Should British Muslims Develop a Body for Speaking to the Media?

Zakir Naik


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Sara can, brother. And my question under the small comments after it, should British Muslims develop a body for speaking to the media on Muslim issues? And I asked this question, because currently in this environment, the media talking about basic beliefs in our Deen and they call upon different people who don't represent any of our views about why we are Muslims that because we're going to the mosques and we're teaching our children. I think this is an extremist. And when they ask their brothers, a Muslim brothers and sisters attend on TV, these Muslim Brothers say that we are moderate Muslims. I am not a moderate Muslim, I am neither an extremist. I am a Muslim. And I would like that

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for you, though that with one voice by the Muslim community, not a fragmented voice that's been conforming to the norms of this society.

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That should the Muslims have a common body to represent the Muslims of British? Yes, they should have a common body for British Muslims, for American Muslims, for Indian Muslims, all the countries as well as one international Muslim body also one international which you don't have.

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So we should have a voice of own better oven good united force. And I believe that you already have in Britain known as mzb, Muslim Council of Britain, and I think you'll do a good job.

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Not in the media.

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Sorry, I'm the most iron I'm aware of the Muslim Council of Britain. But as you know, media is manipulation. They don't target the Muslim Council of Britain. They individually target different Muslims to represent Muslims. The sister said that the Muslim Council of Britain is there but the media doesn't talk so you create your own media

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media run after you you know for me in Bombay, the BBC asked me to give comments the CNN I don't give foundations the BBC the CNN NDTV see when someone threw stones at you, this is so high the stone should not reach you. They want more doctors to come in, but I stay away from it for my own reasons. But you should come on the media I stay away because already a hamdulillah my programs are coming in so many satellite channels Mashallah every day, one hour, two hours twice a day twice a day. Now I'm afraid that when these people take my interview five minutes they may make it short and may change my view that the reason I stay away and what I want to say we have put so many channels

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during a program Mashallah no problem. So what we realized that we should have our own media, not only our body to represent media, we should have our own media, on media and that media should be powerful.

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So that Verizon Mashallah, we have launched a satellite channel, if you see this piece TV, about seven months back in the month of January 2016. On 25th of January, we launched our own satellite channel by the name of peace TV, peace TV at prison, Mashallah. It is reaching more than 125 countries in the world. It is covering all the countries in Asia and Middle East as well as Africa and parts of Australia. The beam is seen in Europe but very big, you require a big dish, inshallah, we have plans to come on via Skype also, inshallah, within the next few months, inshallah, we'll come on be Skype, it will feed to a channel. It's the

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it's the first of its kind in the way it's English and with international channel. It's not a localized channel, talking only about one country. We have speaker Mashallah from America, from Canada, from UK, from Malaysia, from Saudi from India from Pakistan, Mashallah. It's not a local channel. It's international channel talking about comparative religion. We have programs of children, we have programs for family Mashallah interviews, debates, TV talks, and here it is that the channels should be on Quran and Sunnah. When I started the channel, the first thing I said I prayed to Allah subhanho wa Taala It was a dream and finally we launched it Mashallah. And I said

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that please don't let me do anything Haram. If I'm forced to do something haram I better shut down the channel and none enemy. Many people start a channel they are good, but then they compromise. No compromise First there is no lady the lady comes with niqab then without makeup then without a job then low neck and everything. So we want channels which are more Why should we see we should not enough to money no ad will not communicate via ads.

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You should not enough to money money should run after you. You give quality. You have faith in Allah beyond Allah Zeljko Do you want the money and the pound and the dollar is what you want? There are less efficient problem is we have more faith in Allah subhanaw taala Mashallah, to the core no music, we have sound effects, Mashallah sound effects, we have Duff, we have natural sound effects. And if you see it, it has a good impact Mashallah, we have graphics, but we haven't committed

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And we produce high quality you see these cameras we have what six cameras from Bombay.

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Normally in Bombay when you shoot for nine gamma we have 50 staff, you have only 12 staff 10 actually have the camera crew, your limitation we have the best of people Mashallah best of equipment Alhamdulillah now this the digital production we have one high definition, high definition hasn't started yet. There is no channel in the world which is shooting on high definition now. So we don't compete with Muslim channels, we compete with international non Muslim channels and the best way to find religious channels or God TV, they are on 15 satellites. They are reaching more than 225 countries 275 million people and we are programming in such a way that it is a spiritual edutainment

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channel inshallah the next plan is to have a separate channel in different language English and Urdu then have a news channel inshallah. But it will be international news not local news not only of Bombay not only of London international news, so that we can voice how many international media Do we have we have any international newspaper phone? We have international news magazine, like the Time magazine Newsweek where do we have we have some magazines taken out by Muslims only Muslims read either on Arabic or in English only read by Muslims what we want that non Muslims should watch it. So we can at least say that 100 Chandra Mashallah even the program that we have that 25% at

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least Mashallah of the programs that I give whether in India or the past Mashallah year I feel more non Muslim should come? Why I don't know so many who's to blame, that the publicity should be towards towards the non Muslim Mashallah. So even the channel that we have sister we should have our own media, or newspapers or magazines on satellite channels, which convey the true picture of Islam so that we can present our view to the world and the heart of Islam. Hope that answers the question while for Donna hamdulillah.

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I invite with the use of chambers to give you the vote of thanks, Zack Allah here for Dr. Zakir Naik coming tonight and all of you coming tonight contributing tonight. Remember that educating the educators it doesn't stop after tonight's event. Dr. Zachary Knight will be in Croydon with us, but he never finishes answering the questions. He's always got the answers Marsha Alhamdulillah and I think you should make the biggest tech beer and you will go home

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and the third one