Siraj Wahhaj – The Islamic Solution To Racism

Siraj Wahhaj
AI: Summary © The lack of black people on the streets in the United States is discussed, with Malcolm X's statement about "immature" black people being "immaculate" and "monster thing" of God being the creation of a woman and a black man. The "monster thing" of Islam is also discussed, which involves the creation of a woman and a black man. The "monster thing" of God is emphasized as the "monster thing" of Islam, which is the creation of a woman and a black man.
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There's been lots of bills passed in our country over the years to try to bring black people on par with white people.

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But one thing you cannot legislate you cannot legislate love.

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Well, something Malcolm said.

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My conclusion.

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Malcolm made pilgrimage to Mecca in 1964.

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Someone asked them

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what about this pilgrimage that impressed you the most?

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Nobody said

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is a brotherhood.

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Let me show you a couple of things that Malcolm said.

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In my conclusion.

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He talked about the color blindness of the Muslim world's religious society, and the color blindness of the Muslims, world human society.

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PAGE 338.

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autobiography Malcolm X, Malcolm said to me,

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the Earth's most explosive and pernicious evil is racism.

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The inability of God's creatures to live as one, especially in the Western world.

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For the past week, he said, is in Mecca. I have been utterly speechless and spell bound by the graciousness, I see displayed all around me by people of different colors.

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Malcolm talked about eating from the same plate as white people

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drinking from the same glass.

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He talked about the Brotherhood of Islam, he thought he could actually save this country.

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Remember, brothers and sisters, they always have to be a rational of everything you do. In the next few moments. I'm going to give you the Islamic rationale for solving the race problem.

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the Muslims again here if you Muslim raise your hand

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Okay, good. Now wants you to be honest, nobody's forcing you.

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Of those who raise your hand. How many of you have heard me raising?

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Oh, God.

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Here's the big question.

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This is the big

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How many of you and I'm looking at you

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How many of you love me?

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Hi. I'm gonna review the tape.

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No one says this is remarkable.

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This is really remarkable.

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You know the key to brotherhood.

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Word brotherhood.

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The key to Brotherhood in this country?

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Is God

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is God and I'll show you why.

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In the Quran, Allah tells us

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yeah, you harness

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enough Allah cannot

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john Nakanishi obon waka Isla de todo foo. In Toronto como, la Kaku,

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all mankind we God created you from a male and female and made you into nations and tribes that you may know one another. Verily the most honored of you in the sight of God of those who forgot the most

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you know something about human beings, everybody want to be the best. So you know, the other day you know, we have a restaurant on the block of the message. I told you how many businesses we have run the measure now. 50 years so smart. I went to one of the restaurants by the factory from Egypt. By the way, if you

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want you to be my guest at fatties.

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fatties will make your stomach saying, Wow, I'm serious. He got I'm sorry. Anytime I have guests, I take them to fatties. If you come to New York, you'll be my personal guest.

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You don't have a friend from Germany. woman, she's not Muslim yet. Very smart when she's doing student studies. And I think she comes to the masjid every week because I was gonna go to factories and I paid for it.

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So you hear again,

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sometimes twice a week.

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But man, what in fact is the other day?

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A we had about like 100 brothers from Senegal.

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And they were like, you know what?

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You know, and they were watching a they had a TV monitor. You know, watching a soccer game. Man, they were like

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soccer, you know?

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When I play basketball

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for America, football, New York Giants.

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Get my point. New York Giants New York City me mmm New York. I just figured let you know that.

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So if the competition

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the Olympics, every nation trying to outdo the nation, try to run faster. Because we so we can brag about we the best. We're the strongest with the fastest. Everybody want to be the best. It seems to be in the human nature. So someone asked the Prophet Yeah, Rasulullah men oconus Oh prophet who's the most honorable people. He says those affair God the Most. Listen, Delica Listen, have the nice elegant, we're not talking about this. They want to know something more. So the Prophet said use of he's the most honorable of mankind, use of the son of a prophet in the grandson of a prophet in the great grandson, a son of the friend of God, Abraham.

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We're not talking about that. They want to talk about the superiority of some people. So the Prophet told us one of his last speeches, there is no superiority of a black man over white man or white men over black man. There's no superiority of an Arab over non Arab and there's no superiority of a non Arab over an Arab. The only superiority is tough, what is righteousness? It's the fear of God. You want to do something, you want to outdo somebody, outdo someone in the worship of God, in the belief of God, in the righteousness of God. This is what he was teaching us. And then the Prophet said, you had nurse and nurse colombano Adam, Adam in Torah, mankind, all of them, all of us are the children

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of Adam. And Adam was created out of mud.

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We met people. Your mud people, man. Serious. You dust. Yeah.

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I mean, really think about what we are what we what are we?

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What are we? You think about it, you know, think about how how intelligent we are. And we got computers, and we do all these things. And we got missiles, and we got all of these things, but all of us are the creatures of God. And really all we are is what God created us to be.

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We wouldn't want to you you would do a madman is couldn't find you could pretend it is. And then you became a living soul. You ain't no big thing. And then what a lot does the show you?

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He caused the reversal. You live long enough. You've got to be reversed.

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My brother here I bet you play basketball. Right? You look like you play basketball. How tall are you?

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Six, six. Nothing was like that. You thought Michael could play basketball, right? No, couldn't do it.

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He was awkward. Did he try Barton couldn't do it.

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But my brother is as strong as he is. I believe he's strong and powerful.

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I believe he can beat me in basketball almost.

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I really almost I do I really believe that.

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I really believe that. But the fact of the matter is, no matter how strong you get one day, God will reverse. I don't care how beautiful the woman looks. She's She's one. Whoa, look how beautiful she is. Okay, wait 10 years.

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I'm serious. Wait 15 I'm waiting.

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Just about now. Then take another look insane. So we we proud of ourselves. And that's why some women they look so silly. She's you know, she's nine years old is having all this you know, she got a fake up.

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You know, fake up. You know, somehow. Here's another thing about this. I mean, think about it, right? Here's a man. he marries a woman.

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And then they go home

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and he's sitting in a room alone.

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So this woman called me said, well, who are you?

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Is your wife? So when I thought your skin was a different color?

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Then she checked her eyes.

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check off her hair.

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And other stuff I don't want to mention

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because I'm trying to stay will stay looking young,

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the fountain of youth, because the one who gave it to you take it, take it back from you

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named the richest person, Bill Gates, how much money you have? How many billions of dollars does he have? One day he will have nothing? What do you mean, when you die, you have nothing less.

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Think about it. The computer that you own one day will be somebody else's computer. If you don't use it up the car that you have the house that you have, and your family as much as they love you. They will go to your funeral, they will go to your burial, but they won't stay there. You will be buried and then turn around and then walk back. That's the way God is. He has a way of humbling us. In the same way God humbles individuals, God humbles nations great nature's God can humble them and bring them down to nothing. And this is why I want the United States of America. Be careful.

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Be careful of the treatment of people. Because this nation, and I'm not the only one saying that I painted the picture years ago. And you can agree with me or disagree. But right now in America is like a car speeding down a steep mountain full of ice and snow.

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But brakes that don't work.

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driven by a blind man.

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High offer drugs.

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If they don't stop

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What do you mean? Let me go back to the Islamic position. And then I close. I'll be shocked if 10 minutes. I'm still speaking. I'll be I'll be shocked if 10 more minutes. And I'm still speaking to you.

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I'd be shocked

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if I'm still speaking in 10 minutes. You just sit in your seat and wait on finish.

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Let me I mean think about this one sisters, the Islamic position. The rationale is that we as human beings, and every human being has the potential for us as Muslim.

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You can be Muslim.

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See, I can't I can't not be black.

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I cannot be black. I'm black. I'm just black. Did you notice and Allah Sankara who

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is God who created you in the womb as he please. If God is pleased to make me a black man, I'm happy to be a black man. If God created to be woman, be happy to be a woman. I know women who don't want to be a woman.

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No, I love woman but I don't want to be a woman. I don't want to be I don't. I don't have to want to be a woman.

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And brother. Don't be Don't be a woman.

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A woman

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Don't be a man.

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Please don't be no man. I can't take a brother's road. Guess what? No, don't tell me.

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Someone says this. The beautiful the beautiful thing is that I love all the races and the colors and the languages. I love them all because this treats the creation of God.

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Now everybody knows anybody asks imams what's the Imam Suraj his favorite food? Pakistani food?

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Serious? I'm not bad. You know, the producers are their dinner. Hey.

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Spicy. Enough spice. Pakistani food is the joint.

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I want to I want to I was invited to dinner the Pakistani family. I was really excited man.

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It's a winter Hausman. I'll get real excited, man. I'm some Pakistani food. It's in honor of you tonight. We made American food.

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I love to see the go around and to see the different cultures, the dress of the people. This is what is what makes it wonderful. You're not better than people because you're Americans. You're not better because you're white. You're not better because you're black. Because at the end of the day, there's not one white person that will be in paradise because they're white.

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And there's not one black person who are being held because they're black. Or there's not one woman who's gonna be in * because they're a woman.

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You and paradise because your good deeds

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Allah bless you to go to Paradise. And this is why the Prophet told us peace and blessings be upon them in a love to Allah Landrieu Ls widecombe Nicola malaking Andrew in a coup de como American, God is not going to look at your bodies know your forms. He's going to look at your hearts and your deeds. And that's the way we should be with one another. And this is what Islam teaches

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In this lecture Sh. Siraj advises us on the islamic solution to racism.

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