Yasir Qadhi – Lives of Sahaba 70 – Hudhayfah Ibn Al-Yaman

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The Battle of Honda turned into a tragic war between two tribes, with the loss of war, religion, and religion leading to the return of the Prophet sallavi alayhi wa sallam and Omar's actions, including his stance on the names of the MAChaim and protecting their privacy. The history of the city of Kufa and the use of " glass of water" in reference to the water used during daily activities of the religion, as well as the need for everyone to be fully vaccinated and the responsibility to ensure their safety are also emphasized. The speaker addresses the issue of racism and acknowledges that everyone has a responsibility to ensure their well-being.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while he was so happy he won Well, I'm about I know time is getting a bit awkward. I think we should change the timing inshallah, but let's see what the term in the end will ask again. So, today inshallah tada we're going to do a companion whose name is known to all of us. And that is the one who kept the names of the hypocrites, the Sahaba city is called the keeper of the secret of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And that is for the fraternity a man. And I want to begin by talking about a very beautiful incident, a very beautiful Hadith. Actually not a headache, but a segment of her day that took place after the death

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of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam during the time of earthman, or the love of Allah and who they felt was in the city of Kufa. And a man came to him and said, Did you accompany the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam? And her they first said, Yes. So the man said, How was your treatment of him? How did you treat the profits of the lava? Is that um, how did you all of you treat the Profit System, or they said, We tried our best to be, and you know, edema, and we exerted our efforts. jahad Now we did our best to help our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So this man who is not a Sahabi, he is not a companion. He said, Well law, he if I had been able to meet the Prophet,

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sallAllahu, alayhi wasallam, I would not have allowed him to walk on the ground. And I would have carried him on my back. Meaning you guys didn't do as much as I could have done. Meaning you guys fell short. And I would have done much more than you. I wouldn't even allow him to walk on the floor. So today, if I said, Boy, my dear child, my dear boy, I remember a time when we were with the profits of the lahardee. He was setting them during the time of hunt duck, and it was late at night, and we prayed Salah with him. And he then turned around and asked us who will volunteer to go to the enemy, and returned back and inform us of an update. And I make sure that he showed me my companion

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in general,

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and not a single one of us stood up. Then we prayed again, another tutor car. Then he asked the question again, and not a single one of us stood up, then we prayed again, and not the same thing happened. And not a single person stood Why are they explained because of extreme hunger, and extreme cold and extreme fear? Not a single Sahabi responded to the call of the prophets of the laquanda. He will send them and this man who has never even met him thinks you're going to do more than us. I remember a time when none of us were able to do it. Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said Yahoo. They, he called my name. And I found myself not being able to ignore because he

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mentioned me by name. And I said yes Yasuda law. So he said, Go up to the people and enter amongst them and tell me what has happened. What is the update? So I want to begin my story about her day four with this really, really interesting incident. And because I began with the story, I have to explain this incident what exactly is happening which battle is is taking place and why is it nobody is standing, of course for the first says this is the Battle of Azov, the Battle of Honda, which is overall one of the most traumatic experiences in the entire car. And imagine so panela amongst all of the Sahaba not a single person stood up. And you know, it's easy for us to think we would have

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done we would have done, but they said you were not there. For so many weeks, they have no food to eat. On top of that it's the middle of the night. On top of that it's winter. On top of that it's raining and drizzling on top of that the wind is blowing. And most of us here have never really been hungry without food. Most of us have never been in the battlefield that we don't know what's going to happen. The combination of cold and fear and hunger and weakness, all of this together. Not a single person stood up. When did this incident take place in the Battle of Honda and the Battle of Honda as we know there was a very interesting turning point that took place and the incident of or

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they came right after that point. And this is the crucial point of aim a big mystery that a lot of finding another Sahabi very briefly remember that in the Battle of a hand up you had the kurush and you had the tribe of lotto fan and you had the yahood of the Medina and they were the the traitors who had been

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trade the treaty, and the three of them had a treaty together, that they're gonna conquer the Muslims. So one of them No, I am converted to Islam. And he made his way to Medina. And he said Yasuda law, I converted secretly, nobody knows I'm a Muslim. So I'm at your service, what do you want me to do? So no, I am was from Dakota fan tribe. And remember the story that the processor said, You are one man, what can you do to help us out. But if you're able to bring about distrust between the three, then go ahead and do that. And remember that war is deceit and horrible, Heather, you have the right to say whatever you want. So remember the story. No, I then went to the bundle

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Corolla of the hood. And he said to them, Look, the other two tribes that I'm with, they're very easily going to flee away. And if I were you, I would take hostages from them, bring them over to our your site, so that they're not going to flee away, ask for their elites, and the sons of their leaders, and have them in your side, so that you're guaranteed that they're gonna fight for you. Then he went to the correlation, he said, You know who I am, but one of the leaders of the auto fan, and let me tell you, that you who would have broken their promise with you, and they have now gone back to Warhammer sysm, and they have promised your sons to him, they will execute your sons, and

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they will then have a cavada in front of Mohammed sallallahu sallam. So if they come to you asking for your sons, then make sure you don't give your sons to them. They have betrayed the treaty. Then he went to his tribal auto fan and said the same thing I am one of you. And I have heard and I have found out that the who that betrayed our covenant with them. And then obviously, that's exactly what happened, they would ask for hostages or, you know, tokens of if you like any sacred is that they're not going to run away. And so both the chorus, and the auto fan said, Oh, so the treaty is now broken, and quite a lot of turmoil began. And it was at this time, the Profit System says to her,

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Dave, tell us the update because no one was not able to come back in, tell us the update. Now Their aim is being watched, because there's worried about him as well as he had doubled spy double trade or whatnot. So all information is cut off. It was at that point in time that the profitsystem said to her, they go in and find out any update. And this shows us the status of are they for the love of Thailand that out of all of the Sahaba. And all of them were there in the Treaty of conduct, as you know, the provinces have mentioned him by name, and said, Oh, Mia, are they for you go and you find out any updates, but do not do anything, until you come back to me. Just observe and hear, see and

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hear don't do anything. So if I said go back to the his story, I found myself having no option other than to obey the command of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he made his way through the darkness of the night, the howling of the winds, the rain, the cold, and he made his way crossed over the ditch. And he made his way to the top camp of the orange sneaking in through trying to hear and eavesdrop. When lo and behold, a cry came out that all of you come to the center of the camp and this was the middle of the night. So all of the people are rushing to the center of the camp. I will soufiane stands up. And I will soufiane says make sure each one of you verifies each other that you

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are from the orange. We don't want any outsiders here. So no aim is an outsider. Sorry, are they are they was an outsider. So today for look at how quick thinking is. I immediately grabbed on to the guy next to me. And I shook him. I said Who are you? And so the other guy got shocked. He answered a name. And so because of that the other guy then wasn't as strict with him, because he asserted his leadership and his common psychology human psychology. Okay, so the the man that basically, you know, so they managed to remain in there. Then Abu sufian stood up and said that it appears that, you know, the bundle provider have abandoned us. They have reneged on the treaty, because remember,

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the the hostage situation had taken place. And we've been here for so many weeks, our animals are dying, the weather's getting worse, the supplies are dwindling. There's no victory in sight. And on top of that, and our allies have the bundle Cordoba have abandoned us, so I suggest we abandon them as well. And let's just call this expedition over and let us return back to MCC. And as for me, I'm returning back to Makkah. And they said in front of me, Abu sufian jumped onto his camel and galloped away and I had a clear shot of him right by me he right I clear shot of him if I wanted to. I could take my bow and arrow and gotten rid of him there. But I remembered what the prophet system

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had said that don't do anything just come back to me. So I did not fire any shot and he returned back to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stent, and he found the prophecies and praying with the blanket of one of his wives all over him. That was so cold that even his jacket or whatever. They didn't have a jacket but a garment on top. Even that wasn't enough and he had a blanket from the inside 10

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And that whole blanket was on top of him, he was praying, and the process of them saw her they fell, and he gave him a motion to come, or they came and sat. And the Prophet says, and in his Salah, he put his blanket and put it on top of her day for because he doesn't mention this, but it's understood he must have been trembling must have been freezing cold. So the process and put his own shawl, which was actually a blanket that he was using to pray, and her day for stayed there, he finished the Salah, then today for told him all that had happened. And the very next morning when the Sahaba woke up, the Battle of conduct is over. And the the the tribes of Croatia have all

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disappeared. So that was the worst night when Allah mentioned in the Quran, I sent my army that you did not see. So the Sandstorm and the winds and the rain. It happened that night, and how they felt was the one walking through it to go to the other side. And he came back to inform the Prophet salallahu idea he was setting them of the victory. I began with the story because it's such a fascinating story. And it also shows how easy it is for one of us to say Oh, if I were there, I would have done this on her. They've put that kid in his place. He goes, Oh young boy, what do you know I have seen what you have not seen. And we were there in such and such a night. So let us now

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begin from the beginning who is a father and his father? Yeah, man also is a Sahabi. Today for iannelli a man, your man actually is not his name. It is his luck of his nickname. his actual name is wholesale wholesale with her. And Hussein was actually from the tribe of auto found the same one name was from he was from the tribe of a lot of fun up north. But as a young man who slayed was involved in some dispute. And in that dispute, he managed to kill somebody else. And he had to flee from his own tribe. So as a young man he did something young men should not do was involved in some violence and whatnot. And rather than face the consequences, he fled, where would people flee to

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when they're in trouble in Arabia?

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So he fled to Makkah. And he became a Macau he for a while as a young man this way before the coming of Islam. And it just so happened other law that he married one of the ladies of the house in yesterday. So he established a house in yesterday, and a house in Makkah. So he's basically going back and forth between MK and Medina. He's living in Makkah, his wife is from yesterday from Medina. And so he's basically has a place both here, and his son who is actually born in Mecca. His son today was born in Makkah. And he was called Alia man, even though his name is Hussein, because the hosts are from Yemen. And so his tribe said, once they heard that he was adopted by the hosts, his

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tribe said, You are the man, the one from Yemen, you're the man. So he was called Alia man, even though he's not only his name is not the Mr. Nor is a Yemeni, but his tribe, obviously dissociated from him because he obviously broke away from them as well. And he converted to Islam. We don't know exactly when we're talking about the Father. But we know that he converted before the higit off, and he converted, and he also participated in the Treaty of Aqaba, as well. However, it appears reading the theater literature Allah knows best it appears that he wasn't based in Macau during the persecution years. So he might have had house there, but he's not quite there, because he's not

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mentioned at all, in the early years of Islam. His first mentioned comes right before the Battle of budget, after the hedger of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that it's so happened that the orange caught him and his son who they for as they're going to Medina to yesterday from Makkah, and they stop him and they say, Where are you going? And he says, I'm going home to yesterday. And they say, Are you going to join Mohammed slowly send them. So his Islam was secret from the college? So he said, I have a home, I'm going home, Why are you stopping from going home? So they said, as long as you do not join Mohammed, we will let you go.

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So he had to give them a promise that I shall not join

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them in any expedition against you, I will not fight you. So they made a condition upon him that he's not allowed to fight them. And when they find his father of the a man arrived in Medina, the Battle of Berlin was being negotiated, not negotiate with the people were being asked to participate in the Battle of budget, and how they first said, Sorry, the man the Father, the father said, O Messenger of Allah, Abuja had captured us, and he put a condition on us. What do we do now? Are we allowed to go or not? Now we're here we're away from him. But what we what we gave the condition that we're not going to fight against the harsh or we should say I should say we should not attack

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the court. Ah, that was what they said.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, you fulfill your oath to them. And we shall get allas help from other sources, you fulfill your oath. And we will get help from other sources. And This to me is a very, very important principle that I have quoted many times in highly sensitive lectures, which we talked about, I spoke about political loyalties versus religious loyalties, or they fought and his father are Muslims. And their loyalty is with Islam. Yet, the Quran put a condition on them, that they cannot fight against the koresh and rave and his father come to Medina. And now there's nobody to enforce that treaty, or that condition. Now they're free in Medina, yet

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they gave their word. And the Prophet system said, you fulfill your word, we cannot have you break your oath to them. you fulfill your promise to them. And we will get help from other sources, no problem, we'll get help from other sources. And I think it's pretty obvious how this is so relevant to us living here, that at times we feel, especially 10 years ago, 15 years ago, to the day today, actually, yesterday, something happened 15 years ago, and there was quite a lot of discussion and whatnot amongst the Muslims of that time. I think history has shown that hamdulillah we made the right decision to just be quiet and not participate on either side, because it's pretty clear that

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now both sides have devolved into what they have devolved into. But the point being that,

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even if there had been something

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of a legitimate on the other side, this Hadeeth shows that there are exceptions possible for some groups of Muslims that have loyalties that are political, as long as they're not fighting against the Muslims, they don't have to fight for the other side as well. And this is what this

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hadith says about a foe, which is why it's so important to put it into context, political loyalties at times will dictate upon us certain prohibitions that regards to our religious loyalties. And that is permissible, given the time and the circumstances and we leave it to our scholars to discuss the more details. It is also mentioned an interesting point to some of the books of history, I could not find this in the books of Hadith in the books of history, it is mentioned that are they for asked the Prophet system, yet also the law am I from the unsought or from the Mahajan? Because for they if I had connections to both, he's born in Makkah, but his mother's from Medina, and they basically are

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going back and forth. Most likely, I'm assuming his father was a businessman. This is what it appears to be. So he has basically connections in both cities. And he has been raised in Medina born in Makkah, his mother's from Medina. At the same time, they have quote, unquote, migrated as well, because they did leave Makkah to come to Medina and Abuja to put that condition on them. So he wants to know which of the two blessings Am I getting because both of them are blessing in their own way. So it is said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, You are both from them Ohio, Judo and the unsought. So Dave has that honor of having a foot in both of these blessings. Because if you

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look at his life, and his parents and everything, they are very much a in both of the worlds. One of the tragedies that took place, though I mentioned in the bottle of water within a lot of detail

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was the death of a young man, the death of a young man, the father of that in the barrel of oil, and the man had become a very elderly man, a frail man, so we can imagine him to be around 80 years old at this time. So obviously, this means the crime that he committed, was committed way before in the days of jelenia. He came as a young man, and then he basically cleaned himself out and converted and whatnot. So as a very old man in the Battle of boyhood, a young man was left in the city with the women and children. And there was an elderly man from the onslaught, his name is sabot even watch. These were the two elderly men that were left in the city, along with the women and children. But

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her they then began to read sorry, not the man. And the man began to regret his decision of remaining behind. And he said to sabet Why are we still sitting here? What are we waiting for? We're going to die today or tomorrow anyway, our debts are literally around the corner. So we might as well take our swords, put on our armor, and fight whatever we can. Perhaps Allah will bless us with Martin, I might as well die right now rather than basically live out an old life with no benefit. So the two of them decided to then make their way to the Battle of boyhood and,

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and make his way basically to the battlefield. Now the question arises, how could how they found his father participate in code when they made the promise. And the response is, they interpreted or hoped to be defensive and but that as offensive

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They then upheld the promise to be offensive battle against the college. Okay, so they interpreted the wording that okay, we made a promise we shall not attack, but now you are attacking us. And we didn't make a promise to not defend. Okay, so they still attempt to to honor the treaty, and a lot of Georgia knows best. So the battle is taking place at Yemen and the other elderly man's habit are in the city, the battle has ensued. And it's already ongoing. And in the middle of the battle, Aliyah, man, and sabet, decide to come inside bad timing.

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And as they're walking into the battle, it was at this point in time where in all likelihood, who they felt was walking in from the wrong side. And the Muslims did not recognize him because he's not coming from the right side. And

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he mentioned, he would also have been wearing an armor that's covering the face, as they would have been done. And so the Muslims attacked earlier man.

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As for sabots, the oroshi attacked him so he died basically sure he did the right side, but the Muslims attacked the Ummah not recognizing him. And the man attempted to basically,

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you know, defend or fight back, but he was too elderly to do that. And the Muslims ended up killing Alia man, but who they felt was seeing his father from the distance and he recognized his father. And he began shouting at the top of his lungs, that this is my father. This is my father, all Muslims. This is my father. But it was, of course, the din of the battle, the clashing of swords, the dust, the crowds, the cries, the shouting, and the Muslims did not even hear the screaming out. By the time they felt rushed forward. His father had already died, and he rebuked the people who had killed his father. They said, we'll law he we had no idea this is Alia man, we didn't recognize him,

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and they spoke the truth. And so they first said to them, exactly what you serve said to his brothers yell food Allahu lecan. Who are who are hammer Rahimi. He quoted surah Yusuf yo la la comme wahoo, our hammer Rahimi, and this shows us the strong image of the FDA, to quote the Quran at this instance when his father has just died. And after the battle was over the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam commanded that the Muslim army basically the Muslim Treasury, basically under the command of the process them pay for they for the blood money, the DIA, the accidental manslaughter, that it's our fault. We killed your father, and it's our fault, we need to pay him the penalty. And so

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100 camels is the penalty for accidental manslaughter, that is a fortune. And so today pho was given 100 camels, and right then and there, he distributed it back to the full color of Medina, not taking anything for himself. And the Prophet system increased his respect for her they fight immensely after this. Not only did he forgive the Muslims, and had no grudge against the people who killed his father, nothing. Rather, he in fact, took that fortune and gave it to the fukada. And he said my father wanted martyrdom and he achieved it. That's good enough for me, I'm happy for my father. He wanted to die. Sure, he he died he. So he gave all of the money in charity. Now, or therefore is

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known for two things other than these other incidents. He's known for two things. of them. The most famous thing he's known for, as I said, his nickname is Sahib said, the companion or the keeper of secrets that is his title, the keeper of secrets. If anybody says, Who is the keeper of Secrets of the Sahaba? Immediately we'll go to today for any amount per day for his saw he was sir. Why? Because as we all know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam confided the names of the Mona home to her they felt he was the only Sahabi who was given this honor. Now, if somebody were to say, why was he chosen? The responses in the end really only Allah Xhosa knows, but every Sahabi is blessed

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with something the other Sahaba are not blessed with. And in some an each way every Sahabi is unique. And are they if I was one of those that was absolutely unique in this regard, that out of all of the Sahaba it was per day for whom the Prophet system chose to secretly tell and he made him promise basically as an Amana that you're not going to tell anybody else the names of the hypocrites. Now another question arises, why even tell the names of the hypocrites to any companion because we are commanded to treat people based on their outer not based on their inner if a person appears to us to be a Muslim appears to us to be righteous, we treat them

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in that manner, so why even tell something that will cause basically this knowledge to be known, their response is to basically have one other layer of protection to protect the oma width because they will not feel own of the time of the Prophet system. were the worst, they are the worst munafo point in human history. To be a monopoly for now is nowhere near as bad as being a monopoly, aka then, because you have in front of you none other than the Navy and other sources on himself, number one, number two, that is the greatest time of glory for the oma. That's when the expansions took place right after the death of the processor. That's when Islam was established. That's when the

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Quran is compiled, that's when I had ether being spread. So the damage that a person can do in that era is much more nobody can

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even potentially hurt the homeowner Hadeeth right now or did not it's not even possible, because this the preservation has been done, but rubella imagine somebody back then spreading bad or wrong ideas. So as a layer of protection, and alumnos. But there's just a theory, we don't know as a layer of protection, once a hobby is given the names. And we see in fact, tidbits of this knowledge coming in handy. And we know this from our mobile hotspot, the love of data and how he treated her data. We know that he would monitor her day for when a funeral took place. And if they first showed up or would show up if Rodolfo did not show up, or would not lead the Salah, meaning that he would not

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want to pray for the wind. And also Ahmed himself question are they for that? Or are they for did the prophets of the law why he said I mentioned my name in the list of hypocrites. And how they first said, No, he did not. And I will not answer that question for anybody else after you. You're the first and last person. I will answer that question for now this question itself some people have considered problematic. Firstly, Omar asking. And secondly, are they for responding both are potentially problematic. Why is Omar's asking problematic? Can anybody guess?

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There's a bigger issue.

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That's what he said is a bigger issue. There's a bigger issue.

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There's a bigger issue than that

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valid point as well. But Omar has a theological issue. Omar has been told by the profitsystem that he's objectionable Bashar

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Omar has been told that he's of the actionable Bashar

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Is it a theological paradox for him to doubt his own mind? You see, this is a very interesting, cyclical question. Okay.

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pause here footnote for the really advanced students of theology. There was a controversy, there is a controversy amongst the classical schools about a Buddha hub.

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And his stance while he's alive after suta lab has been revealed.

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Because if he believes, then, by virtue of the fact he'll believe he must disbelief, so one of these weird paradoxical abstract questions what not, but it's, you know, it's just a philosophical theological problem that has very little relevance. Okay. It's one of those, those circular things. Now, how do we answer this question about having to believe he's a person of agenda and yet he's doubting his Eman actually is not that complicated is pretty straightforward. One of two responses and both of them are complimentary. The first response we say, is that a part of eemaan is to fear a lot and to fear Cofer.

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In fact, you don't feel safe from Cofer Aminu McCullough law to feel safe from the punishment of a law is actually gopher. And so Eman indicates that there's going to be a battle, a constant battle between hope and fear.

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This is a part of a man that you're always going to be grappling between hope and fear. So there's no contradiction, because at one side, he believes but at one side, he's scared. And that's

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another interpretation which doesn't contradict this. One is that Omar rhodiola Island was worried that one of the process of said that I was at that proper state, but now so many years have gone by, I might not be at that state anymore. So this could also be an interpretation and they're both actually the same because it really boils down to him doubting himself that he's not as faithful as he should be. And that is a part of him. Okay, so that's answering Omar as for holiday for how could he have responded when it was a secret and the response is, negation is not the same as affirmation.

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He did not divulge a secret, he negated almost presence on the list. He did not divulge what the process have told him, there's a big difference. The process and gave him a list. He wasn't supposed to name anybody, he did it.

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But he didn't want to open the door for everybody coming vetting his name, because that's also going to be a problem. And he felt that there is a Muslim benefit for Omar to know that he is not on that list, I need to give him that confidence right now he is the mirror of what we need. So they've made a judgment call negation is not affirmation, and he negated his name, which is not divulging the secret. So he did not go against the secret of the profitsystem in any manner. It is also mentioned that once or model the Allahu taala and

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said to him that, are there any hypocrites and when I feel all whom the process mentioned, whom I have appointed anywhere, meaning amongst my employees of the government, meaning like, you know, the leaders or the government delude the governors or whatnot, are there any that the process that I'm has mentioned that are on that list? And how they if I said, Yes,

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almost said, Who? said I can't say,

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I cannot say. So. amado de la Juan, dismissed one man after a few weeks, then he came back and he asked her, are there any on the list? And they said, No.

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So Omar, figured out who the man was. And perhaps it is for this wisdom that he was given the names. Perhaps it is for this wisdom that he was given the names that Allah knows best. But if that man who we don't know, obviously, we do not know the names of that, whoever that person was, he might have done some immense damage in that early Islam being the governor of being whatnot. And perhaps it was for this reason, but once again, are they if I did not divulge a name, because that was not be allowed for him to do. Rather, Omar asked him a question. And he answered it without divulging the name himself. Is that Is there anybody in employee list? Yes. Next question is no. So Omar was the

00:32:12 --> 00:32:56

one who figured out. And this also shows that Subhanallah human does shine through and lack of that also shines through. So they fight as well. He participated in pretty much every single battle after the Battle of hunt duck as well. And he played a role in the conquest of Syria, and in the parts of Iran. And in fact, he played a very pivotal role in the fight against the sassanids against the Persians. And he was the one who, when no, it may have been more than one of us have sent a letter for Omar asking for reinforcements. And he said, it's a critical we need to we need this as the battle is going to change if we don't send reinforcements, or Omar Abdullah who died on chose her,

00:32:56 --> 00:33:39

they fought to be the leader of that contingent, that army. And he sent a message to him. And that message was, each group is in charge of its own contingent, and you know, I am are in charge of all of them. So Dave is going to be in charge of his 5000 that went, and no one was in charge of all of them. But in case No, I am is killed than her, they will then take charge of all of the armies against Persia. And that's exactly what happened. No, I am was killed. So for a while, are they fundamentally a man took the ultimate general ship when he was fighting the Romans? Are they if I was fighting the Persians at that time? And how are they familiar man, then we owe a lot to him.

00:33:39 --> 00:33:58

Islam owes a lot today for for conquering very many key cities of what is now Iran and Iraq. The key cities of Hamadan the cities of right the cities of the North, right, by the way is now what what is right. Now what is the city of right? Anybody knows?

00:33:59 --> 00:34:00

to stick around?

00:34:02 --> 00:34:31

It is to hold on. Okay. Right is basically, of course, the modern city of Toronto is much larger, but right is the original city of Toronto. In fact, one of the provinces of that is still called right, maybe one of the suburbs I should say. So that's so the city of Tehran right, was conquered by for a particularly a man and in fact another major city major conquest, the conquest of Medina in which is the province of the capital of,

00:34:32 --> 00:34:59

of the Persians. With this was in Iraq at the time, medallion was captured by the Muslims and are modeled the love of Thailand sent a letter to the Muslim army that I want you to find a place to live outside of the city and have the Muslim camp over there. So you should know one thing about Ramadan hottub. His policy was that Muslims should not live inside the conquered city.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:39

They should live outside, one distance away, like a few hours away. He had his own philosophy that he did not want the Muslims to live in the conquered cities, for many reasons of them, he didn't want the Muslims to settle down and just start cultivating and ignore the other conquest of them. He wanted to have a healthy distance between the conquered and the Muslims, he did not want the conquered people to start feeling too demoralized seeing the conquered the conquerors and whatnot, and also the customs and ways of the concrete should not affect the Muslim so he had his philosophy and it worked for that time, it was great for that type. So he said, establish a city where the

00:35:39 --> 00:36:27

Muslims will be able to rule this province from so are they far was interested to go find a location for a new city. So they found a place of land, green greenery, water, perfect location, and he said, this is where we will establish that city and it was called Kufa. So the city of Kufa was established the location of it was chosen by her a familia man. And, of course, Kufa played a pivotal role in early Islam. In fact, for a period of time, it was the capital of the oma aliotti a lot. One made Kufa his capital. And so for a period of time, Kufa became the capital of the oma. And this is in the time of her life as the one who then chose the location of that city. And

00:36:28 --> 00:36:52

the other one decided to appoint her as the governor of the city of Medina, in the governor of the city of Medina and, or the mayor, whatever you want to call it, I mean, not the supreme ruler, but basically of that small little area. In those days, basically, you had it wasn't just one city, but small cities would come together under one. So are they who was put in charge of this entire region? And

00:36:53 --> 00:37:37

are they fair then went on the books of history mentioned that he went, he only owned one, one, donkey. And so he went on that donkey to be the the ruler, and the people of Persia, because muda is in even though it's in modern day, Iraq, but that was Persia for that time, right. So the people of Persia, were waiting for the entourage of the leader to arrive. And they were shocked to find that the new leader was wearing a tattered garment. And he was riding a donkey who was a tall man, so his two feet were sticking out as he's on the donkey. And he was eating dry bread. While he entered the city, he didn't care what the people thought of him, he was eating his dry bread with some salt

00:37:37 --> 00:38:11

sprinkled on it to sprinkle, he didn't even have something to dip it in. So he would have to put salt on to make the bread basically tastes something other than bread. And the people were shocked to discover this was their new leader who they fundamentally a man, and they fed then read to them the letter from Omar to the people. And a part of that letter was you must obey your new leader meaning her data, and you must give him whatever he wants. And they understood from this, that they have to pay a portion of their taxes to her they thought as all leaders do. So they then gathered around him eventually. And they said, So how much do you want from us, which means they're

00:38:11 --> 00:38:49

accustomed to the rulers taking, as you know, even to this day, Tax Day is around the corner while doing our taxes these days to this day, rulers take taxes. That's the way of pretty much most of humanity other than small exceptions. And the shediac, by the way, theoretically, is one of those exceptions. So they then said, all I will want from you so the question was basically how much do you want for your pocket? Like, what do you want from us? Tell us so we know. So he says what I want from you is enough food for me to eat, and dried grass from my donkey. This is what I need from you. That's gonna be my stipend from you guys. That's all that I need. One man's food and one donkeys

00:38:49 --> 00:39:33

upkeep. That's it. So the people understood that they're dealing with a totally different system than what they had initially conquered, and, or whatever the hot dog once called back his governors to have some type of meeting. So they came back to Medina for that meeting with Omar. And when he returned, he was wearing the same cloth that he came with. And the same donkey that he had gone with nothing had changed. pause here, some of the early Sahaba because it has had they benefited from where they went. And its head out to do so. And I mentioned some of these stories as well. And that's again part of being a human being that looks some people do it some people not how they felt

00:39:33 --> 00:39:59

was somebody who did not benefit one penny from the position he was in not one he didn't get even a salary for his job. Just he goes I want the food. I need food to eat. Remember set amount of facts. He didn't even have a house until somebody insists I'm going to build a house for you. They did not take anything. So are they It was one of them. So when he came back the exact same way that he left the same donkey the same clothes. Omar was so happy. He stood up and he

00:40:00 --> 00:40:16

Read it and hug him. And he said, How are they for you are my brother and I am your brother, like as an honor to him that you are, we are basically and he felt a trust with her. They thought Oh, the Lodi that I know until he won a hookah so that that bond was there with her. They fought all the time.

00:40:17 --> 00:40:54

Or they've remained the the governor of that city or the mayor of that city until his death in the 36th year of the digital. So throughout the time of Earth, Manuel de la one, he was the mayor of that city, and he passed away in the first few days of the life of it. So Earth Manuel de la Juan Island and whose death occurred and after 40 days a week, six weeks, five, six weeks, say 40 days after the death of Earth man, or they fell sick, and his death was imminent. And when he was on his deathbed, he did not have close to be coffin. So he commanded that

00:40:55 --> 00:41:30

to white garments be purchased for his government, he did not even have clothes for his government. So some people went and purchased the most expensive white garments they can find at cost, 300 Durham's, so the finest quality garments, so they went back to him, when he saw this, he said, Go back and exchange it for the cheapest, because I will only be wearing these two for a short period of time, then either I will wear the best of the best, or the worst of the worst.

00:41:32 --> 00:42:12

So only a very short period of time, then I'll get something much better or these two are going to be able to benefit much worse than this. Don't waste your money on cuffin Just get me to white cheap clots. That's all he wanted, because White is what the sooner is to wear. And on his deathbed, once he cried, and when his people around him consoled him. He said I'm not crying because I'm scared of death. Like Don't misunderstand why I'm crying. I'm not crying because I fear death. Rather I welcome it. But I cry because I do not know is my lord happy with me or not. That's why I'm crying. I don't know my status in the eyes of Allah subhana wa Tada. And he passed away in the 36th year of

00:42:12 --> 00:42:13

the digital.

00:42:14 --> 00:42:28

And He is buried right where he passed away in the city of Medina and where his grave was marked and known throughout history. interesting tidbit here in 1933, in 1933, Ron 90 years ago,

00:42:30 --> 00:43:14

the river Euphrates was working its way towards where his abode was. And essentially, his abode was going to be run away or run over by the river if it remained there. And so the king of Iraq and his name is Ozzie Eben. Eben Hussain, and the Hussain is the Sharif of Hussein, the last Sharif of Mecca, and the current King of Jordan and that's his great great grandfather. So, with Ozzy is like the great great uncle of the current King, if you remember the story, that her team her son had three sons, those three were each given a province. So face Allah was given a rock. This is face all over Iraq, not the face of the niche. The answer to this is Faisal of Iraq, Sharif, and Faisal son

00:43:14 --> 00:43:58

is Ozzy, and Ozzy was king for how many years 10 years or so, until he died in a mysterious car accident in 1939. And then his son and then that's it, the bath is overthrew and then the rest is, as they say, history. So halsy Yvan feiss on Eben Hussain was the king of Iraq for that period of time. And by Royal Decree, they decided to move the copper of her de familia man, because as I says the river Euphrates was rushing or basically eroding into it. And so the king, one of the dissenters, the process of this is, of course, Shetty family. So he's a direct descendant of the process. And along with the movies and their odema, they all dug up the grave, and they took the

00:43:58 --> 00:44:10

body out, and they re buried it. And there are pictures of that whole procession because it's in 1933. So you can actually find pictures of that procession is an interesting point. You cannot see

00:44:11 --> 00:44:47

the Sahabi but you can see the cuff and you can see basically the shroud, but obviously they did not open up the shroud. But they have something a body there. And so they have the body and they're taking it and they're moved it and they moved it next to Sandman and Pharisees grave which is also in Metatron. Consent modifiers he was also the governor of that if you remember the story, so he was also the governor of Medina and then who they thought was the governor after that. So they buried him next to set him on fire etc. And all the Allahu taala. And so they fight is known for being saw he was the one who kept the secrets. He's also known for one more thing, two things he's known for.

00:44:48 --> 00:44:59

That's two things he's famous for, obviously, the other stories about him I mentioned and he is known for being as well. The one who collected ahaadeeth will fit and he collected the

00:45:00 --> 00:45:43

Hadith about the end of times and about the fitness that are going to take place and the most famous of this Hadith, he has lots of Hadith we're going to do some of them he has over 200 headed by the way, so he's one of those who narrated a lot of Hadith 200 is a large number for a Sahabi to Narita, most Sahaba only 2343 Muslim argument. Of course, the big 10 there are a difference but are they focused on the of the middle amount of Sahaba 200 something as a healthy quantity of it. And his most famous Hadith is what type of valuable hottie and Muslim canon now so yes, alunos utiliza, La Jolla semi new Hyde will come to us Allahu Allah, Chateau Maha for the new the reckoning, that

00:45:43 --> 00:46:36

people would ask the Prophet system, about the good things that are going to happen about all good things, I would ask him about the bad things out of fear that I might be affected by them out of fear that I might see them. And so we said O Messenger of Allah, we used to be in jaha Lee and evil and Allah brought us this good. So will there be evil again after this good. The Prophet system said yes, Nam. So then her they said, then after that evil, shall there be good again? And the President said yes, but it will be cloudy. It's not going to be as pure as it used to be. Now I'm Wolfie dawn. dust cloud. Okay, yes, but it's gonna be cloudy. It's not the pure good that used to be here.

00:46:37 --> 00:47:21

So I as I said, but what is this cloudiness? What is the cloudiness in it? So he said, there will be a group of people who will seek guidance from other than my guidance, you will recognize some things from them. But you will reject other things that if we were to incur, you're going to recognize some things and reject other things. So the cloudiness is going to be groups of leaders, whether they're clerics, whether they're whether their political leaders, they're not fully following, the sooner they have some aspects of the sooner and they have others that are not upon the sooner. So then I said, O Messenger of Allah, will there then be pure evil after that good? And he said, yes, there

00:47:21 --> 00:48:19

shall be and they are, do I turn either a Bobby jahannam They are people that are calling you to jahannam whoever obeys them will be thrown into it. So I said O Messenger of Allah described these color safe home lenna so he said home in gene des Tina, we attack Allah Muna bl Sina, Tina, they are from us, and they speak our language. These are not outsiders. These are from us, and they speak our language. So who are these people? By the way, our scholars have said we seek a less protection. These are either political callers to fitna and strife and bloodshed, and Civil War, which has taken place and is still taking place to our times, or scholars who are so corrupted and evil, they are

00:48:19 --> 00:48:59

calling to ideologies and theologies that have nothing to do with Islam. And we see both of these all the time. We see both of these all the time, we have rulers and leaders that are openly calling for bloodshed, and they're inviting the Muslims to attack other Muslims. And they're inviting and they're purchasing billions of dollars of weapons right now as we speak, to be used against fighting other Muslims. And there's nothing that can be done other than we'll log in with Stan. And then there are all sorts of them, who are pseudo random, I should say, who are preaching such extreme and bizarre ideas, that truly they have nothing to do with this religion. So both of these come under

00:48:59 --> 00:49:18

this. So they first said, O Messenger of Allah. What do you command me to do? If I am alive when I see those people? So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, you should stick with the bulk of the Muslims and their email or their hollyford stick with the Gema.

00:49:19 --> 00:49:42

Don't go and find small groups stick with the bulk of the oma does mo Gemma I tell Muslim ina what a mama. You stick with the Gemma. And this is a very key point brothers and sisters. I've said this in a number of hotels that for us we call ourselves Sunni Muslims. Our term is Allison. Well, Gemma, this is a term that is from the Hadith.

00:49:43 --> 00:49:59

And the term Gemma is straight out of this hadith stick with the Gema. And the agenda I hear it means the bulk of the Muslim world because the bulk of the Muslim world for us when it comes to interpretations of Islam

00:50:00 --> 00:50:11

When it comes to overall being rightly guided, the bulk of the show, theoretically be rightly guided, not individually. But collectively. What does this mean?

00:50:12 --> 00:50:17

The bulk of the Omer believes that we should pray five times a day even if they themselves don't pray five times a day.

00:50:18 --> 00:50:48

This is rightly guided. The bulk of the oma says that we should not drink kombucha even if many of them drink convalescing. But the idea of Islam that they have is overall a correct idea. The bulk of the oma respects the Sahaba the bulk of the woman wants to follow the Quran and Sunnah and they know its sources of law. This is what this means stick with the jemar stick with the Juma and if they have a leader, stick with that leader.

00:50:49 --> 00:51:31

And of course, this applies to a philosopher. If there is a leader stick with the leader, no matter how bad the leader is, is better than the alternative. The Hadith has mentioned this many, many times. Okay, so if there is an Imam for the Muslim world, which we do not have right now, because there is no EMA, a political Imam for the Muslim world and no political leader claims he's the Imam of the Muslim world, and no political leader qualifies as the Imam of the Muslims. Political leaders are only claiming to be political leaders for their small nation states, and not for the oma that disqualifies them from being the Imam of the Muslims. They can't be the amount for Muslims, when

00:51:31 --> 00:52:15

they are political leaders of a small geographic imaginary demarcated line called the country they are not. So this hadith applies to a classical khilafah is not applied now. So are they if it says, What if all messenger of Allah, they don't have a jamaa and they don't have an email? Notice the perceptive questions, notice how clearly he's asking all of these things. And this demonstrates the mind of data. And the prophet SAW Selim said, in that case, cut off from all of the other groups, and be by yourself. Even if you have to bite on to the root of a tree until you meet death, and you are upon that, which means isolate yourself from all of the Civil War and strife when people are

00:52:15 --> 00:52:55

killing one another bloodshed is taking place, you do not take a part of that run away, and go bury yourself metaphorically, even if it's under a tree somewhere and stick to that tree, even if you die when you're basically there, which basically means the scholars interpreted to mean to not participate in civil war between the Muslims and are they Oh, by the way, did not even live to see the Civil War. He didn't live to the time of alien. And while we and Heidi The German, Irish and whatnot, he was not even alive until that time, I want to just go over some a hadith of her life, I really don't have time to do much. I had at least 30 heads down, but some final as usual, time is so

00:52:55 --> 00:53:41

quickly going by the head as we said her day for has actually quite a lot of ahaadeeth over 200 in the Muslim Imam Ahmed, closer to 250. I'm just going to go over some of them. Are they finally literally allowed to add on who said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Follow the two people that shall come after me, Abu Bakar and Omar, this is a very powerful prediction. That's a very interesting Hadith that the Prophet system is predicting two people are going to come after me their robot code and Omar follow them. So today fight is the one saying this hadith and as I said, For they've collected the Hadith of the fit and a lot of Hadith are about the Phaeton and the

00:53:41 --> 00:54:30

trials and tribulations are they said that the prophets are seldom said that this oma has been blessed by Allah over all other omas with three things. Number one, the whole world has been made a clean place and a place to pray. You're interested Oh, hold on. One last Judah. So previous nations needed a sacred place. Jews needed a temple. Okay. They couldn't just pray anywhere back in those days. The President said the whole the whole world is a place to pray and place to do tahara as well as home or water, number one. Number two, my oma has been commanded to make it so forth in Salah like the angels we line up like the angels lineup. And number three, I have been given two verses

00:54:30 --> 00:54:36

from suited Bakara that no one else has been given before me the final two verses of Surah Al Baqarah.

00:54:37 --> 00:54:59

The day reported that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned two predictions to us. I have seen one of them come true. And I'm waiting for the other to come to right now. And what of what he told us is that Amana came down to this world and it entered into

00:55:00 --> 00:55:54

the hearts of some people. Then the Koran came, so they learned the Koran and they taught from the Sunnah. Then a man I shall be lifted up Amana trust to be shall be lifted up, such that a person will go to sleep and Amanda will be lifted from his heart and He shall wake up without any Amana except a trace of it left, then he shall go to sleep again. And then he shall wake up and there shall only be a faint line of it left basically, then the people will wake up, and there shall not be any one that has a mana left amongst them. So much so that people will say, in the tribe have such and such there is one man that is trustworthy. So people will lose trust with one another, they

00:55:54 --> 00:56:00

will lie, break their promises, and whatnot. And so much so that a man

00:56:02 --> 00:56:32

will be praised. how intelligent is he? How smart is he? And there is not a single grain of a man in this person's heart. So people will be praised without having any man. And if you look at this, in reality, they will be praised for their intelligence without a man of what use his intelligence if it didn't lead you to a man. And we see this right now as well. And the recent issues as well that are taking place so this is another Heidi's

00:56:33 --> 00:57:09

yet another Hadeeth of her day for her. They said O Messenger of Allah, sorry, the prophets Allah said them said, Oh, they count for me. How many are the people who are claiming to be Muslim? In other words, do a census is a very interesting or the count for me the number of people claiming to be Muslim? Or they've said O Messenger of Allah, are you scared that something's going to happen to us, and we are at least six to 700 people. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, you do not know it is only a matter of time, before you shall be tested.

00:57:10 --> 00:58:01

And are they first set. So we were tested, so much so that a person amongst us would not even be able to pray except in secret would not be able to pray, except in secret. Now according to another tradition, the number of people that were counted is 1500. This is not a contradiction, because six to 700 means men, with women and children becomes 1500. So there were around 1500 people and in the process, and then said to her, that there shall be leaders after me, who shall lie to you, and who shall show injustice to you. So whoever believes their false promises, and helps them in their in justices has nothing to do with me, and I have nothing to do with him. And he shall not drink from

00:58:01 --> 00:58:43

my fountain. And whoever does not believe their lies, nor helps them in their voting. That person he is from me and from him, and he shall get to drink from my house. So the Prophet says that I'm commanded to not help evil rulers when they do, they're voting against their people. We seek refuge in a law from the scholars and the other people who are helping evil tyrannical rulers in their voting against their own peoples. But this is a hadith that explicitly says if you come across those rulers do not help them in their vote them, whoever helps them in their volume has nothing to do with me, and I have nothing to do with him. Or they first said once the Prophet system stood up,

00:58:44 --> 00:59:25

and he told us everything that shall occur until Judgment Day, while giving his sermon here, have you Lohmann, Hatfield, Ohio, and ESEA, homerun? nesea, who whoever has memorized it has memorized it, whoever has forgotten it has forgotten it. And sometimes I see something that happens that I had forgotten that he said, and when it happens, I recognize it. Just like one of you might recognize the face of a friend who was missing for a long time. Then when he returns he sees his face he remembers it that oh this is that man like an acquaintance that somebody you don't know that well you leaves for a while the consequence Oh, where were you for so long? So how are they for saying

00:59:25 --> 00:59:46

the province has um said so many things. I forgot all of them are some of them sorry. But when something happens, it comes back to me Oh our process and said this is going to happen. So today is the one who memorized all of these ahaadeeth about the fitting of them as well. Or they first said the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

00:59:48 --> 00:59:52

I know what trickery that the jar will come with.

00:59:53 --> 00:59:59

But that the jar, the jar will have two rivers. One of them will appear to be pure water.

01:00:00 --> 01:00:49

And the other is going to be a blazing fire. So whoever of you of my own meets him, then let him go to the fire, that he thinks, let him go sorry, to the water, that is actually the fire that he has. In other words, the fire that you see is actually water, and let him close his eyes and go into it and drink from that water for it is cold water. So the process of is saying that when you see that the JAMA Allah protect us wherever seeing him, if any of you sees that the jug, and he wants to test him, Do not be fooled, if he tells you to jump into the water, don't jump into the water, go to the fire that he has, because his fire is water, and then drink from that, quote unquote, fire. And he

01:00:49 --> 01:01:14

said that john, his left eye is completely wiped out, it is not there. And it has a an eyelid that is mutilated as well. And between his two eyes is written Kaffir. And even the one who is not able to read will be able to read Kapha and then the final one that will do I have a lot more but time is limited here.

01:01:16 --> 01:01:19

The final hide that we're going to do today if I said that.

01:01:22 --> 01:01:35

I was sitting in a gathering with omoto hot tub. And Omar said amongst the Sahaba, who amongst you has heard or remembers what the profitsystem said about trials about fitting? So some of them said I have.

01:01:36 --> 01:02:26

So Omar said perhaps you mean the fitting that a man faces with his family and his money? They said yes. He said no, I'm not asking those fitting for those fit and they are forgiven by prayer and charity and soda. I'm asking about the Phaeton that are going to engulf the whole oma like waves of Oceans engulf them. So the people were quiet. Then I figured out Omar wanted me to speak. So he's trying to reference her data. So I said, I did Oh, Amir on what meaning. So Omar said that until the law, he Abukar which is basically the only expression in Arabic, which is you're the man, like that's what I wanted, you're the man. And so, for the first set, I heard the prophet SAW the law

01:02:26 --> 01:02:42

while he was sent him say, and I've given a hold about this many years ago, this particular Hadith, that fitten will be exposed to the heart, one layer at a time. And whoever rejects

01:02:43 --> 01:03:28

one fit enough, we'll have a white spot in his heart. And whoever absorbs one fits enough will have a black spot in his heart, until hearts become one of two, pure or filthy. And so the pure heart will be like a glass or like a rock, nothing will be able to come and harm it. As long as the heavens and earth remain. And the other one will be mushy and pulpy and what's not, and nothing will be able to be protected from everything is going to be absorbed by it. And that other heart does not even know right from wrong, whatever it wants to do, it will do. And so are they for is saying that this is basically one of the signs of judgement day that

01:03:29 --> 01:04:10

that the people's hearts will be either fully bad or fully good. We'll ask a laws refuge. I guess we will finish off because there's so many other hobbies and time is limited in them. of the simple hobbies by the way her they said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam shall be the Sayed of the children of Adam on judgment day say the word of the Adam Yama Yama will be our Prophet salallahu it he was setting them and there are other Hadeeth as well but I will stop over there so this is a fundamentally a man. To summarize the two main things I want everybody to remember about who they for what he's famous for. Number one Sahib was sir and number two, the one who memorized

01:04:10 --> 01:04:24

most of the Hadith about to fit and about the signs of judgment date. And also the interesting thing about affidavit he was both on Sati and muhajir, whenever the only of the Sahaba who was like that, and with that inshallah Tada. We will conclude

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