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Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © In Cape Town, a woman shows off her outfit in June and July, sharing a video of her wearing a hat. The natural connection between the body and the creator is emphasized, as Islam has created people by their appearance. The "come forth" of Islam involves surrendering to the creator and loveing the way he made you, and the "come forth" of fashion involves viewing young people as outfits that have changed over time. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being careful with what believers should do and work towards making them believe that unnatural things are natural.
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Salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah Barchetta. My beloved brothers, my sisters, I'm here in the City of Cape Town in this month of June, and the month of July, normally in the southern hemisphere. And that's where we were born and raised. It's winter. So as much as in the Middle East and in the northern hemisphere, it's summer. But in the southern hemisphere, it's winter so it's freezing cold. You might be surprised some people don't know that actually, when it is very hot in the Middle East. It's very cold in the southern part of the world. I'm sure Australia has winter as well.

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Here in Cape Town, it's very cold as well Zimbabwe is cold and so on. So mashallah you see me wearing something? Guys, were asking me about my hat, this is from Kashmir mashallah guys asked me about my top. This top is awesome. Awesome. It's from Australia, from Perth, my friend and my brother were led by him actually gave me as a gift. And

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surprising I've actually been wearing it this winter. And it's really something amazing, impressive. Okay.

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You see, when there is cold weather, everyone likes to wear warm because the body feels the cold. And immediately you want to do something about it. Because you're in a little, a little bit of discomfort, you actually don't feel so well, if you will not, you know, wearing something warm. So, in the same way in the heat,

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naturally, automatically, you find the person would remove their jackets or places or whatever extra that they might be wearing, and stick to the basics or the minimum because they don't want to be

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sweating, or feeling hot, knowing that I'm wearing so much. Now that's very interesting because Allah has kept it in the nature of humankind.

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And this nature is something that Allah has created us upon. When it's cold, you feel cold. When it is hot, you feel hot.

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And everyone has a different threshold of cold and hot. Some people feel cold in the heat, but

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not heat as such. But when it's cool, they still feel very cold. Some people

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it's quite hot and they're not yet feeling hot, but it generally moves heat and cold. In the same way Allah has created us

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with so much that He wants us to actually realize that he's created you in this particular way. Now, when you get to the do's and the don'ts, Allah Almighty instructs you

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to be concerned about the hereafter. In such a way that

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you automatically feel uneasy when it comes to doing something displeasing to Allah. Why because you have a connection, the natural connection with your maker fitrah to Allah He let the Fatah it's the nature

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in which with which are upon which actually that Allah has created you.

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It will lead you to worshipping whoever made you Allah made me he is going to

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you know do whatever he wishes and I am going to surrender to Allah. So in Islam, we have something known as a rebar bill about to be pleased at decree.

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First degree is how Allah made you so Allah made you a male or a female, Allah made you white, black, green, yellow, orange, brown, whatever it may be, all that is irrelevant. What is of relevance is that you have to surrender to the decree of Allah and love the way he made your law meet you when there is either blonde or black, or brown or any other shade, whatever it may be, Allah has made you have hair that is either straight or curly, or very clearly. Beautiful, whatever it is, Allah has given you certain features. Some have big eyes, some have smaller, some are long noses, some have flat noses, some have big lips, some have smaller lips, and so on. Remember to love

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the way Allah made you. And remember, the closest from amongst us to omega is the one who is most conscious of him and has the best relationship with Him. In academic Mendeley at Koco indeed, the most honored from amongst you in the eyes of Allah is the One who has the best relationship with the one who was conscious of another most. So, today's Friday Shala I'm about to get ready to go for Juma Inshallah, here in Cape Town. But I'd like to tell you

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learn to love

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What Allah has made, the way he's made it and be yourself that is liberation, you are truly liberated when you love the way Allah made you truly liberated.

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Don't try to impress people and so on over the years, when I'm close to 50 years old, and I can tell you something over the years, I've seen the way things have evolved, I saw the way my parents,

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some of my grandparents have dressed, and what they wore, and how they were.

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And I've seen it evolve over the years with that which we consider absolutely taboo and unacceptable, became

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acceptable, slowly, but surely, to the degree that the new generations don't even know that this was something totally unacceptable, just with the previous generations.

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So sometimes, you know, when we were kids, we used to feel so uncomfortable seeing anyone with any sort of makeup, I mean, I'm sorry to say this, I'm just letting you know,

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the circles we grew up in, in the 70s 80s 90s. In fact, 80s 70s and 80s, those who wore makeup, only perhaps put on a little bit of color on their lips, maybe a little bit of a few other things, perhaps something on the eye, very light, the way it's evolved today is something that that generation would consider totally absurd. The same applies to

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a clothing we wear,

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we would have never dreamt if we were living in the 60s that we will be wearing the same clothing, if not even in the wildest of our dreams.

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So it's been crazy if you take a look at Europe just a few, a few decades back, and how people rest. And take a look at how we're addressing today.

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And yesterday I was on a flight, so analyze, so some of these youngsters supposedly well dressed for our age.

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But I just thought to myself, I said, You know what,

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just a few decades back, this would have been absolutely unacceptable. So things are evolving. While it is not wrong to actually evolve, but we need to make sure that where we get to is either better than what we were upon all similar in the eyes of acceptability.

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For Allah subhanho wa taala. That's something great.

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And why I say this is you know, there's a lot happening on Earth today. And I think people are trying hard to make us believe that unnatural things are natural.

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Be careful. People are working hard on all levels, to try and make us believe

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that things that are displeasing to Allah are actually pleasing.

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People are trying hard, and they're working hard. And they're literally exhausting what capacities they have, be it financial, political, what ever it may be,

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to try and convince us that what's totally unacceptable is actually acceptable.

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So without actually pinpointing things, I've kept it broad because it covers everything. If you pinpoint you only talk about one thing.

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But I think, to cover everything is very, very important. It doesn't mean we don't respect people as humankind. It doesn't mean that we don't appreciate diversity. But it does mean we have to be very careful when it comes to what we would like to do as believers. And what we believe as believers, I think, believing men and women know that

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they are governed by what their maker has revealed. And no matter what faith it is, that basic belief is there with all of those. So be careful. My brothers and sisters, it's a Friday. We're very happy. We pray for those who are struggling and suffering and we all have our little struggles and sufferings. On Hamdulillah we keep going. I thought I just give you this beautiful note to say. I'm really I'm really concerned about the way we're going and how things are heading.

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Where we're heading and the way things are going to be tricky. Allah make it easy. That's my good 10 minutes with you guys this morning.

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And inshallah I look forward to seeing you guys later. And some of you and perhaps

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try and get a few more videos done in the next few days.

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