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AI: Summary © The importance of learning about Allah's teachings and his attributes to increase one's love for his teachings is emphasized in this conversation. The use of the title" Hopeful God Today" in the Bible is emphasized, along with the historical significance of forgiveness and avoiding sin. The importance of forgiveness in bringing people back to Christ and building a strong foundation is also emphasized. The conversation touches on large villages where Islam is often associated, as well as the historical significance of forgiveness and the importance of avoiding sin and showing love for oneself.
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Hey Tyler, moto wanna stir in hora stock hero? Naruto Billahi min Cerulean fusina woman CR Marina Mia de la Vela mo de la la. Oh my god, Allah hodja or shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa de la sharika or a shadow under Mohammed Abdullah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa early he was he was seldom at the Sleeman kathira Yeah, you were living in LA to party while at the Moto Nila went to Muslim on? Yeah, you know, sutopo Bakula? The Karnataka mean FC wahida Hola, kameena Xhosa salmon humare Jalan Cafiero manisa de la la de Luna b1 or ham in the LA County early Kumara Kiba. Yeah, you're living in a monotone La Hoya Paulo Colin de de de la Kumara man malamala como una

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mejor de la la la sala de Lima, America na Stockwell hediki tabula tada

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el Hadji Hadji Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Sharon ohmori Matata Hakuna Matata, Tim bizarre, you collaborated balada or collaborating in our

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large on in Surah Tauba. He gives us a golden principle, a principle that addresses one of the pressing concerns and issues that each and every single one of us faces. And that is the crisis of faith that we sometimes experience the crisis of a man the difficulty of each and every single day keeping and forging and strengthening that connection with the loss of panna cotta Allah, our Lord and our Creator, how each and every single day we must strive to strengthen our Eman And we must ward off the temptations of the dunya and the whisperings of shavon and the trials and tribulations that surround us. It is extremely difficult. Alonzo Magellan giving us this principle he says

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subhana wa Taala FM SSL banyana hawala, tacoman ally, what is one inhale is the one who builds their foundation upon the consciousness of Allah the taqwa of Allah, and upon seeking His pleasure, are they better? Or the one among a sister banyana? Who, Allah shefa Judo Finn, how will the one who builds their foundation on the brink of a precipice that's about to collapse for an hour or be and it does collapse with him for you now the jahannam in the fire of how which of the two are better, those who work each and every single day in building a foundation that they know is solid enough, strong enough, with withstand the turmoil of the dounia, the difficulties of life, or the one who

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builds their foundation in their house on the edge of a cliff, that each and every single day, they're worried it's going to collapse and take them into the depths of that fire of how will react will be law, Alonzo Julian giving us this principle he tells us that it is important that we ensure that each and every single day that we wake up that we exist that a law gives to us life, our foundation, our dealings, our interactions. Every decision that we make, has that cornerstone of the taqwa of Allah, of being conscious of Allah subhana wa, Tada. The best families, the best marriages, the most successful ones, are those that have that Cornerstone as their foundation. The most

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successful people in their careers and in their businesses are those people who have that taqwa of Allah as the cornerstone of their working life. And the best people in general, are those who in their character in their dealings, in their words, in their statements in their actions. The taqwa of Allah is the cornerstone of their very existence. So how do we gain that Cornerstone? How do we build the top of a large soldier? There are many, many ways. But the one that I want to focus on today is one that a large soldier himself focuses on in the Koran, many, many places, it is one of the greatest themes and subject matters that the Quran deals with. It is one of the greatest, most

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effective ways of building that solid foundation of a man and that is, by knowing Allah, through His names, through His attributes, by knowing Allah subhanho wa Taala you build for yourself a foundation. And you know Allah through his names and his attributes, and yes, we know Allah, were aware of Allah, we know of a lot of names and his attributes. But how many of us have really understood those names of Allah azza wa jal, the meanings and the connotations to the extent that we can differentiate between two on the surface similar meanings. They seem the same from an outwardly perspective, a loss, merciful and a loss forgiving, but what is the difference between his mercy and

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His forgiveness? It is those names

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We have to understand shuffle is snappy multimedia Rahim Allah tala said the verses in the Quran that speak about Allah and His names and attributes number more. There are more in number than the verses of the Quran that speak about food and drink and marriage, because that's something that everyone does. everyone eats and everyone drinks and people get married to have relationships. But a large though agenda focuses on what is more important for our salvation and for our Eman, knowing Allah subhana wa Tada. And he said, Rahim, Allah Allahu taala. And the virtues and the rewards pertaining to those verses of the Quran and those passages that speak about a larger vajilla greater

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than those verses that speak about paradise and how fire and the Day of Judgment, the greatest passages and verses of the Quran Surah Fatiha ayatul kursi surah floss, those passages that have more reward more virtue, all of them speak about only one thing and that is Allah subhana wa Tada. Why? Because it is human nature, human nature, that in order for you to deeply love something, you must learn about that thing. The more that you increase in knowledge, the more that you increase enough, and the more that you increase in love, it gives you a more desire and passion to learn even more. The people that you love most in your life. The people that you know, are the people that you

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know most about your parents, your spouses, your children, because you know them best, your passions and your hobbies. You love them because you learn about them. And by learning about them, you increase in your love and passion for them. So what about our love for Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah commands us in the Quran to know about him. Allah commands us to learn about his names and his attributes. Allah says in countless verses Ferragamo knows know an aloha disease and Hakeem that Allah is all mighty old wines. Or lemuel Nola Hubby, Felicia Nadeem. Allah says know that Allah has knowledge over everything in our lemon, Allah Harsha de la pub. One Allah for Rahim know that Allah

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is Severe in punishment, and that he is of forgiving, Most Merciful, know Allah, through His names and through his attributes. In today's footage, I want to give you just one example. Taking one of those names of Allah subhana wa Taala. And studying them within the context of the Koran of a large soldier in the Koran he pairs his Beautiful Names together, as the ends of verses the conclusion of verses, Alonzo which often many times in the Koran, he will mention couple tunings of his subhanho wa Taala together, because by understanding those contexts by bringing those names together by understanding the subtle differences that exist between those names, you increase in your knowledge

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of a law you increase in your love for Allah subhana wa Tada. And then through that you can embody those meanings within your life. You can live with those limbs of a larger agenda and interact with them on a daily basis. Allah subhanho wa Taala that one of the most common names that he mentions in the Quran is the name of Rahim, the Most Merciful. Allah begins the Quran with the consola to Fatiha it is at the beginning of every single sort of the or and some of the scholars said the Jubilee Valley Salaam, when he would descend from the heavens with new revelation beginning a new surah he would begin it with the best mela Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. And it contains the name of Allah, the

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Most Merciful Rahim there is nothing in existence, nothing in the heavens and the earth, except at the mercy of a larger agenda has touched it. Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran, Mayor de la hooghly nasci neuromedin feathermoon secara ha, Mama Yun sick fella Merci de la human body. If a large soldier chooses to send His mercy, then there is nothing in the heavens and the earth that can withhold the mercy of Allah. And if Allah chooses to withhold His mercy, there is nothing that can send it for the laws, mercy, touches everything, every single person everything in existence and so Allah mentions his name over and over again in the Quran. It is one of the most common names of

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Allah subhana wa tada and there are countless ahaadeeth of our profits on the LaGuardia will sell them that speak about Alas, mercy, and that speak about the virtue of being merciful. And how a large xojo rewards those who show mercy. Allah tells us in the Quran, that from the greatest means of attaining Allah's mercy is by doing good deeds, or either poriyal or an overestimate hula, hula MC to La La Quinta Harmon. And when the Quran is being recited to you listen to it, pay attention, that you may attain mercy will have the Chroma Baraka, Angelina, but to be Aruba, Taku La La come to Hama hormone. And this is a blessing reminder that we revealed to so follow it and fear him that you

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may attain mercy. Wealthy masala terroir to Sokka wealthy

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Rasul Allah Allah come to her moon, establish the prayer give the sucker follow the messenger, that you may attain mercy. So what is this Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala how do we understand the laws mercy, as it pertains to me and my family and the people around me? How does the laws mercy to me? And how do I attain a loss mercy subhana wa tada a large soldier in the Koran he has his name, or Rahim, with a number of other names, mentions them in the same context in the scene verse. A Rahim is the name that is paired with a number of other names in the Quran, because it allows you then to understand and appreciate allows mercy. The first of those names is the name that we find in Surah

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Fatiha or Rahman and both of them come from the same root word and that is Mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. But Allah man is usually translated as most Gracious, Most Beneficent, the overly merciful. A larger agenda has this name or ramen but the name of Ramadan, as it relates to Allah's mercy is not paired with any other name in the Quran. It is the name of Rahim that is paired with other names. Why? Because some of the scholars said that man means a loss, extensive, comprehensive mercy, or Rahman is the Lord's mercy to every single creation, everything in existence in the universe, nothing except that a laws mercy touches it, and it benefits from it, from the animals to the humans

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to the birds from every single region in existence, the benefit and they are touched by Allah's mercy. The Prophet told us sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Hadith in Sahih Muslim on authority of the companions to link a lot of Fanny rhodiola when he said that our Prophet sets on Allah while he was seldom in the LA Chanukah, yo mahalo.

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Rama, Rama, Rama, Rama or for general Amina Ramadan Phil autumn, Fie her

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to Allah wa wa watashi wa.

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bound for you the kana Yeoman, Yama, mela, we have the Rama. He said that Allah created on the day that he created the heavens and the earth, He divided his mercy into 100 pots. Any one of those pots of a last Mercy is sufficient to cover everything between the heavens and the earth. He descended one of those pots have his mercy to the earth. And it is because of it, that the mother has affection and love and mercy towards her child and the wild animals and the birds show mercy to one another. And on the Day of Judgment, Allah will complete that one mercy with the 99 that he has on the Day of Judgment. There is nothing in this heavens or on the earth. Nothing in the heavens of the

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earth except that Allah's mercy touches it. But r Rahim is a specific mercy or Rahim is the special mercy that Allah has given to the medievals. There are large saves and shows only to those who believe in is one Mr. Panda who attalla those who worship Him. Those who submit themselves to him those who sacrifice everything else for his pleasure. So pineapple Tada. ramen is for everyone but a Rahim it is specific for the believers. And that is why the name of Allah Rahim is the one that is paid throughout the Quran. Rahman is general for everyone. But r Rahim is the one that Allah draws our attention to. Allah wants us to focus on that specific type of mercy that He has for the

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believers. So large the origin pairs his name and Raheem with a number of other names from those names is the name of Aziz, the Almighty, the old strong, a large religion in Surah Shara, he mentions the story of the past nations, the people of Musa and the people of North and the people of houden. Saleh and like Luton shrine. Salatu was Salam. Now which one of those nations and peoples when they disbelieved in a lion rejected their messengers, Allah destroyed them and He punished them. Allah says at the conclusion of every one of those stories in the free radical Makana Thoreau whom what meaning indeed within that there is a sign, and the vast majority of people do not believe

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will interrupt Becca law who will Aziz or Rahim and indeed your Lord is all mighty and strong, and he is All Merciful. Allah is Mighty. And Allah is strong in his punishment and severe for those who turn away, but are amongst those people in those nations. That is always that minority. Always that small group of believers that are large that will show us his mercy upon that Allah forgives that Allah favors that Allah honors that Allah sees, and alarm mentions their story so that it's recited into normal pm. And it's to show that Allah's mercy doesn't come from weakness doesn't come from an inability to not do anything except to show

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messy. Sometimes we're in a situation where we have to show mercy. But we show mercy because we're weak. We show mercy because the person in front of us is stronger, or they have a responsibility over us or they're our employer, or they have more money or more wealth or they're in a position where we have no other option except to show mercy. When Allah shows mercy, it is from a position of strength and power supply Matera allows mercy for the believers is not because he has an inability to do or elsewise well that a large soldier has no other choice in the matter. It is based on love and kindness and affection. And because Allah has chosen you and honored you from the names that

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Eliza which appears, the name or Rahim is the name of Berg, the one who shows goodness, because from the greatest blessings that Allah has bestowed upon you, the greatest goodness that Allah has shown to you is the fact that he guided you to Islam. The name of Rahim is specific for you because you have Islam, a large social mentions in Surah to Turin, the people of gender will then enter into gender. And they will remember last fevers upon them, and allows grace upon them, that Allah saved them from the greatest of punishment, because he guided them towards Islam, allowed them to understand the concept of terrain. They lived the life in which they didn't worship, except Allah

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alone. They will see in condemn in Kaduna Drew, we used to call upon our Lord before meaning back in this life, in Whoville barber running. Indeed, he is the one who is all good. The one who is most merciful, from a last mercy that he shows to us is that he gave you the greatest of blessing, no matter how difficult Your life is, how difficult your situation is, how difficult or how struggling you are financially, the health issues that you're grappling with the greatest favor that Allah has given to Islam. And that favor shows a lot of love for you shows a lot of kindness for you. That is what a lot of xojo values more than anything else. The fact that you're giving Islam is the fact it

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is a sign that Allah loves you. And from the names that Allah pairs with our Rahim is that he is the most loving the most affectionate. He is Allah dude. A large religion says in the Quran was stockfeed were a backroom, through matobo la and seek forgiveness from your Lord and repent to him in Nairobi. rahima dude, for indeed my lord is most merciful, most loving. Allah loves you. The fact that he gave you Islam, that you're here prima Salatu Juma that you understand the importance of these pillars of Islam, that you understand the importance and significance of your role and your life as a Muslim. It is from the sign that Allah loves him. Allah gives wealth to everyone. And

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Allah gives good health to everyone. Muslim, non Muslim matches, unrighteous. And a lot of fevers are the blessings with everyone. But the fever the greatest fever of Islam, and Eman and guidance or law only specifies to those that he loves in Nairobi rahima dude, analyzer which will form his kindness, from his mercy, from his forgiveness and from his love. Is that a large social from the names that he pairs with Rahim is that he is the one who accepts repentance. He is a verb. In the Quran, Allah azza wa jal mentions the story of the three companions who didn't participate in the Battle of the army with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam left, and these three companions

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didn't partake in that battle, and they had no valid excuse. And when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam returned victorious from Tebow, they came and they didn't make any false excuse. They didn't make any lies or any false excuses for their lack of participation. But they came in they were honest and truthful. So the Prophet son alone while he was setting them told them to wait until Allah revealed or unconsenting them until Allah gave him revelation concerning them. They waited for weeks on end, the Muslim community boycotted them, their family members were told to separate from them. The Muslims wouldn't even reply to their salaams because their situation is suspended. We

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don't know what Allah will see and judge regarding them. And then a large religion he reveals versus exonerating them accepting their Toba and Allah says in the end of those verses, from metabo, Li him Leah to boo in Allahu awaba Rahim. Then Allah accepted their repentance, that they may continue to repent, from a loss greatest favors upon the believer from a loss mercy that is specific to them meaning is that when they sin, they know that they can go back to the Lord and seek forgiveness that they can repent to Allah. And then when they send again, they repent to alarm and they send again, they repent to Allah, and they never stopped returning to Allah so long as they continue to sin, as

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in the hadith of nsep

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Malik rhodiola Huang, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam khulumani Adama hapa was

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born, every son of Adam every child of Adam sins. But the best of those who sin are those who constantly turn back to align repentance and allows Nima to Webb is the one who frequently accepts repentance not just once, or twice or three times, so long as you turn back to Allah. Allah will accept your repentance from metabo Alenia to Allah accepted their repentance, that they would know that they can go back to Allah, time and time again. As the Prophet told us Allah while he was still in Sahih, Muslim, the hadith of Abu huraira viola, one of the man whose sins and comes back to Allah sins and turn back to Allah. Allah says every time that that person repents, Allah says Allah Abdi,

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and Allah who Robin, young Pharaoh Zimbabwe,

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my servant knows that he has a Lord that forgives his sin, and that will take away his sin from him. So a larger withdrawal is a word. Allah is the one who repents, and just that name is one of the greatest mercies of Allah subhana wa Tada. There's not a single person here, except that we have sins, they reach the heights of the mountains and the depths of the oceans. There's so many numbers that it's impossible for us to enumerate them, count them, write them down, remember them. But Allah subhanho wa Taala, from his mercy that is specific to the believers is that just from a single act of Toba, after a lifetime of sin, years, decades of sinning and disobedience from a single act of

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Toba, sincere repentance, Allah forgives all of that sin. Not only does Allah forgive that sin, who like you, but de la la who see it as an act, Allah takes those sins, and he turns them into good deeds is that a greater mercy that a larger with gela greater form of love that a law could show to his believing servants, sometimes we exceed our sounds, and our monetary situation, the materialism within our hands, and we judge allows love or lack of love, or laws, mercy or lack of mercy towards us based on what we can feel or what we have, or what we possess. But a lot of time and time again, the Quran tells us that our last mercy that is special for the believers is not about this stuff,

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allows mercy that's open to everyone everyone has, that when it comes to the believers a lot looks for the salvation, Allah looks towards the man a lot looks towards saving their hearts and strengthening the man. And that is where you see a lot of love. That is where you see a lot of kindness and gentleness from the names of a large villages that are repaired with a Rahim is the name of roof, the one who is extremely kind, extremely gentle, subtle in the way that he shows His love and His mercy. Allows mercy comes to you in from ways that you can't imagine, from means that you don't possibly think exist from paths that you think are closed a lot opens doors of mercy for

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you, for me, you least expect and that is because Allah is our growth, when you do good deeds or law sees them for you. And when you do them in sincerity, a large soldier doesn't just take that that deed as one deed, he multiplies it at least by 10, if not up to 700 if not even more from a single good deal, like the woman who gave water to a thirsty dog. And Allah forgives a lifetime of sin from a single act of goodness. That is a large syllogism being a row for him. And from the names of Allah subhanaw taala. The more one of the more common names that is paired with the name of Rahim is the name of Allah for Allah fudo Rahim not very bad, the only Allah for Rahim in for my sermons that I

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am of forgiving, Most Merciful. Allah is the one who forgives. Yes, Allah is merciful. And Allah is the one who accepts repentance, but Allah is also will have 40 forgives. What is the difference between a loss messiness forgiveness. The difference is that when Allah forgives, allow wipes away any sign of that sin, no remnant remains and the large zoa gentle on human the AMA will show his favor to those people that he has forgiven. To forgive means that Allah has veiled your sins. Allah has concealed them from the eyes of others. Every one of us has sins that no one else knows about. Not even the closest people to you know each and every single one of your sins. Had Allah willed,

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they could have been an open display. Had Allah willed, He could have attached to our sins of pungent odor and smell. And that would have made it impossible for us to coexist. I wouldn't like you and you wouldn't like my company because of the sins that we have and the effects of those sins. But Allah seals them, conceal them, and allow villes them and Allah hides them. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the hadith of Ibn Umar, radi Allahu Allah Buhari and Muslim. He said in the law you mean for elderly he can affect who you are.

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Turo for your pituitary for them because an attorney for them bacchetta for your pulu me Rob

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Aurora who b2b NFC and no hallak polesitter to Harare COVID dunya wonderfil helical young, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that Allah will draw the believer close to him subhanho wa Taala on the Day of Judgment, and Allah will place over him a veil, conceal him from the rest of creation that is standing on that day, from the millions and billions that Allah will resurrect. Allah will conceal this person, and Allah will see Don't you remember the sin that you committed on such and such a date? And don't you remember that other sin that you committed? And Allah will remind him of all of the sins that he that he committed, that person will accept those sins, will admit to them

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will accept responsibility for them, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to the extent that he will think that I will be destroyed, there is no hope left for me. And then Allah will say I seal i can i concealed and veil those sins from others in the dunya and today I will forgive it for you. That is Allah macura that are large soldier doesn't just show you mercy. But whilst you're sinning, and after you sin, and up until that period, when you turn back to a line repentance, allow villes your sins, Allah conceals them. Allah hides them from the eyes of others. And that is a sign that Allah loves you. Because for such people when they turn back to Allah, Allah forgives them in this

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life. And the next this is the name of Rahim, just one name of a large soldier and some of the different contexts in which it is mentioned in the Quran. It is a means in a way that if you establish it, it gives you that solid foundation upon which to build your Eman. barakallahu development for me was soon when I found new Jacobi Murphy him me.

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I was stuck to the Lucha de welcome when engineering Muslim minimalism infrastop Euro in Hong Kong

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Mila he will come to the LA salatu salam ala rasulillah Hualalai wasafi woman Wilder, who seldom at the Sleeman kathira am about

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one of the most important subject matters of the Quran as we mentioned is the names and attributes of Allah subhana wa Tada. The Quran from the beginning to the end speaks about Allah azza wa jal because the more that you know about your Lord, the more that you know about his names and his attributes, the more you know about what pleases Him subhana wa tada and ma causes his anger. It allows you to find that way that draws you closer to Allah subhana wa Tada. A large soldier tells us in the Quran, he often tells us and commands us to do good deeds and he pairs them with his name's subhana wa Tada. Whatever. Alhaji la de la Motta law says that if you're going to place your trust

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in someone, place it in the one who is ever living and never dies. Large soldier tells us that if you want to seek provision, seek it from the one who provides for everything in the heavens and earth. mowdy domina myricetin Marie do a new moon. In Allahu wa rasa. Allah says that I don't seek from your provision, nor do I seek from you food for Allah Himself is the one who provides for a law tells us that if you're going to perform actions, commit sins, do whatever you want, remember, that Allah knows and that Allah is aware in a metal machine to do as you please, in Nairobi, mata meluna Vasil but know that Allah is well aware of what you do. I want to conclude this quote by mentioning

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to you a passage of verses and sorbitol and which Alonzo Joel mentioned his mercy. The mercy that Allah goes into detail about in the Quran is what is genuine mercy that is given to everyone and everything. But what a law specifies in the Quran has been the special mercy that is confined, restricted exclusive to the believers. That is what a law focuses on. That is the true mercy. It is that mercy that brings gives a person salvation in this life and the next one gives them success and the pleasure of Allah Almighty Allah. Allah says, In Surah Al Anam paluma map semi avati will say to them, to whom does everything in the heavens and the earth belong? Only law say that it belongs to

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Allah alone catabolite and FC Rama he has legislated obligated upon himself to show mercy ledge Amana, Camila, Yama, Yama de la Buffy, He will surely gather all of you on the Day of Judgment beyond which there is no doubt a lady in a hospital and foster home for whom la noon but the true losers will be those who don't believe what or whom a second lady on the heart and To Him belongs everything that is still in the day and in the night. Well who was semi on a limb and he is all he

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During all knowing pull over your ally, a tequila Walia say Then should I take other than Allah as a help and protector, faulty or semi avati was the Originator of the heavens and the earth. Well Who are you to remove Allah you Tom, and he is the one who feeds and he is not fed, will in the mirror to an akuna, Willem and Islam say that I have been commanded to be from the first who submit to Allah, Allah takuna nominal mushrikeen and that I should not be from those who commit ship Alinea halfway NRC Torah be as Abba Yeoman Alvin, see to them that I fear from my law that if I disobey Him, the torment of aggrieved day, the punishment of Yama Yama, mean use rofan who Yama even for

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Rahim whosoever is see from his punishment on the day. Those are the ones that Allah has truly shown mercy to make use of Yama, even for the rahima, those that have lost seeds from his punishment on normal piano. Those are the ones that have attained the Lord's mercy, whether the coalfields room will be in and that is the clearest of all victory, who has a large soldier and the specificity of jumar. But his most beautiful names and his lofty attributes, that he shows his mercy and forgiveness upon us that a large soldier mixes from amongst those people within His mercy that Allah subhanaw taala specifies us with that exclusive mercy that He has given to the believers that a

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large social shows His mercy upon us and our families and our communities. And that a large social keeps us steadfast upon this religion allows us to worship him through his limbs and attributes, strengthens our Eman and save us from the trials of Shakedown. So why not be called Armando seafoam massaman Alamo serene Welcome to the law.