Yasir Qadhi – Consequences of Committing Sins

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the negative consequences of remaining in this state and the importance of learning about the consequences of sin, which are considered evil actions. They emphasize the need for everyone to be aware of their actions and apologizes for their actions. The global crisis and avoiding Yo'lls is also discussed, with emphasis on avoiding Yo'lls and avoiding false accusations and accusations of lust. Everyone is aware of their actions and apologizes for their actions.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who are the Adi he will be here woman WADA Hammerberg as we wind down this blessed month of Ramadan, and we do not know how many more Ramadan each and every one of us has an in this month Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah I have no doubt that every one of us sitting here has increased our rituals in our worship, and has diminished and decreased to the quantity of our sins Alhamdulillah. So before we finish this month, it behooves us to remind ourselves of some of the benefits of remaining in this state that we are currently in and of conquering our sins and our desires that we have done during this month. We're about to wind down

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four days left, that's it. And then when this month is over, shaitan is going to come to us and seduce us, entice us to return to our previous lifestyles. And that's where the real challenge will begin. So, let us remind ourselves of some of many of the negative repercussions of the sins that we commit. I did not cut him but I am allowed to either one of our greatest or ADAMA, he has written a very deep and profound treaties, about the effects of sins and He has discussed many dozens of the consequences of sins obviously, time is limited, but we can summarize some of those points. Ibaka you mentioned that Subhanallah we can even begin with the story of Adam it his salaam, that what

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caused our father Adam to be expelled from the Garden of Jannah except one morsel of haram one morsel one look, man that he did that Allah did not allow him and because of that Allah azza wa jal did what Allah just sleep did one lock him up, and he believes what was his sin? One command he disobeyed but he did it out of arrogance, whereas Adam did it out of desire, and the two are very different. Iblees did it out of arrogance. And because of that, Iblees became the leader in the cursed Rudy belimbing a shift on the regime he became one thrown out of Allah's mercy, one sin, because it was arrogance, it was much worse than Adam and Iblees became who he became, what are the

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consequences of the sins that are done on previous generations, because of the sheer lack of the people of North Allah sent the entire flood on an Earth to get rid of that ship? Because of the tyranny of previous generations. Allah subhana wa Tada destroyed tribe after tribe, the people of our the people of who the people of the mood all of these people were destroyed, and their civilizations were far mightier than those of the Quraysh because of their arrogance, their tangible their kibble because of them robbing the highways and doing all types of fitna and facades. And Abdullah, you mentions that each individual Muslim should think about the consequences of sin in his

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or her life, so that this acts as an incentive. You know, when we study evil, we study it for the sake of avoiding it. It is a part of our religion, to study such evil, what to shirk, what to school for, what are the consequences of sins, we study them, just like our children are taught the dangers of smoking, the dangers of drugs, the dangers of alcohol, they're taught by the government. Why? Because when you're taught these dangers, it opens your eyes, it acts as an incentive. So we all Muslims need to study the dangers of disobeying Allah so that it acts as an incentive for us so that we don't go down this path of the ins of the dangers of disobeying Allah subhanho wa taala. And

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Abdelkarim says that this one danger this one repercussion is enough for us to be somebody who does not commit sins, of the dangers of committing sins is that when we commit sins, we remove from our hearts, the majesty that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala deserves, we would not be committing sins. If Allah azza wa jal and his Taqwa occupied in our hearts the level that it deserves one ma that Allah haka, did he he they didn't put Allah the way that Allah deserves. Allah speaks of those who reject Him. But anybody who commits a sin partially at least this is applies to all of us we seek Allah's refuge if we had the Taqwa of Allah the way that Allah deserves. And if we were conscious of Allah, the way

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that Allah deserves, we would not be committing sins. So when we commit sins, we are demonstrating to ourselves that our level of Taqwa and our level of iman has fallen short, we are diminishing the majesty that Allah azza wa jal is worthy of in our hearts of the consequences of sins. Is that the norm

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number one factor to erode our iman to diminish our iman is committing sins. In other words, you are literally chipping away at the Eman that you have every sin that you do. It is as if you're taking an axe and with your own hands, you're destroying your tree of iman. We all have the tree of your man. That's why we're here. That's exactly why we're here. We value this tree. We love this tree. The wise person protects his investment. And we have no investment more precious than Iman. We have no treasure that is more sacred to us than Iman. What would we say of a person who all of his money's in the bank? He goes and he takes it out and he starts throwing it away in the air with his

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own hands. How foolish is that person? But then when we commit sins, we are intentionally diminishing our iman calla Bella Rana, Allah Karoubi him Mike no Yuxi born because of what they do. Their hearts are rusting. Notice how Allah correlates the actions with the heart because of what they do. Their hearts are rusting in a hadith in Sahih Muslim our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that every time we follow a desire every time we follow a shower or shuba, a disease that we should not shaytaan comes and he pokes a dark spot in our hearts. And as we continue following, the heart becomes darker and darker and darker. Until finally our profit system says some

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hearts are so dark and murky. They are like you know the pool that has mud in it. He compared it to that you know the type of pool that you find in the desert that is so dirty, you don't want to drink from it. That type he compared it to that the heart becomes murky because all it's done is this keep on following desire after desire after desire. So when we follow our desires and let loose in this regard, we are with our own hands, destroying our iman and that is not a sign of wisdom, as well of the consequences of sins is that what sins do is that they cause us to divert from our purpose of existence. Allah created us to worship Him to praise Him. Allah created us to worship Him and praise

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Him when I have to agenda on insert OLALIA. Abidjan when we commit sins, we are diverting from our purpose of worship and we're neglecting Allah azza wa jal and what does Allah say Wallah to cool New Caledonia Latina Nussle law here. Don't be like those who forgot about Allah. What does it mean to forget about Allah it means to forget the rights of Allah what happens when we forget about Allah? Why that's a cool new collodion Anna sola, what's the next phase for unser home and Fusa, whom Allah caused them to forget themselves? This is one of the most psycho spiritually profound verses in the Quran. When we neglect Allah we neglect ourselves. When we forget about Allah, we forget about

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ourselves. When we remove Allah from the picture, we remove ourselves. In other words, our purpose of being here becomes meaningless. Now, of course, the idea primarily applies to the kafir who rejects Allah, but realize what our sins except the stepping stones to Cofer, what our sins except the latter that takes us down into the pit of gopher. That's what sins are. Sins are literally stepping stones. Because Cofer is the biggest of all sins should it can go for are the largest sins. So every sin that we do, it is partially coming under this verse. What are Takenaka Lydian and Ursula and that's why Allah azza wa jal describes the one who commits to sin is a Jaya Hill. This is

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a observation from Allah that Allah says in the Matoba to Allah He little Edina Yama, Luna su a Beija had, Allah will accept the repentance of the sinner who does a sin in the state of Jehovah and then he repents to Allah had been Abbas said, every sinner memorize this, every sinner is a jaw Hill, every sinner is an ignoramus. Because if you knew Allah, he wouldn't commit the sin. By new we don't mean the knowledge of the mind. We didn't know knowledge of the heart. every sinner is a jaw Hill, may Allah forgive us we are all jewel when we commit sins because we have neglected Allah don't be like those who forgot about Allah when you forget about Allah, you forget about yourself.

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Well I took Allah dinners Allah for itself home and for some of the repercussions of sins as well is that sins remove higher and modesty from our hearts and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, if you have no higher was the end of the Hadith.

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You will do whatever you want. There is nothing that's going to stop you. Hi, yah is our conscience. Hi yah is our conscience. If we destroy our hierarchy, we have no conscience. And when we commit sins, we are intentionally destroying our higher our profit system set higher is the essence of Eman, Al higher omen and Eman

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Our Prophet saw some said every, every religion has a hook and a characteristic and the characteristic of Islam is higher, higher modesty being being conscious that there are like, like, we wouldn't do something when people are watching, we should realize Allah is watching and the famous hadith of biohazard bin hecky. And he said, O Messenger of Allah, can I take my garments off? So the prophets have said, if you're with the people, no, you cannot do that. He said, O Messenger of Allah, what if I am all alone? What if I'm all alone? And he said, Allah who are helpful and used to hire men, don't walk around your house in the nakedness don't do that without any reason.

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Obviously bad showers or something else but don't make it a lifestyle. Why? Because Allah is watching have hay out from Allah. Now technically it is halal. If you're alone. You're not gonna it's not a sin. But we are inculcating higher in our hearts in front of Allah subhanho wa taala. Notice this even for the MOBA, but dignity dignified decency How about the indecent How about the undignified How about the Haram if we do it, where will our our higher go? So this is of the consequences of sins that are higher will be destroyed and if our higher is destroyed, we will not have any conscience left whether you are the biller of the consequences of sins is that when we

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commit sins, then Allah azza wa jal will take away blessings that He has given us and this is one of the most terrifying consequences in this world, dear brothers and sisters, multiple verses in the Quran of them. One of the most oft quoted verses in Hola Hola, EULA Euro mobile home in

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Hatha Yoga, you don't have you unfussy him, you know what this verse was revealed? For, you know, what is the purpose of this verse, the primary interpretation, Allah will never take a blessing away. Unless the people themselves have done something to deserve that blessing being taken away. Allah will never take a blessing away, unless the people have done something because of which they deserved that blessing to be taken away. So a change in our situation and status, a change in anything that happens of good to negative, it is because of the consequences of our sins. What am I becoming, we'll see. But anyway, we'll see. But that happens for the Mikasa. But a deacon is because

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of what your own hands have done. And yes through it, Allah will forgive if we turn to Allah, this is Allah's mercy, He punishes us for the sins, but even in that punishment, it's a mini punishment of this dunya that will protect us of the akhirah if we return back to Allah, but no punishment comes down in this dunya except that it is a consequence of what we ourselves have done, and of the consequences of sins. And this must be said, especially during this time, is that even communal punishments come down because of communal sins, private punishment in our own lives, private sins, but when sins become public, and especially the sins of injustice Loulan if a society is guilty of

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bloom, or it is guilty of lewdness, fascia, and it becomes public, and it becomes well known, and it becomes acceptable to do such sins in the open, then our Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said that Allah's punishment is going to come on everybody. And even though it is politically incorrect to say, but Allah who we are people of Iran and faith, and we will say it even if it is politically incorrect, there is no question that this global crisis is a result of global sins. There is no question because it's not possible. This is what our religion tells us is what the Quran tells us. It's what the Sunnah tells us, you don't get pandemics and plagues unless the globe or large

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segments not every individual I've given multiple papers about this, but collectively, too much wrong has been going on for too long to publicly and Allah azza wa jal does not allow that to go unchecked. Allah does not allow injustice and callousness and to ignore hundreds and 1000s of people, those refugees and the poor people and to combat commit fascia openly, these sins don't go unchallenged, and eventually the punishment is communal, even if not every individual is guilty. As I explained in more detail hood buzz Now time is limited. Let me get straight to the end of this short, hotter. Indeed, as of Naka, yam says, every single calamity of this world and the next is a

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result of our sins. However, certain things as we finished this month, we need to remind ourselves of look, brothers and sisters, we are not angels. I am not an angel. I am a sinner and you are a sinner. Allah didn't create us to be sinless. That's not the goal. We're not going to be perfect, but certain things must be avoided under all circumstances. Number one, publicizing your sins. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah shall forgive all of my ummah, except those who publicize their sins. A sin should be done even if you're going to do it. Don't boast, don't put it on Facebook. Don't tell other people about it. How

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Somehow you're at least in front of Allah that you're not going to tell the other people do not publicize your sins. Number two brothers and sisters, no matter what sin you have done, no matter what sin you have done, never ever stopped making is still far our Allah azza wa jal says we're not going to Allahumma Zeba whom will whom you steal food when Allah will not punish them as long as they're making still far always turn to Allah subhana wa Tada no matter what sin you have done. Number three, never ever be arrogant because the sins of lusts and desires may be forgiven. But the sin of arrogance is never forgiven, never be too arrogant that Allah is not going to forgive me.

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There's no point becoming religious. That is the essence of arrogance. Arrogance is the sin of beliefs, Allah will not forgive a bliss lust our father Adam lusted and he repented and Allah forgave This is not a justification. But if a sin happens then ask Allah's forgiveness. And the final point dear Muslims realize that the goal is not perfection. The goal is to continuously struggle the goal is to always come back to Allah He is the toward the goal is to raise your hands and say Robbie isn't up to them, but Fridley. No matter how many times you commit a sin always ask Allah for forgiveness. And I'll conclude with a hadith which is an authentic hadith. And it's an

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amazing Hadith which is reported in the measurement as the word of the Hitomi and others with an authentic it's not our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there is no believer and he mentioned min high level, except that he has a sin that he returns to every once in a while, men coolly find it and within every once in a while, he'll go back to that sin, he's going to slip in, everybody has some issue or problem that Allah is testing him with. And he'll try, he'll try but then He'll slip back in, then he'll try again. Then he'll slip back in. And then the prophets have said, and the believer is created to be tested and tried and the believer is created. Now see, he

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forgets all the time, either. Sukira Zacher, when he is reminded, he takes that remembrance and benefits from it. This is a Hadith that tells us all Muslims, nobody's perfect. And every one of us has a sin we're struggling with every once in a while, we might slip into some addiction, some problem, but then what did the prophets have some say but the believer when he's reminded, he remembers, he becomes awake and he tries to become better. This is an authentic hadith as long as you're trying and as long as you're struggling and as long as you return to Allah, then don't lose hope. We're not going to be perfect Dear brothers and sisters, the goal is not to be an angel. The

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goal is to strive for perfection, knowing we're never going to get there as Ramadan finishes, let us make it a strong desire and intention to him. Let us make it a part of our resolve that insha Allah hooter, Allah, I will master as many sins as I can to not do them. And if it so happens, I slip, I will ask Allah's forgiveness and try my best to not go back for as long as possible. And if I slip then I'll ask Allah again. And if I slip then I'll ask Allah again. And I will never stop doing that until the day I die because Allah is not asking for perfection, but Allah is asking for repentance and Toba. And that's what we're going to do. May Allah subhana wa Allah make us of the well being

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and accept our repentance was Aquila, who was Santa Monica Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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