Yasir Qadhi – Lives of Sahaba 68 – Hassan Ibn Thabbit

This video commences with an introduction by shaykh Yasir Qadhi on one of the greatest poets of Islam – Sayyid Ush Shu’araa Ul Mu’mineen – Hassan Ibn Thabit RA.

He belonged to the Banu Najjar of the Khazraj tribe. He was from an elite household and was well versed in poetry since his childhood. He was the poet of the Prophet ﷺ meaning he always wrote poetry showering praise on him. He was also the one for whom Jibreel AS came to help with poetry in the rhythm of pre Islam.

It is a bit demeaning to say, but nevertheless, Ibn Thabit RA never participated in any battle of Islam due to his cowardice.he was just not cut out to fight with enemies.

There are mostly no Hadith narrated by Hassan Ibn Thabit RA but there are many Hadith in which he is mentioned. Some are as follows:

Narrated Hassan bin Thabit Al-Ansari: I asked Abu Huraira, “By Allah! Tell me the truth whether you heard the Prophet ﷺ saying, ‘O Hassan! Reply on behalf of Allah’s Messenger. O Allah! Help him with the Holy Spirit.” Abu Hurairah said, “Yes . ”

Aisha RA said: Once Hassan bin Thabit asked the permission of the Prophet ﷺ to compose poetry defaming the infidels. The Prophet ﷺ said, “What about the fact that I have common descent with them (referring to the Quraysh)?” Hassan RA replied, “I shall take you out of them as a hair is taken out of dough.”

Narrated ‘Urwa: I started abusing Hassan in front of ‘Aisha, but she said, “Don’t abuse him, for he used to defend the Prophet ﷺ.”

He left for his heavenly abode in 50H and lived a long life of 110 years approximately.

The life and incidents that transpired in the life of Hassan Ibn Thabit RA teach us many valuable lessons, primary among which is we should not abstain from doing whatever good we can even though we have committed sins or made huge mistakes. It is a very motivating lesson to emulate.

May Allah SWT give Hidayah to one and all.