Mufti Menk – Boost #09 You’re not Racist, Are You

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history and significance of the Quran, including its use in various languages and cultures, a disturbing pattern of domestic pride and domestic violence, and the importance of respecting one's relationship with Allah. The speakers emphasize the need for respect and acceptance between individuals, as well as giving people a greeting and not taking advantage of rules. They also discuss the importance of respecting one's relationship with others and not giving things up too much. The segment ends with a discussion of the need for acceptance and acceptance of others.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi wa sallahu wa salam ala Mallanna BIA BARDA, who is early he also be he was selling my beloved brothers, my dear sisters,

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we heard a beautiful melodious recital of our Imam from Morocco, and the other imam from Burkina Faso.

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If you are unaware, those are the nationalities. But the book of Allah is the same. Whether they are in Burkina Faso or in Morocco or in South Africa or in Zimbabwe, or anywhere else in the world. The Word of Allah is unique and it is amazing. You may not be able to communicate with one another but you will immediately know that this is a recital of the Quran and if there is a mistake in the recitation of the Imam many of those behind the Imam would pick it up instantly. That's a miracle of the Quran.

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In an app known as the cloud in Allah, hula, half moon, we have revealed this revelation, and we shall protect it we shall look after it. There are so many ways of looking after the Quran. I want to highlight one, before I continue, every one of you has contributed towards the protection of the Quran by the will of Allah. Do you not know a small portion of the Quran of by heart? The answer is yes. If you know a small portion of the Quran of by heart even if it is Surah Fatiha and the opening Surah of the Quran, even if it is two or three other short sutras, thank Allah you have been used to Congress to to protect and to preserve this great book by the will and Divine Mercy of Allah

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subhanho wa taala. The reason is, many people ask why is it that when I have to pray the five daily prayers, it must be in Arabic? Well, if it was in any other language, perhaps we may have lost the authenticity of this book Subhan Allah, Allah says don't adjust the book, in order to suit you, but adjust yourself in order to suit the book Subhan Allah, may Allah make it easy, this does not mean we are not allowed to supplicate or make dua in another language, you can supplicate in any language you want. But when it comes to the recital in the five daily prayers that must be in the Arabic language as per the instruction of Allah Almighty may Allah Almighty make it easy this evening, we

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heard verses regarding the signs of Allah subhanho wa Taala verses one after the other. When Allah says warming.

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He from His Signs, He wants you to think about His Signs, He wants you to look into them to ponder over them. In fact, he says in many places in the Quran in Nephi, that he kala

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only know her in NaVi Valley gala is

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when he says certain things, he says in this there are signs, but not just for anyone and everyone for those with intellect for those with sound, intellect, those with knowledge or those who would like to achieve guidance and so on.

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Are we going to be from among those who ponder over the signs of Allah subhanho wa taala? Well, he says, one of the primary signs of Allah.

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Let's listen to the verse. Well, I mean, it he and Karla cocoon me to rob Thorne

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to bash shell 10

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Does you own from the signs of Allah Almighty is that he created you, from throb from dusts. All of you are from the same source. And then he caused you. He caused you to disperse all over the world, everywhere. But if you ponder over his signs, you are from one source. I remember speaking to a man who said, I don't believe I come from Adam. I don't believe I come from Eve meaning Hawa, may peace be on them. We believe that we are from Adam and Eve.

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A man tells me I don't believe we are from Adam. I said, Well, where do you believe you are from? He says, Well, we just came about. I said, Well, I want to tell you if you believe you came about, according to you, everyone else is from the same source that much he had to agree. He had to agree that even if they say that we don't believe that we are from Adam, they would still believe we are from somewhere

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which is exactly the same source. And on top of that, they would acknowledge

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Now that we are reproducing between us, how come if one person this is something amazing if one person came out naturally from somewhere and suddenly appeared? Why did that not happen three or four times? How can we only happen once? Surely if that was nature that caused it, nature would cause it a few more times. But it hasn't. It goes to show there is something flawed about it. We come from Adam, my brothers and sisters, Allah says,

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Woman teehee

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and Haleakala coming and fusi, come as well gently Tuscano Ilya, from the signs of Allah is that he created for you from amongst you, your spouses, in order that you achieve comfort from them.

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And he has immediately as soon as you get married, Allah says, There is a special mode and Rama that he puts there is a special love and mercy between you that he puts that's Allah subhanahu wa taala.

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And then he speaks about something unique in these same verses. And that is the issue of the very the variations in languages and the variations in you as people. Why did he do that? Why did Allah create the races? Why did Allah create the different types of people who speak different languages from different cultures and different languages from different parts of the world, different dialects of the same language? Why did Allah do that? Do you know the reason? The true reason is in order that you become acquainted with one another. That's why in another verse in Surah, Surah Allah Almighty says, WA I'll come sure Obama

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in Anytown awful we have created you into various tribes and peoples in order that you get to know one another, acquainted with one another. Today, we have a disaster, what is the disaster? It is an issue we need to speak about, that we face, whether we like it or not. Racism,

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where people look at you and your complexion, or we look at others and their color, their complexion, and immediately we judge them and we believe that they are on a certain level, higher or lower based on the skin color.

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That is so backward and so unacceptable in the eyes of Allah. Allah says you are from one source. That's what we're talking about this evening. You come from Adam, you come from Eve, you are one major massive family and indeed, you have been split all over the world, but that does not make you any better than the other. That's why Allah says in Kurama, Qumran, Allah He can, indeed the most honored in the eyes of Allah from amongst you are those who are the closest in relationship with Allah has nothing to do with your wealth, nothing to do with your color, nothing to do with the language you speak. Nothing to do with your race, nothing to do with your nationality, nothing to do

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with anything else your height or how short you are nothing to do with how beautiful or handsome you are. Nothing to do with all of that. How is your relationship with Allah? The closer the relationship, the more honored in the eyes of Allah you shall be? And how do I develop this relationship with Allah? Two important factors we will always speak about these two things, don't ever forget them. Number one, your worship of Allah needs to be in order. Number two, your respect of the rest of the creatures of Allah needs to be in order. Those are the two things one is known as Allah, the rights of Allah, Allah asked me to do five salah I will do them Allah asked me to worship

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Him alone, I will do that Allah asked me to declare my Shahada and believe in and work towards it. I will do that. Allah asked me to fasting Ramadan, I will do it. Allah asked me to give charity I will do it. Allah asked me to do so many things to go for Hajj, if I can, may Allah make it easy for all of us, I will do it. Whatever Allah has asked me to stay away from I stay away from halal and haram. I know the difference between the two. And whatever Allah has asked me to do, I will do it that is the right of Allah Almighty. But there is a right even from among some of those if they are connected to other human beings. For example, if you look at zakat, you know the charity you're

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going to give to the poor. It's connected to both. On one hand, its wealth you are giving for the sake of Allah, I'm fulfilling the right of Allah. But the poor man also has a right so I'm going to give from my wealth to a poor person respecting him because without him, I would not have been able to engage in a pillar of Islam.

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Imagine, don't you respect the house of Allah

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Why don't you respect when you come into the masjid Allah Almighty tells you to dress in a certain way to dress beautifully and so on yeah bunny Adama who do Xena to come in the Quran the Masjid. Oh Children of Adam, adorn yourselves when you come to the masjid wait nice, decent, beautiful clothing as you come to the house of Allah. It's a pillar of Islam that you are coming to fulfill enjoy it this evening. We took our time did you notice recital those of you are not used to

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Hamdulillah we enjoyed it. You're supposed to enjoy the term tarawih has in it. Raha Raha means Hey, I'm supposed to be relaxed, calm, not that I'm on edge and I'm standing in wondering, this guy is taking too long. This guy's actually reading a bit, this guy's relax, calm down, take it easy. It's a voluntary prayer, enjoy your connection with Allah, I want to tell you in the same way we respect the house of Allah more than that we should be respecting one another. And we respect those who are poor, because through them, Allah has allowed us to fulfill one of the great pillars of Islam known as a cut. They will come a time, close to Qiyamah according to one narration, that wealth will be

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everywhere. And you won't find the poor person to give a charity imagine what will happen. When I was sitting a few years ago and talking about some of the youngsters came to me say they make dua the time comes Quickman we need some money, man, you know, subhanAllah I said are you sure that's going to happen? People are going to be rich said everyone's going to be rich. When is that coming? That is a disaster because Allahu Akbar Allah bomba Kumala bow. Fifth is, Allah says he has given virtue and favor to some above others in wealth. And you know what it's for to test you? Does it make you arrogant? Do you think now you're a big deal? Do you respect the other people when you

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give? Do you give with humility and respect? Or do you give and you still have a chip on your shoulder change that change that? Because I tell you all of this is connected the racism on one hand, and this pride and on the other hand, and the issue of maltreatment of those who are perhaps on a lower financial level than you, that should not be in Islam, we are equal and NASA sia got US national mission, we are all equal, the people are similar as the teeth of a comb. I know some of them will have definitive spoken about the Hadith. But I want to just draw it as an example, to say we are equal we have access to Allah, talk to people, no matter who they are, give them a face that

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is filled with a beautiful expression, and Allah will give you paradise.

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And why? Let me explain why. Who is your Lord? Is it not Allah Who made you? Is it not Allah? Are you not trying to please Allah? Well, if you want to please Allah, that same Allah has made other creatures that are dear to him as well. He put them on Earth with you at the same time, not for nothing. If you really love Allah, and you believe in Allah, and you really believe that you are going to go back to Allah, you would treat with respect every other thing that the same Allah has created and that's when you become close to Allah. How can I be close to you and something dear to you is not dear to me, then I'm not close to you.

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When you're dear to someone, whatever is dear to them is dear to you because that's it. Mashallah, if you love someone, everything they love or it's connected to them, you love it, you respect it. That is the relationship with Allah we are entering almost in sha Allah the last 10 nights of Ramadan. I ask Allah Almighty to help us to change in a beautiful way. We need the Ummah to come together, we need to respect each other. That does not mean we are going to think the same, it's impossible to think the same, we will have differences of opinion, we may differ sometimes strongly in certain matters. It does not mean I don't love you, and I don't care for you. And that does not

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mean I would not stand up to defend you wherever you are being attacked unjustly. Or if someone were to physically harm you, I would get up and make sure that I put my life at risk in order to save you because the Quran says woman, ya fucker and

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NASA Jimmy. whoever saves one soul is equivalent to having saved entire humanity.

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For that reason, I'm going to strive so when we look at each other, my brothers my sisters, look at each other with an eye of love bearing Allah in mind. You're not trying to please Allah. Yes, I am. Well then here's a little child walking up Subhanallah This is an innocent child coming and probably will come to sit somewhere here. Let's watch and see. But I want to tell

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Do something as the child comes up there are different ways we could react. And if we were to react, we either look at the child with the eye of love and mashallah is it looks like the child is the child of our Imam Al Hamdulillah.

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And such a beautiful child may Allah bless. Some people would get agitated, irritated and make a big noise and a scene about it as though there was no end to it. That's because there's something wrong with you and your heart and your eyes. Children are just children. I wouldn't be surprised if they screamed and yelled Subhanallah look at them with the eye of love, at the time of the prophets, Allah Allah Allah Salem.

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He used to shorten his prayers sometimes when there was noise of children in the background. And nowadays you have masjid they say no children allowed. You seen that? Subhanallah no children allowed? Yes. If sometimes there is an irritation and the masjid might be very small and people are not taking care of their children screaming and so on. Because it doesn't mean I said this, I think yesterday yesterday, I said it somewhere else. I was in Madina Munawwara yesterday. And I remember saying that, if for example, the child is crying, it does not mean mashallah if you're the mother or the father do something about it, because it doesn't mean now that the Prophet SAW Selim said, You

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know what, let him cry. It's okay. Let him cry. In fact, pinch him a bit more let him scream a little bit that's the Imam will slow will at least you know, finish his salad No, no, do not take advantage of the rules, but at the same time, enjoy it. Look at each other with love. That's my child, it could be yours. empower them, give them a greeting. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to spend a moment to greet the children. Do you know why he made from them men who led the ummah. That's what happened. You look at the child and you tell us of this child tomorrow is going to be something why we all give importance to the child but the minute you say Hey, get out and so on you

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belittle them they have no they, they Subhanallah they begin to worry about themselves and about you and they start shaking who's going to lead the Ummah here? Are you really concerned about the future and the Ummah and humanity at large? Look at the globe, people say there's hopelessness. There's so much negativity, there's so much of problem this disease we agree but there is hope in Allah.

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There is hope in Allah are we not in the masjid? Has Allah not chosen us to come here and put our heads on the ground for his sake Wallahi my brothers, my sisters, if you have come in, or if you have put your head on the ground for the sake of Allah, it is only by the acceptance of Allah that you have done that it's not anything else. When Allah wants you to come, you will come I promise you. If Allah does not want you, you are no way going to come there is no chance, no chance. That's why we say make an effort. Make an effort and thank Allah that He accepted your effort.

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When Allah is obeyed, he is obeyed by his permission. When Allah is disobeyed, he's disobeyed by his knowledge. Allah knows you disobeyed.

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And when you obeyed, Allah allowed you to do it, masha Allah may Allah Almighty grant us goodness, I have absolutely loved this evening. We are here in this beautiful Nizami Masjid in Midrand. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to grant acceptance to this wonderful place, and Subhanallah the number of brothers and sisters who have come here this evening, is indeed sign that the OMA is alive. I tell you why. We are going to start the last 10 nights in sha Allah more seriously than we took the first 20 By the will of Allah. This may be our last Ramadan

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is something going to change in you, my brothers and sisters as we walk out of this Masjid. Ponder over what we said today, the issue of racism. Don't ever look at someone who has a different complexion or color and think to yourself, that person is low in any way, shape or form because then you have just dropped yourself lower than them.

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It is something we need to think about respect people. Talk to them, greet them, offer them something that Allah has given you. And Allah Almighty will bless you in a million in one ways may Allah Almighty grant us goodness, and may Allah Almighty accept all our fasting and all are standing in Salah. And may Allah Almighty use us to bring the Ummah together and to respect one another, even without differences in May Allah Almighty grant us the best of this world and the next Akuto Kohli Harada SallAllahu wasallam Allah Baraka Allah and Amina Muhammad Subhan Allah he will be humble he Subhana Allah homopolymeric The Shadow Allah Allah Allah and Mr. Furukawa toyboy

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