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AI: Summary © The importance of researching and worshipping the one God, Jesus, who created the sun, the God who called on the sun, and the God who called on the moon is crucial for every human life. The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding sin and worshipting the one God, Jesus, who called on the sun, the God who called on the moon, and the God who called on the sun. The importance of avoiding sin and following a man-made religion is emphasized.
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thank everybody for sticking around to want to witness this beautiful moment

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of a person, in a sense being reborn,

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that when a human being,

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he comes to the realization,

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that is a time in my life that I have to ponder and think was the purpose of my life? Why am I here? Is it just a play? Have fun, go to the nightclubs, kick it on the weekends, earn some money, have a good time, and then I die?

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Or is there more to life I

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see people dying every day.

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It's very important that we think about these things. And this man thought about it. And he's been researching for a few months now. contacted me, we know each other a little bit, we've been talking and he emailed me In short,

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phrasing his email that he was once a Christian, but he always had this in the back of his head, the confusion of the power that's supposed to be given to the Creator, being given to somebody else, it didn't make sense.

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So how does one distinguish with all the different ways of life? Calling talk to people telling them that they're the only way? How do we distinguish what's the right way with all this confusion?

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When a human being uses the tools that the Creator of the heavens and earth has given him, he's embedded in all of us this innate nature to worship the one God,

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a spiritual chip, in a sense. So when you see the attributes of man,

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man is weak, man is born, a man dies.

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When you see a cow, when you see animals, when you see the sun, these are all the creations of the Create tour, when it comes to you the truth, and the attribute of the one who created you that he's won and alone, running this universe, that he doesn't become born, he doesn't die, he doesn't eat and then go to the bathroom. He's not a man that has an area code, a zip code. Now you can fit fingerprint him take his picture, and the girl say, Oh, he's cute, that he has a color, a skin tone, a skeleton that he eats, goes to the bathroom, comes out of the womb of a woman. This is not God.

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And this is something that anyone even if they're not Muslim, and they're listening, the inside of him if he's not bobbing his head, yes. The inside of him is saying, Yes, I want to worship the one God, the God who created the sun, the moon, the God who Jesus called upon. When he fell on his face, he prayed to himself, no, he prayed to the one God. He prayed the same way Moses prayed. The same way. Abraham prayed in the same way. We're praying here today. worshipping not the sun, not the moon, not Mohammed, not Jesus. We're worshipping the same way all the messages of God, they worship. And when our new brother here when he investigated this, he took the time out of his busy schedule.

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He's an architect. He's a professional. And he trains the body and the mind and he says, Man, my soul, I need to look into this a little more. Because I spent all the other time researching and studying how to be the best architect how to make money, but this is a little more put, I need to take a timeout. So he picked up the Quran, which is the last and final testament. The last and final revelation

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is not edited by man changed, suited for the time has been preserved for 1400 years. If anyone wants to take a look, it challenges the reader prove you find one contradiction. It can't be from God. God doesn't make mistakes.

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So this book that has been preserved, that was revealed over a span of 23 years in the Arabic the original.

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He studied this. He looked into it he

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saw that the attributes of the Creator that we defined that he's one, absolutely alone worthy of worship, not worshiping the creation, but worshiping the Creator.

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He acknowledged this. And the same way that this Shahada, this testimony is nothing new. This is something that if you are living during the time of Jesus,

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as what we have allegedly attributed to Jesus, because we know we don't have the past books, they've been changed. We don't have the originals. But what we have today we see Jesus peace be upon him saying, This is life eternal, that they may know you the only true God and Jesus who you have sent. So if you were living during the time of Jesus, you had to follow him. He was the way the truth and the life he was a messenger teaching you how to get close to God, but he didn't call you to worship Him. None of the messengers call on the people to worship themselves.

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Moses, if you were living during the time of Moses, Moses didn't call people to worship a man got to worship the sun, the moon, he called the people to worship the one God, so did Abraham. They were ones who submitted themselves to the one God, this is the same way of life that God has sent throughout time. It's a universal way of life, to surrender and to submit to the One God doing what he wants you to do, not making your own organized religion, we should have to follow a man made religion. And he has acknowledged that he's going to be taking the declaration of faith, doing what

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all the messengers of God did submitting to the one guy. Islam is not a new religion brought by Mohammed is the same way of life that was implemented during the time of Moses, Jesus, Abraham, Noah, in all the messages of God that came with that same way, the one way, surrender and submit to God alone and not his creation.

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So we're going to do the first step is the Shahada.

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Are you feeling great? All right, so I'm gonna say it in English.

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And then we're gonna do it into Arabic.

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I just want to take a minute, because a lot of these things for new muslims for people when they hear certain Arabic words, some things you have to understand is kind of foreign to them. But when we say Allah, we just defined who Allah is. He's not a man, a monkey, the sun, the moon.

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He's not like us. Can you be God? You ask yourself? No, because you have certain man qualities. God doesn't have the same qualities. He's the creator were the creation. So when we say a law, he's one absolute eternal. He's not the father, someone. He doesn't have sons and daughters, like we do. doesn't go to the bathroom, he gets sick and have to take an Advil, no, this is not God.

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So this is a law. in Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke, he didn't speak English, he didn't say God. He said, Allah Ha.

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In Hebrew, Allah, Allah him. Allah doesn't take a person with too much intelligence, too many doctors degrees to see that Allah, Allah Allah is the same guy that the Jews and Christians who are Arabic speaking they call on the law. So that's the testimony of faith that he's taken a new brother today

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is that he bears witness. It's the first and negation of all the other guys to be on money. God can be your own mind making God into something convenient in your mind and your worship in your mind instead of God. The money the material things, Amanda, monkey and elephant anything in the creation, he's acknowledging that these are not God. God is the one who created everything in this universe. That's the one I'm going to worship and prostrate to how can you go wrong doing that?

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So in English, I testify I bear witness there is none worthy of worship, except the Creator of the heavens and earth alone. And Muhammad is His slave Servant and Messenger confirming Jesus, Moses and all Abraham and all the other messengers. Do you believe in? Yes, I do. Will you coalhurst Did someone twist your arm? Did somebody make you coerce you put a spell on you to do this? Nope. Beautiful. Now in the Arabic

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All right.

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ashampoo Allah, Allah, Allah Allah ilaha illa Allah illallah wa, ala Muhammad

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Rasulullah Rasulullah.

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Before the brothers come in, introduce themselves. I want to make this

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clear that this guy that we worship is a merciful God, he's a loving God. And when a person takes the free choice of either worshiping the creation of the Creator, he absolves him from all his sins, clean slate, all his bad deeds are turned into good peace. If you're somebody some money, you got to pay the debt. He did something wrong to someone, you got to go make a mess, but God has absorbed you of all your sins. You're like a newborn baby. You're going to establish the prayer five times a day, pay the charity fast during the month of Ramadan. Do the Hajj when you're physically and financially able stay away from that invite people to good do good, and be the best human being that you can be?

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Welcome to Islam. My brother

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is His Messenger.

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There's only one Jesus was his messenger.

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There's only one Moses was His Messenger, Allah, La Ilaha in

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the right way, it's the only way

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it was good man. It was really good. The best thing I ever did. Study, study, look it up, research it and read it open except

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feels pretty good.

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Ownership the sole Creator of the Universe

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he created

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and we

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