it, it doesn't confuse you more, because in the end of the day, there is an element of blind following that needs to be done. Well, Allahu taala. And I'm also by the way, realistically speaking,

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ruler ma have track records, and certainly ruler ma are far more careful when they quote Hadith than others. So, find out from the specialists and experts like hey, if I listened to this particular chef or Daddy You know overall How are his Hadith you know, what, you know, what is his, you know, stance or whatnot, does he point them out? Is he you know, or is he very careless. So, you may also use this as a Judge Mark for yourself in the end of the day. Now, you Calif Allahu nevsun. Allah whoosah, you are not held accountable for that which is beyond your area of expertise, follow whom you think is knowledgeable and pious. And Allah will not ask you more than that.

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brother moto should emails saying that he has in his family, a premature baby that was born and the mother is not lactating. And because of the situation of the child, the hospital has given them a supply of human milk from other ladies from what is called a milk bank in which milk is given donated by hundreds of women and then purified and then mixed together and then made into basically a standard milk to give to such children that do not have access to other milk and they need milk instead of the chemical concoctions that are given. So our brother says what is the ruling on this that may

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This child in his family be given this milk from the milk bank. Now, firstly, realize we're not talking about Baroda over here, if it's the Rura simple example, if there is a child born, and for whatever reason, there is no you know, access to, or the child is not able to consume artificial or powdered or whatnot, and the mother is not able to give and there is a source whom you do not know, I'm giving a hypothetical example, can you take that milk, of course you can, what's the alternative, the child is going to die, we're not talking about Bowdabra. Here, you're talking about a Hajra. And a hydra here, like, obviously, the child is a premature, maybe it can be given chemical

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milk, but in the end of the day, powdered milk, I mean, but in the end of the day, clearly, any Allah created that milk is better for the child, the mother, the mother's milk or any mother's milk, human milk is better than the powdered milk that comes. And so the problem here therefore comes that we do not know the origin or the source, and there is the issue of foster mother ship being established. Now, this issue is a modern one. Obviously, milk banks are a modern phenomenon, they did not exist in the last century. So you're not going to find a foot to offer moving Tamia about milk banks. This is important question. And a number of scholars and councils have looked into this

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issue and have given multiple opinions, there is a spectrum of opinion. And I have read through a number of fatawa in this regard. And again, this is the rapid fire q&a. So I'll just give you what I think is the position that I personally follow, which is the position that shareholder Qaradawi has given and also Dr. Ouma Lashkar and others have given that milk banks are allowed, because the quantity of milk that is come that comes the number of donors and the mixing of it becomes such that it is insignificant who one particular indiv individual might be. So we are talking about hundreds of Lady So again, these are ladies that will donate their surplus milk to a charity, knowing that

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this charity or this milk bank will then give it to children who are in need like like you just said, you have a case of a premature baby. So there are ladies that donate and they should donate it is not allowed to sell. Because it is not their property in the first place. They donate their milk. And this is a good thing to do overall that you give to somebody who is in need. Now, if a lady were to do this to her friend, and that is known Alhamdulillah that is excellent. The Sharia establishes the foster hood, you know, etc. Excellent. The problem comes, as you said, the lady has given it to the bank and milk bank and the milk bank, they have a process in which hundreds of people's of

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ladies milk are put together, purified whatever, you know, chemicals, whatever needs to be done to you know, make it into consistency and whatnot. And then that milk is then given to 1000s of children, you know, across that city who need it. So a number of scholars have been strict and said oh, this is even one drop establishes Mahara me and whatnot, however, and many other olema have said actually, and this is based upon the Shafi and humbly position, that it's not a drop No, it has to be a number of sucklings it has to be a good quantity. It's not just a drop in if somebody types are stricter in this regard. So yes, one drop changes it for them. But the hadith is very clear, that

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realize from ajaw and hum subtle bodies are very clear Hadith in my humble opinion. And therefore I follow the position that says that the child must feed five full times from hunger until the child has stopped feeding. So a drop does not establish my Hermia and this is the default position of the majority schools. So a drop does not establish Macromedia. Therefore, if hundreds of ladies milk is mixed together, the end result will be less than a drop less than a drop that the child will be getting. And on top of this, there's clearly a hija on top of this, you know generally this is given to premature children, etc. And therefore, shareholder Qaradawi says it is completely permissible

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and dr. Emoto ash court says that it is permissible if there is a hijab Carla even says even if there's no hairdressers allowed, I am sympathetic more doctor I'm gonna at least let there be a need. You know, I'm saying like, yeah, if everything is equal, why open this door if the child has another source, if powdered milk will do the job, why open this door, but if it's going to be better for the child and if you know there's a need for it, and you know, the bank is trustworthy and whatnot then insha Allah Tada. As a number of scholars have said it is permissible will Allahu Taala Adam,

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brother thought emails, brother thought his emails from New Jersey and says he has a 401 K retirement and he is in need of dipping into his own account for a personal reason. He has to take that money out

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However, his company requires that when he gives that money back, he must put extra into that account as a penalty. He asks Is this interest is it allowed for him to do this? The response very simply, it is not interest at all because it is going from your pocket to your pocket, there is no third party involved. Not every penalty is interest when the penalty is for you and upon you and to you, there is no interest and that is that very simple answer there. Okay, number nine now hamdulillah we're gonna get 10 Questions done today. Schelotto number nine, question number nine

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brother Abdul Rahman emails that upon whom is zakat due from the owner of the of the male of the of the property or the one who is responsible for the maintenance of the owner. Put another way, he asks, Can somebody pays a cat on behalf of somebody else? Or does the owner have to pay the card himself or herself and then he says for example, a woman has gold and she does not work. So, is it allowed for the husband to pay this cat upon her wealth or must she pay of her own wealth, the response to this Zakat is an obligation due from the wealth to the poor. If the owner of the wealth is valid, then it is due from that owner value of an apple yeah and if the owner is of age and sound

00:31:29 --> 00:32:20

mind then the owner is primarily responsible, if the owner is not bad, or not after to suppose a child so an orphan child, his father has left him $100,000 of property of the end in the wealth $100,000 in the bank account, whatever. The child is not bad if the child is not alcohol at this stage. So in this case, the guardian of the child shall dip into that account and take this card and give it to the to the Mr. hatin. So it is obligatory on the apple and the body of the one who's adult and whatnot and it is obligatory on the Wali of somebody who's not bothered and Arkell. However, this obligation can be transferred voluntarily she or the child cannot demand now obviously

00:32:20 --> 00:33:00

the child's not gonna be able to remember everything. In the case of the wife, for example, the wife is obligated to give her own ticket if she has the wealth. And if she has jewelry, by the way, positive footnote. I have not yet given a detailed discussion of the cost of jewelry. Maybe one day I will go into this because this is a card of gold jewelry is one of the most contentious issues of all of Zakat, and it goes back off from the time of the Sahaba do you give zakat on your personal jewelry does a woman gives the card on gold or not? This is a very, very hotly debated topic amongst all of the four schools. And perhaps another time, I will go into this but for now, let us assume

00:33:00 --> 00:33:08

you're following the Hanafi madhhab. Because you're saying you want to give zakat on your wife's jewelry, and this is basically the Hanafi madhhab in this regard. So

00:33:09 --> 00:33:56

let us assume that that is the default position. I'm not saying that it's the right one. By the way, I'm simply assuming for the question. Now. You are saying May I give it on behalf of my wife? I respond. Yes, you may. But the wife cannot demand of her husband. Nor can somebody else demand of another person that hey, I don't have liquid cash. I only have let's say gold. So I am demanding you to pay. Have your money on my zakat know if you volunteer and you are charitable May Allah azza wa jal bless and reward you and make your marriage flourish mashallah, it is a gentleman thing to do we expect a husband to do this, that if his wife is not working, and she has, you know, solid assets

00:33:56 --> 00:34:42

that are you know, not liquid, she's not going to sell them that in this case, we expect the husband to be generous and give but the Shetty does not require the husband I have to be very clear here. It is one thing to be gentlemen, the it is another thing to be specific and pedantic. It is not the obligation of the husband. And if the wife does not have liquid assets, well then she has to sell if she again if she's following the position that Zakat is due on gold jewelry, then she must sell the smallest amount 2.5% And then you know give zakat on that. So, there is no other way. And then this if the husband volunteers graciously, no problem in that. And the same goes the worry of an orphan.

00:34:43 --> 00:34:59

If an orphan has wealth, and the the the Guardian, the uncle, whatever says you know what? I would rather that the money remains to the child and I'll just give from my own wealth as a cat well, then we have no doubt in stating that that person shall be blessed.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:39

and his wealth, Allah will bless him and reward him for taking charge of the affairs of the orphan and protecting the affairs of the orphan. However, we have to be technical, it is not obligatory for the uncle, the cousin for the guardian of the orphan, to dip into his own pocket to give this a copy of the wealth of the orphan, it is not obligatory, and if this person does, so there should be no guilt whatsoever, it is not his responsibility to pay, there's a cut of the orphans property, it is on the orphans property. So he may dip into that 2.5%. And obviously, Allah is watching and Allah knows how much he is taking. So he may dip into that, and give from that to about 2.5%. And that is

00:35:39 --> 00:36:22

what is obligatory. So bottom line, a person may volunteer to pay on behalf of somebody else, in which case it is a gift. It's like literally, suppose the wife has to pay $1,000 and zakat, she doesn't have liquid cash. So the husband says, I'm going to pay for you, My gift to You is $1,000. So it's as if I'm saying it's as if he's gifting her 1000 She then gives it becomes her property, she then gives this 1000 In Zakat, and lo and behold, her obligation is done. So the party may gift the other party, but it cannot be demanded from the one who owns the wealth. And I hope that that is clear. The last question is not really a question. And I really hesitate to go down this, but I am

00:36:22 --> 00:37:06

literally bombarded with multiple emails every single week, I am not exaggerating, when I state my inbox aswaaq inbox is full of hundreds of such emails. So I have to I believe I'm kind of like, forced into a corner here to to answer this issue. So that inshallah those emails, minimize. It's something personal, I get multiple emails every single week, from around the world, people asking for my forgiveness, because they say that they have said something about me, based upon something that they saw or something that they heard that I'm this and that. And then they realized afterwards, when they listen to my lecture, or when they hear my explanation, they realized that

00:37:06 --> 00:37:40

they were not told the truth. And so they said something wrong. And they're worried it's slander, or LIBOR, or an amoeba, and they're worried about the Judgement Day and this and that, so they're emailing me sometimes because I don't respond to individual emails, the same person might email half a dozen a dozen times saying please forgive me, please forgive me. And some of you might say, why don't you just answer because if you saw my inbox, I don't have the time I apologize along with time. But so I'm therefore giving this generic answer insha Allah Allah to everybody, because I am inundated with such emails. So I stay to that.

00:37:41 --> 00:37:44

I understand that many people

00:37:45 --> 00:38:32

in their desire to defend Islam in their desire to protect the purity of this faith, that if they think somebody is corrupting that faith that they might say things in order to defend the religion, and therefore whoever is sincere to defend the religion of Allah subhanho wa Taala that person has already been forgiven from me even if they are mistaken. There is no need to email me there is no need to ask my forgiveness. Anybody who sincerely says something wrong about me sincerely thinking that are we the villa with what I see colors referees that I am spreading deviation or heresy, they hear something online or what have something of this nature. And they warn their relative their

00:38:32 --> 00:39:11

cousin, they say, don't listen to so and so because he's such and such. And then when they actually listen, they realize, Oh, actually I was mistaken. And this, you know, for all of those people unconditionally, completely clean slate from me, there is nothing and there has never been anything in my heart ever for anybody who has been, you know, sincere in this regard. I have forgiven them and Allah has already forgiven them because they are sincere in nama Maru bindi yet, there is only one small category that perhaps I look forward on the day of judgment, and that is those that intentionally create drama knowing that they're misquoting me or or they are not qualified. And this

00:39:11 --> 00:39:49

is another problem that if you don't have knowledge, and you hear that, oh, somebody prays like this, somebody prays like this, and you've never heard this before, you're like are always a biller, this guy spreading deviation. My whole village prays like this, and he's saying you can pray like this, for example. I mean, then he is doing he is coming into a level and an arena and he's fighting a fight, he is not qualified to fight. And when you do that, well then you are creating fitna and drama. So those two categories, the one who is totally insincere, and he knows that he is lying, or the one that is creating this type of drama and he's not qualified to create this drama Subhanallah

00:39:50 --> 00:39:59

for those two, I asked that Allah forgives them in the era, but after I get my Hassan out as well, I don't want them to be punished or with Ebola with Ebola for something like this.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:43

As you know from Allah, but I am greedy for Hassan atta and so those people who are not sincere, I do expect that insha Allah and something will come on the Day of Judgment. But my advice my dear brothers and sisters and I've said this all the time is that don't involve yourself in this reputation culture. You my dear brother and sister you do not know which opinion is blameworthy and which opinion is within the realm of Islam and acceptable you do not know. And sadly, sometimes those who are just trained a little bit are also not aware, go to the senior ruler Ma, that are known for their open mindedness and mindedness and tolerance go to earn a ma that are global

00:40:43 --> 00:41:23

Alhamdulillah I'm a student of knowledge. There are major scholars in America, major scholars across the globe, who understand you know that okay, this is an opinion, I don't agree with it, but it is within the realm of acceptability. So look at a person by his peers, look at the people that he associates with, look at those who endorsed this person. And in the end of the day, my dear brother and sister, my sincere advice to follow those whom you trust, that's it. If you are in doubt about a teacher, a chef and Adam, leave that person and that includes me, by the way, leave that person and go to the one who gives you strength and the man whose answers comfort you whom you think is

00:41:23 --> 00:41:58

bringing you closer to Allah and His messenger. That is what Allah azza wa jal is going to judge you on. If you are not qualified to sift through between whose right and wrong well then go with who your heart believes is the one that is taking you to the best path and then be quiet about the others because you are not qualified your brother and sister you don't have to follow them but you are not qualified to say anything about them and you don't want on the day of judgment to have to face the potential the potential What if somebody says hey, that guy sport said a lie about me? You know, Oh Allah, what if as for me, insha Allah anybody who's sincere? Will Allah He has Allah is my

00:41:58 --> 00:42:40

witness. I have never held a grudge against anybody who's sincere, and I have forgiven them from day one anyway, so from my case, don't worry, you don't have to email me. Not at all. But how about others who might still want that or what not? Why go down this route, my synth genuine advice. Please listen to this that follow your teacher, your chef your on him, whom you think is the most knowledgeable and bring you closer to Allah and His messenger, follow that person and then be quiet about the rest and leave refutations to those ruler ma who are qualified. Not everybody who refutes is an acronym who's qualified frankly Wallahi. I say to honestly, the majority of those who busy

00:42:40 --> 00:43:20

themselves in the refutation culture, they are not qualified neither in Ireland, nor in Adam. And this is the reality. And I don't like saying this, the real Adam, the real scholar, even if they must refute it is done like salt to the food once in a while it needs to be done. And then you move on, do not associate with people whose primary output is negating the products and the virtues and the fatawa of other people. That's not how you build demand by destroying other people's demand. So bottom line, please, no need to email me, everybody, even those who don't ask and they continue to say things about me because in the end of the day, we live in very dangerous and very difficult

00:43:20 --> 00:44:00

times. And I understand there's a pain, I understand there's a pain and a perception that the religion is under attack. And a lot of people think everybody's betraying the religion except me and my group and I understand that mentality, even though I said that mentality is not healthy still I understand. And this person this this, you know, an innocent person, you're naive, the innocent, he genuinely thinks that he's defending the religion of Allah and defending the pristine teachings of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam by speaking against people that he thinks is corrupting the faith. Okay, in Nemat, Amma Lubin, yet that person is forgiven from Allah azza wa jal and also

00:44:00 --> 00:44:37

between me and him macrocarpa as well I give up to that person but still I say, Why get involved, worship Allah learn knowledge, do what you can, and the rest of the scholars into art leave their affair to those who are qualified to do that. So I hope that insha Allah Tada I hope that this will minimize the number of emails that come in this regard. And if you are a student of knowledge and if you are interested, then listen to the person directly and see because again, fact of the matter almost all these emails has the same thing. I heard something about you from this video. I misunderstood I believed it until I came across what you yourself said Subhanallah in this it kind

00:44:37 --> 00:44:59

of shows you as well but in any case, busy your time with that which is beneficial and do not busy your time with Tina wakad. And he said and she said refuting and whatnot, follow those whom you trust and come closer to Allah and His messenger. The goal is not the reputation of chef so and so the goal is the pleasure of Allah and that will be done by you sincerely following that which you

00:45:00 --> 00:45:34

Think will bring you to the pleasure of Allah through the scholars and your odema whom you trust may Allah subhanho wa Taala Cleanse my heart and yours of any zeal and hazard in health may Allah subhanho wa Taala purify us internally and grant us the best adapt if externally May Allah subhana wa Tada right for us a cabal in the heavens and on this earth may Allah subhanho wa Taala guide all of us to the truth and guide others to the truth through us with us Inshallah, we'll come to the end of today's q&a, which is Aqua la Heron was Santa Monica Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh in

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water he wants to label NEMA

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