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Brother Amber is saying that he will be going for Omura soon and because of his circumstances he might have to be in quarantine for a few days. He does not know three days or more. So he is saying rather than where the Haram from the airplane or when he lands in Jeddah and then stay in quarantine in haram for so many days, he is asking Can he enter Makkah without a home and stay in quarantine in regular clothes? Then when the quarantine is lifted because of COVID when the quarantine is lifted, he would like to then leave the city in a taxi go to the closest McCart where the Haram from there and then come back in and re enter to do ombre

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Now, to respond again, very briefly, firstly, find out are you sure you have to be in quarantine. From what I'm aware and I'm speaking, you know, today is the October 19. That the quarantine has been lifted as far as I'm aware. So find out. Maybe you ask the question and you're not aware of this. So find out the second point maybe if you do have to have quarantine in your particular case. Okay, that's understandable. But let me make the question broader than just quarantine and COVID. Let me make it relevant. So that in sha Allah, Bethany, LAO and COVID is completely gone and wiped out still what I'm about to say will be relevant. What if for whatever reason, you have to go to

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Makkah, for some reason other than Omura. Can you enter the city of Makkah without a haram because you're going for another reason. So suppose you're an engineer, and the government has invited you to look at some, you know, catastrophe or some major issue you have to come and look at it or you're a doctor with your speciality and you know, the Ministry of Health has said we need you to Operation please come immediately to Makkah, so your goal for going there is to do whatever your task or job is. The response to this is that in fact it is not obligatory to enter Makkah in the state of haram if you're not doing Umrah Why would you enter a haram if you're not doing ombre? It is halal to go

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to Makkah for other reasons. Now I know some of my audience is shocked. How could anybody go to Makkah without doing ombre? And I say my dear brother, my dear sister, you are thinking as if you are from America or India or Africa, the only reason for you to go to Makkah would be for ombre. Okay, how about farmers that are close by and they have to deliver their produce? Okay, how about doctors whose speciality is they're not founded maca? They are in part if they are in Jeddah, and they have to come in for surgeries once a week, right? You have to realize Maca is a city with half a million people. And there is commerce and trade and people going in and out like every city. So

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realize the city of Makkah needs its infrastructure and the sherry takes all of this into account. Therefore, if you have to enter Makkah for any reason, without doing ombre, you are permitted to do so it is completely permissible to do so. And in that case, obviously, you will not be in the State of Iran. Now, in your particular case, you actually do want to do ombre, but not on this trip. You are getting rid of the quarantine in your particular case. So in your case, if you do as you have described, and that is you enter Mecca with the NIA of remaining in quarantine, because you have to do that if you have to, I'm not sure but you're saying you have to then go with that intention, no

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problem. When the quarantine is lifted for you, you may go to the closest McCart which is you know two three hours away. Because this is not the middle of Asia, the Mercado de Leyva. That is only for the one who has already done rubra. And is now there's there's two main parts there's the McCarthy of the people of Makkah, or the people temporarily residing in Makkah after ombre and then there is the mill Carter the one who has not done ombre and that is larger. And so you are going to have to go to the mill court of Dawn who has not done O'Meara and that is of course farther away. And so you will take a taxi go there and then re enter haram and come back that is completely permissible.

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There is no penalty upon you and there is no sin upon you. Because your initial goal for entering Mecca was not Umrah in that journey. It was for another reason. And the same goes if you're an engineer, if you're a doctor, if you're a businessman, if you have a sick relative, you have to go and visit them on their deathbed or whatever, you have to go to Makkah and for whatever reason, you're not doing ombre, then no problem. You do not enter in the State of Iran. However, I can give you an easier alternative. And that is that a lot of people don't understand the reality of Iran. Iran is two different things. The more important one is the knee yet and the declaration and that is

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to say Lebec Allah Who

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Maroubra Olympic Allahumma hej and that is done at Demi caught, then the other thing is to wear the garment of a haram. The two are not the same, because the penalty for not entering a haram verbally for not declaring the Haram and the Hajj and Umrah is much greater. And that is the penalty of an entire animal, so a sheep or a goat. Whereas the penalty for not wearing the right clothes the penalty for declaring a haram and then not wearing a haram because there's the Declaration, which is the most important. And then there's the wearing which is lesser in its degree of importance, the penalty for not wearing the Haram is to feed 10 poor people. And that is significantly much less

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than the penalty for giving an entire animal in sacrifice. So

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the Sharia allows if there is what is called a Hajer. A hija is not as high as the rural life and death. Nor is it something that is frivolous, it is something that is genuinely

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not easy, but it's not the end of the world. So it's in between and Hijjah varies from person to person. So let me give you an example. Suppose a doctor is called to MCC to perform surgery. And he says you know what, I want to also do Ramadan, but I'm a doctor, I have to be wearing my clothes and wear my special garment and put everything on. So he declares the Haram when he enters the me clot and he says Lebec Allahumma Omura. And he declares but he's wearing the doctor garments, and he goes to the operation theater and he's wearing whatever needs to be worn because you're not going to practice medicine without the mask without everything. So he wears what needs to be worn. Then when

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he's done, he may enter into a haram and give the penalty for not wearing the right clothes which is feeding 10 people which is something that would be justice for him and this is what is called a Hydra. So if you believe and that's between you and Allah, if you believe that you really cannot remain in haram for three, four or five days in this manner and it is going to be a type of hardship that will make life not unbearable. That's the Rudra it will make life you know difficult to the point of this being a concession that is allowed for you then you enter a haram verbally you wear your regular clothes then when you are done, you will change into a haram the state meaning that the

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garment and then you will feed 10 people and so that will save you the taxi and it will save you the video Allah Huhtala Allah once again only if there's a Hajer and if you feel that it's not then then you should stick with your opinion which is in and out. And by the way I'm even that having been said is it really that difficult to remain in an air conditioned room? You know, wearing your own garments? Is it really that difficult? You may change your mind on garments as well. By the way, you don't have to wear the exact same garment but in any case I have given you a number of options Allah Huhtala Adam Yeah