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The conversation discusses the story of the Sierra and its impact on culture of the United States. It includes a man who was injured by a sword and later shot by police, as well as the Prophet sall campaigns and the potential consequences of their actions. The segment also touches on the Church's actions and the history of the legal system in the US, UK, and the UK.

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Smilla Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Ali, he will be here woman while the hammer bad. So as you're aware, I like to talk about incidents from the Sierra that are in the margins that are not generally the hawk talked about. For the mainstream stories, you can listen to my Sierra lectures online. But there are so many stories of this era. And a lot of times these stories are kind of left, you know, because sometimes some people might think they're awkward, but I don't think any story is awkward. I think every story that is found in the Sierra, it is something that we benefit from we are it's amazing. It makes us appreciate the Sahaba and what happened between them.

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So today's instant is going to be one of those stories. It involves an issue that we're all aware of, and that is the slander of Irish ethnicity, if you know what happened with the slander of Irish law, the law Whina and three of the famous Sahaba respected Sahaba they slipped up and they propagated the slander. How many have been to Josh and

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the the nephew of a worker So Derek,

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and his son had been salvaged the famous poet. Our incident today we'll deal with Hassan Amitabh Radi Allahu taala, and who has had it been sabots great Sahabi but the Sahaba are human beings and sometimes slip up happens. And generally speaking, the poets are those that they like to versified and they are involved in poetry and they say things. So for Reasons Allah knows, Hassan Radi Allahu Allah slipped up and he began spreading this rumor as well.

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In the interim, Safwan YBNL more uptil the companion who was accused in the story, the one who found out Israel, the Allahu Allah. By the way, someone never got married in his life. He never touched a lady in his life. And he died to Shaheed in a later battle, he never got married, so find out that he was not from the husband or the on site. He was from another tribe. So he didn't have a tribe to back him up. He was a lone man, neither was he Quraishi nor was he Madani, he had migrated from another tribe. And so he didn't have a tribe to back him up. So when Hassan Tibidabo, the Aloha and continued doing this, so one got so angry, that one day he hit on the streets of Medina.

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And he waited for his son to come. And he jumped on him. And he took the sword out, but not unsheathed it, and he hit him with the sword. And as he's hitting him, he said a line of poetry. This is ironic line of poetry. He said, I am a warrior man. This poetry that Arabic is

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an effort and I forgot what the Arabic is either Huji to foreigners to be shot at. If somebody makes fun of me. He's gonna hear my sword not my poetry. Ironically, he's making a poem and he's hitting Hassan at the same time. Okay, and he goes How dare you say this about me and about I shall the Allah on physically hitting. Now Hassan was wounded it's not the sword it's the blunt of the sword is not the unsheathed sword, right got angry fistfight as that happens. Now Hassan will the Allahu and he is from, you know, the hustler. He is Jonnie Madani, his tribe is there. When his tribe discovers what someone has done, they're not going to stay quiet. So now they wait for him. And they

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capture him. They tie his hands and they bring him to their vicinity of Medina. They bring him to their vicinity, wondering what to do with him. In the meantime, one of the senior of the husbands passes by and sees his son tied with his hands. He says what happened? He goes Hassan hit soft one. Sorry, so fun, has one title. So one hit her son. And now we have someone in our midst, he says are over Billa? Have you told the prophets of Allah? Who are they? He was selling them? They said no. I said, No, I'm going to take him directly to the Prophet system. You know, this is vigilante justice. You don't go behind the law. You don't take the law into your own hands. So he took Safwan tied up

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and Hassan injured to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and explained the whole story. This is how you deal with the problem. You don't do vigilante justice, you take it to the authorities. And the Prophet says and I'm said to suffer one, also one, why did you beat up Hassan and stuff once you have a soul Allah? He said things you know about, by the way, this is before I had an order came down. This is before this is that 40 Day interim is when the tensions are rising. Right? So the revelation has not yet come down that you know, what happened is a calumny and whatnot. And so in this interim, soft one hits has only been thought about the Illawarra The problem says to soften Why

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would you do this? And he says yeah Rasulullah you know what he is saying? And I cannot be patient at this

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So the Prophet system and he is of course, hurt by what Hassan is saying. He turns to Hassan he goes, Yeah Hassan, will you forgive someone for my sake? Subhan Allah. Yanni the Prophet CISM takes the side because, I mean, it's really think about this he is hurt that Hasan is spreading lies. But what Safwan did is also wrong. Right? So he says to her son, will you forgive someone for my sake? And I shall, you know, pay you the blood money or not, it's not a blood money, but I mean, the would you call the the money for the wounds? What's the what's the term of forgotten the technical term? I'll pay you the penalty myself. He took in charge the sauce, I'll pay you the Kasasa blood for

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myself not to have the actual body but of the wounds I'll take charge of it. So the Profit System took charge. And because of this, he gifted her son had been Tabet a large garden the bureau ha garden, the famous incident debater, I watched your work, and also one more caucus gifted the Prophet sallallahu sallam, Maria and her sister seeding he gave seating to her son as a result of this beating up. As a result of this beating up he gifted land and he gifted seating to Hasan Ibn phablet. Then of course, Allah revealed that you know, they should be punished. And so Hassan was punished the punishment of slander, the punishment of slander at lashes, he was punished along with

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the other two, three people of the Sahaba were punished. Now. This is actually a prelude the story is going to come now.

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He shall move an old West says that my father, Reuven Masaru said that and that's the nephew of Russia, that once I was sitting in I shall do Lohan as house He's the nephew. And I began speaking evil of Hassan Ibn sabots for what he had done this is many years later, this is decades later, I Isha stopped him and said Do not say evil of him. For the law, he he was a man. He is a man who used to live at the time who defended the messenger in his poetry.

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So Ottawa is shocked. She is defending her son after what her son has done. So he said, but But what he said what he said, like how could you defend him, and she said he was punished the punishment call us it's done, the punishment was given to him. Now we don't have to make it worse. Another of the students of Aisha says, I should have the Allah one who did not allow anybody to criticize her son in her presence. Subhanallah after what he had done, no one could criticize his son had been fab, it must through another student of Aisha says and this hadith is in Behati, and this is where we're going to conclude this hadith masuk says this hadith in Bukhari and Muslim I entered in upon

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Isha one time, and Hassan Ibn sabot, as an old blind man was sitting there. This is again many years later, this is at least 30 years after the incident of the slander. Now our son has gone blind, and he's sitting in Ayesha's chamber behind the curtain, and my stroke was shocked. How is her son sitting, speaking to Russia, and her son began reciting poetry in praise of Artesia

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poetry in praise of Arusha. And of course, this is a famous poem of Hassan Amitabh it. Hassan orizon Matuson Newberry birth in war to Spirou a lot of the middle homie al Hawa. He is a very famous poetry for Hassan Ibn forbid that Hassan Roseanne when she is describing I should have the Allahu Ana Hassan means she is chaste and virtuous. She has never committed any wrong. Or Azhar unknown means she is wise and intelligent matters, then nobody button means not to doubt casts upon her credibility. So she is chaste. She is intelligent and wise, there's not too whispering of a doubt, to swear to spirit ohata Mill luminosa filthy, and who wants to translate amongst her out of

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brethren? Well to spirit who had a firm and luminal ofili ish manner than Bates, what water spirit a lot of thermal criminal Wofully who can tell me so a lot of thought means you are very hungry, but you still don't eat those spirits. She wakes up, she wakes up hungry. Having never touched the meat of innocent people. It's a beautiful metaphor that the meat of innocent people is easy to touch. Right? But she would never say anything nasty about somebody else. That's what it means. Okay? She would rather remain quiet and starve than to take the flesh of somebody that is easy to pluck even because that person is good. Okay, now, what is interesting here what is the key point has I should

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have the Allahu anha she responded from behind the veil will not connect

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until you have son less stuck as Alec, or her son, you yourself did not live up to these lines that you're saying Subhanallah See, to me, this is a very human understanding of our mother, I shall the Allahu Ana, she defended her son in his absence. She would not allow anybody to speak against her son when he's not there. In fact, she said he defended Allah and as he defended the Prophet systems on her, and he gave poetry in defense of Islam, no one could criticize her son in her presence. Now when Hassan comes, she is in pain at what Hassan has done. And when Hassan says that, you know, she does not speak against the flesh of others, Isha

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taps on the wrist, of course, you are praising me now. But you yourself did something back then that goes against these very lines. Subhanallah this shows us, you know, this is the real adult like, you know, she forgave, she didn't quite forget, there's still some pain. And when Hassan tried to make up, she accepts, but she reminds her son, you know, you did the do this mistake so many years ago. So we find here the reality of the Sahaba perfection at a human level. It's not as if she could completely forget what had happened. She remembered what Hassan had done. But at the same time, she did not allow anybody to speak evil of Hassan Avantha. But she forgave him she defended, but at the

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same time, small pinch, yeah, has son, you have some making up to do and Insha Allah, we firmly believe that he was forgiven in this world, he was punished in this world as well. And one of the main points that are spoken about this out of the lectures, it shows us that you know, you can make a major mistake, you can have a blunder in your life, and still have a lot of good and Hassan embodies that that gives us hope. It gives us hope. You can commit a major blunder, you can do something that even the Prophet system was irritated by this, but he was forgiven and Allah forgave him, I should defend it against him. And in that sense, he does become a role model for us. May

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Allah subhana wa Tada have mercy on all of them and put us in their ranks in the agenda for those who sit on Malik rahmatullah wa barakato. But the F la Haleema mean Woon a levena woofie sala de him for Shiro own. Well levena umani love we want to mourn when levena Homeless Zeca

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Moon will levy now who's only 4g him have your own it

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as Why do you a woman and get Amen?

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Now whom will you marry? Me