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Some Priceless and Timeless Advice from the Quran and Sunnah to Live a Life Full of Barakah.

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Tip number seven

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said that when Allah created the creation,

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family stood up, how did families stand up, we don't understand. Allah knows how the concept of your family stood up, however that was we don't understand. And Arabic is arriving. That's the ties of kinship, the ties of the womb, or Rahim it stood up. And it said, Now is the time to seek from you what I need had the macabre when I even I'm seeking your protection. Now, before you send me to this world, as soon as Allah created the creation, somehow will never understand how families stood up. And family said before you send me to this earth, I need to ask you one thing. So Allah said, What do you want? Or are you not happy that I will have a relationship with anyone that has a

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relationship with you. And I will cut off from any who cuts off from you.

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So Allah is asking rhetorical question, what more do you want? I've given you all of this. And so the family was satisfied, our aim was satisfied. In another head, he could see the Profit System said that Allah has said, Man, I am a man. And from my name a ramen. I created the family, or Rahim, Rahim in Arabic is the ties of kinship. Allah is saying the concept of the family somehow we don't know how we leave it to a lot of the details. But what do we need to get from this? The concept of family has been created from a right man's name. When we examine our family relationships, Every family has its politics, why we think that maybe only our family has such bad politics, or this is

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not No, this is the reality. Every single family has this politics. Every family has people who do this, who do that. And by the way, me and you are no angels, either. Let's be real here. If they do something, yes, we will also do something. If they say something, we will also say something. This is the reality of families. There's a beautiful story, one of the sons of hessen had an argument with one of the sons of the same. They're both great grandsons of the processing of the debate, their cousins, and it became a big argument. And it took place in public over very big issue. And they parked it in an angry way. This one of the cousins went home, and he could not sleep that

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night. And late at night, he left his house and he went knocking on his cousin's door, and he opened the door in the middle of night. What do you want everything? All right, you're coming in the middle of the night. You know what this great grandson of the process that he said? He said, Yep, now I'm on my cousin. Can't we remain brothers? Even if we disagree? Just because we had a fight? Can't we still be brothers in Islam? Okay, we don't agree about everything, but still can't we remain brothers for the sake of Islam. And when he said this, his cousin's heart melted, and they hugged each other and they made up from each other. This is the reality of families is given take, once I

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became to the president said, O Messenger of Allah, my family, I have some family members, I'm good to them. They're rude to me. I give them they cursed me. I'm always doing this. They're doing that. And the prophets have said, If what you say is true, then it is as if you are sending hot wind in their direction, you're irritating them. And Allah azza wa jal has sent an angel to protect you from what they're trying to give back to you. ie the gist of it is you have the upper hand and what you're doing, Allah will protect you and your actions are harming them rather than their actions harming you. And our prophets are seldom said, Men have the annual level Pharaoh Moody, whoever

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wishes that his life be prolonged, while you've assaulted that who feared his key and that his money be increased folio Scylla rahima, who let him be good to his family? The Prophet says and promised us the two most precious things that every one of us including myself is greedy for what like what are we greedy for? We want to live a long life and we want a lot of money. And in another Hadeeth In a similar vein, the process of said I know of nothing that causes a man's wealth to increase more than being good to his family. And in a third howdy the prophets of Salaam said he who is good to his family shall never be poor. Every one of us we have our politics with our family, but always be

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the one on the upper hand. Always be the one whom the Sahaba said they do this to me but I am the better of the two and no doubt. Perhaps some of them you will take longer to reconcile with this is a son of Allah but the Nia should be there, that Bismillah I'll make a little bit of an attempt. I'll send a little again

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Don't smile or be polite. Maybe they'll be harsh. Maybe they'll send a curse, control your tongue. And if you don't do it because of them, do it for Allah. Do it for Allah and do it for your own money and your own life.

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A feed dounia Salah

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