Yasir Qadhi – Lessons from the DUAA of MUSA (as)

Yasir Qadhi
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So don't want you gonna have to lie here what a casual. Ask Allah subhana wa Tada has gathered us here and selected Fajr on this day that he also guided us in Janata for those Allah Allah that He has protected us from so many sins to be praying Fajr that he protects us from sins throughout our life and protects us from the from the fire of health. Today shall lie recited and selected federal, the famous or that you're all familiar with it is the door of Musa alayhis salam. And shall I thought I'd share some reflections and comments about this trap. And the beauty of this to our we've all memorized it heard it so many times. Rubbish Friday, Saturday way silly Emery. So what is the

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context of this dua and what are the benefits we can extract? And how can we use this in our daily lives? The story of Musa alayhis salam was of course well known and one of the things we noticed throughout the Quran is that Musa alayhis salam is constantly making dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala even you know, before becoming a prophet because of course Musa was raised upon the fate of Yaakov he was a Muslim, obviously, he was raised upon to hate and annoying Allah subhanho wa taala. And then of course, he became a prophet in the incident that we heard in surah Taha so even you know, growing up, you know, when he committed the mistake, he asked Allah's forgiveness and he said, In

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Neela, Rampton FC felt fairly so he made dua to Allah subhanho wa taala. And when he was fleeing outside of Egypt, and he was wandering, he didn't know where he was going. And so he said, Oh, Allah, you know, find the best way for me and help me along this way. When he is in Meridian, and he doesn't know where to go. He says other a bit in the USA Today my height and 14 So we see constant drop in the story of Musa alayhis salam and from this we learned that we as well you know, some of us we have this notion we only make dua you know, after Salah we raise our hands and make dua to Allah know when we sit on our call we make dua, when we're waiting in line we make dua, when we have

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any engagement, anything important as we're walking there will make dua to Allah subhana, Allah to Allah dua is something that doesn't require a particular place a particular state a particular direction, you make dua, whenever however you are, and of course, it's good to make dua in the messenger then upon will do and that's excellent. But dua can and should be done at all times. So we see this in the story of Musa alayhis salam. Now Allah subhana wa Tada appoints him a prophet, and he gives him a task that is almost impossible, the greatest superpower on Earth, which is Egypt at the time, and you have fit around himself who says he is God, another book on Medina, and he has his

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armies and he has his minions and he has an entire empire. And Allah says to Musa you single handedly are going to go back to the very gland that you fled from, walk to the very palace that wants to kill you and single handedly take on the entire infrastructure of that Pharaonic regime. So Musa alayhis salam has been tasked with what others would think is impossible. And what is the first thing that he does, he makes this too. So dua is indeed our weapon. It is what we turn to when we need something we turn to Allah subhana wa Taala via the mechanism of dua, when the impossible was handed to Musa the first thing he did he makes dua to Allah subhanho wa taala. And he begins Of

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course, by using the names of Allah kala Rob be my Rob and Rob is one of the most powerful names to use in a DUA, and that is why in the Quran and Sunnah Rob is the most common name that is used in the DUA genre overall, because Rob gives a meaning and a connotation that Oh Allah, you are my Creator, my protector, you are the one who is going to help me. Rob also is tarbiyah to take care of and to nourish. Rob is the Lord and Master Rob is the originator Rob is the one in charge of so yeah, Rob, you're in charge. I'm not in charge. Yeah, Rob, I have no other besides you. If you don't take care of me who's gonna take care of me? Yeah. Rob, you brought me here. You created me. So I'm

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turning back to you. So Rob, be you are my Rob. This is one of the most powerful names and it can be used in any dua. Allahumma and Robbie are the two most common names used in DUA and they can be used in any dua without any condition. Every other name of Allah you choose the name that is appropriate for the DUA Karim manaan Rahman as he is you choose that whatever you're asking you find the names that fit that but Allah Houma and Robbie, they are universal for any need of yours in this dunya and the next and especially when you are in need of Allah's protection and in need of Allah's Rama and in need of Allah safety or B so he says all the rugby that are Israeli Saudi, now Shara has said

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there is of course a common motif of the Quran very common in the Quran. That familiar you to the law on the idea who Yashraj Sodre who Lin Islam, Allah natural law Sadara right. So the concept of short has sudden, everything begins inside the heart. The task is outside but you begin inside because you need to have the right frame of mind. You need to have Iman in Allah subhana wa Tada. You need to have supper to work when you're clean. Any task outside will not

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be made easier if inside you have you have nothing you begin with the inside and you begin by having that connection with Allah subhanho wa taala. And this also shows us you know life is going to be difficult. Musa is going to walk in to literally the palace of that own. There's going to be problems and difficulties. He better have the Sakina Gautama Nina, he'd better have the Eman that Taqwa to be able to overcome the problems of this dunya so everything begins inside Shara has southern means Oh Allah make my heart comfortable with your clean with his lost with Eman make my heart full of belief in you. That's what shutter has southern means over here. And of course there's

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also a concept of peace because the opposite of shutter has said that is bliss because sudden to make the heart discontent to make the heart narrow to make the Hartfield constraint. So Shara has southern your heart is at ease, leave consider your heart is not at ease. You are in palpitation you are in nervousness. And this also shows us one of the main mechanisms to battle grief and anxiety and stress is Shara has said that it's not the only mechanism agreement about depression. Sometimes depression is more than spiritual. But there's no question that spirituality helps us to overcome many of the problems of this world. And so Musa makes dua to Allah Oh Allah make my heart firm. I'm

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going to face fit on himself. I need to have that internal strength or a Bish, rally Saturday, and that's why our profit system himself, Allah says Adam nostra halacha Sodre didn't we make your heart so firm you are certainly upon that level of imminent Taqwa that you're going to face all of these difficulties and shut up so that was done as we know when he was a child and also when he went up to Israel and Mirage twice our Prophet system literally his heart was taken out cleansed and put back in this is shut has southern So Musa makes that dua the rubbish rally Saturday, everything begins inside then while you're Siddeley Emery This is a comprehensive do and our profits are seldom used

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to love comprehensive to us the best to add is you ask the maximum in the least amount of words don't specify ask the maximum I've been an Artina for dunya Hassan leave it unconditional anything that has an I wanted with an accurate Johanna anything that's good in the accurate I wanted. So this is what we call an unconditional drop you make a generic general dua Oh Allah make my life easy. Oh Allah make my path easy. This is a very general DUA and the beauty here it shows you trust in Allah that He knows what is best It is narrated in the book and Agudo that one of the top your own he made a dua to Allah that oh Allah grant me the first Palace on the right hand side as soon as intergender

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and I went to white palace and whatnot. So you know, his father the Sahaba said to him, yeah, B'nai ask Allah for Jana and Allah will give you what his best agenda you don't have to specify I wonder this on the street turn left here. Leave it to Allah he'll give you what his best Okay, so this is a child asking so the father so the Yep. When I ask Allah for Jana and you will get everything that is best in Jana. We don't specify when we don't need to specify the best two hours or generic two hours. Oh Allah I asked the best of this dunya Oh Allah give me the best career. Oh Allah grant me the best children you make generic dua so that the maximum can come and hear after making dua to

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make the inside easy. The hearts make it strong. Then he makes a DUA to make the outside easy while you're Siddeley somebody you've given me a Tasco Allah, you have given me a task that would be deemed impossible, but as a Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his dorm I used to say, hola, hola. Hola. Hola, Elana Jalta, who salan Oh Allah, nothing can be made easy, unless you make it easy. So oh Allah make my difficulty easy for me. This is an authentic hadith of the Prophet system he would make to our with this dua, Oh Allah, nothing is easy, unless you make it easy. So make the difficult and make that which is troubling, make it easy for me, we see the similar motif in the DUA

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of Musa alayhis salam, that Oh Allah, this task, you're going to have to make it easy for me while you're siddalee Unbeliev. So he begins with internal then he moves on to the external that he wants to make the path easy for him. Then the third thing now he does specify it's completely permissible to ask for something that is especially important by name by explicit while you're silly. Emery will call that Emily Sandy Hook only now after the generic he then says Oh Allah, there's one particular thing I really needed from you. And of course, the reason for this, our books of history mentioned when Musa was a child, he was playing in the house of you know, frown, and asiyah, the wife a frown,

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and he instead of picking up a date, he picked up a a coal, a heart burning coal. He thought it was a date, he picked it up, put it on his mouth, and it burned him. And because of that he would speak with a lisp. He couldn't speak clearly. So his tongue was burned. So he would speak with the list. So he recognizes that in order to

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To be an effective Prophet, in order to communicate, he needs a very, you know, powerful tongue. And that's why he asked Allah for that specific dua where Silvia media why Luna recorded Tamil this Sunday, my tongue is tied up. This is the list that he had while we recorded them in a Sunday. You have a whole Cody, I need them to understand what I'm about to say this is another benefit of dua, when we make dua to Allah subhana wa Tada, we try our best to link everything we're asking to a benefit that is Dini that is religious, even though of course, everybody wants like, who has a lispy one want to speak normally. But Musa says the Arab This isn't for my ego. This isn't to make me

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appear to be you know, like a better than everybody else Europe. I'm asking this so that I can convey your message to fit out. So once again, this is a type of we call it tawassul you use something to make your DUA more powerful. So you bring in a relationship. Yeah. Rob, the for example, Yara make me wealthy so that I can be generous with the poor. This is linking something that everybody wants is nothing wrong, to be wealthy to have a good tongue to speak eloquently. But then you say, Yeah, Rob, give me eloquence so that I can give that away to others. And of course, you had better live up to that because now you are putting a condition on there. Right. So we don't

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want to be like this, the one in the Quran that he promised to live he was become rich that he would be generous. And as soon as the riches came, he turned his back. So be careful about that as well. Nonetheless, the righteous Muslim, he asks Allah for good and he links it to religious good, Yara make me eloquent so that I can give the Dawa to the best way. This also shows of course, you are allowed to ask for specifics. I said in the previous point, the best dua is generic. And so Musa begins with the generic, oh, Allah make everything easy. Now, technically, correcting the tongue was included in that technically, it is going to be made easy, but there's something that is very

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important, and it needs to be specified. So yes, completely permissible. And yeah, Rob, make my tongue completely normal, so that I can speak eloquently, so that I can convey your message only then after he has asked the doors that he needs. Then he realizes that he needs help from other people that Subhanallah We are weak by ourselves, we are strengthened by our brethren when we have good company. That's why our Prophet system said when Allah wants to help a ruler, he gives him righteous entourage, the ruler has people around him that are good, when the ruler is good, Allah is gonna bless that ruler to be good how by giving him a righteous entourage, our r1 people around him

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that are going to be righteous. And when the ruler is bad and corrupt, he doesn't want to be Allah does not want to

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bless him, Allah will give him even more corrupt people. And so the ruler is corrupt, and everybody around him is corrupt was going to happen. So Musa understands. And this also shows us the reality of this world. You can't really do much alone. You need a team, you need a group of people, you need supporters, you need family and friends and you know, whoever else is on that project with you there be on the same wavelength. And so Musa realizes that he needs some help. He needs spiritual health and physical health and he trusts his brother and one of our one of the classical earlier scholars, he said, No brother brought more good to his brother than Musa to Harun that when ALLAH SubhanA wa

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Tada, blessed Musa with prophecy that he made dua to Allah that his brother began granted prophecy as well. And this was an atypical situation in that as far as we are aware that two prophets were not sent, you know, to the same nation, two brothers were not sent to the same nation as far as we are aware. So this is the baraka that Allah gave to our Prophet Musa to make his own brother into a prophet as well not to the level of Musa Harun was not you know, to the level of Musa but still because of a dua that Musa made. And this also shows us the purity of heart of Musa generally speaking, when we obtain a blessing, we are selfish, generally speaking, you know, if you were to be

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given, you know, a million dollars, that would the first notion be oh, let me give and share with everybody else. Generally speaking, we are created, you know, to be wanting what we have not to share. When Musa was gifted, he wanted to share and this shows us the purity of the heart. And so he added it also shows us as I said, the need for help the need for a team that will support you. So he says, Yeah, Rob, I also want that, that humbly was here I'm an ally how Runa agree that I need our zeal from my family. Somebody I can trust somebody I know. Was it his helper, I need to help her from my family. So how rune is my brother so use him to strengthen wish to be me to strengthen my

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affair tighten my garment meaning something that I need some help for. These are Arabic metaphors. I need more strength. Give me my brother how soon and then why? Que Noosa Bianca here on one of Kurata cathedra so that gives me all of this give me internal strength, make the path easy for me.

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I allow my tongue to be eloquent, give me how rune now he links all of this to what so that we can worship you in the best manner. Once again we talk about this notion of when you ask Allah something, you link it to a religious cause and that should be your knee your up strengthen me so that I can worship you better Europe give me all of this so that I can do your thing. Now interestingly enough, three verses before this, Allah subhana wa Tada said that

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one of them is salata. The Vickery established the salah for my thicker, so Musa understood that the highest goal of worship is dhikr there is nothing more important than Deker even the salah it is a manifestation of vicar now that he understands this instantaneously within a few milliseconds he processes and then he says yeah, Rob, give me all of this so that I can perfect your vicar. That's what you want it from us right? So give me the strength so that I can perfect your vicar. This also shows us out of the of God that the sphere is of the most powerful gay new set Bianca Theon, one of the Kurata cathedra to spear is a part of vicar. The spear is one manifestation of vicar yet Musa

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mentioned separately, can you give us a backup one of Karaca meaning that the spear is the pinnacle or one of the pinnacles of vicar and that is why when Yunus was trapped in the will, what did he say? Or when other football Almighty Allah ilaha illa, Anta super Hannukah in the country, middle Vitami and our Prophet system said that Subhanallah Tumblr will be Zan saying Subhan Allah, it fills the entire skills. So Subhana is one of the most powerful if not the most powerful, as we said many times there's not just one you know, all Subhanallah hamdulillah Allah but all four are the the main pillars of that could have given an under the author about that. So Musa says que no se Baca Kadena

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went out Guca theater and then he concludes the DUA in Nikka Quinta Bina basura what is the meaning of this conclusion you used to always be watching over us now that Musa is a prophet, he understands every stage of his life was a purpose, Allah was watching over him. And this is linking Allah's blessings on him to ask for more blessings, this is another type of there was so let me repeat that. What I was told, as we said, is to bring something to make your DUA more powerful. So you can make the vessel with your iman or our bene indena Amen fulfilled and you can make the vessel with your good deeds, yeah, Rob such and such a day I did that deed please, you know, grant me this, like the

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people of the cave, if you remember you can make to us with the names and attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala you can make those with the effects of your dua that the Arab gives me all of this so that I can worship you. So there's multiple ways of doing tawassul so here we have another way of doing to assume and what is that? You mentioned a previous blessing that Allah has given you and you recognize that blessing and then you say ya Rob just like you were so generous then just be generous with me now okay. And this is we use this even in our own daily lives, like you go to your close friend, you know, you know, you helped me out five years ago and mashallah, you were so generous May

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Allah reward you, I'm coming to you again. You know, that type of notion of like, you wreck you, you admit and recognize I appreciate what you've done. And because I appreciate and recognize and coming back to you, we understand this in our own dunya what Allah Hill method Allah Allah to Allah belongs to even more perfect example. And this is also we find it in the dua of Zachary as well. What am a combi do I gotta be Chaka? Yah, yah, Rob, you've answered all my previous two hours. So give me this as well. You're up every day I asked you You gave it to me. Now I'm asking you for a son. This is a Korea now I'm asking you for a son. What was selected? He used? He said yeah. Rob, what am I a combi

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da Ikara bisha Yeah, you were always giving me all of my dollars I was never deprived of and of your answering my TA so don't deprive me of this dua here we have over here as well. Musa is recognizing ya Rob I see now you were watching me every stage of my life. You protected me as a child, you brought me to the palace if around and then we don't have time right now and all you guys need to go the next is just read it. Allah is saying yes, I did protect you. Look at what happened to your mother. Look at this. Look at that the whole ayah Allah is acknowledging Yes, you're right, I did protect you. And this is how I protected you. He goes over bit by bit. So the point being this DUA

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of Musa, it teaches us what to ask for, and it teaches us how to ask for and it teaches us the best mechanism to ask for it. And the beautiful point of this dua, actually, even though the third phrase is about the tongue and whatnot, still, we're allowed to make it because we're asking Allah for eloquence, so this dua can and should be used by us for any affair of ours. It is not general that we can actually use it other than the last phrase of making my brother a prophet. We cannot use that one. Okay. But the rest of that it is so general. We can use it for any affair of ours on a busy Saturday. We're Sidley Emery, we're headed off to the Ministry of holy This is a generic DUA and we

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can and we should use it for our daily affairs.

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Zakouma local update on what's going on.

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Buddy F La Mina goon a levena woovina sala de force your own. Well levena umani love we weren't born. Well Levina homeless Zanka de lune Wallasey now whose only 4g him have you hone in

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as Why do you

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get a man in now whom will you marry me

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