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Alhamdulillah we praise Allah Subhana Allah to Allah Who created the creation and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to guide us to the straight path and to cleanse our hearts and we seek refuge in Allah subhanho wa Taala from the evil of our souls and the consequences of our actions, whomever Allah guides, none can miss guide and whomever he chooses to misguide, none can guide him to the straight path, a bear witness and I testify that there is no God except Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final prophet and his most perfect worshipper. As to what follows Allah reminds us to be conscious of him in the Quran, when he says

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you hola Xena I'm an otaku Allahu Akbar to what temotu Illa we're anti Muslim on dear brothers and sisters.

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A 200 years ago from this very week, actually, one of the greatest disasters in our Islamic history and frankly in world history occurred. And that is the invasion and the decimation of the Muslim lands by the Mongols. And today's brief hutzpah, I want to give myself and you a brief lesson in history to learn about one of the most iconic episodes and our own OMA, a very dark episode that completely changed the course of not only Muslim history, but world history. So that in sha Allah Allah we can extract some benefits from that dark era. The invasion of Cengiz Han Ganges Han, is one of the most unexpected occurrences in human history. Nobody could have predicted it. And that is

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is the land of Mongolia where Cengiz Han was from was considered to be a backward land, a land full of what they would call barbarians, a land pit of people who were never united. There were a bunch of people we will call them Bedouins, their equivalents fighting amongst each other, not having any unified religion not having any culture. They didn't write to their own language. They didn't record their own language. And it just so happened Allah's cover that one person amongst them with a by the name of Genghis Khan, with a very interesting history, managed to over the course of three decades unite his people under his flag and Banner. This was the first time that what we now call Mongolia

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was united. This was the first time that hundreds of 1000s of people of that region were under one empire and one dynasty and that was none other than the Jenkees Han Dynasty. Now, the greatest civilization next to Genghis Khan was a Muslim civilization, the land of Sumer Khan, the lander Bahara, the Hawa ism SHA empire, it is now today, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, these lands, it was the civilization of great magnificence and the heritage that they have, we still see the buildings to this day. I was fortunate to have visited this land two three years ago, and it is truly It's mind boggling what they have achieved. Genghis Khan sent an envoy of peace, and he sent some traders to

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establish cordial relations with the Muslim empire. But Subhanallah the first village that they entered the first small town that they entered, the mayor or the local person got greedy. And he confiscated the entire trade, and he killed one or two of the people, and he acted in a very arrogant manner. So chunkies Han sent an ambassador, not just traders, an ambassador to the salt on himself. His name was Mohammed Khalid ism Sha. And in those days, you have to understand the Sultan of every region is like a mini Khalifa. It's not like a unified heylife. The Khilafah for most of our history, frankly, was a token figure. And under the halo four you had major dynasties that would

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pay Token Service. Yes, we're the Wii U are the Khalifa. But in reality, they are like kings with their own dynasties. And the quad ism Shah dynasty was no exception. It was essentially the mini Khalifa. He's in charge of himself.

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Genghis Khan sends an ambassador and says, your local governor, your local mayor did such and such. And I request you from one state to another, you take care of this person and you pay us the blood money and you return to us the goods that were confiscated. For whatever reason, this will find his name was Mohammed quietism Shah, the Sultan executed the ambassadors now you understand the ambassadors are protected by global understandings, even in our Shetty out, they are protected. You don't hurt ambassadors. But this is the reality of politicians have rulers of all times in places. Sometimes they act many times they act in an arrogant manner. And perhaps he thought, Who is this

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person to tell me what to do? What is this new dynasty empire? What are they going to do? So he sent the heads of the ambassador's back to Cengiz con Subhanallah historians mentioned in all likelihood, Genghis Khan had no intention of going outside of his land. In all likelihood, he was happy being a part of his people. And that's it. This incident acted as the catalyst to enrage him to the extent that he changed the course of history by starting to conquer the known world. The ill hunted Empire, the Empire of Genghis Khan, eventually became the largest empire known to mankind during any course of any period of history. And the catalyst for all of this was one of our own sold bonds, disobeying

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the *ty out of Allah and disobeying known protocols and policies and acting arrogantly against somebody whom he thought, what is he going to do? He's a new king. He's a new power. I'm far more powerful than him. And frankly, the tourism Empire was a magnificent empire. And they had a sense of arrogance. What is this new dynasty think he was going to do? Well, Cengiz, Han decided that this response required a response from his end, and he gathered together his Mongolian warriors, and they were fierce warriors, and they had trained their beasts to write in a certain manner, and they had specific types of weaponry that the Muslims did not have, even though the Muslims excelled in some

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areas, the Mongolians, excelled and others and in particular, they had bows and arrows that were much more powerful than that of the Muslims and they could also ride their horses in a different manner and do certain things that the Muslims could not do. And they had quantity and they had motivation. And so Cengiz Khan attacked and invaded the lands of some

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Americans, and he began with the city, the late largest city closest to him. And that is the city of Bahara. Where once upon a time Imam Al Bukhari taught to Sahaba that Bahara, the famous Bahara were so many scholars of our religion were so many rouda Ma, and it is a magnificent city to this day, he attacked Bahara. And the books of history mentioned, he gathered the people in the Grand Mosque of Bukhara, and he entered with his horse and his shoes. And he sat on the pulpit of the Grand Mosque of Bukhara. I was there two, three years ago, and I was surprised to hear the same pillar that still stands to this day, 150 feet tall, that same pillar was watching his console, it is still there, the

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location with the machine is the same, but the walls of the machine have been changed. But the pillar is the same demeanor, it is exactly the same, which is console, he sat on the mimbar. And he gave them a hotel bar, quote, unquote, hot was not a Muslim, that every one of us should pay attention to. He said in his language, it was translated into Arabic, he said,

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Oh Muslims, I am the punishment of your God against you. Because you have disobeyed your own God.

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I am the punishment, the idea of Allah against you, because you yourself abandoned your religion, and you didn't act in accordance with your own protocols. So your God has sent me against you to punish you Subhanallah what profundity and then He massacred most of the cities Subhanallah and this was the beginning of many other massacres to come. Genghis Khan understood as a tactic of war, that he could not conquer the entire globe simply by one tribe of Mongolians. Rather he utilized the tactic of fear in a very amazing manner. He was one of the first people to understand the potency of spreading fear. This is real terrorism to spread terror. He understood this reality. I know the

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irony here historians mentioned, Genghis Khan in his personal life was a very kind and a very soft person. He showed love to children, etc. But as a warrior, as a politician, as a leader, history has hardly known anybody more ruthless than him. And he utilized this ruthlessness against the Muslims. He He instituted the tactic of massacring an entire city, and then taking the skulls and making a pyramid of the skulls of the people outside that city. This was a tactic. What is the tactic? Can you imagine when the army goes to the next city? What do you think that city is going to do? They're going to fight or they're going to negotiate a peace treaty. So from Bahara, he went to summer con,

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and He massacred half the city of summer. And then he marched to one of the largest cities of the time. It is a city none of you have heard of because of what Genghis Khan did. It is a city that was one of the most magnificent cities of the quad ism Empire. It is called Oregon, and Oregon she stood up and tried to fight and they could not fight. So when Genghis Khan captured organs, He massacred every single man, woman, child, even donkey and horse. And this is a typical because at least you keep the prisoners of war, you keep the animals, but he wanted to send a message. This is what's going to happen to anybody who dares crosses my path, the master of Oregon, she sent shockwaves

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throughout the globe and throughout the Muslim world, because the level of brutality was unprecedented. It is said that the massacre of Oregon was one of the worst massacres of all of medieval human history of all of pre modernity before atom bombs and whatnot. The massacre of organs is one of the worst in the entire history of mankind. And he did this to send that message to the rest of the world. Eventually, Genghis Khan himself passed away. He was already an elderly man when this war began, he died in 1227. And he had four sons, and he called his sons and he goes, I don't want you to fight amongst yourselves, I will divide the land into four and each one will be the king

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of that for each one will divide the empire into four, each one will go and you will then conquer your part of the world east, west, north south, you're not going to fight each other. That was his vision. And so in the next generation, the Mongol Empire founded by Genghis Khan spread throughout the entire known world, it attacked not only Muslim lands, not related to our code, but today even entered Europe. It even entered Poland and Russia and other places and Europeans feared the wrath of the Mongols. In 1251, one of the grandsons of Genghis Khan mancave was made the Great Khan and monkey decided that they were powerful enough to take on the greatest superpower at the time, and

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that was the abovesaid Empire. The superpower of the world at that time was our superpower the Ibis had

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Empire forget London and Rome. These were nothing when London had 10,000 people living in it, but that had a million people living in it when London did not have a single university, but that had Madras as universities and every corner when London had zero bookstores and zero libraries, but Dad had the largest library in the world at that time. So monkey says, I'm going to take on the busted empire. Long story short, he launched the largest expedition known to the Mongolians. And eventually, in 1258, after a number of battles, they laid siege to Baghdad, they laid siege to Baghdad, the greatest city in the world at the time, and eventually conquered above that. And when

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they conquered above that, what will make you understand not only what they did, but the after effects of the conquest of Baghdad, the number of people that were massacred, it is estimated, might have been up to 1 million at the very least half a million. Who is going to record statistics now realize when we say half a million, think about the fact that these people are going to be killed person by person. There is no bomb atomic bomb. It sorts one after the other men, women children, and he did this again. This is the grandson of Genghis Khan monkey hula cool, so monkey sent his brother hula Kohan hula Quran is the grandson of Genghis Khan, and his older brother is the great

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Han his older brother is the ruler of the Mongolian empire. His younger brother is sent as the leader against the Muslim lands, hula Chohan massacres and pillages Bucha dad and birth dad never returned to His glory days since 1258. The above said Empire came to an abrupt halt one of the most powerful dynasties, the land of how Runa Rashid that is what Baghdad is the land of the 1001 nights, the land of the largest libraries and Madras as a Masters in the world. It is completely decimated until there's hardly a soul left in it. It took more than a century for the city itself to have inhabitants again, and He massacred up to maybe 1 million people. And not only that, because the

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Mongolian empire was a very superstitious one. And they did not like books. They felt that books were black magic. They said how can a person open a book and read the thoughts of another person, the author, this must be black magic. There is no other explanation. So they were very superstitious about books. So they took the largest libraries of books that so much treasure knowledge, so many books that we could have benefited from, and they dumped them in the river Euphrates. It has said that for months, the river was black and dark because of the ink of the books that have forever been lost. That wasn't the end of hula Khan's conquests. They then moved on to be that the sham and they

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laid siege to Damascus. And they continued their March onwards. If you read the historians of that timeframe, if you read people like even ISOC and and the great scholars, they literally thought this is a Yama this is your Julian module. Some of them said this must be Julian ma George, how can this great destruction because it must be the end of the world there is no coming back the Khilafah has been abolished, there is no enough anymore, there is no dynasties to stand up and fight them. How are we ever going to survive? There was a feeling of despair legitimately. So there was a feeling of fear of paranoia that overtook the entire world. What happened? Here we all are at hamdulillah the

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OMA is alive and strong. What happened? You see, Allah azza wa jal is the best of all planners, and no one can go against the culture of Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah subhanho wa Taala within the Ummah brought forth, someone who would take on this dynasty, and not only that one of the most interesting things and this is how Allah azza wa jal works in ways beyond our control. Another grand son of Changez Khan, another grandson of Cengiz, Han, better kid, converted to Islam, and became an enemy of his cousin who daco SubhanAllah. This is how Allah works. One of the main leaders within the dynasty converts to Islam, and he says that hula who has sacked all of the cities of the Muslims

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and he has killed the Khalifa by Allah I will call him to account for the blood that he has shed. This is political Hans cousin, my cousin burqa and burqa became an ally of the Muslims and burqa helped a small Muslim dynasty, who up until that point in time was a footnote in history. Nobody would have heard of this dynasty had it not been for this change in course of history and

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buses have been gotten rid of the Howard ism Shah is done the hooded dynasty. By the way, the Mongols even weakened the Delhi Sultanate. It was one of the reasons why eventually there is alternate collapse. And then barber comes in the Mughal dynasty begins. He weakened he wasn't able to destroy he weakened the Delhi Sultanate all the way in Delhi. That's the forces of the Mongols. What happened was when Barraca converted to Islam, a small dynasty was given help and aid and Allah chose that dynasty to save the rest of the ummah. And that is the dynasty known as the Mamelukes, the Mameluke empire. It was a small dynasty, controlling a province that at the time was not one of

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the most important it was Egypt and areas a bit at the sham at that time, Egypt had not become central to the Islamic civilization. It was the rise of the Hmong Luke's that made Egypt what it is today. And so the Hmong Luke stood up, and with the help of burqa with the help of burqa the grandson of hula of Genghis Khan, the Mongols, the Mongols, and the mom, Luke's had a very major battle in this very week of September in the year 1260. In this very week of September 1260, they had the famous battle that every one of you should know, because it is one of the most iconic battles not just in Muslim history in human history, that is the battle of Angel route, in which for

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the first time ever, the Mongols were destroyed and decimated. Because there was this perception that Mongols cannot be defeated. There was this superstition that they're not even human because the reality of their expansion it belied common sense. So legends began to form this is a species of beasts have beasts of animal, they're not actually human beings, they cannot be defeated. Well, the mum looks stood up, and by the blessings of Allah subhana wa Tada, defeated and gave a resounding defeat to the army of the hula Kohan that had reached all the way to fell asleep, and this is in the Battle of Angel loot. And from this battle, eventually, the Muslim ummah began to recover the mom

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Luke's invited over one of the remnants of the Khalifa, and they put him as a shadow Khalifa. And the Mamluks took charge for another three 400 years until the Ottomans came. And the Ottomans then took over the Khilafah. And the rest, as they say is history by the way for the students of history here and the students in military history as well. The Battle of Angel Ruth is also interesting for another reason, it was the first time in human history that gunpowder was used ever. The first time gunpowder was used was by us Muslims. Back in the day, we didn't look. We didn't have a problem with technology. We took everything good from every civilization these days. We were very scared to take

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anything we're very narrow minded the back in the day the Muslims understood if another civilization has good we can take it and so the Muslims were the ones the first time in human history, they took gunpowder and they used it effectively against the horses of the of the Mongols. By the way, the gunpowder was not used for guns, it was used just for noise. Back then they still hadn't figured out how to put the gunpowder put a bullet put a cannon still too early, but they used it for noise against the horses and that was one of the main causes of the victory. Now bottom line with all of this, the mum looks established themselves as the premier dynasty, the Khalifa the hyena moved to

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Cairo. This is where Cairo begins its ascent and Egypt begins its intellectual rise in the era of the mum Look, Mum looks until 1517 When the Khilafah was transferred to Ottoman lands and then Subhanallah remember Genghis Khan divided the world into four, three of those four principalities, three of them eventually embraced Islam, and they spread Islam in the very regions of the Mongol Dynasty and the rest of the dynasty fizzled out. And this was Allah azza wa jal as other question arises, what are some of the benefits we can learn from the reality of this incident 800 years ago?

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So Ben Radi Allahu Allah says that I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, Allah subhanho wa Taala unrolled this whole world for me. And I saw the eastern most and the western most parts of this world. And I saw that my ummah had reached the eastern most, as long as it has reached the western most as well. Both sides my OMA will be there. So I asked Allah subhana wa Tada. I asked Allah subhana wa Taala that Oh Allah, do not destroy my OMA entirely. Do not destroy them because of a plague. Oh Allah do not destroy my ummah because of a disease. Oh Allah do not destroy my ummah because of an external enemy who shall come and attack them, make sure they're never destroyed. So

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Allah subhanho wa Taala responded back I did this as a Muslim. Allah responded back to the Prophet Sall Allahu Allah, he was sending me out of school Allah, Allah responded back to him. My father and mother has been

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on fourth, and nothing changes, it's your own must shall not be destroyed by plague. Your own must shall not be destroyed by famine, and your own must shall never be destroyed by an external enemy who comes in and eliminates them down to the last man. That's never going to happen. But your Amma shall be harmed from fighting from within that so when they you know, they will fight one another. That is the bigger thing. This is what Allah said to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And if you look at the history of Islam during the invasion of the Mongols during the invasion of the reconquest up in Spain during the colonization of this of these lands, 200 years ago, the Muslim

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lands, you find the biggest threat was not just external. It was internal division and bickering and power and hunger and greed, Muslim fighting Muslim, Muslim not allying against Muslim and we see this from the time of the Mongols, and every single time this happened. This is one of the most important lessons brothers and sisters, those who are attacking or going to attack, we need to be united. If you study history, the reason why Baghdad fell was because of an internal trader from within the caliphal Palace, somebody from within the palace purchase for a measly freedom with some money he betrayed the Khalifa. This is the reality of what happened throughout our history of the

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brightest lessons to learn, though, and this is the main point of the hook. But today, of the lessons we learn is that Subhanallah politics is politics. And kings come and go when Queens come and go, and philosophers rise and fall and politicians rise and fall. We don't pin our hopes on politics. This is my reality. Yes, it's good if we have a strong dynasty. Yes, it's good if we have a strong reality, but this ummah is more powerful than any political dynasty. Even if the Ambassade caliphate falls, even if the how autism Shah is destroyed. Even if the hooded dynasty is destroyed by the Mongols, the OMA shall never be destroyed, no matter what happens. And in the aftermath of

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the Mongol invasion, when people thought that's it, they almost gone the almost dead. How will we ever recover? Subhanallah some of our most powerful civilizations, the Mughal dynasty, they were called Mughals, because people thought they're acting like the Mongols, or their descendants on the Mongols Because Baba is actually a biological descendant of the, of Genghis Khan. And so they call that dynasty Mughal after the Mongols, some of our most powerful dynasties, the Ottoman Empire, the Mughal empire, even the Safavid Empire, the Hmong, Luke Empire they came after and because of the effects of the Mongols, Allah azza wa jal works in ways we don't understand and we thought at the

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time hulless what's going to happen that the hood Khalifa is gone, the Abbas was are gone, but from the ashes of what Changez Khan had done, arose new generations and new giants even greater ADAMA, shareholder Islam, Ibn Taymiyyah, one of the brightest minds of this OMA, he fought against the Mongols, and many people analyze him psychologically, that one of the reasons he was who he was, is was a response to the Mongols. It made him that fierce it made him that legendary that courageous to fight against the Mongols. So many great remark came as well. So brothers and sisters, since the time of the Mongols, we've had many problems, perhaps the biggest of them, not time for this

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football, the colonization of our lands and the disruption of the Ottoman Empire and the breakdown of the Khilafah very sad times, no doubt about that. But one thing we need to be firm, no matter what happens politically, no matter what happens around the world, yes, it's painful and yes, the loss of life is very, very painful to us. But Allah has promised to protect something more important than my life and yours, and that is the life of the Ummah, the OMA and the intellectual and spiritual capabilities of this ummah shall always be alive until the Day of Judgment, who will lead the outsell Rasulullah who Bill Houda were Dean and healthcare legal hero who are the Dean equally

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well located El Capitan this religion shall always be apparent, it should always be victorious. It should always be ever present in this world until the day of judgment. And no matter how many Cengiz hands come, how many colonizers come, and how many enemies come the OMA shall be protected intellectually, spiritually, it shall be protected because our protector is none other than Allah subhanahu wa Allah may Allah bless me and you with and through the Quran and may make us of those who is vs. They understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan Escalus forgiveness you as well ask him for his love for and the Rockman.

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Alhamdulillah All praise is due to Allah the one and the unique. He it is whom we worship, and it is his aid that we seek. He is the Lord of the oppressed, and he answers the prayer of the week as to what follows on

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On unrelated but a very, very important topic this week is the National Suicide Prevention Week of this country. And it is a topic that I have spoken about before and others have spoken about it as well. Some of you find it awkward, but your awkwardness is not going to stop the rest of us from preaching and perhaps saving a life. We have to be aware brothers and sisters, that suicide is on the rise in a manner that is not just unprecedented, but inexplicable. We don't understand why in this country, it is the 12th cause of death of the entire population. In the state of Texas, the suicide rate has risen over 30%, it is now the 11th cause of death of the entire state. Think about

00:30:49--> 00:31:35

that you have cancer, you have you know, sickness, you have this not number 11 in this state is people taking their lives. And the number one demographics young men, young men in particular, the number one demographics. In fact, in a certain category of young men, I think from 11 to 20, or something, it is the second highest cause of death. Subhanallah second highest cause, and anybody who thinks that our community is safe, has not understood the reality of our community. Every few weeks here in Dallas, a janazah is prayed over one of our own, who for whatever reasons and their own life. And brothers and sisters, it is important that as parents, as educators, as community

00:31:35--> 00:32:19

leaders, we understand the symptoms, the telltale signs, we are monitoring, when we see a young one, when we see our own son, usually it's a son, sometimes a doctor, when we see our own loved ones going down this path, it is imperative we educate ourselves about the symptoms, I have given a whole host but others have given an log on the line and check very briefly, one of the main symptoms is complete withdrawal from society, to change one's moods radically, for no reason, to start blaming oneself, to first hear your son or daughter start saying I wish I weren't alive, the world would be a better place without me. These types of things, when you start hearing them, you start seeing a

00:32:19--> 00:32:41

mood change very radically, you start seeing a decline into depression, you start hearing the the notion of the wish that I wish I were not here, I wish I were dead. These are all symptoms and signs that you start alarm bells in your own in your own brain, you should realize when you see this, you need to take this challenge seriously. And I have said this before, I will say it again.

00:32:42--> 00:33:24

Times have changed. Maybe we don't understand why this generation is feeling this way. It doesn't change the fact that they are it doesn't change you're not understanding and mine not understanding is not going to change the reality. And the reality speak to any psychiatrists speak to any person in therapy, they will tell you the reality is depression. And also thoughts of suicide are rising exponentially in the next generation. And that includes our own children that includes our own our own kith and kin. So parents, community leaders, educate yourselves about the symptoms of depression and suicide, understand that it is a diagnosable disease. It is a disease of the mind, do not

00:33:24--> 00:34:04

dismiss it. Our generation and our elders. They were on the more dismissive side, okay, that's fine. That was their generation. They were wrong. We cannot dismiss depression. We cannot just say, Oh, this is a figment of your imagination. It doesn't change the fact it's an actual tangible psychological psychiatrically diagnoseable disease, and therapy does help, not just Imani Amanda is also helpful, good friends helpful. But therapy does help as well. So when you find a young man or woman, when you find somebody whom you feel is going down this path, engage with them, reach out to them, show them that they are wanted and loved brothers and sisters, I will tell you one episode in

00:34:04--> 00:34:20

my own office and my own interactions Wallahi It shook me to the core, a young man from our own community, our own Dallas community wanted to get rid of his own life. And I'm trying to explain to him and what not one phrase he said it struck me.

00:34:22--> 00:35:00

He said the one reason I didn't do that was because I knew my mother loved me, and it would cause her harm. It would feel she would feel hurt. So in order to not cause her pain, I didn't do it. This phrase Subhanallah what saved him was the fact he knew his mother loved him, and he knew the pain he would cause his mother. That simple realization, to know that a person is loved to know that a person feels validated. That's on us. That's our job to make sure because all too often such young men or such young women feel

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

Nobody cares about me. My parents don't like me they think I'm a disappointment. My parents think I'm the biggest decision regret they ever had my heard my dad say so I heard my mom say I wish I wasn't born. When you start hearing and start thinking along with modern culture, along with everything, along with whatever it might be, I don't know I'm not a psychiatrist, I can diagnose. I don't understand why, but it is on the rise. And I know that one suicide is not is more than enough for our community much more every few weeks is happening. If we can save one life, if we can save one of our youth from going down this path, as Allah says, it is as if we have saved all of mankind.

00:35:36--> 00:36:13

So I urge all of you, all of you to reorient your thinking when it comes to suicide. When it comes to depression. I urge all of you to be vigilant, especially with your teenagers, especially with the next generation, no matter what they've done, okay? Sometimes they have to be rebuked, understandably, but that rebuke must be within love. They must know they are loved, they must know they're appreciated, they must know that your future and theirs are intertwined together, they must feel validated about who they are, even with their mistakes and shortcomings. Be careful, parents, don't be so harsh that your children start thinking I wish I was never born, you have definitely

00:36:13--> 00:36:49

gone too overboard if they start thinking this way. So use your language with wisdom and understand the next generation is not me and you we grew up in a different time in place, you will have to change because it's not their fault. They're being born at a different time in place. Frankly, it's our responsibility. We were the ones who came most of us from another land, we were the ones who chose to come here, we were the ones so you cannot blame them for absorbing the values and the concepts that we find around ourselves. So the compassion has to begin with you. And in the end of the day, you're the adult, not them. So please forgive my harshness, you need to step up to the

00:36:49--> 00:37:25

plate and you need to act with the maturity and the love and the wisdom that only you can have. What do you expect a 15 year old a 17 year old, they're still children trapped in the bodies of an adult. What do you expect them to say except be a little bit harsh, mean nasty, they're throwing tantrums. It doesn't justify you going the other way. You're the adult please brothers and sisters act like that. And I'm sorry to be blunt here. But if you listen to their stories, if you listen to what their own parents say about them, if you listen and you interact with somebody who's flirting with suicide, your own heart changes and you start thinking through different things. Brothers and

00:37:25--> 00:38:01

sisters, make dua to Allah show love to your children have your households to be a household of love and Eman and Taqwa and just lots of DUA and lots of love. That's all that we can do. And obviously, if you find one such young man or woman, then please understand therapy does help. I have seen myself some of these young men after therapy, they're singing a different tune, not necessarily fully solved, but much better. therapy does help going to a professional train and Alhamdulillah Muslims are also getting involved in therapy. And we now have Muslim psychiatrist and Muslim therapist that can help out as well. So ask around on your shoulder the masjid as well can help you

00:38:01--> 00:38:39

in this regard. Most important thing, it's our responsibility to protect the next generation. So we need to learn we need to understand and we need to take on that responsibility. May Allah subhana wa Tada help all of us Alemany Dinefwr aminu, Aloha Murata, Naomi them and in love Africa. Wala harmony Allah for Raja while they needed a call data while Mr. De La Ilaha feta what I see Ron Ilya sorta Allama fildena What is one AnnaLena Saba Hoon, Eben Eema and one Natasha if you could organize Hilda Lilina Amman Robina in Nakuru for Rahim Allah whom is Islam I wouldn't Muslim in Allahumma and Aradhana our other Islam all Muslim individual professionals who have enough say were drafted me

00:38:39--> 00:38:55

Rafita to be here tell you your disease revert Allah and Allah to Allah motivate idly when your Hasani white idol orba when in fact she I will tell you about it. You're either going to look into the Quran or the Quran Allah had all the info the Quran which Cory has wanted to grow vitae at but one of them is Salah.

00:39:11--> 00:39:25

A long long ago, a headwind learn more and more home mother was more Hi yah sauna TV on and

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by the apartment is solid on Polycom that is sauna Aloha advam long

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Alhamdulillah healed I've been messing around

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Manual raw him my darling Kia Omid doing a Canon Bucha doing one any kind of styling

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they no slip at all off one was stomping slid on Tina and I'm tying him on it in

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the eyeline him model bomb on me knee pain

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in US Hi. Jen Nathalia mafia Shula

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was watching home fieldly Nine in Ireland or in Kim or Jackie

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Lau home fee half I can have

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my end

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bill are hanging Allahu Akbar

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send me Allahu naman Hermida.

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hola hola como

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Alhamdulillah here I've been lemme lemon rock nano Rahimi Meineke young woman Dini II cannot avoid doing any kind of styling

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they don't slip it on and was stuck emotionally held on so on Xena and

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him always him alone behind him more than on me when

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I mean

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also on here one front wall at

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feeding he

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first beer Beer Hammond deal on beaker was still filled in

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Allahu Akbar

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semi Allahu naman Hamidah

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Allahu Akbar

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Oh, oh

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send out more than

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a Santa's more income more documents or

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so when it comes there's been requests for the one of our brothers his father, Abdul Rashid Mohammed passed away in India in Adelaide, Colorado, Iran. We ask Allah Allah to forgive him and to forgive all of those loved ones who have passed on. Along with fiddlerman Wareham home wife and wife, one whom welcomed Missoula, Montana. Hello home was certainly not withheld. G. Wahlberg went up the hill, you know, Bill Kataya coming in Oklahoma will be able to Dennis. Also we've had requests one of our sisters in our community has had a major surgery. So we make dua for her and for all of those who are sick Allahumma Banarsi and table bossy and the Shafi la Shiva, Shiva, Shiva, la la hora de

00:45:58--> 00:46:02

rue Sakuma or sobre la who was selling them abiotic either Hamedan huali was our visionary