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03 – Purification of the Soul (Tazkiatu Al-Nafs) – Sh. Daood

Nov 25, 2016 @ Al Falah Islamic Centre

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The speakers discuss the recent Black Friday sales and sales of products, including dresses and cars, emphasizing the importance of not being jealous of love and not giving up on one's love for others. They also mention the upcoming holiday and Black Friday sales, where people spend money on Black Friday. The conversation then shifts to the issue of the heart and how people hold onto things of their own money. The speakers emphasize the importance of healthy eating, technology, and giving back to children to grow in their wealth and family.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa salam O Allah and Avi him carry him and he of Salatu atoma tasneem rubbish rockne somebody were Sidney Emily Dr. Tim disseny of cocconi my brothers and sisters in Islam a sin mRNA to why he robot our cattle

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I think I heard two people's

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I saw lots of articles the right of a Muslim upon another Muslim either you don't consider me to be a Muslim which I hope not so Pamela well we're just really tired because the sun goes to sleep really early these days. Okay, so for the sisters again the good the partition is up there so if you want you can come out and shout along to Hannah.

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We are going to go through the last topic inshallah for this month with regards to Is it me or do I keep seeing something flash on the sun shining Superman? No, maybe it's just a reflection of something.

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So we're going to go through the last Friday in sha Allah to Allah with regards to teskey after knifes purification of the soul, and we started talking about test kiya we went on to discuss a few other topics which I want you to remind me of because I know what we discussed. I was the one who taught it but I want to know what you remember from it inshallah, before we move on very quickly in two or three minutes. So what do you remember which topics did we cover?

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Nv very good. Tell me about envy.

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What is envy because some people never heard that word before. After I finished teaching some of the brothers came to me and said what was this word you were talking about? I said envy so we never heard this before. So what is envy? What's another word in English for envy?

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Very good, like a form of jealousy. And what do you know about it?

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Sorry, some shavon Very good, then hamdulillah What else? What other topics did we cover?

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I see half of our children missing today and the other half are out there kicking a ball around for all you troublemakers kicking the ball around you can come inside and they're too busy keeping the ball

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What else? What do we cover? We can only cover one topic in the past month. Hey

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no new members. So the class is pointless. No one's implementing anything in their life. For me when I see students are not implementing I lose it as in I don't want to teach anymore although teach a group of students that want to implement what we're learning. So what did we learn good

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we covered Halloween very good. What did what did you learn about it?

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Right, we learned about scaring other people teasing other people pranking other people and how we should not do that and the profits in the long run even some of them told us not to scare other people. Very good. sha Allah Hey, what else sisters? What did you learn?

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We spent a month on test kiya to knifes What have you learned?

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How many of you attended one of the past four Fridays?

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Okay, how many of you attended one of the past four Fridays? Good. What can you remember?

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Good hamdulillah jealousy. Don't feel jealous that someone else has something that you don't have. If you see someone who has something that you wish to have make dua for that person. Right? don't only have that feeling inside of you that I need this. I want it for myself. No, I need to also want it for other people. Love for your brother or your sister what you love for your what we love for ourselves. That's the motto or one of the one of the

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we could say key aspects of our dean of the son of the Prophet sallallahu ascended up.

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Today inshallah to Anna we're going to touch upon two completely different aspects of a spectrum. We're going to look at the love of this dunya things that we enjoy and love and want and constantly want more and more and more. And today's a Prime Day for it. What day is it today?

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No, it's Friday.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, not Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Black Friday, Saturday, Sunday, right? No, but we know it is Black Friday very good, Mashallah. We know today to be so called Black Friday, which is something that really didn't exist for many years in Canada and all of a sudden it just happens right? And it's a time or in fact, we should say Friday itself this Friday. The so called Black Friday falls on the Friday that is known as another Hall.

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In the US,

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Thanksgiving, right, it's Thanksgiving weekend. And we see that all the store owners today they're saying thank you for giving me more money. Thank you for giving me more money. Yesterday, I went to Canadian Tire some hannula just to buy windshield washer fluid. And I walked in, and I looked around, and I walked out. And I thought to myself, there's no way I'm gonna wait 45 minutes in line to pay for windshield washer fluid. It was packed, it was like a jungle. People going crazy. Because Black Friday sales started on Wednesday, for some reason, some kind of law. Someone better tell those kids to watch the door is a glass door.

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And so we see some panela that today is the day when a lot of people spend money, they spend a lot of money. And then we have Monday, which is known as Cyber Monday where people buy more things online. So the whole weekend, and you'll see Black Friday sales started on Wednesday and ended on Monday. So it's not a Black Friday, it's a black week. So panela a week where we go into the black, where in fact we go into the red, we lose so much money, we spend so much money, we don't have any more left. And what can we learn from this and shallow data is what we're going to cover. We're also going to look at the other end of the spectrum. So in our Dean, we don't spend everything that we

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have, but we also don't hold on to everything. So we're going to look at Brooklyn, what is Brooklyn? It's another disease of the heart, right? What is it?

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miserliness being stingy? You tell your brother, you know what, share with your sister, no, I don't want to why not just don't want to, we don't want to we don't want to share. Because we don't feel like giving and sharing things and, and helping others. We always want things for ourselves. And sometimes our children pick it up because they see us that way. We have something we tell our child No, don't touch my phone, don't touch my computer, don't touch my iPad, don't touch the TV. Don't touch this, don't touch that. Don't touch this, you know, beautiful thing we have on the wall or inside some cabinet in our house. We tell them not to touch so many things. So the things that they

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have, they don't want other people to touch as well. And so we see that this becomes a problem. It's a disease of the heart. It's something that's kind of low, we hold on to things of value, and we don't want to let go of them. And for many of us, that's our own money, the money that we get in our pockets in our in our bank accounts. Now Allah Subhana which Allah says in the Quran,

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in verse number 28, of sorbitol and fowl, Allah Subhana, which Allah discusses spending, and he says, Why lm

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una Dooku fitna one Na Ma

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na vi the verse number 28 of sola to unfurl Allah subhanho wa Taala grabs our attention, our nemu know, understand unima and one will come will lead to conflict.

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Now that's really interesting because Allah says your wealth, whether it's money or your property, or your car, or even the clothing that we have is a fit tonight. And our children I'm Welcome to consider how our children are fitness. How can our children be a fitness when there a blessing from Allah subhanho wa tada right beautiful thing that happened to me today after Salatu jamara this brother comes to me and he came to me over a year ago right in Milton he comes to me after I did a Juma football on remember those verses and so on. When we highlighted the five things that you get, if you do is too far do you remember that? We studied that during Ramadan for those that were with

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us. We focused on how no alayhis salaam prophet nor he told the loss of Hannah with Allah what he invited people towards he says farewell to his stone Theodora back home right so cool to stone Fedora back on in who can have a fara he says I told the people to do is still thought a lot because Allah is Forgiving your city sama la comida Aurora you remember that? where Allah subhanho wa Taala will send to the people who do is still fraud regularly. He'll send beneficial rain crops produce vegetables, whatever types of fruits and vegetables and food that we love we get even if it's euro burger or Popeyes right? You need the rain for it that 100 in LA and then no Hannah has Sam he says

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your citizens are an equal Madara we indeed can be a morning webinar bethanien right Allah subhana wa tada will give you wealth and children were Johanna congenitally wager Allah and Allah and He will give you gardens and He will give you rivers. And so I mentioned this in my clip but last year about a year and a half ago. And this brother comes to me today after Salatu Juma and pay attention this is really important, especially if you know people who don't have children. He says, I came to you and I asked you will along really grant us children right. If we

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If we do so far, because that's what I mentioned in the cookbook, sort of course that's what Allah subhanho wa Taala says, No Allah has Allah made that very clear to us. And his brother Subhana Allah, He says, I don't know if you remember, but I asked you a year and a half ago about adopting a child because I was married for, you know, for 16 years with my wife. We tried to have children, we couldn't have children. And he says, I learned from the hookah that I need to do more is to fall. And I left that Friday. And he went home and he told his wife and they started you know, they went through many attempts to have children. And they also some panelists started the application process

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to adopt a child. And then Allah granted them a child. Not through adoption, the wife became pregnant, and he started to tear up you can see tears in his eyes. And he was standing next to his father who was really elderly, so apparently he had to repeat things in his ear to tell him what I was saying. And Subhanallah after 16 or 17 years of marriage and trying to have a child, Allah subhana wa tada finally granted them a child. And so we see here that children are a blessing we know that but why does the law say that there are fitness

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Hey, any of the children want to tell us why they're a fitness? What is a fitness?

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This microphone squeaks a lot echoes a lot.

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What is a fitness?

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What is a fitness? Does anyone know?

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Test Okay, what else?

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Okay, an argument between two people can be considered a fitness Okay, maybe.

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Okay, so someone starts out Oh,

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watch that child Watch out.

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Shall law and the law Okay, so everyone should be looking after their children. Okay. Look after your children so they don't knock anything over inshallah Tada. Okay, so very good. Someone he said. She said someone starts a problem and spreads rumors. And then two people start to argue because of that. What else? What is a fitna? Yes,

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a distraction. Yes, something that distracts us from the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Something that leads to negativity, something that you know, starts to boil hatred or destruction amongst a community or maybe within society. That's a fitna. And so children we know they could be a fitna, but how does it become a fitna? Allah subhanho wa Taala shows us in a moto como la to come fitna. Look at today, how some people some kind of like go and buy things that are on sale. Now there's nothing wrong with buying anything that's on sale. Right? As long as it's priced, right. We can purchase it, we can own it, we can use it, we can sell it afterwards, whatever you want to do.

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But we also see how people go shopping and they look for the sales. And instead of spending the $500 that they have in their account, they pull out their credit card and they spend 2000 3000 $4,000. Why? Because it's on sale. But sometimes we don't even have that money. And we're spending money that we don't even have. We don't even earn enough to buy these things. But we say Oh, you know what, I'll pay it off in credit. I'll incur interest on it. I'll pay the interest, even calculating the interest, it becomes cheaper than if I buy it at regular price. So big deal, right? That's how some people think, some kind of law. And so we know very well that our Dean does not encourage us to

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do that. We don't spend more than what we have. And similarly, our wealth can become a fitna. Now there's certain things that I want to focus on. And I don't want to focus on the negativity of things. I don't want to focus on fitna. I don't want to focus on the bad things. I want us to focus on the good things, how can I use my wealth positively? How can I help others? And there's a few topics I want to touch upon in a lot of data. First of all, the benefits of our wealth facilitates worship. How can I facilitate worship with my wealth? Hey,

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how can I help you? How can I encourage someone to pray or to do anything any type of worship with my wealth?

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I noticed you were distracted. That's why I picked on you.

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Hey, how can they use my wealth? First of all, let me ask you a question. What do you have that's valuable that belongs to you not to your mom or your dad or

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your Xbox? Okay? Mashallah. Very good.

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You're sure you want to use that

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As an example,

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how does your Xbox facilitate worship? How does it encourage you to do it? Either?

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Hey, tell me

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I know one way

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you might be playing. And some games have foul language, right?

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Yeah, he's like, yeah, some games have bad language on it. Yeah. So when you hear it What do you say?

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I still feel a loss. So that video game is encouraging you to do so far right? Under the law.

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Right. So you have to find the positivity in anything right? What else? How does our wealth encourage our anybody? Yes.

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collecting money to build a new Masjid very good.

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Build a mustard. Okay, I hope we start thinking outside of just building the mustard Yes.

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To go to the curb. Yes. Let me let me add to that. So you use your wealth to go for hedge or you use your money to go for Umrah but what if you went for hedge and you went for ombre but you know someone else did not go and you know they want to go and they've tried to go but they just can't save enough money. Is it good for you to help them by giving them the wealth to go for Hajj and Umrah? Yes, it is very good. Mashallah. So these are good examples. What else? How can we use our wealth to facilitate to help very bad

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if someone is

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hurt, if someone is hurt? Is that what he said? And you help them with your wealth? Very good. What about right now? Many of you are wearing your coats. Does it feel cool inside the mustard?

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Okay, there's a few cool, why does it feel cool? I was told the heating isn't working. Why isn't the heating working? I have no idea. I just got here took my coat off. And someone is telling me Don't take your coat off because it's cooling the mustard. The heating isn't working. Why isn't the heating working? Maybe we need to find out. Maybe they didn't pay the bill. Maybe you know something is broken. Maybe they can't afford to repair it maybe we should need maybe we need to look into it to try and fix that. Right. We don't know what that what the issue is. Maybe the the thing is locked or something or the battery's dead. And all we need to do is buy a new battery. Right.

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Very good. I was coming to that and handle. I'm glad that you mentioned that your wealth also includes your clothing. Right. So wealth, as he mentioned his Xbox. I want you all to think of something that is valuable to you. What do you have that's valuable? Don't think of your money. Don't think of your house and don't think of your car. What else is valuable? I don't want to hear from 10 people. Hey, what do you have this valuable?

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Most has very good. I'm the law. That's one.

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your iPad very good. We're going to take it from five adults and five children. Okay. Yes.

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Say that again?

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Your fence

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friends. Oh, very good. Michelle. That's a lot of a lot your friends, your friend but you don't own your friends though. Right? So Pamela, you can't really give your friends away. But that's very good. Mashallah. They are valuable. And that was, you know, he's probably trying to prove to us sometimes you can't put a price on certain things right? You don't own them, but they're very valuable to you. What else?

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ps4, Playstation four. Mashallah, these are all electronics and gadgets. Yes.

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And that was already mentioned, but very good at handling

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your time. Absolutely. Your time you can give your time to someone else. Right today, some kind of I spent all my time in the afternoon after joma until six o'clock in the masjid helping others talking to others, you know, just interacting with people. Very good your time.

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I know but I don't want to say that because everyone all the adults are going to say my house. most valuable thing that I have is my house. Right? So I eliminated it. So no one says that food very good. Your food, a knowledge, absolutely. The knowledge that we have we gain it's powerful. We can help other people with it. Why are we not transmitting it? Why are we not helping others with it? And every single thing that we learn, we should be teaching it to someone else? Because when we teach it to someone else, it helps us to retain it. And then when I come on Friday and ask us what did we learn last week everyone says I know what we what we studied because I've been helping

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someone all week with that or I've been trying to implement it in my life all week. Okay. Just a second. Yep.

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Health very good. Our health I need four more things from adults. four things from adults that are valuable that you possess or you own that is you

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Yours that you can use to benefit you in your Eva or someone else. What else for things come on.

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we don't have anything our house our car. That's That's it. It's got to be something.

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Okay, skills knowledge very good. Sometimes knowledge is very theoretical. So maybe you could say the practical, the practical aspect of knowledge. Good. What else? What else do we have that's valuable? There's got to be so much more if there isn't, it's because we don't recognize the blessings of Allah upon us. And we're gonna look at a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with regards to that? Yes.

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Okay, clothing. Good. hamdulillah but I need four more things from for adults, were the adults, I'm going to ask all the adults to stand up because they're not gonna answer. And the sisters as well. What do you have that's valuable.

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jewelry, and I'm gonna lie, right jewelry, very good jewelry. It's valuable. We can use it for things. I know a chef, who I studied with. He's from Australia. So Canada. When he got married, he was 18 years old. And he was studying. He left Australia. He went to study him and his wife were both students, right studying Islam. And his, his wealth, his money ran out. And he couldn't pay for rent, he couldn't buy food, he couldn't afford anything. He was a student didn't have a job, etc. him and his wife were both students. It came to a point in time where his wife took all of her jewelry

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and went to a jeweler and sold her her rings, even her wedding ring and all the jewelry she got for her wedding sold it all simply so that they can buy food and continue to survive until they found a way to get more wealth. Imagine that. So yes, you can use that and yes, that brings you closer to Allah because you will never forget that right? I need three more things. Yeah. Otherwise we're not going to move. We're gonna sleep here tonight. Books, very good. Books, the knowledge that's contained within the books. That's a valuable asset.

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Chocolate Bar,

00:22:14--> 00:22:15

a soccer ball.

00:22:17--> 00:22:19

a soccer ball. that's valuable.

00:22:23--> 00:22:26

A real a real FIFA soccer ball that's signed.

00:22:28--> 00:22:32

Do you have that? You do? How much is worth?

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Just joking. Yes. Water and handed in and look at that. Look at how are you think of simple things water, it's free. It comes out of the tap? Well, it's not really free in this part of Canada, right? You pay for it. But still some candidates. It's not expensive, right? It falls from the sky. But it is probably one of the most valuable things that we take for granted. with water we get electricity, electricity, and with water we survive. If we didn't have the water we would die. right because we we need water to survive. Now the prophets that along I knew he was some of them. He tells us in a hadith in Sahih Muslim, he says look at those who are beneath you. And don't look at those that are

00:23:12--> 00:23:46

above you. Now what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam means by this is look at those people who have less things and then you people who are beneath you as they have less things than you and you need to help them with things or we should be helping them with things. And the profits along with any of the sudden them he discourages us from looking at people who are above us don't look at people who have more things than you. Why because you might see someone with a beautiful Mercedes parked outside you say Oh, why did why did Allah give him that car? He has no children. He doesn't need that. You know, he's not even you know, he's a young guy. He's not old. He doesn't need to

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adjust the seat and all these you know, 25 different positions. He doesn't need to warm up the seat. He's a young guy Mashallah, us when we get older, we have arthritis, we need to get in the car, it's hot, it's warmed up, the seat is warm, everything is good and put our hands on the steering wheel. It's warm. So we might look at someone who has more than us. And then as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continues to say, he says, This is more befitting that you do not despise Allah's favor upon you. When we look at people who have more things than us, we start to feel like we haven't been given anything.

00:24:21--> 00:24:56

For someone here that does not own a house. They think, Oh, you know, Alan never gave me a house trying really hard to buy a house. I don't have that everyone else has a house. You don't need a house. Right? You're living perfectly fine and hamdulillah there are people that don't have a rented apartments. There are people who live inside cardboard boxes. In Canada. You go to Vancouver, somehow there's people who sleep on the streets, you go downtown Toronto, there's people who sleep on the streets, they don't have a home, they don't have a place to live. So we have a home we might be renting it but I'm handling that at least we have a place that's warm, that's cozy, and we're

00:24:56--> 00:24:59

looking at people who have less than us to be thankful for the things that will last them

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What's added gave us. And what that does is it softens our hearts. It encourages us to give more. And our children should do this and penalize a project. I'm trying to do it with the children and Milton, hopefully we can do it with the children here. Winter is coming. It's cold already. How many of us have clothing from last year that we're probably not going to use this winter. Either we outgrew them as children. Or maybe we got a new coat or we got new clothing. And we can afford to give that away. We should go and look for people in need. A simple example just the other day yesterday, the day before, a brother sends me a message. He says there's a Syrian family refugee

00:25:36--> 00:25:38

family who lives in the east part of the GTA

00:25:40--> 00:26:16

whose home the sewage broke in. So the sewage pipes broke. And the sewage, like from the toilets, etc, came up into the basement and the basement is flooded with sewage. And inspectors came and it's it's too dangerous to stay in the house. They're not allowed to stay in. So the house has been shut down. No one can stay in the house, they can't live in there. It smells really bad. It stinks. And it's it's bad for your health, right? Some of these bacteria, they become airborne as well, if you inhale it, it's not good for you. And so some kind of law, there's people we can help, right? Don't come and say Who are they? Where are they? I don't know. But this brother is messaging me telling me

00:26:16--> 00:26:32

about it. So somehow, there's always people that we know that are in need, maybe they need help, maybe their clothing was in the basement and got destroyed. Maybe they have no place to sleep so other people can reach out to them. And it's important for us to try and do that and shuttle the hotel. I want to go to the other end of the spectrum.

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But before I do that, I'm going to ask you all the question.

00:26:38--> 00:26:43

Who is better? The rich person? Or the poor? The poor person?

00:26:47--> 00:26:48


00:26:51--> 00:26:55

Yeah, you Yeah, you have your hand up? Richard four. Four, okay.

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the one was more tequila myself, that's a lot of color.

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who's better? The richer the poor? The poor? Okay.

00:27:09--> 00:27:13

The rich hamdulillah? Good. The only person who says rich?

00:27:15--> 00:27:20

Good hamdulillah depends on how they're going to react. Anyone else? Who's better the rich or the poor?

00:27:22--> 00:27:25

Both handed in a very good.

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Now, you know, you say the rich, right? Because I went like this Now you want to be with me? No, very good. Both. And neither islamically. We don't say that the rich is better than the poor. And we don't say that the poor is better than the rich, we say something almost exactly what this brother mentioned. Right? It depends on how they are patient with the situation that they're in. It depends on yourself, if I'm happy and content with $100 in my account, and hamdulillah if I'm happy and content with a million in my account and handed in, if I use that in a correct manner, a person might have a million dollars, and they spend it all on things that's good and hamdulillah that

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person might lose everything and only has $100 left, and they spend that $100 which is the only savings that they have on something that's how long

00:28:22--> 00:28:41

which one is better. It depends on how they use their wealth, but even more so it depends on how patient they are with what Allah subhanho wa Taala gave them. Now let's look at the other end of the spectrum bookland miserliness to be stingy. Allah subhanho wa Taala teaches us something in the Quran.

00:28:42--> 00:28:49

In Surah Nisa, verse number 37, Allah subhana wa tada says, I live in a lie.

00:28:53--> 00:29:00

Before he mentions this in verse number 36, Allah subhana wa tada highlights the importance of worshiping only Allah.

00:29:01--> 00:29:11

Right? worship only Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and then he says to do good. Now look at how Allah covers doing good.

00:29:12--> 00:29:59

Let's see the types of people Allah Subhana Allah mentions to do good I want someone to count who's gonna count for me, you're gonna count and the count the categories, okay? Firstly, Allah subhana wa Tada. He says, worship Allah and don't worship anyone with him and do good to parents. Okay, do good to parents. That's the first one relatives, orphans, needy neighbors, which are near us. Neighbors that are far from us. companions as in those that live right next to us. Our close friends that live literally in the house right next door right in front of us right beside us, right behind us. Okay. And then Allah Subhana Allah continues to say do good to the traveler.

00:30:00--> 00:30:04

The person who's traveling and those who are under our care.

00:30:05--> 00:30:06

How many is that?

00:30:07--> 00:30:20

800 Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala indicates categories of people that we need to do good towards that we need to help. When we talk about helping our parents, how many of you help your parents?

00:30:21--> 00:30:23

Raise your hand if you help your parents?

00:30:24--> 00:30:29

Okay, all those that are not raising their hands, why aren't you raising your hand?

00:30:32--> 00:30:33

Why aren't you raising your hand?

00:30:38--> 00:30:46

Your parents passed away in that in that era Raji on May Allah subhanho wa Taala shower His mercy upon them. But why can't you do good for your parents?

00:30:47--> 00:31:22

You can let me ask this question again, though. How many of us do good for our parents? Raise your hands, ah, don't want to see anyone's hand down. We all do goodness for our parents. And somehow what's really interesting is sometimes we as we grow, right, you might see some young adults here, we work and we start to hold on to our money, I don't want to give it to this person, I don't want to give it to that person I'm holding on to my money. Our parents, we think, Oh, you know what, they have a beautiful lifestyle. We're over here. We're suffering, we're struggling, we're paying taxes, so much money that we're wasting on so many things. I don't need to help other people. They have

00:31:22--> 00:31:55

their own money, they have their own wealth. No, we need to continue to help our parents, we need to look after them, like they looked after us. But we have to use that middle ground, there has to be moderation, there has to be balance. We can't just take all of our money and send it back home like some people do. Right? I know. Because people come and complain and say my husband, he works and he takes all his money, and he sends it back home. Okay, how about what do you do with the rest of your money? How do you help your family? Right? So there has to be that balance, we need to help our family as well as the wife and the children. This is for the men, all right. But we also need to

00:31:55--> 00:32:33

look after our family. And as children pay attention. You need to look after your parents as well. Because we live in a society where it's really easy to tell our parents, you know, you're retired, the government's paying you money, you can just move into this condo, we didn't need to look after you. Alright, let's go into this old folks home live in a condo, house life is perfect for you. But that's being stingy. We should look after them not only with the money that we have, and put them in beautiful places to live. As a brother was mentioning, one of the most valuable things that we can give to our parents is our time. You know, and one of our children is sick.

00:32:34--> 00:33:11

What do we do? We have to go to work the next day, we might have to go to school, there's things that we have to do. But we still look after our children. We sacrifice our sleep, we sacrifice our food, we sacrifice our time, and we give it to the child who's sick. Why is it that when our children get older, they don't give it back to us. We need to instill those values in our children as well. When we talk to our children about wealth, we shouldn't just talk to them about money. We should talk to them about their time. Your time is valuable. And I was saying this in the mustard the other day. I actually don't like when people invite me to a wedding.

00:33:13--> 00:33:24

Why? The invitation says 6pm. Right? How many of you have gotten an invitation to a wedding? It says 6pm. All of us. You get there at 6pm? No one is there.

00:33:25--> 00:33:58

Eight o'clock, the family members start to show up two hours after the invited time. And when does the food get served 10 o'clock or 1030 at night, four hours get wasted doing nothing. sitting there talking to people playing on your phone, just wasting your time. People bring their phone chargers to weddings now so they could plug it in and sit next to the wall. And they're sitting there on their phone because there's just a waste of time. And that's why so how do I feel sometimes going to a wedding is a burden. I'll accept the invitation and this is my next question. When someone invites me I say what time is the food?

00:33:59--> 00:34:29

Say 10 o'clock class I'm gonna come at 945 right I'll be there at 945 6am to everyone food is served. Okay, we go eat we sit down handler how's it Have some tea and go 10 o'clock 1030. We're done right? handed in law. Why? Because our time is valuable. For many of us, we don't have time to spend with our family. And so we need to teach our children the importance of time. Because when time runs out, Subhanallah it's gone and none of us can buy it back. The last two things that I'm going to highlight in childhood to add

00:34:31--> 00:34:33

the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

00:34:35--> 00:34:48

He was described by the Sahaba of the Allahu anhu as being someone especially during the month of Ramadan, they said he was like a whirlwind. You know what a whirlwind is. Think of it like a tornado.

00:34:50--> 00:34:59

All over the place. You don't know where he is. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He was like that during the month of Ramadan in particular in terms of his generosity.

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

He would give and give and give to so many people. And Java 11 is the second thing that I'm going to highlight. He says the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would never say no to anyone who would come and ask him for something, you would never say no. If he had it, he would give it to them. If he didn't have it, he would find a way to get it to them if they needed it, of course. And if he couldn't do that, sometimes the profits in the long run he was some of them would go to someone and borrow something and give it to that person. And the person he borrowed from would know, I'm not gonna ask the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to give that back to me. And if they did that

00:35:41--> 00:36:04

hamdulillah he would find a way to get it back to that person. That was the love of the prophets of Allah where it was send them for other people. How many of us do that? The other day this men came to my window I'm sitting in. It was when I went to Canadian Tire, I got back in my car. And I started my cart. And as I'm putting my seatbelt on, this man comes to my window. He says, Can you spare some change for a coffee?

00:36:05--> 00:36:24

And I thought to myself, is he gonna buy a coffee? Where's he going to spend the money? Maybe he's gonna buy cigarettes, maybe he's gonna buy drugs, maybe he's gonna go and buy some alcohol or something. I don't know what he's gonna use his money. Maybe he actually lives in a nice home. And he's This is just how he he goes around asking people for money. And then I thought everyone's will be living in a shape on average.

00:36:25--> 00:36:39

Who am I to try and figure out who this man is and where he's going to spend his money. If someone asks you for something, change, change. He's not asking you for $10. He's asking for change. Give him something.

00:36:40--> 00:37:19

Give him something. He's in a parking lot. It's raining and it's cold. Give him something. Allah subhana wa tada will give us even more back. And so a lot describes these people the categories of people that we need to give to, because then he says, a lady named Harun. Those who become stingy, are not the people who help others. They're people who are stingy. And you'll notice sometimes the wealthiest of people are the most greedy with their money. And that's what Allah subhanaw taala warns us about, help all of those people. And Allah will give us more and we will not need to be greedy, we will not need to be stingy. We ask Allah Subhana which I had to make it easy for us to

00:37:19--> 00:37:37

understand that. And we ask Allah subhana wa to add it to make it easy for us to be from the wealthiest people who constantly give to others who earn wealth and give wealth and don't feel as though this is something that we are earning and losing. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us faith in our wealth and put back in our wealth in our family. I mean