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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi divulges details on the name of Allah which is Al-Mu’min, that is, the One who believes and provides security and safety.  This name occurs once in the Qur’an.

Al Mu’min prove the truth and Iman of the Prophets by giving them miracles. Al Mu’min solidifies our Iman.

Allah has guaranteed the creation that He will never be unjust. He shall grant peace and security in this world with the supreme one being the peace of mind. He will also protect the believing creation from the fear and insecurities on the Day of Judgement.

We should recite this name diligently when we feel anxiety and a trepidation of fear.

The Prophetic Dua – Aamin rau ‘atina.


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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was a big marine about before we begin in today's name, somebody came to me yesterday and asked a very good question and I thought it was so good that we should actually answer it in front of all of you. The brothers said to me that the name of Allah, Allah Jimmy, it does not occur as a proper noun in the Hadith, it actually occurs at it as a description. I quoted the Hadith yesterday in the law, Jimmy lunia, Abu Jamal, so he said, How can we derive the name from a description? So this is a very good question, and I thought that I should answer the question in front of all of you before we move

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on to today's name. And the response to this question is that it is a common misunderstanding that many people have that the names of a law have to occur in the proper noun form, a semi or elbasy as salaam alaikum. Kudos, there's no doubt when it occurs and the proper noun, it is a name, but you can extract a name from a verb or an adjective or a description in the Quran and Sunnah. In other words, if you find a verb that is ascribed to a law, you find a description, you find an adjective that is used for Allah subhana wa Tada. It is permissible to take from this adjective or verb to derive from it a proper noun. Now the problem here comes not every verb is changed into a noun. It's

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a little bit complicated and advanced. But our scholars have said, and this is a speciality in the science of theology and the science of activator. Our scholars have said that those adjectives and verbs that denote perfection, that denote majesty, you can extract proper nouns from them. So let me give you an example. We have all heard of the name of Allah, Albuquerque, Albuquerque, the one who shall be eternal. But Albuquerque does not occur as a noun. There is no Hadith or ayah that says in the law, who else does they know doesn't exist? Where did we get the name from? We all know the ayah Surah Rahman. Why yerba call was horrible. It's a verb. Yeah, because it's not a noun, and the face

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of your Lord shall everlasting Li remain. So our scholars have said from this verb while Yaba, we may derive the proper noun allottee. So of the names of Allah is Al bathy. But we do not take every single verb and derive a noun. Let me give you an example. For example of the verbs that are mentioned in the Quran. Late in the movie I lay him Bohol de la la him, Allah gets angry. It is of the attributes that a lot gets angry, but it is not permissible to derive a noun and so we do not say that of the names of Allah is alcohol Dube, the one who gets angry? Why? Because it is not of the perfection to call somebody the angry one. That's not a smile listener. That's not beautiful.

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And a last names are beautiful. So a lot of adjectives. A lot descriptions are more than a last names. Allah azza wa jal gets angry, yes, but we don't call him the angry one. No, not allowed. It is not allowed to extract a noun from every verb. Now, who gets to decide this is a speciality? It's an advanced speciality, actually. And it goes back to the roadmap who have specialized in the last names and attributes. And as you can expect, there is a gray area some aroma Actually, there is actually names that are disputed. And I mentioned this briefly, in my first or second lecture, what I said that list of 99 it's not carved in stone, that's why it's not carved in stone because there

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is a gray area but not to worry out of those 99 around 85 are pretty much agreed upon maybe around 10 or 14 or so there is a little bit of controversy over so I wanted to answer that question in public was a very good question. Today's name very briefly, today's name is a name that occurs only once in the Quran. And it is a name that we all know the meaning of but very few of us fully understand. It is the name of min and it occurs in the same passage that the name of Salaam occurs a set an allotment so of the names of Allah is min Now we all know the mod min what is a mod min we all know a min is the one who believes. So how is Allah a min so to respond to this question we have

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to realize that actually, a man has two meanings not just one. The first meaning is indeed the one who believes

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I will explain that meaning in a while. But the second meaning of Amina is to provide security and safety. A lady of Allah whom in Jordan wa Amanda whom in house this Amina, whom is not the same as the believing woman, this Amana home in house is to provide security. So a remote man also means the one who provides security who guarantees safety. So the name of Allah men only mentioned once What does it mean? It has many, many meanings. Number one, it means Allah is the believer. Yes means the believer. And why and how can Allah not be the believer? When he has testified to himself? He is

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the one who has believed like nobody else can believe. Because he is the one testifying. Who is the one who says law either. Hi, Lola correct. What is the Quran say? shahidullah? Who? And the hula Allah Allahu Allah says the Shahada of La ilaha illa Allah. So if Allah says La Ilaha Illa who he becomes the moment and who greater to testify to the fact that La Ilaha Illa who other than Allah Himself, so Allah is not just a woman, Allah, his own movement. And because Allah is unmowed Minh, he shall prove that a man of his prophets, and he shall prove the amount of those who believe in him. So a lot Minh proves the amount of the prophets how so by blessing them with miracles, because

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men believes that men knows to be true. So when the prophets preach the truth, and more men will prove the truth and the man of the prophets. So men will give the prophets miracles and and most men will prove the Eman of everybody who wants to believe anyone who wants a man shall taste the reality of the man from a woman. And that is why I've said so many times that a man in the Muslim oma Alhamdulillah it's alive well I there's a lot of negatives. There's a lot of problems. But let's look at the positive Eman is strong in the oma. Every Masjid in the entire globe is packed every single night for this entire month. There is no other religious community that even comes close and

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hamdulillah because a lot men will prove the amount of every one of us we know deep down inside Islam is true Allah is true. The Quran is true the process of is true because I mean solidifies our Eman And Allah says this in the Quran sunnery him Fatima foursome hetalia Today

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we will show them signs in the skies around them in themselves until they will know it is true. So we believe as Muslims as Mormons, we have a rule. Anybody who wants guidance will find guidance. Anybody who's sincere will be guided why because Allah is an admin. So anybody who wants a man and woman will grant him that a man Allah does not misguide the sincere. This is the rule of our religion. So this is the name of the meanings of a moment, as we said, is the one who provides security. This is the second meaning. The one who grants emin Amana human health security against what security against any injustice Allah has guaranteed that he shall not be unjust. And Allah azza

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wa jal has obligated this on himself. As we said a few lessons ago that even a law has a code of laws, even Allah has a *ty or even a law has a book that he abides by. But Allah wrote that book and a lot prescribed the book for himself and of the rules in that book in the law. Hola, yo, the Nemo mythical Allah, Allah will never show injustice. And if allow one to show injustice he could have because there is no authority higher than him. But a lot chose to be just, and this is because he's an admin, he has guaranteed the creation, that he shall not be unjust, that he shall not show Volume One our bukovel lemelin abit your Lord will never show volume to the creation. So Allah is

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not unjust. And Allah does not show volume, even though our scholars say if he wanted to, he has the power to but Allah is men, and he guarantees us No, he is not going to do that, as well of the meanings of men and men is the one who has guaranteed safety and security to those who choose to believe in him. Anyone who believes in a law of men will grant him emin, what type of man in this world peace and security in this world. The greatest peace is the peace of mind that comes

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With knowing why we're here, there's no other peace of mind that is bigger than that. And that peace of mind is guaranteed by allotment for those who believe in him a lot Minh is the one who guarantees peace at the time of death. At the time of death, Allah says in the Quran in a Latina call Robin Allahu Tomas de como, tetanus, Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah Tyson at the time of death, and most men will cause the angels to come down and the angels will say to the believers, don't be scared. Don't worry, we will take care of you now. Know Olia openfit had to deal with laughter So the most men will protect the fear and the insecurities at the time of death. And most men will also protect the believers in the grave when every believer will be terrified in the in the beginning, there's going to be a terror that will cover the fitness will cover moon Karen Akira gonna come and more men will solidify will give the woman you thought bitola hola Dena am hon holy Sabbath. Allah will confirm reassure the believers with the right

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answer. That is a movement. Our movement will also reassure the believers and give them comfort on the day of judgment on the day of judgment in the lead in a Sabbath minute, Krishna, Buddha and Hamada Don't lie. Yes, ma una de woofie master for some holiday in La Jolla. zunow, whom Allah Akbar, Allahu Akbar is the great trepidation, the great anxiety. Allah says the believers shall not be anxious on the day of the great anxiety when everybody is terrified when everybody is completely almost losing their minds, and the law calls them drunk in madness drunk in fear. What's our analysis to Kerala homie tsuchiura you will see people drunk but they're not drunk, either. Bala is

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shady. They're terrified on that day. Allah says that believers shall be secure and peaceful, and the believers will understand what is going on. And the believers shall not be terrified on the day when everybody else is terrified. Why? Because a min has given them that peace and security. And of course the greatest among the greatest security is to enter down Amman and download Hulu and darussalam and that is the abode of peace and the abode of security for Allah subhanho wa Taala min is the only one who can grant eternal emin eternal security to those who enter that abode of Jannah. So this is the meaning of Allah so gentle movement, number one, the one who believes in himself and

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he shall done confirm the belief of the prophets and the believers. And number two, the one who grants security security from injustice, security, from evil security, from security and peace in this world security and peace in the upper security and peace on the day of judgment and most important security and peace in general itself. So the name of a law of movement is primarily used when we feel anxiety when we feel a trepidation of fear when anything terrifies us, then we should say young men or who are the one who grants SPS min row artina This is a prophetic dua that Allah Ameen grow artina our our fears calm them down. This is a prophetic drought so memorize it, calm our

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fears down so the name of Allah min is what we use when anything is troubling us. We are anxious we're worried and the dounia gives us so many problems to be worried so the name of a load that is the most Manasa is min min. Row artina omote min grant the peace and the security to my heart. May Allah subhana wa tada perfect our Eman And grant is a man in this world and next insha Allah will continue tomorrow with Santa Monica lawyer Baraka