When I Feel My Dua Does Not Get Answered

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As surely a hadith of rasool Allah salatu salam in this about this concept, the meaning of don't use say, I kept asking literally what you just said. I kept asking, and Allah did not respond.

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Now, and I don't mean you, just because we all say it by the way, the fact I say, Allah did not answer me, I'm negating a verse in the Quran.

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True or false? You all heard this in Ramadan. It's in between the Ayat of Sudan it's in between the verses of sia What did Allah said, while honorable coup de only a steady block on that one, but the second one in the one I referred to earlier, with a Celica on me anybody? What fenny curry OG Buddha with a die either Dan, for yesterday, booty will Yeoman OB Rolla, whom y'all should do, if they asked you about to me, I need you to memorize this.

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If my servant asked you about me there is no say. He said, I am mean, I hear what they are saying. I hear their dua, they need to respond to me and believe in me and they will be guided.

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This is how shaitan comes to you.

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Responding to dua not necessarily come the way I want you to be I need water, this size, cold and then the water comes in front of me. Now.

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The DUA is I'm sure I'm sure many of you know this dua is responded in three ways. See that you will get exactly what you're asking. Or there is a harm that's going to be removed from you, or Allah will keep it and reward you in the Day of Judgment. Having said that, the question why you are changing, not changing, or not staying strong. What are you doing? Don't tell me this is public. You need to remove everybody. Myself. Number one, you need to remove disobedience from your homes.

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And unfortunately, these days, some of the obvious disobedience 10 years ago became known. And then I say, What am I doing? Is not being answered. I always say this to parents when they come and the children in big troubles. And I say I don't know your home. But I'm just asking the question, is there haram inside the house? And I need to do to that to define Haram is not only the usual, what do you watch on TV?

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What do you listen to?

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What do you talk about?

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There is a lot of haram in this. I'm not saying you but in general I need to analyze my day. And then I'm going to ask Allah if I didn't see it. Show me learn to talk to Allah.

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Beautiful in the DUA as we know, but what about if I don't know the DUA, talk to him. I know you're hearing me along with NACA tarama. Can you see my place with a smile Kalani, you will hear what I am saying what Alan was suddenly what I learned it and you know what's hidden? And what's obvious. Show me Allah, I know you hear my dua. Why am I doing that I'm not changing Wallahi and I said to ally, you say this and see how he will tell you.

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But don't give up and never say Allah doesn't did not answer my dua he always does. May Allah make it easy?