Overcoming Hardship and Depression – Part 2

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The speakers discuss the concept of " horizon," which is to grieve over past experiences and adjust their behavior. They stress the importance of testing one's behavior and finding who made them happy. The speakers also emphasize the need for people to work hard to find happiness and avoid diseases. The importance of guarding limits set by Allah and finding one's own happiness is emphasized. The speakers stress the importance of having faith in Islam and finding one's own happiness.

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Now another thing that happens is that if we have suffered, you know, some loss in our past, or if we have gone through some hardship in our past, something has happened. It's over now, but we're still grieving over it doesn't happen.

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Sometimes we remember an argument that happened 10 years ago. And then we start crying.

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Because we can hear those words echoing in our head, those harsh, very harsh words that somebody sent to us.

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This is remembering our past and grieving over our past.

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Now, so far, we were talking about problems that happen now, right, which are in our present. But things that have happened in the past also haunt us, they hurt us. Now, how do we deal with that? This is basically called horizon. horizon is to grieve over what has happened in the past, but it's now over. You know, like that conversation is now over, it's ended. That person who said those harsh words to you is living in a different country. Now you haven't seen them, maybe in two years.

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It's over and they're not that harsh with you anymore. They have changed completely. It's possible your relationship with them is really good now. But we keep remembering our past and we keep grieving over it, this is frozen. Now

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is something so detrimental that Allah subhanaw taala forbids us from it. You know, in the Quran, Allah says, Allah tahina, Allah, the latter, do not have prison.

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The prophets have a lot of them would seek refuge with ALLAH against hers, and he would make their alumni in the road to becoming an HMI while Hosni, Allah, I seek her protection from hum. From worry and from grief that saved me from grief. Why? Because grief, what it does is that it makes your past problems, your present problems.

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And what has gone is gone. Can we bring it back and change it?

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We cannot change it. Can we alter? No, we cannot? What is the best thing that we can do? Hmm.

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Bury the past. Exactly. Bury the past and keep reminding yourself. It's over and humbled and

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you know, time is something amazing. It's such a big blessing of the last panel from that time, never remains still it keeps moving on, keeps moving on. So something that is hurting you right now, a lot will soon become history, it will soon become fast. So this is something that we need to do also.

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Another thing we see, is that any hardship that Allah subhanaw taala has placed in our lives,

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any difficulty, whether it was something that happened before, or it is something that we're going through right now, or it is something that we see coming in the near future, any difficulty. Remember that Allah subhanaw taala chose it for you.

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Allah chose it for you.

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Because is life going to be full of problems? Isn't for sure. We discussed that earlier. This is the Sunnah of Allah, this is the way of Allah that He will definitely test his creation. And we are also his creation, so we too will be tested. But the fact that you know, for example, your head may be hurting right now.

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This is something that Allah chose for you right now. Now, you know, sometimes there are things that we choose for ourselves. And then there are things that others choose for us.

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What do we generally like what we have chosen for ourselves? But sometimes, we're not able to trust our own decision. Which is why when we go shopping, we never want to go alone,

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isn't it? We want somebody to come with us to approve our choices. When we're buying something online, we don't hit by purchase until we have shared that link with somebody. Correct? Because we want approval. Now think about it. The difficulty that is coming in our lives who has approved it,

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unless who has chosen it?

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A last panel. So let us be content with the tests that Allah has chosen for us. This is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to say was a Luca Riba burden.

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Although I asked you for read law for pleasure, after decreed, meaning what you have decreed for me when it happens I asked you that you make me pleased with it. You make me content with it, about the Dalai Lama and who he said, no doubt when Allah decides a matter he likes that his servants be pleased with it.

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When Allah

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decide something he likes it that his servants should be happy with it. Think about it. When you cook something, what do you want? People should enjoy it. They should like what you have decided to cook today. Right? And when you hear a comment as chicken again?

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Are we having left doors? Rice?

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What do you say this is not a restaurant? This is a kitchen, isn't it? What do we want that even if we are driving at a particular speed on the road, nobody should question us. Right? Nobody should say, can you speed up? Or can you slow down? Can you move to this lane? Or can you move to that lane? We're like, No, don't do that. I have decided this. So you better be cool with it. Who are we we are just people, just mothers just wives, just women in our families, just friends. But we wanted whatever we have chosen, whatever we have decided people should be cool with it. Now, unless the panel data also makes decisions for us. He decides how to test us what to test us with. And what

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does he want that whatever test he has chosen for us? What should we do? We should be content with it. Even this URL did on the lower end who he said that Allah has made the reward for your clean and read low happiness. Meaning when a person has faith conviction in Allah, and he's also content with Allah's decisions, then what's the reward for that happiness, a person will find joy, he will be happy.

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And Allah has made the result of doubt and anger, grief and sorrow, meaning when a person will doubt Allah's decisions, his existence, and he will be angry with him, then how will he be upset and sad, and grieved? Therefore, even Muslims who aren't who said, Whoever is pleased with Allah, then no matter what state he is in, he does not wish for anything other than that. He does not wish for anything other than that. This is a device that only you chose this for me, I accept it. And when he will accept it, then what is he saying? This is the best thing that could ever happen to me.

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You know, it's amazing. You see the lives of the prophets, Arlington wa sallam, you see the lives of great people of the past. They went through a lot of hardships. But what do we find? They were happy with whatever happened in their lives? Why? Because they made the most of the situations that they were put in? How could they benefit from it when they accepted it? When they accepted that? Yes, Allah subhanaw taala has chosen this for me. You know, avoid one said, Are there goofy guys born? What are the who are korban other goofy guys born, his tormenting you is sweetness, meaning even if he's choosing to put you in some hardship, the fact that he is choosing some Archer for you. That

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itself is sweetness. I don't know about you. But at least for me, when I am given a responsibility, like for example at home,

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like for example, you have to decide what the menu is going to be. It's very difficult. For instance, if 20 people are coming, and you have to decide the menu for 20 people, and then get the groceries and get everything and order the food and have everything ready. It's very difficult. But don't you have this feeling of happiness? Don't you feel important?

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Do you feel important? I was chosen for this task? Right? If you ever volunteering somewhere, and you're given some work to do, like real work? Do you feel good about it? You feel good about it? Why? Because you were chosen for that work? Was it easy to do that work? Not at all, you were standing on your feet all day long, running around from one room to the other, it was very difficult. But in that difficulty is also this sweetness. There's joy. So we'll figure out

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what Barbara who FICO could have been. And after that difficulty, what is it that you will find closeness to Allah subhanaw taala. So why be upset. There's nothing else you'd rather want. Because this is what Allah chose for you. You know, once I heard a via the prophets of the Lawson and went for omura. Remember with his companions, and the Muslims were not allowed to enter into Makkah. They were prevented. And then finally, a treaty was made between the Muslims and the machine of Makkah. And that treaty was basically very difficult. You know, it meant that Muslims would not be able to do remote that year they would have to return and come back the following year.

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Alright and some other conditions also

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So I knew he was very upset, and he went to the profits of the loss of them. And he said, Are we not on the truth? Are we not right here? Then why are we accepting all of this? So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, any Abdullah, will annually.

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I am Allah servant, and he will never waste me. This is what we need to remember when we're going through some difficulty. I am who, Allah servant, and he will never waste me. He will never destroy me.

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As long as I am his obedient servant, and I am doing the best that I can.

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Also, remembering that we're not the only ones suffering, this is something that eases the pain for us. This is why we're taught that when it comes to the matters of the world, always look at those who are lesser than you. And when it comes to the matters of the dean, always look at those people who are ahead of you better than you.

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So, you know, what happens is that the reason why we find our tests and trials difficult is because we begin to think that we are the only ones suffering from this pain, we are alone in this. And when we think that we are alone in this, what are we doing, we are basically comparing ourselves to others, I have a headache, my friend doesn't have a headache.

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I have five children to look after my friend, she's single, she's having the best time of her life.

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I am diagnosed with such and such disease, my friend is five years older than me, and she's not diagnosed with this disease. Right? We're always looking at our dark side, and the bright side of other people's lives. This is why we think that we are alone in our suffering. Whereas if you think about it, you're suffering in one way.

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And others are suffering in another way, you have a blessing. And other people have been given different blessing. And the fact is that there is always a reason to be grateful. Always, you know, no matter what happens, there is in namale, grocery user with the difficulty is also ease. It's not only difficulty, it's not only ease, it's with difficulty is easy. Both of them are together, you know, for example, sun, the light of the sun, it's difficult to look at. But with that difficulty is there is yes, the weather is nice and warm, just wait for a few days and then see what happens. Right? Or even on the coldest days, with the sun being up, it's really bright to look at. But still

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Don't you feel that warmth inside your house because of the sun coming straight up to your house, right through the windows, you feel that warmth. So with difficulty is ease. Also, we need to remember that having problems is better than not having any problems at all. having problems is actually better than not having any problems at all. You see, generally what is good for us, comes to us in not so beautiful for attractive forms. Okay? Like for example, if you want to have a degree, if you want to have a particular for instance, a certification, can you just go and buy it with your money? Can you? You can't do that. What do you have to do? You have to work hard. You have

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to when you are suffering from some illness from some sickness, and you need to take the medication. And let's say that that medication is only through an injection.

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Is it going to be painful? It's painful, but it is only through that pain that you will find is right, you will find relief in total bahaya 216 a loss printout that says what are certain Takahashi Oh highroller it's possible that you dislike something you detest it. But in reality, it is good for you. And this is the beauty of our religion, that there's always you know, the other side, always, things are not one sided. Never enough. For example, when it comes to this life, you're going through some difficulties, but you know that it's not just this life, there's also the hereafter.

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When you are working hard and your efforts are not really producing great results, you know that you're not just going to be rewarded for your results, but also your effort and your intention. Right. So likewise, something may appear to be very difficult and very painful. But there's also a positive side to it a good side to it. So rasa and Takahashi can.

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In fact we see we learned that if a person has never been Ill never ever been ill

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It's not really a good thing.

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It's not really a good thing. In our heads, we learn about the data below and we report to the Saudis and Muslims, that once a Bedouin men, he came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And in the conversation, the prophet SAW the loss of them asked him, Have you ever been seized by omega? omega is the name of a particular disease.

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And the man said, What is omitted? So the prophets of Allah is in him said, it's the heat that is between flesh and skin, meaning that heat you feel on your, on your skin on your body fever. So the man said, I've never experienced anything like that.

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No fever ever.

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The prophets that allows him then asked him, Have you ever been afflicted by a soul doc? And the man said, What's sold? Ah, so the prophets of the laws and undescribed a headache to him? The sodar his headache, all right, the man didn't know what a headache was. He didn't know what it was. So the prophets that a lot of them had to describe it to him.

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And the man said, I've never experienced anything like that. And when you hear this, what's what's in your mind?

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So lucky.

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I wish I was like that.

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We think like this right? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, whoever wishes to see a man from the people of hell should see this man.

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A person who has never, ever been afflicted with anything is not lucky. not lucky. A person who's never seen difficulty in life is not fortunate. He's actually unfortunate.

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Because difficulties they erase our sins, difficulties draw us closer to Allah, they make us feel needy, don't weak.

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They remind us of our reality. They make us understand who we really are Allah's servants week,

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they make us turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And if a person has not suffered any difficulty ever, he's not lucky at all. Now, this doesn't mean that we start asking for problems in life. No. First of all, we should never feel proud of the fact that we are saved in a particular way. We're not suffering from a certain problem in our lives. And secondly, on the other hand, we should not ask for problems. But if problems do become a part of our lives, like for example, we do get a headache, then let us not cause headaches to other people by complaining about our headaches. This is something that we need to remember.

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Don't ask for problems, but when they do come, let's not fuss over them. Because having problems is better than not having any it Nakayama Rahim Allah He said that disease is like medication for the believer. You know, we think disease means we need medication, but disease itself is medication. Why?

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Because disease, difficulty it cures us. It cures us. How does it cure us? How does it fix us? How has it ever happened with you that because you got sick, you started taking care of your diet.

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You started taking care of your health, you started walking and so on and so forth. And all of a sudden you look so nice and and fit and healthy. And people are wondering what happened and you say, Oh, I got sick, you got sick, but you look so good. Alright, that sickness became a reason for your cure. Also remember that if we really want to go further in life, if we really want to draw closer and closer to a loss, Pantheon, then difficulties and trials are definitely going to be there. Because when you look at the lives of great men, great people, whether they were the prophets or even successful in worldly terms, what do you see? These people suffered a lot. I should have lower

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on her. She said that I never saw anybody suffering so much from sickness

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more than the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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In another Hadees we learned that when the prophets have a lot of fun, once he had high fever, and someone commented that they also have a you have a very high fever. And the prophets of Allah sent him said yes, I have as much fever as too many of you. double double fever.

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You know avoid when said, What come out the mean huddling way I be certain when they say you jump in the mela who Cimarron. How many fresh and dry trees there are on the earth. So many

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buttons. None is hit with stones except the one that has fruit.

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Right? Which tree is it that people are gonna throw rocks at stones up?

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Which one, the one that has fruit and the one that doesn't have any fruit? Who's gonna care about it? Nobody's gonna care about it. Right? We do care about trees for different reasons. But any generally which tree is it that's attacked the one that has something. So likewise, the higher we want to go in life, the further we want to go, the more successful we want to be, the more trials there are going to be. So when we do find difficulties in our lives, what's their purpose, to take us further.

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Also, we need to remember that

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patience over hardship will turn that hardship into a blessing. Every hardship is not a blessing.

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When is it a blessing?

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It's a blessing, depending on what we have done, how we have reacted, what we have learned, how we have improved.

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Because if a trial, if a difficulty, has made us more miserable, and more unhappy, and it has taken us farther away from Allah subhanaw taala, then was it a blessing? Not at all.

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But if a trial made us think about our actions, it made us think about our responsibilities. It made us more caring about others than Was it a blessing? Yes, it was a blessing.

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what we need to remember when we are in difficulty,

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what is it that we have to do? We have to think about

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the limits that Allah subhanaw taala has set,

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when we will guard the limits that Allah has set for us, then Allah will guard and protect us, then he will save us.

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The prophets have a lot of send them he set her up to live in our best of the lower iron who young lamb fully let her Yeah.

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All young man be mindful of Allah and Allah will protect you. So whenever we feel that we need a loss protection, I am very sick, I might get you know worse in my sickness. This is getting very painful for me. I don't know if I can handle all this stress anymore. This work is getting too difficult, I think I need to quit. These children are getting on my nerves. This husband is getting too difficult to deal with whatever it is, we need to pay attention to

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the limits that Allah has set for us when we will take care about them, that Allah will take care of us. Now what does it mean by guarding the limits that Allah has set for us?

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Allah subhanaw taala has given us certain commands as he

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like for example

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worship Okay, and how do we do that? How do we worship Allah

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praying Salah for example. Generally when we think about the limits that are last Partha has said we think about Salah hijab, a beard for men, and in such things, yes, they're there. But Allah, Allah has also ordered us to obey our parents

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to be good to our parents to show respect to the elderly.

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Now sometimes what happens is that there are people in our lives that we're not really taking care of whether they're our parents or maybe our grandmother or grandfather in our one house. One we're neglecting them. Essentially what are we neglecting the limits that Allah has set for us. So if we want to be helped by Allah, then we have to first help the creation of Allah.

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When we will worry about what we have to do then unless Pankaj will take care of what he has to do.

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What do we have to do?

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What do we have to do? remain Allah obedient servants? And what is it that Allah has to do? Take us out of that difficulty, ease that situation for us? So definitely let her fall.

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You know, in Quran we learned when Medina whom Allah, Allah to him, you have those people who guard their prayers,

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they guard their prayers. And in Hades we learned that the person who guards his prayers than Allah will guard and protect him from hellfire. Meaning Allah will admit him into Veritas. This is a hadith in Muslim dharma.

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So we guard what Allah has obligated us with a lot will take care of us. So much so that even if we have died, we are gone from this world. A lot will take care of our children. You know and so what we have today is Friday so not only have we learned about the story of alright that how he went when without insulin, what are the most artists around accompanied him? And I'm huddle. He came to a city and they asked the people of that city to host them, right, but they refused. So

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Hidden went and he fixed a wall that was about to fall. Someone saw this and I said, Why did you do that? You know, these people weren't even as generous as to give us one meal, you're going and fixing their their broken walls? Why did you do that? So hit them said that under this wall was a treasure belonging to two orphans. What can a woman slyly have and their father was a righteous man. So Allah wanted, that their treasure be preserved, their property be preserved? Nobody gets their hands on it, it is saved. And when they're older, they can take it. who's looking out for these children? Who is Allah subhanaw taala is Why? Because the father was a righteous person.

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But sometimes what happens is that when we are in difficulty, we think that we have to deal with our problems ourselves, the burden lies on on us, I have to fix this, I have to deal with it. Right? I have to fight this problem in my life. But the fact is that we cannot do it alone.

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You know, for example, if you have a headache, simple thing, what do you want to do? Just, you know, get your hands on that headache somehow and yank it out and throw it away? Can you do that? What have you had like five tylenols

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wouldn't work. If you're taking five pylons, it means that one doesn't work for you. Three don't work for you. Which means it probably won't work for you either, isn't it? So the fact is that problems that come in our lives, we really don't have full control over them when they come and when they lead, we don't have control over them, who has control over them, the one who sent them in the first place. He sent that difficulty to us, and He will take that difficulty away from us. So while we are in that difficulty, what is it that we need to do? Turn to Allah subhanaw taala and think about what we have to do, and repent from our sins also. Because sometimes not always, sometimes the

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difficulties that we're going through are a result of our own sins, there are punishment of our sins. They're basically difficulties are meant to wake us up in sort of the shooter is number 13. Unless parents are that says, well, not all saga COVID will sleep at infinity castle at a depot. Whatever difficulty has reached you it is because of what your own hands have earned. You brought this upon yourself. Are you not the lower end who said the difficulties come because of sin. And they only go because of repentance.

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They only go when a person repents from his sin. Once we learned that, at the time of Ramana below our knew when he was a halifa there was an earthquake. All right. And when that earthquake happened with a blow on who said to the people that Oh, people, this earthquake has come only because of something wrong that you're doing. So if this earthquake comes again, I'm not gonna let you live here anymore. You have to leave Medina. Look at how much faith he had. That it is not possible that this earthquake is coming except because of our sins. So if we don't fix ourselves and we persist in our sins, then we don't want the city of the prophets and allows them to be destroyed because of you

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and I save the earthquake comes again.

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You have to leave Medina, you can't stay here anymore. hasn't been busted on the lower end who, at his time there was there was a person by the name of hijab been usurped. He was basically a very, very cruel man. He oppressed the Muslims a lot, a lot. So the Muslims were suffering a lot at his hands. And hustle and bustle of the low argument he said, that hijas been uses is God's punishment upon you and fight him not with swords, but with his default, with repentance, seeking forgiveness from a loss.

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If you really want to defeat hijab when use of, don't just go for your swords.

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Beg Allah for forgiveness. And when you will do that a loss Panther will take this punishment away from you. When we read in the Koran, about the Bani Israel, how they were suffering at the hands of our own, how our own was killing their children. And he was keeping their women alive and yet enslave the entire nation, oppressing them. Allah subhanaw taala says Luffy they're illegal but our own middle have become alim. In that was a great trial from your Lord. Meaning fit our own was actually a test on you From whom?

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Allah subhanaw taala there was a reason behind this that allows parents to let this happen. Do you see? Sometimes we do seriously wrong things and we still expect good treatment from Allah subhanaw taala. This is deception.

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This is deception. Right? We're deceiving ourselves. How is it possible? That For example, we have a really really bad relationship with somebody extremely bad.

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And then at the end of the day, we expect them to be all nice to us.

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Can we expect that? No. So if we are disobeying Our Lord, then certainly there will be an increase in difficulties. And again, those difficulties also are a mercy from Allah subhanaw taala. This is why difficulties they are meant to purify us into the Allium one, I have one for you, one, Allah says, What do you Marcus, Allah letting me know that Allah will purify the believers? He will clean them. You know, just like I mentioned the Hadees to you earlier about how iron when it's put in the furnace, what's the purpose?

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to purify it, get that dirt off. So sometimes when we are, you know, living in our comfortable lives, everything's fine. We develop some bad habits. And we don't even think about the wrongs that we're doing. But then eventually, when we suffer from a problem, then all of a sudden we wake up, we wonder what happened. I need to fix something and what is it that I need to fix? Now the last thing that I'd like to mention is that in our difficulties and our trials, we need to ask Allah subhanaw taala alone, him alone. In total and file is 64. Allah tala addressed his messenger, so a lot of them and he said, Yeah, you had an OB husavik Allah, O Prophet, Allah is enough for you, woman in

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our community, many, and for whoever follows you off the believers, meaning any follower of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. Who is enough for him, Allah is in a frame. So when we are in some difficulty, who is it that we need to turn to first before anything else before anyone else before adopting any means to fix the problem? Who is it that we need to turn to a lowest penalty, just like you would on him or listen, when he was thrown in the fire? What did he say, has to be a law a law is sufficient for me. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Whoever suffers from destitution and he begs people for it, meaning for help, that his destitution shall not end,

00:32:12--> 00:32:16

his poverty, his pathetic state, it will never ever be over never.

00:32:17--> 00:32:20

He will continue to remain like that.

00:32:21--> 00:33:10

And whoever suffers from destitution and he teaches a lot for it, then Allah will send provision to him sooner or later meaning that Allah will extract him out of that difficulty. And in order to call upon Allah alone, we need to have complete faith and trust upon Allah subhanho wa Taala just like mozzarella Sena when he was basically facing the sea. Just imagine not just a pool of water not just a lake, a sea sea with its you know, waves and and so much water. And then behind him is the enemy that our own. I mean, which enemy could be worse than film. Seriously, which enemy he was a baby killer. Saddam was a baby killer literally. behind him is down in front of him is the sea with him

00:33:10--> 00:33:53

his Bunny is evil, who were extremely cowardly at that moment and will start listening. What did he say in the Mario Obi? Say Dini with me is my lord who will save me who will guide me. And for this, we need to have personal one builder. We need to think good about Allah subhanaw taala we need to think positively about our Lord, that if my Lord put me into this, he will definitely have some good in store for me. You don't have these bootsy we learned a lot from Tara says that entering the linear dB, I am as my servant thinks I am. So if we're going through some difficulty and we expect the help of Allah, then Allah will never disappoint us.

00:33:54--> 00:34:21

Never. But if we expect that, oh, Allah will abandon us. He hasn't heard my prayers till now. I don't think he's gonna help me. I wonder if he's even there, then that is what we will find. So we need to have personal one Billa you know, something that will help us increase in our positive thought about Allah subhanaw taala having open Allah, just look at Allah's creation. How many there are?

00:34:22--> 00:34:33

Just think about it. You know, for example, if you want more money, for instance, just take a look at the people who are in this hall. Take a good look. Come on. How many people that are sitting over here?

00:34:35--> 00:34:52

Who is the provider for every single one of us? He is right. How many hearts are there in this room? How many hands are there? Huh? How many breaths Do you think each person in this room has taken since they entered? who provided every single one of us with oxygen coded and was pumped out?

00:34:54--> 00:34:59

So is our Lord stingy that we shouldn't ask him? Not at all. He's so generous.

00:35:00--> 00:35:46

So always, always have positive thought about Allah subhanaw taala and he will not ever disappoint you and leave your affairs to Allah. And that means that whatever Allah has decreed, then let's accept that also. And have faith that ultimately for patients, the reward is always excellent. Because instead of budaya 49, Allah says fosmid interlocutor, Lil Mata Ki, be patient, the final good outcome is for people off the court mean those who fear Allah, Allah will not make them suffer, ultimately, eventually, their outcome will be good. And for this, of course, we have to make Dora just like the prophets of Allah did, because there are is the weapon of the believer, right? So we

00:35:46--> 00:36:27

need to fight our problems and difficulties that come our way with which weapon da you know, you look at the Quran so many stories of the prophets are mentioned in their doors are mentioned. what lacantina done a new one new called upon us, when no one is near them and knew when he called to Allah from before, what are you But isn't that out of blue? And are you when he called upon his Lord? Whether noon was the carry? Yeah, I mean, so many prophets, one after the other are mentioned, use the phrase lambs father in America, but they were Hosni, in Allah. So make Dora and make the end make da and more and more and never stop.

00:36:28--> 00:36:32

Because what does Allah say? We'll call it Nobuko Moroni, as

00:36:34--> 00:36:53

your Lord says, Call upon me, I will answer you, I will respond to you who is more truthful than Allah? Is there anyone who was more truthful than anybody? Nobody? Allah is the most truthful. So if he has said call upon me, I will answer you, then we need to have faith in Allah's promises.

00:36:55--> 00:36:55


00:36:56--> 00:37:41

for our doors to be accepted, we have to remember a lot in good times. We have to you see, there are two types of modifiers. A lot. two levels of knowing a lot. One level is ama, yeah, I know a lot. I believe in a lot of years sts one, I worship Him, He created me. This is a general level of knowing Allah. But then there's hossler, a modified that is hostile, knowing a lot at a higher level. And what is that? Knowing that my Lord will take me out of this, he put me in this, he will take me out of this. I trust in him, I fear him, I remember him. And when I remember him, I feel content alphabetically, like

00:37:43--> 00:38:31

this is the murder of Allah that we need to have. You know, once a son of he said that, so many poor people have left this world without tasting the most delicious thing without tasting the most delicious thing. And he was asked what is that delicious thing he said, modified blah, blah. How many people have left this world without tasting this sweetness of knowing who Allah tada is? So we need to know Allah. remember Allah in good times. And then Allah also will remember us. This is so beautiful, the more we get to know people, the more faults we learn about them. But the more we learn about Alice planetarium, the more we grow in his, you know, in love for him in appreciation

00:38:31--> 00:39:01

for him. You know, Allah subhanaw taala also has mirdif office people he knows his people, right? That is also different levels. One is general, Allah knows about every single creature what colloquially insane when our level metrowest we should be enough. So Allah says he has created the human being and he knows what the soul whispers every single creature, every single human being alone was about him. But then there is a hustle level, a higher level of Allah knowing his servants also. And what does that mean? That Allah doesn't just know his servant, he loves him.

00:39:02--> 00:39:34

He protects him, he helps him response to his door relieves him of his difficulties. May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst those servants that he loves. He cares about. That through our tests, he elevates us through our difficulties. He brings us closer to himself because of the trials that he sends our way. He forgives our sins, so that when we meet him, he's pleased with us and not a single thing remains with us.

00:39:36--> 00:39:50

malice puntata make us out amongst his chosen servants and give us true contentment and pleasure and happiness with his decree so that he also becomes happy with us. So conical long behind the Chateau La ilaha illa Anta

00:39:53--> 00:39:58

Zakat located on everyone for listening and just like her sister, thank you for giving such beautiful insight today.