Yasir Qadhi – Eid ul Fitr with EPIC

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The epic community is holding a virtual event to celebrate the day of read. The event will include a video of the So filename system and a live hood. The event will also include a message from the family to pray for the day. The event will be a virtual read event for the community.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh who Dear brothers and sisters of epic This is a special message for all of us of the epic community. As we're all aware we will not unfortunately be getting together physically for the Eid salah. However we're going to be following the photo from the field Council and also from Andrea both of these bodies have told us that we should celebrate your eat at home and we should offer solids and eat at home and then offer a live hood but we can listen to and so that is exactly what Epic is going to be doing. Also, dear parents, this is a very important time for you to make sure that your children appreciate the day of read. Please make sure that you and

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your family make a special effort to follow the Sooners have read that means that you start the tech bureaux at home obviously you will do the hostel you dress in your finest, no pajamas parents and children you have to dress up this is the day of read you will show the a the angels that you are happy that is it every day and you will show your family in sha Allah who told us that they have read our Prophet system would wear his finest garments do it to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and so we will prepare ourselves and obviously will not be fasting on that day. And so it is actually sunnah to have a early breakfast on that day to demonstrate that you

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are not fasting and we have announced that we will be starting our Salah at exactly 9:30am So we will start broadcasting the epic tech buret from our Masjid at 9am. We're going to start broadcasting we ask you all to turn on to tune into our channel and start listening to the live tech the rods that we will be giving is only going to be us the three or four of us that are going to be here we'll be giving the tech of Iraq and at 930 Exact we will pray the tour account have read I will explain how that is prayed live when you are watching. You will pray on your own you're not going to be following Jamar Of course you can watch us and see but you're not following behind this

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you're not going to have an imam with the situation you will pray to raka The Family Leader The or you can have a son anybody lead the solder and you will be praying the tour guide with the turkey rot. And then after that you will you pray to Dhaka I will also pray to Raka and then I will stand up to give the hotbar which you can listen to live and it will be a general lecture for you just consider it to be an Islamic lecture obviously you're not praying read quote unquote behind me, but no problem to get the spirit of read to listen to some knowledge and inshallah as I told you in my last lesson as well my last video announcement my philosophy is read Hotbird should be short and

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sweet. And so inshallah I guarantee you less than 10 minutes could be very short and sweet. And then after that insha Allah to either celebrate amongst your family and whatnot and then epic has a good surprise from 1030 until around 1230 or so we will encourage all of you to bring your families and have a drive by eat here at Epic and we will be distributing sweets and goodie bags especially for the children and we'll just be saying Salaam and waving all of us are going to be here as well and myself and we start an E mob and the epic board will all be here obviously appropriately dressed and whatnot and but inshallah The point is just to feel the spirit of E and this is these are unique

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times Dear brothers and Susan what can we do we make do with what we have and we will inshallah to either be able to replicate a partial element of that spirit of it and it will be an array that will go down in memory as well inshallah The time will come when you will tell you know your children grandchild, you know what attended and eat like this as well once upon a time. So this tool will go down in our books of history, inshallah. Tada, so we look forward to that date. We look forward Inshallah, to seeing all of you here, make sure you come you don't want to just sit at home and today have read and so come in your car, no problem, you'll be in your car and you will be given

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some you know, sweets and candy for the children and at least see some other people from the safety of your car and insha Allah to Allah that will be our unique read for this year. I look forward to seeing all of you on that day does akmola Who Kailyn Salam aleykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Sure.

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NASCI we're Bellina Meenal muda wonderful on

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Femto Shahidan Gomez, Shahar fellow

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woman Ghana Maddie one elewana sefirat

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you read on libido moto usarla you read to be cool last Serravalle to Nilo like that I wanted to go beyond law.

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