Yasir Qadhi – Can I Pay My Zakat Towards Building A Masjid? Ask Shaykh YQ #191

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The conversation is about a bank that is trying to convince someone to pay a large sum of money to open a branch in Africa. The bank representative suggests that the decision may be attributed to optimism about the future, rather than a lack of action. They also discuss a photo of a woman giving a free gift to a church. The bank is considering returning to the UK or Mexico.
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Brother walk past emails from New York and he says whether Zakat can be given to build a Masjid in western lands.

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Lake Erie.

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So I just went over in the previous question, the eight categories of Zika. And I mentioned one of them being wafi, Sabine de la, and in the way of Allah. Okay. Now, what does in the way of Allah mean? The majority of our past and present have said that this is restricted to a legitimate you know, defense of the Muslim lands that involves military expenses. So what FISA law is the military branch of an actual Islamic land in which the land must be defended, in which the land must be defended against any attacks and threats. And so how are you going to finance this in the pre modern times? So a portion of Zakat was one of the eight categories was considered to be well, fi sebelah

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and this is the predominant position past and present. However, since the beginning of time, there has been another interpretation that why no doubt, the military branch of an Islamic land definitely deserves to be financed. However, the Quran doesn't say the military branch, the Quran says wolfy subida. And so the position of quite a few lemma and in fact, Fakhruddin of Razi. In his famous serial cubby. He mentioned this, that wilderman Navara loved if your holy war PCB de la la usuable casaya cool lil Rosati. For the hazard manner. Naka Alka follow fit of city and bounded for quite a number of jobs will solve for SOHCAHTOA Jimmy I will show Heidi mintek feed and motor will be in our

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house only Why am I getting massages at the end Apolo hota Adolphe sibylla, Armand Fukuda translate the whole, I mentioned the whole Arabic so that you understand this is not something that is new for Halina Rosie, who died in 610 hijiri. He says that the wording of the hold on wolfy sebelah is open enough to allow for more than just military expenditure. And that is why alcohol another great scholar that is a century earlier than him, a fall mentioned from a number of scholars that you may give Zakat in all areas that is good, such as and that he has a such as this, for example, he says that the tech phenol Mota, so spending on the funerals of people that cannot afford to pay their

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funerals, or to make them massage it running, so you're spending the money on the masjid, why? Because with the CBD llahi

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moon feel cool, it encompasses all of these things. So there is another opinion that will be submitted that can be used for other than military expenditure of an Islamic State. And this is the position of many of the field councils of the world today, including the famous shekel for bawi, including the European Council of filk, which in which they said in a position that is published on their on their website, that wafi Serbian law can include anything that is for the benefit of the oma. And that includes, even for example,

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teaching people about Islam, teaching non Muslims about Islam, because this is the modern version of you know, basically back then they would have to spend money on the military on an art as we need to spend money on the intellectual brains, we need to spend money on the tongue and on the pen and on publications and pamphlets and ondangwa. And they also included in this that massages in non Muslim lands, in particular because their fatwa was meant for non Muslim nuns that massage it is meant to preserve the man of the Muslims. So this is a benefit that goes back to the entire community. So this is a photo from the European field Council and Chicago, Colorado. We asked for here in America,

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the American Muslim jurists Association, or Amgen. They had a middle position, which is something that I'm very sympathetic to. So Amgen has a fatwa on their website, in which they say that the default is that you should not give the card to the massage and that you strive your utmost to find alternative funds from from other sources to finance the masjid, so general charity and sort of hot and cold you may get a loan non interest. So a committee member says I'll give you 100,000 loan and you pay it back over a few years. And so this is my loan

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to you. So this is also allowed. However, I'm just says that in exceptional circumstances case by case basis, when other sources are simply not possible, then this may be permitted to use Zakat money for the purchase or the acquisition or the maintenance of the masjid. And I like this photo, it is a photo that is reasonable given the realities of the world that we live in, we do not open the door, we say the default is that Zakat cannot be used for the massages. And that's the photo we give as the default. Now somebody comes this is over Hold on a sec, if we you know, let me give you an example. And this has happened again, because we are in America, like, we know these types of

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things all the time, that sometimes a previous board might have done a very unwise thing of taking a loan from the bank, you know, to get the masjid, okay, they followed there for that whatever and whatnot. And now they are, they have to pay back a large amount every single year, if they don't pay that money back, right. If they don't pay that money back the bank, the bank will confiscate the masjid, or another realistics. You know, and again, I've I have seen this myself, if this happened in a particular city that I visited, that the community did not have a message, it actually went to this community in in one of the smaller cities of New York, New York State, New York, so that people

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outside of America should know New York is a city. And Newark is also a state and the state of New York has lots of beautiful small cities and villages and whatnot. So I visited one of these, and they did not have a functioning Masjid over there. And there was they were collecting funds for the longest time, and a particular church was shutting down. And it was ideal purpose built, you just had to make some modifications changes do that, you know, it's there, nice big hall, prime location. And the owners of the church were willing to negotiate and give them a good deal. But they did not have that amount. I forgot how much it was, maybe it was 500,000, whatever it was, it was a good

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deal. They said, here's the cash offer below the price, we want to give it to another community that's going to worship rather than give it to a building or whatnot. So they were good people, they wanted actually to give it to another religious group. And they were happy that Muslims are going to buy it, but they wanted to sell cash. And the offer that they had was very good. But the Muslim community did not have the funds. And they asked in this particular case, we tried, we tried retry, nobody's gonna come and write us a check of half a million. Can we open this door of Zakat and in their particular case, Allah ma said Yes, okay. You may take the card for your particular

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circumstance, because it's too good of a deal. You don't have a Masjid. Now you're getting dismissed you. So for the time being, if you cannot find call center, if you cannot find sadhaka you try to do a nationwide campaign, you're not getting it, because you see a lot of people, they, they say why don't you just do a campaign Subhanallah every single city in North America, every single Masjid, in the western lands, it pretty much is struggling, and they're trying to figure out how to gain funds. It's not as if, you know, there's like a surplus of people wanting to give, so we have to be reasonable and I liked I'm just fatwa and that it has a middle ground here and that middle ground

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case by case basis, so if your community is in dire situations, reach out to a scholar that you trust, or a group of scholars ask them to look into your affairs and to then see Do you qualify for that exception or not? The default though, is you do not open this door and you only use sadaqa for the massages and for all of the other things however even by the way, mg gave the fatwa that during the COVID crises that if the masjid cannot maintain because again a lot of massager were getting shut down. And I actually remember I did an appeal on Facebook because I heard so many imams you know were struggling to get food on their table I was below the communities could not even pay them

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their salaries when the COVID crisis began. Well I this was an injustice and then this time and in this reality These are people that have dedicated their lives for Islam for teaching your children the Koran now when they need you the most Hamas you turn your back on them sorry, there's no there's no donations coming in. No, in these dire circumstances we have to think outside the box and be realized that yes, indeed, what the European Council and Chicago we and others are saying has a modicum of sense. felina Raj mentioned this before that all of these are feasibility in some way you are operating in the way of Allah for Allah bringing people to Allah subhana wa tada the masjid and

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people giving Dawa and doing things that are benefiting to the oma, how can this not be overall feasibility and so I would say if there is a need that opened this door, otherwise the default is we try our best to stick with the majority position and that is that Zakat is not allowed for massage and Allah xojo knows best

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