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Can I Be Loyal To My Country And Be A Good Muslim

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Episode Notes

Can I have loyalty to my country as well as be an abiding Muslim?

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi questions us on who should our ultimate loyalty be towards and hence, act thereupon without being challenged or conflicted.

Episode Transcript

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Is it possible to be loyal to one's country and the good Muslim?

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Absolutely, as long as that loyalty to your country does not blind you to the higher ideal, the fact of the matter is our unconditional loyalty must be to our Creator. But after that we can be loyal to our mothers, our fathers, our, our societies, our countries, as long as that loyalty does not conflict with loyalty to Allah subhana wa Tada. Now, Allah says in the Quran, if your mother forces you to worship an idol, Allah says, Don't listen to her. Don't listen to her. Now your loyalties are conflicted. You're not allowed to listen to your mother, but Allah still says, treat her with goodness and kindness. So if your country is doing something wrong, don't participate in that wrong,

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speak out against it, try your best to change it. But it doesn't mean you have to change your citizenship because of one crime or one sin. Otherwise there will be no country in the world that you can go live in. So speak out if you're able to, if you can't hate it in your heart, do not participate in any evil, but your ultimate loyalty must always be to Allah. Every other loyalty is conditional. As long as the loyalty to Allah is not challenged. You may be loyal to any other person, as long as that loyalty does not challenge your loyalty to Allah subhana wa Tada.