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AI: Summary © The Islamic program is designed to protect its position and defend its position, with a focus on protecting the position and defending it. The program is designed to teach participants about same sex desire and discrimination against Muslims, and a colleague's interview is mentioned. A man who claims to be a member of Islam but did not want to speak about it is also mentioned, emphasizing the importance of avoiding struggles with mental health and the need to ensure that no effort is taken against Islam. The program is designed to ensure participants have no obligation to say anything against Islam, and the participants are in charge of the conference.
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So a number of people ask them questions about the program, what it's explained the format of the program and the goals of the program. So the program next Saturday, as you know, is about a topic that really does pertain to our culture right now, and especially our young men and women are asking they're questioning, some of them are problematizing, what Islam says. And the goal is, therefore to present and to defend the Islamic position, I can assure you that there is no agenda to do anything other than to defend our values and our position. We haven't hamdulillah four speakers coming myself, I will be speaking about what Islam says about the issue of same sex attraction. And what do

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we say when others ask us they ask us very difficult questions. They say, for example, do you guys preach hatred? Or do you guys you know, want to execute or whatnot, they ask very difficult questions. What do we respond when we are asked these very direct questions? What is the what is the Islamic response? My topic will be about the Islamic filthy and theological positions. We have also

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started Amobi invade, who is a researcher in this field, he's actually published on this topic. And he will be speaking about the dangers of political engagement without having a framework without without having a background to form alliances without knowing what you're doing, that might bring about some problems. So he's going to be explaining the the issues pertaining to that. We have Professor a smart with Dean coming. Professor Osma is one of the top notch lawyers. She is a JD, she's a lawyer, she is a professor of law. And she has testified in front of Congress and in the Supreme Court as well, she has a CV that is much other very impressive. And she is one of the top

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notch Muslim lawyers specialized in defending and carving out space for those who want to practice their religious values, when it seems to conflict with the law. So do we have the freedom to do things that the law might not like? So she also will present to us the Christian churches that have gone to court for this issue? You know, that there has been controversy, even within Christianity, about these types of issues. She's going to explain to us what is the law? She's not coming to teach us about Islamic stuff? That's not her area? And neither is she even saying that she's simply coming to tell us what is constitutional law and what we need to know as people in this country? What are

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the laws of this land, saying, We have, of course, our own chef Omar Soliman, and he will tell us in his own expertise, which is basically laying the groundwork for civil rights issues, what he himself has done in the field. And he's going to explain to us and clarify for us what he has learned. And we have a brother, who is not coming to the masjid at all, he is actually going to be coming a calling in phone conversation from Germany, he does not live in America. And in fact, his name is not what he Jensen, it is a pseudonym, we do not know his name, I do not know his name, his name is actually not known. And there's been some confusion or controversy. His his mother tongue is not

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English. So he has said certain things online that have been misunderstood. So I want to explain this person is a practicing Muslim. He is a person who is not attempting to reform Islamic law at all. He is observant of Islamic values. He is married, he has children, but he has struggled in his youth with same sex desires. And he has gone through a lot of discrimination, marginalization, maybe even you know, depression and suicide thoughts and whatnot. And he has overcome this, and he is now living a faithful Islamic life. So he is going to be phoning us in phone call anonymous, no video. And he's going to be explaining to those who might be going through the same issues, what they

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should be doing, and why they should not cave in and go join trends or movements that might be calling to them, and they should remain firm within Islam. That is the purpose of his talk. Unfortunately, some people made some assumptions, which is absolutely baseless. If you find out who this brother is, he has actually founded a Global Institute online, not an institute but a group serve like an email list that is meant for Muslims who want to remain faithful to Islam, but they happen to be struggling with tendencies that their communities their families, might find very problematic. This is not to justify any type of action that is haram or with the biller from that it

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is meant to give advice to those who are going through

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Depression, to give advice to those who might be thinking of suicide, or to give advice to might to those who might be wanting to outdo Biller, leave Islam and go join other movements that are anti Islam. We need a voice you don't want. We had a conference two months ago about drug addiction, we called a former drug addict to the masjid. And he was here, and he addressed our youth and he told them point blank, why they should not go down, you know, this, this path? Well, this brother, we're here that Hamdulillah he is not somebody who is has gone crossed the Red Line at all, but he is somebody who has struggled internally. And we want him to address those who might not know what to

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do, so that they can be guided to the correct understanding. Some people misunderstood and they made a an issue out of it. So I wanted to clarify not at all we seek Allah's refuge or or the villa from ever wanting to promote, or normalize anything that goes against the Sharia. But this was a misunderstanding based upon the fact that this brother does not speak English as a mother tongue. So he typed something up in a blog somewhere, and it was misunderstood. He is not our older Biller, and it's very clear if he has actually a podcast that he gave a few weeks ago, you can listen to the whole podcast. And it is very clear that he explicitly says I am not wanting to change Islam, or

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normalize anything. My advice is to those who are struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts, or leaving Islam, why they should not and how they can remain firm and live committed to Islam. And I think this is a very, very important voice. I want to tell you something that will shock many of you a

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few weeks ago, a high school student came to my office and everything is anonymous. I'm not even going to reveal the gender. So it's even more anonymous, a high school student. And he or she said to me that he or she is that LGBT type of person, and they are struggling to maintain Islam. This is one of our own children. By the way, I cannot give more information than this. And they are going through depression, marginalization. This is in my office epic, not some 5000 miles away. This is somebody that comes here. They came to my office because they could trust me that I'm not going to go and do anything other than to counsel them. The reason why I'm forced to say this, dear parents,

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if we will not talk about this issue in our misogyny, if you feel because some people say why are you talking about this in the masjid? Where else do you want us to explain Islamic values except in the masjid, we are not trying to change Islam, we're not trying to woo the biller normalize, but whether you know it or not, whether you acknowledge it or not, there are people in our own communities that are struggling with this issue. If we are not going to reach out to them with a sense of compassion, and a sense of look, you are ours and we're going to work together with this insha Allah data, how else are we going to reach out to them so please dear brothers and dear

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sisters, please do not create a controversy when there is none. I can assure you there is no attempt to normalize anything that is against Islam. I am in charge of this conference if you have any issues come to me directly. And again, this was an assumption made and then I heard emails were being spread and WhatsApp messages not at all please come to me directly. I am coming here every day and we learn from the kisses of Irish and others. What happens when you slander and when I don't do this brothers and sisters I'm here come and speak to me directly and inshallah it will be clear there is no as we said agenda to other than protect Islam, and to fortify our house of this worship

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of Allah subhanho wa Taala and I seek Allah's refuge from ever doing anything, especially in a masjid that is somehow evil or fascia. There was no plan to do this at all. This was simply a misunderstanding. I hope that insha Allah clarifies that was a very long announcement that wasn't planning to be made that long. Anyway, this Mila