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So example official another we have everybody here just a brief reminder hotter and then a Shabbat that you guys continue in arriba. We spelled out 100. It also refers to that by then it was somebody who wrote on my blog, I would like to, first and foremost, give you the glad tidings that you are doing a certain that that is rare to do and difficult to do. It is one of the difficult surrenders of art. That is the source of your teacup. Obviously, there is the Prophet sallallahu. I sort of used to do here, every single year of his life in Medina. And one year you felt sick, and he couldn't do it. And so he made it up in show what he did here to go up and show up because that year

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he had fever or whatever, he didn't do it. So this is the sunnah of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and almost every year he did 10 days, in one year, it just said perhaps the last year of his life, he decided to do double that amount. So if you have to go for details, so this is a sunnah of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam that is mentioned in the Quran, whether to buy should or want to argue fulfilled misogyny, that do not approach your wives when you are doing it to God in the misogyny. So Allah mentioned scaredy cat in the misogyny adventures as an act of worship. So it is definitely one of the encouraged Sooners to do. And what it does psychologically is that it cuts you

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off from the world that you otherwise live in, you are away from that, which distracts you. And everybody knows, if you try to do some work in your house, it's not going to get done as much as in your office. Everybody knows the students you know, if you work in your library, in your university, you will work more than in your own room in your house. Why? Because your house, you're connected with family with siblings, your mother is going to come in she's not going to care that your organic chemistry book is open, right? She'll say you go and do the dishes. What are you going to do then call us to go to the dishes? Or any all of you know the office cases? What if you're at home, your

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wife doesn't understand what is your work and they Okay, well can you go pick up the groceries there. So what is one of the main psychological points of their ticket? Everybody knows your family knows you yourself, you know, that I am now dedicating I have a means to dedicate. You're dedicating yourself to take a task and be at least stuck to that task. That's what the article basically means that resume and besides that you are stuck literally inside the masjid, that's what you're into God was the purpose of erotica is to put in yourself, put yourself in the bubble of the worship of Allah subhanho data and to do so not just spiritually but physically as well. You're cut off from family

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and friends and you sit in the masjid and that allows you the ambience to dedicate your days and nights for the worship of Allah subhana wa Tada. And in here tiga the purpose of your ticket is simply to do all of the good deeds that you usually do, but to a different level. And you immerse yourself in Quran and indica and grace and everybody. Now, our scholars, they have a spectrum of opinion about what is halal and haram and heretic and what not. But in the end of the day, these are all HDI issues, I'll just give you generic advice. The purpose of erotica is to maximize worship, that's what it is. And so, it decaf should not compromise that purity, and that is why Allah says

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those of you that are married, that they should not be involved in the conjugal issues, because that is not in the spirit of the article. So, the point is that certain issues of necessity and needs such as obviously going to the restroom or doing a hostel or getting your food, you obviously have to leave that bubble and our profit slowly settle, even anything after the machine obviously, you have to answer the call of nature, you will go outside answer the call and then come back in. But other than that, he did not sleep in his house for that period of time, he did not go back home, he did not just engage in a trivial talk and what not it was as much of an immersion in the worship of

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Allah as possible. And it is allowed to talk in a generic manner about the issues of the dunya but that should not be your focus or should not be the main issue. It is narrated that our mother Sophia, because for 10 days the process was in the masjid. So he did not visit Sophia had something to discuss with the processor. So she came to the message. And she sat with the processor that she discussed whatever needed to be discussed. And then when it came time to leave this was after Isha. When it came time to leave, Sofia is going to walk alone in the process and didn't feel comfortable, even though it's Medina is time by the way, but still a lady should not be walking alone at night.

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Simple as that. So if Tikka Hadith isn't behind him, he walked with her all the way to her house. When the house came she went in and he returned to the masjid right now this is not a need that my wife is here she can she had a need to come and talk to me but then they didn't have cell phones they didn't have texting whatever. Obviously we don't know what to do something was there she came to talk but now in here to golf he stood and he walked back with her and then you continue the here they go.

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From this we learn when there is some type of need, you can walk outside the masjid, if you're going to help over here, the food is going to be there. Otherwise, the point is to try to stay as much as possible. And the community here will take care of your food and drink the restaurants are here, you can also go over here come deliver all of this is facilitated for you. So there is no need for you to exit this beautiful bubble that you have created with deca, unless as we said, there is a need to do so. So as for the technicalities of can I walk you kind of walk through there, look, I'm not going to be ultra strict on you just remember the spirit of the article is maximum type inside

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demonstrate, that's the spirit of empty cup, okay, I'm not going to be that strict with one foot outside yet the cup is about and let's not make his thumb that difficult, but a maximize your time. And my generic advice to all of you, especially in these last 10 nights. I understand. And I have an empty cup as well once in McDonald's as I understand it with a group of friends with a group. It's very easy to devolve into social talk, very easy. To me, that is the bigger problem than worrying if I put my foot outside the door or not. Don't worry about putting your foot outside the door. Don't worry about walking in and out. You have to do that. The bigger worry, you waste hours induction you

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don't have all the you know, gumption to translate where the other brothers know our brothers here, you all know okay gupshup is

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j check. Yes, good to ginger Daksha. Okay, sounds same as well. Okay, the bigger problem and that is you just waste your time in talking about stuff that is not yet pick up material. That's the bigger issue. So don't get involved in the technical field too much. Rather get involved in the spirit of example, which is the maximum quantity of Quran, the maximum vicar the maximum allowed to be divided you can do that is the purpose of indica. Yes, you can talk a little bit because we are human beings, we are not angels, the angels. Allah says in the Quran, you said you're gonna later wonder how to die you have to learn to do this morning and evening. They never get tired. But that's the

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angels. We will get tired. No one can sit too long stop for 10 hours and just do it. We weren't created that with that angels. So we need to take a break. We need to go to the restroom. We need to do other acts of worship. And yes, we need to talk to other people as well, in some is called inside, you know, because the fact that the wounds they need comfort inside comes from wounds, like they need communication, they need to talk whatnot. That's what insaan comes from. You cannot live by yourself. So no problem, you know, but again, don't time and I'm saying your priority should be rebounded a few minutes of gupshup is head on. But don't make your Evander Analytica into majority

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talk with other people. That's the main concern. Other than that, don't worry about the fine details and stuff. And overall and show that this is a mixture that overall the facilities are here for you would have the data, but don't spend too much time outside of the actual this area of domestic that you're in if you have to leave for a reason, no problem. And if we go to the restroom and whatnot, this is of course within the confines of erotica, but maximum time over here. That's the whole point of Ethica. If there any quick questions or whatnot, Inshallah, yes,

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as good volunteer works, for the most, I know we give up on the for profit, nonprofit,

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even in that category, like for me and some require that I cannot avoid, I committed to it. And there is some volunteer work that up from there is no problem that the volunteers were the masjid you are doing something overall for the benefit of the community. And that is an action unfortunate even got to walk just like our process and walked out to protect somebody as honor. So now you're helping the Corps, you're doing this and that. And this is Joe alongside a community benefit, you are not breaking your ticket, and you are a volunteer from before, and you are now volunteer as well doing everything up. So there's no harm, no harm at all, in continuing in the same activities and to

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show love to others will not affect your ticket brother, this is an action of worship, that you will be rewarded for January tickets even more than outside of your tickets.

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Other questions, the same thing applied to like new personnel for you.

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So in this case, you so there is no penalty.

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So in this case, essentially you're doing too many articles, which is fine, no problem. You know, four and a half days four and a half just whenever the exam is no problem. And Allah knows your situation. There's no penalty or kuthodaw. And in fact, again some of those like the humbling weather, for example, that it allows for a one night ticket.

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So for those of you who cannot do the 10 day air ticket, right, because the process of did not specify how long and the fact that when you needed a 20 days right demonstrates the time is not

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unnecessary requirements a minimum or maximum. So the humbly method, it allows you to do a partial handicap and you have the Neolithic gap. So if you enter the masjid from Muslim and say, Okay, I'm gonna make a tick up, you know until the end, and I'll have some food at home. Okay? So during that timeframe, you will be monitoring more. So you're going to be at a teacup, so no problem. But you're not going to pretend to erotica. But that's not that's why it's no problem. How do you do that?

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And the other question is

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do you want to be on a basketball?

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So again, so your question is good, it's not. So.

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Listen, my dear brothers gonna stop for you to spend these 10 days in the masjid with your friends, worship Allah Subhanallah with the other and play with them, it is better than you being at your homes and wasting more time. So don't make the religion more strict. You are still my show got relatively young, you're what 16 or 15 1500 of your time will come when you will inshallah via grandfather, right. At that stage, you sit with the elderly community and worship 24/7 stage, I don't want to make Islam more difficult on you, you're coming here and spending the majority of United regatta Alhamdulillah good for you. If you go out and play some basketball, no big deal,

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inshallah you're playing with Muslims, you are having a good time here. But if you were to do more worship that is better for you. So I'm trying to reach this happy compromise here where we want the people to come and we want them to be a part of the domestic community. But at the same time,

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everybody has different levels and different different desires. Some of you at the age of 15 will want to spend the whole night memorizing Quran good for them. How do they learn? For those who don't we shouldn't make them feel guilty the fact that they pray to Allah that if they prayed for young 100 and their 15 year old you don't expect them to to do the whole night let them go and don't make Islam difficult. They're not committing a sin or that is not a sin. And they're at an age where they need this that so humbly that I'm happy that you are here and you want to worship Allah more in these things that haven't been enough. Let's leave it. Okay. Yes,

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please Sue's were excellent was about to address this we have a massage and we have some accents that are not the same as if the gaff is allowed where you want and Jamar occurs. So any place that is dedicated to the worship of a wall for the five daily prayers and Juwan.

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Okay, it doesn't have to be purpose built. If somebody takes a room and converts it to a five time so the word masjid and Joomla that text the hokum ruling of MSG. Sorry, I think I was allowed. As for this place, no brainer. This is a must have been handed in that you guys are blessed handed into us. We are hopeless, sorry.

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I'm still easing myself and

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people asking me during the checkout, how far they can go. I'm repeating. Remember I said don't make Islam into these numbers. Don't don't I don't want to answer the question. We think of the spirit of Islam rather than the minor details. Okay. Do not take a string and measure from the door of how many feet I can walk outside and whatnot.

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It's one of the bigger things to worry about. And again, when I talk about hedging, I always say so many people are obsessed with what Judo Japan can wear. And they forget about you're going to the house of Allah What should your psychological spirit so put into account that we are now doing their data? That is a very great action of worship. Maximize the time in the masjid to sleep at anytime they need. It should be as minimal as is reasonable. Let's keep it don't put in numbers or number of feet or number of seconds. Shediac did not come with that. What are you speaking of Sunanda Phil? So playing basketball, you know that? That technically even?

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So maybe we should distinguish with my dear brother, I don't want our youth to be discouraged.

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And I don't expect them to be ascetic worshipers. Like I said,

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I'm trying to make Islam something that is reasonable for them. Okay, I don't want to drive them away. Let them play some basketball when they come back and trade and how to do that good for not making it's not difficult. That's my sweat. Okay. And when they become your age and shoulder they will be more strict. Yeah, fair enough.

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yeah, so the Profit System

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allows some of his wives to guarantee calf one year he saw

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They were young they decided they were becoming a little bit more strict and whatnot one of them had tight rope from the roof. And when she would fall asleep she would hold on to this so that she doesn't fall and so the Profit System became irritated at that he said take that rope off and tell them to go back home Allah doesn't need their worship like this. So they were going a little bit too much but these days we go the other side we have to be gentle in both ways, right? But generally it is allowed for me to do that as long as they have their privacy and their photo and our mat and their husbands and all of this it is allowed for them to do just

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Yeah, so the highlighting button that allows this and the other three months have theoretically should only be in the masjid. Okay, so if they follow the Hanafi button, they can do it in their homes. If they follow the other three months I've done it

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in the masjid. Okay, and

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I don't want to because we should be more than that even though this is a battle but I want you guys also to spend more time and do I'm making up for me as well and Sheldon that's also a part of as well. So any final questions that you guys want from

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Michelle Okay, is that some kind of

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my friends