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The importance of alliances based on political parties and common interests is discussed in South Africa, where the "robbens of the world" and "robbens of the earth" make it impossible to kill another person. The Muslim brotherhood is seen as a powerful group focused on protecting peace and avoiding violence, and the importance of unity among the OMA is emphasized. Vis backwards and avoiding harms is emphasized, as it is essential for everyone to be a member of the Islam community. The segment also touches on the "we hate" situation and the importance of avoiding harms, the perception of Islam among people, and the need for human capital morale. The upcoming attack on Islam is also discussed, including the loss of lives and consequences of actions like cutting people with it.

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And hamdulillah your work

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was salat wa salam ala Mala know the Avada anomala we have Adam way

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when Ashley Madison Yachty Amano former winner Humana shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim in Milan who falsely obeyed now for welcome what up Allah Allah Allah coming to Ramune soda cola with

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my dear respected elders and brothers, Allah subhanahu wa taala

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has created for us a variety of rights.

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There are some rights that are based on blood ties. And there are some that are based on faith.

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And today in the world, when we look around we find that they are different alliances. So you have

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alliances based on political leanings. You have alliances based on economic interest. You have alliances based on interests, various interests, so people fall alliances organization, political parties, coalition's, which might become the new thing in South Africa based on common interest.

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But one of the most amazing rights that come upon us is the right that is based upon faith.

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And in particular, I'm talking about to face in the Kalama Allah Allah, Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah. These are common brotherhood that comes upon us which is based on the Cunnamulla ilaha IL Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah, which Allah Allah says in the Quran in number look, we know that

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all believers are brothers and to one another. All Mormons all believers are brothers and to one another. This is an amazing brotherhood. It is such an important brotherhood, one Apple hasn't met him online is Kitab makes mention of an incident that when the captives of butter

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were placed, so one of the captives, his biological brother came past him. Right? And when he was in the guardianship of an unserious hobby, so the brother looked upon his biological brother, he was a non Muslim from Muslim Makkah, the brother was an Asare Muslim from Medina. And he looked upon him and said that maybe he will tell him and tell them I'm sorry.

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You know, that treat this my brother kindly. So he looked upon his brother and said, Why don't you tell the person whom I'm a captive with that he must treat me kindly? And the Muslim brother who had migrated to Makkah said, He is my brother, not you.

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He is my brother, not you. That is how Islam has created a Muslim Brotherhood. And Allah subhanahu wa taala has made it that this is a Brotherhood not only based on faith, it is part of faith.

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The maker in sauce limiter in a hadith in Abu douchery. If it comes into the formula, Jana Taha told me no, you are not a believer you cannot enter Jannah until you have human one or two amino Hatha Harpo and you do not have a man until you love one another

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I don't know Comala showing you that for us to move the half up to cannot show you something that if you do it and now we'll trade love for you. And that is actually salaam Albania split the salam, you will not enter Jannah until you have love for one another. If you don't have love for one another, you will not enter China this is the same of our beloved maybe a cream sauce Salam. Allah Allah in the Quran has made an amazing way of describing this brotherhood. Now normally in our speech, when we will say we will tell one another don't kill another person. Or we will say don't take out false in another person. Or we will say make salam to another person. Allah Tala looks at this brotherhood

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in such a unique way that this brotherhood is one that the Holy Quran when he refers to our interaction with one another look at the way Allah says, For certainly more Allah unfussy could make Salam upon your own self. When you make salaam to another person you are making Salam upon yourself for that true and full circle. Don't kill your own self.

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That doesn't mean committing suicide don't kill another Muslim brother. By killing him. You are killing yourself for that telling me so I'm full circle. Don't look for false in your

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ownself the meaning of it don't look for faults and search for false in your Muslim brother to search for false in your Muslim brother is like searching for faults in your own self, what joy do you get other than to rectify yourself. So there is no joy in picking out the faults of another person, especially your Muslim brother. Then look at how the important with regard to this particular brotherhood. This Brotherhood is so amazing that Maria Teresa Salam, Abdullah, Muhammad, Allah Allah who said that maybe I can install Salam one day was making umara and making Tawaf when you look at the Kaaba and he said, Kaaba, very greatest, Your Honor, very greatest. You're a very

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greatness, Your Majesty, very greatest your superiority in there is no doubt we all know the superiority of the Kaaba. So back to the house of Almighty Allah, the greatest representation of a natal on the earth, the one that human beings make tawaf upon it here in this world, in this earth, and directly above it in beta mode, the angels make the off of it, the one that was first built by Adam and Easter that was CERAM, and then rebuilt by Ibrahim Alayhi. Salatu was Salam. The one which I met Allah says Technorati, Taka Luca was he Kofi sama? Oh prophet of one mighty Allah, we saw your desire turning up towards the heaven. It really is Allah Allah, Allah give the command for me to

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make and direct my salah away from me to cut this to be to love. That cup I will be to love which we are talking about. So great is its majesty and his superiority.

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But let me turn towards the cover and said, I take an oath by the bead in whose hands my life is that the honor of a believer is greater than you.

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The honor of the believer is greater than the honor of the Kaaba and need to learn today, if someone were to break the taboo, what would we do? I wouldn't be here. We are breaking covers on a daily basis by breaking the hearts and breaking the on off Muslims.

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And we carry on as if it's nothing. Brothers this is this Muslim Brotherhood the importance of reading the reoccurring source has been mentioned in a little mention of 10 this unit you have this on mice of such great importance.

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If this man remains united the strength Maria Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam said Yet Allah Jana Jana, Allah as assistance is on the United road for in albaraka.

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Allah's blessing is what the Jamaat, that is why in the thick of

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it is not designed to to make too many Jamaats in one masjid. And the reason given is it will break the unity of the ummah.

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So what this is the importance with regard to it. It is so important in the word of hazard minor use of sub Rahmatullah. The Mana use of SAP was the son of mana Ilyas the revival of the technique German.

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He used to say, I take an oath, that until you are not united, Allah Azza systems will not come upon you until you are not united Allah Azza systems will not come upon you. And he's in a time of Medina Sharif, if there were 10,000 people, every person hit the support hit the love of 9999 people.

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Three out of 10,000 people who might be heavy 9000, Germans 9000 different type of people in different inclinations. Then you say why doesn't the help of anatella comes upon us? In the words of one are you surprised to learn until you're not united unless assistance will not come upon you? He gave up a few days before his death, which is entitled

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keeping the OMA together and in that he had put so much of emphasis upon him in one particular, you know, in a later edition that last bit of his, he said on the day of chiamata person will come in front of Allah to Allah and Allah subhanho wa Taala will say, go go to January. And he said yeah, Allah, I couldn't do much. Why are we going to Gemini? He said Omar was at a critical stage. You said one word. You said one sentence. You gave one way on and you brought the Omar together go because of bringing the Ummah together in the uniting, go into Jana is another person will be called and you will say go to Johanna MEC. Well now why am I going to Jana? He said Omar was at a critical

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critical stage. You said one statement. Remember this is our first meeting before the end of my talk again You said one statement in today's time will say you sent one post out on social media you proved that

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you divided the OMA you created this unity in the

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in this particular band Why are you so separate I'm creating this unity amongst the OMA is more severe in the eyes of Allah Tala that messenger masala and going read into that particular bye bye and has been translated. Brothers una we take this particular matter for for for granted. This unity of the own mind is something that we are

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To strive towards it is something that has given us strength. And there is no doubt right when I will assume that we are himolla. He said I can see with a modem of authority because I studied history, that wherever Muslims have lost civilizations in the past, it has not been because of many, it could be other reasons, but one of the greatest reasons you see was the disunity of the ummah. You see the Mughal Empire, the Spanish Empire have been twice to Spain to see the history of Spain, concrete, the history of Spain, 989 100 years of Ruin was lost, primarily because of the disunity of the

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Muslims are fighting with one another. Muslims were disunited, and they were fighting to this extent that Muslims used to take, they used to have, you know, different types of city states. So it never Tuta the most famous traveler went to Spain. And when he went to Spain, he sent in a very amazing thing. He say, I never ever saw so many Ameerul Momineen in one place in one country. Sounds familiar?

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Almost like he's speaking about our situation. So many comedians in one place, he said the way I saw them, I said that it is bound to happen to cease imitation and one of them disunity. They used to take the assistance of non Muslims is Isabella and Ferdinand. And then they used to take their assistants to go fight against another Muslim. Why is that particular Muslim was

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was destroyed. Then they said the other for the non Muslims and the enemies got happy. One was taken out then the person who used to call for help, they used to destroy that particular person. And because of this disunity, the Muslims lost the glorious civilization, perhaps one of the greatest civilization in the history not only of Islam, perhaps the greatest civilization in human history.

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So my brothers, we can talk about the different types of importance of which I started off the importance of Muslim Brotherhood the importance of unity. Now what does this particular

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brotherhood demand from us it makes certain demands upon us one of the demands it makes upon us is that we are not supposed to hate one another.

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Maybe a Kareem Salah and Ronnie was celebrated in a hadith llactapata Oh, well

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about Allah He corner don't turn against one another. Don't Don't Don't Don't hate one another. Don't make her sad upon one another. We're all about Allah here if we're gonna be brothers unto one another as

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the commentator Buhari Cherie, the very famous commentator at layer two modalities, Mr. Ellerbee turtle, Hassan, Walla, Walla, Walla, Walla, your Eman is not complete, until you stay away from jealousy, you stay away from hatred, you stay away.

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You stay away from all of these negative attributes of hate, acid jealousy, and looking down upon one another, until we don't have this to image is not completed. Today my dear respect to others, we take it for granted. You know these particular aspects to hate one another. And I know many times

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there is a situation we say that no, there is there is a concept in our Sharia with regard to books, Milla will hopefully love one another for the sake of Allah and dislike one another for the sake of Allah. But it's very, very, it's a very fine line. Are you looking at someone because of books Villa or because of your own knifes of your own desire. We all know the very famous Hadith and the very famous maybe not the Hadith, the incident. And you know, the Allah who was fighting with a non Muslim in the heat of the battle. And when he was fighting with a non Muslim, he overwhelmed the non Muslim, he was about to finish him up about to kill him. And all of a sudden he stepped in his face.

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Now, you would have thought that this would have been a reason for him to come completely cold, you know, kill him. And it really allowed them to cut up and the non Muslim was taken aback. He said, I did something that normally would, you know, bring about anger in any person. I've got such a disgusting eight year you had me in your control, we just walked away. What did it really allowed them to say? It really allowed him and said I was fighting you first for the sake of Allah when you spat in my face. I felt a change in my intention. I felt that now if I'm going to fight upon you, and I'm going to fight with you it will be because perhaps because of my anger that respect in my

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face, and walked away from them. And then another thing that we have to keep in mind that maybe a cream sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and even the Sahaba in the action, many great Allah ma they always made mentioned with regard to this, Hate the sin not the sinner. As it mama shoeless Abram, clearly one of our greatest

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Scholars, he was an epitome of kindness and apathy of you know, o'clock and conduct. And then as a mom, as soon as you say you hit the sun, you don't hit the center. And there are so many examples with regard to this. Obviously, we have to hit the sun. If you don't hit the sun, then a time will come that you will not be able to make the distinction between right and wrong between vice and virtue between good and evil. We have to hate the sin. But the person who is committing it you got no right to make mention with regard to that he will go to the unknown because he made a sin. It is Allah Tala spirometer not your prerogative. And it is Allah to Allah has mercy, my dear respected

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brothers, that Allah subhanho wa Taala has not kept this particular aspect of who will go to Jonathan Jana Mila in the hands of human beings. And especially in today's time, it was in the hands of human beings. I think 90% of the money will go to Jana. Near the city situation is the vehicle exhausted mister in my example, is like the example of you know, moths in a fire or going towards a fire and I'm pulling you back from the fire. I'm keeping you back from the fire into the sandwich, how can we put him back into the fire? This similar situation may be occurring so say My example is I'm pulling away from the fire jam I tend to take people away from the fire.

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So beloved, clear crimson Allahu wa sallam. So what I'm saying is yes, we make the distinction and we can, we can draw, we can leave the lines blurred with regard to right and wrong. But we hate the sin not the sinner, that sinner May Allah subhanaw taala may give you a good idea he might turn out to be better than us in front of Allah Tala when he matters most. And there are many examples with regard to that. Libya Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam Stein and Libya Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on one occasion, there was a person who was being punished because he took alcohol in a time of the resources and as they were punishing him one one person said May Allah disgrace to Allah may

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Allah disgrace you and there is no said How dare you say such a thing? I know he's got love for Allah is

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a person taking alcohol in them about a time of Malika insourcing. And someone sent me a letter this Christian minister also said Don't say that. I know he loves Allah in His resort. Don't help shake down against him. If you are going to make him despondent and you say you are an evil person, he will become an evil person. He will fulfill your prophecy. Why are you doing that? Don't help sit down against him. I know he loves the left.

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So we hate that is something that we have been told to stay away from. Maybe a crimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam has said in a hadith. What one beautiful Hadith, Lyra.

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Tada, our focus as it is not permissible for a person out of hostility and hatred to stay away from another person for more than three days. From an Hijra focus Allah format.

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If you hate the person, and you stay away from him out of hostility, and out of enmity and you die, you go into Johanna.

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So these are these are not minor matters. So we hate the sin. But we we keep the look for the person who is committing wrong we may Allah subhanaw taala by changing and we don't know what situation he might turn out to be better than us. Who are we to decide? Allah Tala in the Holy Quran says but that was a coup and don't praise yourself. Allah knows who is most Taqwa. Allah knows who is God the most awkward. So in this particular matter, we have to be careful with regard to making. I mean, if we start, you know, judging people on one particular guna insulin, not looking we don't know what's going to happen in the future. There are so many examples. It is so beautifully said.

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Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. Every saint has a past and every sinner, every sinner has a future. What's going to happen to him what Allah knows, as a woman of the ultimate set up to him maybe a cream sauce from today, his buddy NetFlow delivered to your current source.

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No matter how tempted to pass, your future is spotless.

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No matter how much cleaner you call it, we're going to have this particular hater person, stay away from him, keep him away. Put him right in one corner, catch let's shaytan have the upper hand of him. We have two beautiful examples our entire world in our entire history where people will come with such great evil in the past, they turned out to be such great saints. He was a gangster. He used to loot people he used to rob people. Today when we take the name of facility is our head goes down in reverence and respect facility.

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So these are type of things we hate. And even in terms of judgment, we judge the action. There are certain things that are wrong, but we don't judge the person. Right? For example, we have got the right to say a person doesn't comment and doesn't read commas. We've got the right to say that this particular action of his is wrong. He's not performing so

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That's not performing. So that is wrong. He is committing whatever it is he has committed theft that commercial committing of theft is wrong. He's committed in modernity that committing immorality is wrong. But does it mean that because of that he is definitely going to handle and that is it is your failure. That particular call is not ours the call is Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah Tala might give him my Latella my take away or maybe I can install some I said in a hadith sometimes a person does so many wrong deeds, he does such evil there is one stem between him and Jahannam Allah Tala gives him good if he turns away from Johanna money becomes a gentleman and sometimes there is so

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many good deeds a person does does one spend between him and gentlemen, and Allah Tala takes away he died. You don't do good deeds on your own you do it because Allah gave you the topic of doing Allah Tala takes away he died and this person becomes a Janome.

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So who are we to judge? Who are we to judge with regard to those matters? That is why one day Ubuntu came to Adelaide near verse a villager. And he said, Abdullah, who's going to judge us on the Day of geometry, who's going to judge us on the Day of karma. So believing a person he ultimately said,

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Allah is going to judge us. And he said loud, the beard Allah.

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He said, Then we are saved.

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Then Then we are saying, he said, I wouldn't want instead of Allah, even my mother to judge me.

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I wouldn't want on the Day of Judgment. Instead of Allah, even my mother to judge me, I will rather be judged by Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And then Aditi is better that people will just be amazed by the mercy of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala on the day of

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that, how Allah subhanho wa Taala will send out his mercy. And sometimes we don't know, you know, we have to be made to be careful with that waste. We all know the famous Internet of Osama bin Zayed. I mean, look at look at this whole particular incident and look at the whole situation with regard to

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the circumstances. It looks so clear. Who some admins aid is in jihad is fighting against anonymously. The non Muslim flees the battle, Osama bin Zayed pursues him, honestly, is about to kill him. And then you recite ly Allah and Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah.

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and are some of the things he said, look at the circumstances, he's fighting against me. He ran away. Now that I'm cornering now sneakily Malala it apparently seems that he's only doing it to save his life. So somewhere means he did what perhaps most of us would do in a similar situation. He killed him, and then maybe a cream sauce from him to know about it. And maybe according to us a little safer.

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What are you going to answer to the telemar? La ilaha illa Allah on the day of Yama for Allah Shocktober. Did you open up his heart to see with what intention is really the Taliban? He read the Taliban who are you to judge with regard to On what basis he didn't the kinematic you were supposed to accept this reading the Kalama even if it came in such a situation, even if it came in such circumstances, we could judge a person who has committed a guna Maybe Allah Tala what forgiving abou Majan a soccer field for the Allahu Turan who was a person who used to take alcohol, he had a weakness on the eve of the vector of cuts, they are perhaps one of the most decisive battles in the

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history of Islam, and will matter the fact that he was found to be, you know, intoxicated, they locked him up when he was locked up. The battle started because he was the one here he found it very difficult to be, you know, in change. So in this particular week, he started saying that he started singing poetry that if only I could be on the battlefield, I could have shown that I am dedicated to the cause I'm dedicated to the deed, the wife of sapping me what caused the Muslim gender hurting hurting? She said, Why are you seeing this poetry said, Please, unblock me, I go and fight. If Allah Tala keeps me alive, I will come back and rock myself up again. And if I die, a martyr is a matter

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no one will blame you. He went out in the battlefield and he somehow forgotten he got martyred.

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And he went, when he came out different every horse, there was an extra horses Saturday, Thursday, he took that horse and he went into the battlefield. Wherever he went, he created distributed the ranks of the enemy. And he became the means of the Muslim victim. And started my workers is sitting on top watching and observing the battle. He said, Who is this person who's creating such a great, you know, tide in favor of the Muslims? He says, had it not been for a while.

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I had locked him up.

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And what is it he put on horse? Subhanallah he comes back at the end of the day. He comes the wife said, Martin pleaded with me to free my freedom. He goes to the upper margin and come to work to set up and you know, he came to him above it and said Paula, you said when he was taken off, I will never drink alcohol again. Simon everyone

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Have you a lot to know, a person who was intoxicated on the eve of the battle between the hero of Islam.

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So much the respect of others we have to keep in mind, sometimes it is so sad when you look at what is perhaps pervasive in today's time coming up. It is almost as as if kindness mercy have become attributes which we tend to stay away from. The more harsh a person is the more biases the more narrow interpretation he has the more biases but what what is the one

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that Allah says come in my opinion Allah even though it is alleged that he was pining for you? What is the overall perception we get when we study the life of our beloved minister, one of kindness, one of compassion, one of them, not looking the people up? People who were still as maybe Salem showed him such such love, that those who are enemies of Islam became Muslims in this economy. We all know the incident, the Center for Bucha Hello. And then the Vietnamese awesome show the respect, let me start from showing love. And then on the eve of one of the battles it was cutting people with it until the fight against the enemies, Colin said, you are going to put yourself and your life at

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risk. So he said, What do you know I was the enemy of Islam today. Don't stop me from fighting for Islam, and went into the middle of the battle. And 90 wounds are counted on the front of his body for the sake of Islam and he was martyred. How did he become a martyr? Because of the loving kindness that he uttering saw Salam shortly on the in the Battle of Wuhan, when they'll be a cream sauce for them was two teeth was Shaheed and the resource name was bruised and the resource room was full of blood. One Sadie said.

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Why now? Why don't you Why don't you curse the enemies. This is the time to curse the enemies. Look at what they've done to look at what they have done to the Sahaba look at what they have done for your uncle. We agree Mr. Selim lifted his hands. Some of the Sahaba were very happy. They said now that we are convinced Australian workers then they will be destroyed. So when the Vietnamese Aslam lifts started saying something the audit

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put 10 years down to 10 years what is meant is an awesome way to say what it is

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or what would make people

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this one the overall understanding of our understanding of Minnesota. Concern kindness, compassion, and conclusion our status one thing might be respectful. This is a lot of things that are happening. There are a lot of, you know, hatred that has been emanated through them, especially through the use of social media. Previously, a person couldn't do something yet to come in front of people to create fitna. Now you can do it behind the screen. I'm just making one request by this I made mention of that hadith require us to substantially say that one word, which is distributed can put you into great

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problems and put you in Jannah we must never be the cause of creating disunity. If something happens, why because we become part of that particular thing. Let us stay away from it. Let us know some of the unsanitary data.

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Should I not tell you something that is even more greater than knuffel. Salad greater than nothing, Rosa, tell us and he slept with him bring people together.

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Because disunity and hatred heal Holika change. And because shaming is associated with the head. Maybe some said, I don't say change of your head cheese of your D all the good deeds get wiped away by great industrialists. They'll be utterly exhausted said under the aim of debating it was that the agenda? Human Capital morale was equal. I guarantee a house in the middle of January for a person who walks away from an argument while he's writing.

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A house in the middle of Timna give us a perfect marriage. When we spoke about Muslim Brotherhood. We spoke about the importance of unity. We spoke about the importance, the harms of disunity, we spoke about two things in particular, don't hate people don't look down upon people. We hate the sun, and we need to hit the sun because otherwise the the differentiation between right and wrong will not be there. We can't blur the lines. We have to hit the sun. We have to become condoned wrong. We have to make a distinction, but the person who has committed to make dua for you, maybe because of our showing, who knows, he might turn out to be better than us. So may Allah give us a

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trophy for making our