Yasir Qadhi – Can I Pay My Zakat To A Cancer Research Organization? Ask Shaykh YQ #190

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the restricted list of Z notifieds and how they can be given to foundations that do not benefit the general public. They also mention the restricted list for research foundations and how it can be given to charity for projects that are aimed at helping people with a poverty line. The speaker also discusses the use of Z notifieds for research and how they can be given to individuals with a poverty line.
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Sister, Sally euro Sorry, sorry say euro, or Syrah asks whether Zakat can be given to foundations that are doing generic research like cancer or like other medical research that is beneficial to all of mankind. One

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hour to sell me Baba Nika. Illa de Jalan, no, hey la him first.

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And the answer to this is that, of course, these are very good projects and there's no question that anybody who's involved with them or finances them for the sake of Allah and for the sake of benefiting mankind, that they're doing a lot of good and there is no question that we should give our charity to all such good projects that are welfare based that are medical resources in a cure cancer, these are all good projects to give our sadaqa to however, Zakat is a higher level and it is a sacred Amana or trust and that is why Zakat has a much more restricted list and in the Surah Surah tober, we learn of the eight categories of Zika you can look them up and on any basic fieldbook

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There are eight categories of Zika. And these eight categories are restricted these are the only ones we can give as a cartoon. And therefore, research foundations, no matter how good of a work that they are doing, that they do not come under these so Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the masakatsu, Lil fukumura, he while Masaki for Cora and Misaki. And so Zakat can be given to fatigue and Miskin. And fatigue is somebody who does not have enough even to live a bare minimal lifestyle, like a homeless person. And miskeen is somebody who he might have just the bare amount, but not enough to sustain a healthy to sustain what is considered to be, you know, a poverty line, let's say

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right, so below the poverty line would be Miskin. And even below that, like a very extreme poverty, this is faqeer. So Allah says both for period and miskeen, you can give a cap in number so the color for Kurosaki will Amina Allah, and the people that are in charge of distribution. Now in those days, there was an entire committee of zecca, there was an entire branch of the government of Zika. And of course, you're gonna have people traveling the land collecting that God distributing Zika, they have to have salaries, they're doing a job here. And by the way, this therefore means that in our times, it is completely permissible for Zakat organizations that are collecting the guy and distributing

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it, that what is reasonable, the problem comes out if is unreasonable, but what is reasonable can be taken as a percentage and the salaries of the employees because at the end of the day, how do you expect the cat to reach the furthest nether regions of the world without there being a chain of people that are cooperating together to get that sick out over there? How can God be given to refugee camps in the hearts of some, you know, a war ravaged zones without there being people that are doing this that are flying in there that are living there that are driving in that are setting up infrastructure, you need to pay them for their salaries. So this high million IRA can be used in

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our times for charities, now there must be an Islamic board that supervises and that uses that which is reasonable, anything that is reasonable expense will end the problem of unfortunately, is that sometimes it becomes unreasonable. And most Muslim charities they have a percentage, whether it's 8%, or 10%, or 12%, you know, some of you are a little bit more than this, and you know all of this inshallah, to Allah it is, you know, permissible as long as it's a reasonable figure, and everybody is getting paid fair wage, by the way, just to be technical here, you don't have to get below the minimum wage, and you don't have to be the Buddha, if somebody is qualified, and he be getting X

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amount outside of the sakata organization, now he works for this organization, he may get what he is qualified for, if he brings that quality to the table, right? You pay for what you get. So anyway, this is the Willamette era, the fourth is more or less at equilibrium. And these are in the days of early Islam. There were people who were threats to Islam, or there were people that were new converts and their Iman wasn't strong. And so if the state gave them some money, a leader, you know, something that is an enemy of Islam, you gave them some money, they might actually say, Okay, you know what, we're not going to attack you. Okay, so the process of did this in a battle of her name,

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and it is something that is definitely allowed for the leaders for the halifa to do in our time, there is no such thing. So that goes out of the way we'll need to add one more level of warfare real copy. And for those that are slaves, they can be freed with Zika. Again, this is not exist. Well, Heidi Mina, those that are in debt, so those

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Have a legitimate debt. So somebody's attempt and this is you have to see what is it a foolish person? Or was it a person that really, you know, he tried and whatever happened happened in a simple example. For example, somebody thought that he could run a business and he was qualified otherwise he opened, you know, halal restaurants or whatever. And it just so happened let's say the economy crashed, let's say the COVID crisis happened right. And now the restaurant had to shut down. He's in severe debt. Now he owns his house, he has his car that he's you but he's now in severe debt. And it was a legitimate he was qualified, but what happened in happen so this is now the

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person in debt that a reasonable amount of your Zakat can be given to this person and woman is set up this

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woman is Sabine webstart, Wolfie subida and fcbd law. Of course, this is where a huge controversy occurs. And we'll come to this in the next question. So in the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So, these are the categories that are mentioned a woman exhibit is the wayfair. So the one that does not have access to his wealth and then FISA B dilla. So these are the eight categories and of course, in our times, primarily, Zakat is given to the first two categories and that is for Cora and Misaki. Bottom line, there is no xikar to research institutions you should give sadaqa you should give charity to all good projects, but Zakat is a higher level and you need to restrict it.

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