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So we're going to be have a very brief class inshallah and open q&a about the outcome or the rulings of decaf, and just color code and let's begin by of course, mentioning what is the concept of erotica. erotica off comes from the verb Agatha. I kufr. So for example, Allah subhanaw taala mentions that the Bani Israel when they left Egypt, they came across a group of people Yeah, cool fauna, either a tsunami lagoon aka yaku fauna or tsunami level. They were circling and respecting their idle and so they said we want to idle like this idle so Allah use the word Akka Yeah, cool phone. The meaning of Akka is therefore to stick to a place and to constantly be involved with that.

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This is what I prefer means. So air takeoff therefore has a meaning of physically sticking to a place and spiritually being involved with something. This is what it takeoff means, right? So aka is physical and mental air takeoff, therefore, there's a physical component and there is a spiritual or a mental component. And as for the physical component, Allah subhanho wa Taala explicitly mentioned in the Quran, what are two baths you don't know what to Malachy fauna feel? Massage it.

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Okay, this is a very clear verse do not approach your women while you are at your phone doing erotica, Phil massage this idea gives us the two main and only things that break the Arctic off. This is the beauty of the Quran. That so succinct so small, and we learn so much from it. Well to bash you Rona, want to Marquis fauna filled massage and do not approach your women

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while you're doing charity golf in the masjid, what are the two things that break erotica number one

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approaching the women number two leaving the masjid Hollis Allah's and destroying class over guys Bismillah we're done. Literally that's really that's it. Wallah to bash you ruhuna want to argue for NFL misogyny. These are the two things that break the air to guff intimacy with your spouse and leaving the massage of Allah azza wa jal links erotica off with the misogyny want to argue fauna fill, massage it. This is where we get the concept of erotica being in the masjid. Now, there's a whole bunch of controversy that's not relevant to us. What type of Masjid must you have Joomla or Joomla or only or whatnot. It's irrelevant to us the format that was have a lot of discussion. In

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the end of the day. We have Juma angioma. No problem right. But you should be aware there's a lot of controversy. What if you have the masjid of your locality? You know, you remember back home? There are small messages where there's no drama. Correct? Right. So big controversy can you do air tickets and those Musa layouts? We don't have to worry about the controversy. The end of the day to guff is definitely in the masjid of Joomla no question about that. Now, the Arctic of concept is mentioned one more time in the Quran. So the Quran mentions a tick off twice only. And the second one shows that ear tick off is praiseworthy. Because Allah subhana wa Tada commands the Prophet Ibrahim

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alayhis salam to purify the GABA from all idols make it pure for Allah subhanho wa Taala for whom ye water here bait here with thaw it fina while caffeine workers sujood Okay, purify maca and the house my house. Make it clean to heat here clean is not just physical, it is spiritually clean. Make my house clean. Well thought hit a Beatty, then Allah praised the highest category of people around the house. For if Tov RKf doing erotica

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and brokers to do praying record and suju this idea shows us that at gaff, in some ways has a more better blessing than nothing broken sujood because of the 13th thought effing archy Fein Rocha is to do so there is definitely blessings in there to guff and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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would perform erotica regularly now

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Whether he performed a takeoff the first year in Medina or the second bit of a controversy, but from the second year for sure. So that's basically eight years for sure. He performed I take off. And he began performing at guff in the beginning of Ramadan. That's the first years. Then few years later, he started doing Arctic off in the middle of Ramadan, the middle 10. Then the final two or three years, he came out one day in Ramadan, we don't know exactly when because again, as much of the Sierra and a hadith, we don't have dates on them. We can assume fifth or sixth year of the Hijra assumption. He came in the month of Ramadan, and he made an announcement.

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Whoever is going to do is to take off

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before you even move on the shows that I take off was already known. erotica was already a culture and a habit and accustomed so logistical announcements are being made from the beginning of the month, right. whoever's going to perform Eric take off, let him make a take off in the last 10 Because Laila to the other isn't the last 10

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Min, Karna martec failure, failure to give Phil I shouldn't hour. This is now the sooner this does not mean you're not allowed to do take off before but this is the ideal time. This is the prime time of pickup and I should allow him and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam never left here decaf? No, it is said that one year he felt sick and Ramadan. So he wasn't able to do a tick off. So he made it up in show was of how to like he literally was not able to do air ticket because he was fever whatever that year. So he made it up afterwards because another technical point, our profits have some behind the his level was so high, obviously, he never gave up enough it. Never. Once he

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started doing something, it was his habit to do. So if he wasn't able to do it, he would make up enough Hill for the rest of us. It's not something we do. But his level was that that he would never give up even enough. If he couldn't do it. He would make pulled off of the sooner and nephila Right. So that year he actually made COBOL even though I'm using it in a loose term, Cobalt is not widely to make up but he wanted to live up to that. So he actually made the Arctic off in show while Subhanallah that was the only year he made it because he was sick that year in in Ramadan. So he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam linked erotica OFF WITH LEILA to cuddle. And even Roger and Ibrahim and

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others Dave say this demonstrates one of the main hekman wisdoms of the article. One of the main wisdoms of the photograph is to guarantee guarantee what

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guarantee what

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worshiping Allah on the little whether you're worshipping Allah on later to other throughout the entire night, right? So the prize of worshiping Allah for at 3.33333 years, the prize of worshiping Allah for an entire lifetime, that price in order to guarantee it. I mean, can you imagine if there was a lottery for a million dollars, right, and 10 tickets you have to buy? That's it. And if you buy these 10 tickets is within these numbers who amongst us would not buy that? This is the analogy that Ibragim, others or others others are saying that you have the guarantee to get Laila to other if you don't your ticket. Right. So this is one of the biggest wisdoms or Hickmott of air takeoff.

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Now, air takeoff. The interesting thing about it, it's clearly an act of worship. Allah praises it indirectly in the Quran. RoboHelp at the prophets ism, encouraged it whoever is doing it God, he himself did it every single year. But the interesting thing, there is no idea or Hadith that links it with a specific blessing.

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Just interesting. That's right. Whoever does it take off show. No, there's no such thing like this. Okay. Does this mean it's not bless it? No, it's not. It's just that in fact, some can say that by not mentioning a blessing. Allah subhanaw taala is really testing those who want the unknown from him. There is no sir because most other things, you know, whoever prays 12 raka sunnah a palace will be built in Jana, whoever it says after fajr whoever whoever incentive dangle something because we're weak, we need that incentive. Or take off. It's not mentioned.

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So perhaps a wisdom can be that. This is for Allah select servants. Allah has chosen something for them. And it's as if Allah saying you don't need to know, but do it. So no doubt our take off is an action of worship.

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By unanimous consensus your takeoff is not obligatory. It is not wajib it is not for the fire it is. It's most the help. Okay, it's good if you do it now, obviously, it will only become larger if you make an oath to yourself. Like if you say, Oh Allah, if you cure me from this disease, I promise you, I'm going to do that. I mean, that's you will otherwise fic wise, there is no module by you. None of none of them, I'd have says it, as far as I know, is well known. It is something that's good to do. And if you do it good, if not, then there is no sin on you. J It's so this is the basics of the fifth article. Now, a number of other minor controversies that inshallah I mean, for your

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benefit, what is the minimum time of the article?

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What is the minimum time of year to guff? So once again, you have a whole host of opinions, some have said the minimum time of your takeoff is one day and night. And some have said the minimum time of your takeoff is one full night from like malaria until Fudger. And some have said a portion of a night. So when you come in after maghrib, you sit until as late as you can. And some have said and this is what the position I advocate because there's no evidence to restrict it. And this is the humbly position and even Taymiyah has written about this and whatnot, that there is no minimum for air takeoff, there is no minimum, you may do air to go for even a few hours. Because erotica is a

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binding on yourself. I'm going to stay in the masjid for this amount of time. And in that timeframe, I shall dedicate myself to the worship of Allah. This is what the article was really, right. So whether you want to do the ideal, which is 10 days, that's the ideal. Or you want to do less, three days, five days, we're going to do even less one day or even less one night. I'm going to come for Korea for taraweeh. And I'm going to sit here all the way till you know, Soho, and in that timeframe, you know, I'm going to do air takeoff. Okay, you have done some air takeoff, and that is better than no air ticket. So then somebody says what's the difference between somebody who's doing

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a takeoff and somebody who just walks into the masjid. And the response is the one who makes the intention for Eric take off. He has his Nia from the beginning, that I'm going to dedicate my 4567 hours

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for the worship of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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So, I'm not going to be distracted. I'm not going to engage in, you know, conversations, I'm not going to know this is my worship time. So the only difference is that you have from the beginning of walking into the Masjid. You have the intention that this timeframe. It is dedicated for the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala that's all that it is. Okay. And as you're aware, what is your son that you are conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala How do you convert a routine into an a bada we are all you all know, you can make your work and everybody you can make your sleep and everybody how, by having the intention. So this is the only difference. And then one more and that is when you make

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that intention, then obviously you have to live up to it so you don't so if you just walked into the masjid, you may talk and chill and whatnot, wait for the salah. If you're doing it and take off then obviously you have to have a more higher level of worship. Okay, so that's going to be the difference between somebody who just walks in versus the one who says I'm going to do their ticker. Now.

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Obviously, the majority of questions that come is about leaving the masjid and our scholars mentioned that

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when ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala has linked the article off to the masjid.

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It is not allowed to leave the masjid for anything other than that which is necessary for your human being existence. And the evidence for this our Prophet system did not attend the Janaza Antarctica and attending the janazah is walking to book here is a huge blessing. And he didn't do that during our takeoff, and he did not visit the sick during our takeoff. And he told us to visit the sick, so many a hadith and he did not do any other good deed during the article. So therefore, in the state of Arabic If there is no deed that should be done outside of the masjid accept something you need to live as a human being. I show the Allahu Anhu says the Prophet says that when he had with his body

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when he entered a teacup in the masjid, he would not exit except for the Hajer that he has. And Hijra here means eating, drinking and restroom.

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However in the Arabic any the need that he has as a human being

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And therefore, based upon this, our scholars have said that depending on your circumstances, you may exit the masjid for your human basic needs, and that is doing well do during listen, you know, using the restroom, food drink, if food and drink is not coming to the masjid, then wherever is the closest place and this goes back to the facility, it goes back to where you're going to take off, you know, once upon a time food would not be brought to the Minister. So, the one doing charity golf would have to go back home and get food from his family and then come back in. So, the books that Phil mentioned this that when he goes to his house, he may eat but he cannot you know interact

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romantically. You may speak with your wife and children, but you cannot do obviously with a husband and wife do you may go and as soon as you finish you come back and our scholars mentioned. Now again, I know most of the questions come Can I do this? Can I do this? There is no mathematical equation, use your common sense. Do not leave the masjid for more than what is required. This is what our scholars say. Now, if you go for more than what is required, how are you going to judge five minutes? 10 minutes, this is where the gray area comes. That's why we thank Allah you guys don't have to worry about going elsewhere. Because food and drink is brought to you on a silver

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platter. Right? Correct. silver platter, right, Mashallah. He's going to raise a silver bow for you all, you're all going to have food and water over here. And your restaurant facilities are right over here. And that has also as well, that has showers as well. So Hamdulillah you don't have to worry about this issue of, you know, leaving outside and coming back in. Everything is provided for you over here. If you only lived in a different place and time that we could get into the technicalities that went over there's no need to do that. And even then there is no equation. It's just a generic rule. If you stay beyond your Hajer your need your ethic app is broken. Okay, now,

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this is now the McDonough are the things that break it or take off or to leaving the masjid for no reason and intimacy with one spouse. Now, the thing that diminishes the reward of erotica off what are called the makuu hats are very ticked off right. That is one major thing and that is wasting time

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wasting time a person who comes to the masjid and socializes during takeoff. Technically, the ethic app is not Balti. But you've destroyed the spirit of charity Gaff. The whole purpose of your takeoff is to engage in as much worship as you humanly can. Now, guys, I have you know, done your takeoff once or twice in my life. i I'll be honest, I am not.

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I have not done it too often. But I know what happens in our takeoff.

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Unfortunately, party festival takes place. All the young men come together, right? And they're not so young men, and they feel young, when they come together. And subhanAllah

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and to me this is an even others they very they have very harsh words about this much harsher than I'll tell you actually. But I'll just say if you're coming to take off to have fun

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it is better for you to stay at home and worship Allah there with oran and Likud in these 10 days then to do this you're you're you're losing the purpose of vertical

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takeoff is meant for as much to the board tilava Salah as possible. Now does this mean that every conversation is null and void? No, I never said that. The Prophet system would engage and interact you cannot be anywhere human being we are human being you cannot continuously read Quran you know when you're awake, continuously do Salah you need a few minutes relaxing you know walking around the masjid you know, by the way you should not walk outside. You should not walk outside. If you need to walk Masha Allah, Allah has gifted you epic, Masha, Allah, you know, and all of these rooms come under the masjid all of these rooms. You guys are going to be sleeping here, right? Correct. Yeah,

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yeah. So these this is the masjid that room in the corner is the message all of this is the message, right? So this is your place, you stay here, you need to walk around, no problem. You need a little bit of, you know, variety or change in it sit down a few minutes, right. But I strongly encourage you guys, I know how it goes. Because again, I've been there done that

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you become more social than more worshipping. And that's not right. I'm just telling you. It's not right. That's not the point of where to go. So somebody says Alba can I put on my phone and check my email and whatnot? Again?

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It all of these come under mcru hats. If you're coming to a photograph to finish up your business emails, you have hundreds of emails you'd have to answer that day. You're destroying the spirit of Verity cough, I understand. You need to check you know, a few minutes or whatever it

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It's allowed, it's allowed. It's not going to destroy your ticket. But if you go excessive,

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then the spirit of your takeoff is gone. Now we know it is allowed to speak reasonably. How do we know this? Because our mother, Sophia, or the Aloha know, she came to the process and for a hairdryer, something happened, something between husband, wife, whatever it was, she needed to resolve an issue talk about something. She came doing air takeoff.

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And she sat with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, whatever the issue was question was, and then he stood up. Now again, this is late at night. So he walked with her a reasonable distance until the house was visible. And then he went back home, this is a hard job, by the way, your wife and your husband, you just walked through the house to make sure that any it's safe and whatnot. And by the way, even in Medina, this is Medina, you know, but human beings are human beings, you have to still it's how you, society is my point is this shows us what a Hajer is, she came she spoke for a while the process was with her the whatever the issue was between husband and wife, we as you know,

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there might be some things missing, whatever it might be the food pantry, whatever it might be, she had to discuss something. So she came, and she discussed, she sat in the middle of the process. And then he stood up, escorted her outside because this is now a personal hygiene that needs to be done, because he's the husband. So he has to now take care of this. So he walks as much needs to be and then he comes back into the attic area. And this shows us therefore it's not a life and death situation that she has to come right now. Something took place, she has to get an answer. So she comes this shows us a little bit of conversation is completely valid. And it's not even my crew. As

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I said, we're human beings, we cannot worship Allah 24/7 like the angels do. But what is the slippery slope between a little bit versus a little bit more versus a little bit more? Use your common sense. Again, use your common sense in this regard, and minimize and disregard Other than this, the other thing that is shallow This will then open up the floor for some discussion in q&a.

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So the what is to be done in I think of all types of worship, but especially especially as we're aware, the Quran of the Quran. Some would say some have said that it was in erotica, that God would come and recite, you know the famous to be able to come some have said we're not 100% Certain because but some have said in the famous Hadith that God would come and recite Quran to him, this will take place in the article. So there's an indication there for that in here to guff oran should be your primary focus, or should be your primary focus, obviously other than this, your DUA and your liquor and your actual Salawat as well and you're in the masjid. And the goal of erotica, frankly is

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a spiritual cleansing literally. And some have compared pre revelation of Quran the process and we'll go to otter Hara and after Accra, you know, when it came to Medina, the equivalent of cutting off is their take off. Like it's a cleansing, you get cut off from society, cut off from the dunya cut off from the hustle and bustle and just dedicate a little bit of days for the worship of Allah subhanho wa taala. So this is what I have prepared to shoulder and other than that, open up the floor for q&a and I know most of the questions will be Can I do this? Can I do this? Can I do this and I'm telling you from now. I gave you the rules apply them. Don't be like the Bani Israel when

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they were told to sacrifice a cow or how big cow was the color of the cow but you get the point. Do not spend too much time in MOBA talk.

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You have to spend a little bit of time will lie I understand we all understand. The less amount of time you spend in MOBA talk, the better you are at golf, the more amount of time you spend the more McGraw Hill becoming and if you spend your entire time then what is the purpose of the article but technically again, if you do excessive talking, it doesn't make the click of a button that's the main point I want you to teach your child

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in LA Mussolini now almost Lima de one meaning one minute in quantity now look on it that the more slowed up in our slaw, the bond the one song Dino Slavia rod Do you want to for sharing you know one

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one for sharing I want to do one down one BP now one downside the party was on all me now was all in

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one heavy Lina photo gentleman one Hatfield law D was that good enough?

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What's going on? I don't know hula

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