Abu Usamah At-Thahabi – Aspects of the Days of Ignorance #05 – Masa-il-ul-Jahiliyyah

Abu Usamah At-Thahabi
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given power and dominion, and they were given wealth and status, they used to see that was a sign that those people were upon the truth.

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So to make it clear again, the non Muslims will be approached by the prophets and the messengers Salawat Allah He was cinammon whiny

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the prophets and the messengers would give them Dawa Illa Allah, the non Muslims had an understanding that a sign that something is true and beneficial was the fact that the one who was coming to them are the one who they're looking at. If the person had strong understanding those groups that civilization, they were very smart, like the Egyptians, for an example, built those pyramids, they will look at that and say, this is a sign an indication, these pyramids, and the

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mysteries and the serie and the mysteries and the secrets of the pyramids is a fact it's a proof that those Egyptians must have been on the truth because look, what they built, shows they're very smart.

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Or if Allah subhanho wa Taala gave a group of people power in the earth.

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They gave him he gave them the Dominion and they subjugated everybody around them. This is a sign that the truth must be with them.

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He also mentioned that if the people were given wealth and status, Allah bestowed upon people from his creation, a lot of wealth, a lot of status, then that was assigning an indication that they want the truth. And this in reality, when he in most instances is the furthest thing from reality, because if we were to look at the world today, the people who are in charge of the world for the most part, all those so called superpowers like America,

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but no Muslim in his right mind is going to say that the belief system of America and the way American society is no one in his right mind is going to say, that's something that is sanctioned by Allah as being the truth.

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They have power. They have knowledge in the way of technology, people are going to the moon, they're doing all kinds of things. It's not a sign it's not an indication that the truth is with them.

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So if you look in the Quran, and you look into the authentic sunnah consistently, this was the argument of the non Muslims, as you will see, they will say to the people, look, these people have a lot of knowledge. One of the stories of the Quran that dispel this myth is what happened with Benny Surah eel in more ways than one. And on a number of occasions, there was a man from Venezuela ill who was actually on the side of the enemy for our own. He is called cartoon of the Quran, not Hiren

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Qarun. He was from Venezuela Ale, but he was with for our own and subjugating his people as a result of being a sellout. For our own gave him a lot of money, so much money that it took a lot of people just to carry the treasures, the keys have his treasures, so if you put the keys of the money that he had, and we were saving, and the safe, the keys themselves weighed a lot, weigh a lot. So you can imagine how much money he had.

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The people from Benny Astra looked at him and they said, Oh, look at what Chiron is doing is that Chiron Fiala you're supposed to be with us. Don't be with her own frown is a mushrik is a volume he's an imam of oppression. Don't be with him.

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Chiron use the delille against that.

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Call it a NEMA T to whom an arraignment.

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And NEMA Tetovo Li, nd

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now, Allah, nd

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I've been given this thing because I can now manage all of this money that I have. I have knowledge and this is why I've been giving you people not qualified and competent. And that's why you're in a position that you're in. He had all of that money. And he used that as a deals of people doing so and saying what he said sign an indication that he thought by having the money sign, it's a proof that he's on the truth. And he put his people down as a result of that. The man is making a point in

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this particular chapter right here. It's not okay for people to think because someone has been given a certain type of knowledge and it may be a knowledge that other people don't have so silenced indication that he's right and unfortunately, especially in the Arab world. We have it in English we have this fitting in English but especially in the Arab world. There are certain people we're calling to Al Islam

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They're giving Dawa to Al Islam and they are pretty popular.

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They come to conclusions about the Quran conclusions about the Sunnah. And they give their own tafsir. And they want to be different from everyone else come with a Tafseer that's know. And they behave and exist in a way as if they're saying, I've been given some special knowledge like everybody else I like unlike everybody else as a result of that people go astray.

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I wouldn't name some of them. But it's not beneficial to name the names, but it's out there. We have a few people in English. And we have this Fickman English, where people don't want to stick to the classical interpretations of the Quran and the Sunnah. So if an individual wants to be weird and strange, who will give it an interpretation of yet Jew Jamaat juge, that's not known by the self of this ummah. So when people hear that interpretation, especially those for my youngsters, people who

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want to be liberal, people want to say what they want believe what they want. They take those interpretations. This is a warning in the Quran. Just stick with what people know stick with what is classical, don't try to be different. Don't try to be weird and strange. Don't try to be unique. Spread what the self of this OMA spread to the people. Allah azza wa jal mentioned as it relates to this particular man. I will um yeah, Allah, Allah, Allah communicably He men and Quran don't this

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man knows doesn't this man long Tyrone that Allah has destroyed many many people before Qarun many people, Allah destroy those people before him.

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And he destroyed them because they were not doing the right thing. So Chiron use that as a deal the Imam is saying this is not acceptable for people to have this where we look at people and we say Look how they have reached this level because of the knowledge or because of the power or the ability meaning I added to the Quran where Allah mentioned for us those people we had given as a test and a trial he gave those people money gave them wealth like for own for I don't have money in

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phenom had wealth. But Allah destroy for our own needs destroy the wealth that he had. Wasn't a sign it wasn't a proof that for hours on the truth too many is the Imam he brought a number of ayat we share some of those ideas with you in sha Allah azza wa jal.

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The statement of Allah Huhtala will come and let na Kabelo Humann cottolin, whom I should do men whom buckshot how many people came before then? Who Allah azza wa jal destroy them. And they were even more in strength than the people who they were impressed with. So every time you see some civilization, some group of people have a lot of a lot of power and strength, doesn't mean the truth is with them. That's not a sign of the truth. America's strength and power is not a sign that

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America is on the right path. But at the same time, I gotta make this thing clear. Being strong Islam is not against being strong, the believer was strong, is beloved, more beloved, more beloved and better to Allah than the one that was weeks. Nothing wrong with being strong. Allah told his Nebby in the Quran yah, yah, yah hoo, the Kitab the Kuwa take the book. Yeah, here was strength. Don't be weak. Don't be weak. The Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did a number of things during his

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lifetime during his sunnah to let the non Muslims know he was a force to be reckoned with. One of the perfect examples of that is what we do when we perform Umrah or we perform hajj when he came to perform the camera and the hedge and the non Muslims were contemplating attacking the Muslims. Then there'll be Salah what he was selling them got wind of that news. He told the Companions, exposure, right shoulders, put your eardrums under your arms, make your muscles come out. And we're going to

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jog around the Kaaba so that when the non Muslims see us, they're going to think twice about doing anything. And sure enough, when they saw the Muslims doing that, jogging around the Kaaba, and they saw the arms were exposed, they said, These people are strong. They're not weak, we're not going to bother them are muddled up the Allahu Anhu saw a one of the Muslims doing a hispeed I thought that Muslim understood that piety being religious and pious was to walk around with his back hunched

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over, looking as if he was weak. Mr. Hate the man on his shoulder and said don't walk like that. We don't want the non Muslims to look at us and to think and perceive us as being people who are weak. So Islam is not again

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means you being in shape, being able to take care of yourself, being able to protect your family. No, this is this hadith this dive is not saying that it is better, as the Hadith said, The believer who is strong, is better and more beloved to Allah than the one who was weak, because the one who was strong will be able to defend himself, defend his family, you'll be able to work you'll be able to give sadaqa to other people, he'll be able to do things whereas the one was weak. He can't do too

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many things. Islam is not against that. But the bad the chat is saying that you can't look at a person who is strong and he's big muscles. It's not a sign that he's going to win and it's not the sign that the truth is with him. From what he brought Rahmatullahi to Allah Allah him is the statement of Allah subhanho wa Taala and Surah three Fajr alum Tara K for five, book IV add in Ramadan, Eman allottee LEM your luck, Miss Liu Hasselblad with a Moodle levena Jibu Sakura will word

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with Farah own for round like was mentioned already. And for our story is, is throughout the Quran about his power about his strength he was doing all of those crazy things are pressing the people in Darren moose and Benny and Sarah ill to do anything about it. So Allah mentioned all of these people, the people of iron, the people of thermo, he said about the people of fair mood that those people to this day, you can see their relics that move chiseled out of the mountains, their houses,

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that clock outside in green lane, that clock outside that they fix, the door of those houses are taller than that clock outside, so they were giants, and they were able to make their homes by chiseling out the mountain. It is still there today, right now. If you go in, you will see that you will say these people were powerful.

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They would appear to be more powerful than was present right now in terms of just sheer strength.

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But they're not here anymore. Allah destroy them. And they were punished. And Allah mentioned about those people, and another ayat of the Quran for Tilka Bojo, to whom how we attend be my thumb, there are their houses, they are desperately, they're empty. And they are like that, because of the oppression that they had did before. So Allah destroy them. So if it was a proof that the strength is a sign of indication, and the truth was them, they will still be here, they would have inherited

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after their forefathers in 1999, they would have still been here, but a lot wiped them off of the earth and left their dwellings there as a sign. So the bad here is, don't reject the truth because you may see people being weak, and don't look at other people who may be strong and get fooled into thinking as the non Muslims used to do that these people are the ones who are rightly guided, those are from the Messiah eel of LJ Helia, that those people were upon. And there are many it when you

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don't have to go through all of the ayat.

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The second issue that the Imam brought Rahmatullah he to Allah Allah He is the issue that those people used to use as an evidence to show that something wasn't the correct way, meaning the prophets and the messengers, they will determine that the Tao of the prophets in the messengers was falsehood based upon the fact that only the weak people from the society followed and believed in the prophets and the messengers, and our community here, we have some people who have some money, we

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rely on Allah and we depend on Allah for people to give sadaqa but for the most part, if you look at the people who are right here present, we don't have that much money. Someone may say, I don't want to be a Muslim, because the Muslims don't have a lot of money. Just look at them. They're broke. Just look at that. Whereas if you go to certain communities, I will mention those communities. Some of them have a lot of money.

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They have a lot of property. They have a lot of investments. Some of these people like the Jewish community, Jewish community, especially in America here as well. They have a lot of money.

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But in Islam, you won't find the Muslim community for the most part, especially those communities that make Halal haram and haram allow halal and haram haram. Now, if there is a Muslim community in some of these countries where they don't care about riba then you will find that some of those communities are wealthy. I saw some of them in America, where they invest in on care. Yeah, haram haram Holla Holla. They don't care. But in the practicing community

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These Muslims are not going to engage in Riba. They are going to be things that are going to be preventing them from making a lot of money, the money is going to be my dude because they're practicing the religion. As for the person who doesn't care, like then they'd be said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there's going to come a time on the people where the person doesn't care where his money comes from. Is it halal? Is it haram, he doesn't care. There are some people like that. There

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are some communities like that, where they brought into Hey, this is the lifestyle here, so we have to take advantage of it. But the religious community, the Imam is going to warn the people, every so often about the Tarim of Riba. The Imam is going to warn the people about the permissibility of the lottery, the Imam is going to remind the people about the concept in Islam, Allah is pure, and he only accepts that which is pure. So if a person wants to bring finances that are haram to support

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the masjid, the man the people responsible for the message is gonna say not, this is not the way we practice Islam. But there are some communities, they don't care about that they don't care about that. So some of the people used to reject the truth because the people with the prophets and the messengers, they were weak. And what happened when the companions went to Ethiopia.

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And the people of Quraysh followed them to bring them back. The Ethiopian King, may Allah be pleased with them. He said, Listen, let me hear what you Muslims have to say. He began to ask them a series of questions. Tell me about your profit and Your Messenger. Who is he? They said, he comes from the best lineage from amongst us. He's not from the people we don't know. What else do you have to say about them? They say we always knew him as being an upright person. He was a good person. He said,

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who follows Him who wasn't followers who were with him. They said, the week and the oppressed from our society are the ones who are following him. Not the rich, not the old presses, not the ones who are running our society is the downtrodden and the ones who don't have money in the ones who will not considered. He asked him a number of questions. After he got the answers to all of those questions. He said about this fact that the weak and the oppressed, they are the ones who usually

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follow the prophets and the messengers. The rich and the powerful, they don't follow. Not all the time, but usually, because we find in the Quran, the lady they call her build peace. It's not established as her name. She's the queen of Saba, the Queen of Sheba. She accepted Islam, and she had a lot of power. She had a lot of money, but she's an exception to the rule. She followed Sulayman Salawat Allah He was salam, one Sulayman and a lot of power, you had a lot of money. He

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obey the laws with Joe's exception to the rule. Then the Joshi of eat of Ethiopia, he was a powerful man, he had a lot of money. He's an exception to the rule. He embraced this land. Some of the people said that the man of Rome, the man of Rome, I made a mistake. It wasn't the Joshi that asked him that question. It was the head of a room. The hero of Rome was the one who was asking about Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And then when he heard all of the answers, he told his people,

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I'm embracing Islam, he embraced Islam. But the people had a problem with the fact that he embraced Islam. So some of the scholars said he hid Islam, because he said, If this man were to come right here, and wash his feet, and I will kiss his feet, when his followers heard that his subjects heard that. They said, Well, what are you talking about? They gave him a hard time. And then he said, I just wanted to test you. Some of the people said he embraced Islam, Allah Who on them. The point is,

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he seemed to be an individual app power. Yeah, my yes strength. And he believed in the Nabhi. And Allah knows best. The point is, those are exceptions to the rule. Rare usually people have money, they're not listening, they're not going to follow. So the shift said from the Messiah in Jay Hillier, that the non Muslims were upon is this fact, and it happened with the Prophet himself. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. What happened with Nana b and a number of occasions some of those poor

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Muslims were sitting with Rasul Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam. Billa Alibaba, Sandman al Pharisee. They're not Arabs. Abdullah enormous erode. He was poor. He was weak. Amara blue acid, his mother and his father were killed. When they accepted Islam. They had no tribe, no one to defend them about even rot. These people were sitting with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam rich people in El Medina came. They say listen, humbly. We would like to listen to your

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dollar. We want to hear your religion, but we're not going to sit with these poor people.

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If we sit with them, they're going to bother us. They're going to annoy us. We don't want to smell them. We don't want to see them.

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I asked him to leave, we'll come and we'll sit and we'll listen to your dollar. Prophet Muhammad listened to the proposition sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was hurries. He knows if these people embrace the religion of Al Islam is going to help the whole community.

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They won't be against us. There'll be that many people less were enemies. So he thought about it.

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Not because he thought they were better than the Muslims, but as an opportunity, they're gonna come and listen. How many times do we want people just sit down and listen to our dollar listen and hear it?

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The Prophet thought about it. And then Allahu Taala revealed an ayat of the Quran, some of the scholars said to is that a similar will reveal for the same issue. Some of them said when I it was revealed for this and another ayah that is similar to it and sort of through calf was also revealed, but at another time, although the subject matter is the same, the statement of Allah Huhtala will add to the living and when I talk to the Lavinia the ruler Rob boom bill that they will achieve you

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you're doing a watch

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Malik Amin he said to him in shape. Well, my main he said because they give me shape for todo home. First Hakuna Mila volley mean, yeah, Mohammed, do not expel those poor people were sitting with you. Those people call on Allah during the daytime in the nighttime, praying five times a day, making dua to Allah make enough car because that's the religions, Islam, they don't expel them from sitting with you. You have nothing to do with them. And there he said, they have nothing to do with you. And

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your he said, if you tell them to go away and you expel them, you're going to be from those people are oppressive. The meaning of the IRA is clearly don't tell these people to go away so that the rich people could come and sit. These people are much better than these rich people because they believe in Allah. These people don't. The point here is you have to understand number one Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was not asking him he wasn't going to send the Companions away. To be

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bad to them is similar to what happened with his companion ibis, or what the Walla and Jack AMA, when the blind man came to ask about Islam. At the same time that the non Muslims were listening to the Dawa, the blind man interrupted Rasul Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he is a believer, and he wanted to know about his religion, and the Prophet frown, because the time was not the good time, he was giving Dawa to them. So we found and turned away, Allah revealed the ayat, don't do

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that. Don't frown that the believer and pay attention to these people, because he's better than those people. The Prophet did not find that that man thinking the non Muslims were better than him. No, he didn't want to expel those believers, because the non Muslims were better than them. It was all about the opportunity. If these people accept Islam, they're going to protect the blind man and the rest of the community. And these non Muslims except Islam, they're going to protect those poor

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people and the rest of the rest of the community. So in this issue, again, non Muslim Quraysh this is what they understood. We're not going to follow you. Because we see with you, those people are miskeen those people they are full Cara, they can't do anything. And we're better than them. So from what they mentioned to Rasulullah, sallAllahu wasallam in the prophets before them, and describing these people were Mala rocket Tabaka in the livina, whom Verona bad the Aurora women Lara, comb

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Elena min further, they said we don't see anybody following you. Except those people are the low lifes the arrival, the riffraff that people from the society who are the poorest. Now this is really important and whiny. Out here, across the street, in Morrison's sometimes we get those people who are homeless, and they sit in there, and these people know from the Muslims, and our religion is this thing about giving sadaqa to people, if you're going to give sadaqa to any of those people what

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you're allowed to do, and if you don't want to, you don't have to. But what we should never do is we should never put our noses up at those people and look down at them.

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That's something that the non Muslim Quraysh they used to do that. If Allah puts a person in a situation where he is lower in terms of social status thing you then praise Allah. But don't be rough with people. Don't be nasty with people don't be judgmental people, even some of them that you see they're not dressed well. They may be drunk. They may be people on drugs or whatever. Don't laugh, don't ridicule. Just praise Allah that Allah has blessed you not to fall into that because

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throughout the Quran, the non Muslims had that thing of looking down upon those

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People were socially lower than that. And Hinduism, they have that caste system, those people on the lowest level of the totem pole and the Hindu society, those people have zero. Unfortunately, Muslims had this idea as well. They look at certain people from this our community Muslims, because his father, for example, his family, his forefathers, they were people may shoes, they were people were farmers, they were people, whatever people tend to look down on them, is what the Quran is telling

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us not to do. And this is what the people of courageous do not encourage, as it relates to the dow of the prophets and the messengers. So these two chapters are 20, especially the both of them are important. But especially the second chapter in terms of people being weak, lowly, as they say, it's not a sign that the prophets who were being followed by these peoples that are saying that the Tao of the prophet is not true. As a matter of fact, for the most part, the poor people, the low people,

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the regular people, they're the ones who are going to accept Ellis lamb. So for my experience, one thing that I saw another brothers were reverse. I've seen this as well, because Europe and America, as we mentioned, they occupy right now what I would say, the highest level in the social status, because wherever they are, they're leading the world, they have the superpowers, people of color, no matter where they come from, they tend to be less than white people sometimes with that racism, not

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all of them. But this society is built on racism. They'll look at people of color as being low.

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Now, if a white person's accepted, slam, some of the Muslims look at the white person's circumstances, and that's really a big thing. If a person of color accepts Islam, people are happy, but they don't look at us the same way. We say if anybody comes into all Islam, we're happy. Now obviously, if someone is powerful, they got money they come into slam, someone is famous, that makes us happier. But it's not again something that we should allow ourselves to get carried away with it,

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no doubt. Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to make dua to Allah to allow strong people like Irma Ivanova to embrace embrace the religion because if he came into the religion, it strengthens al Islam. And that's what the companions said. They say from the day that Roma came into the deen al Islam became strong and it continued to go from strength to strength. So if a powerful person comes to the deen Hamdulillah, but the thing that we have, because of the end the the

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inferiority complex that some people have, as it relates to people who are European or American, this is a bad example, manifestation in terms of understanding the issue of equality in Islam, meaning, no white person, black person, Arab, non Arab, no one has any virtues over anybody else, except based upon the TBWA. So if a person of color is a better practicing Muslim than an Arab or a person who was white, then that's the one who Allah azza wa jal gives him, you know, respect. Abu

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Huraira say that the Prophet mentioned sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Verily, Allah doesn't look at your colors, he doesn't look at your shapes, he doesn't look at your money. Allah looks at the hearts of the people, and he looks at your actions. So this prayer that we just mean, Allah looks at the one who was concentrating on his praise impacted by the prayer. You know, he looks at that one, he doesn't look at the one who has the best FOAP the one who has the most money. And as I look at

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that, those things are not the criteria that make people better or worse. So those are the two Babs that we wanted to deal with today.

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Those people have power is not a sign that those individuals on the truth, those people have strong understanding. It's not a sign as it relates to

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atheists. I used to think and I used to believe, because I never really dealt with Dawa, to atheists, that was not my forte, I will lose some brothers some era. And they put on a program to learn about the different arguments to use against the atheists. I was shocked and surprised that the atheist people, they're Hajaj in their points are very weak. They're not strong at all. But some of us are, they think, because they talk a lot of nonsense in technical terms and try to tie people

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up and mix people up. That's a sign that atheism as a Dow is strong. It's not strong, and it's not the truth.

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Because they can talk scientifically and use those big words and concepts about science. It's not a sign when they start talking about the Big Bang Theory is not a deal. That is true. The religion novelists now

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Quran was revealed. And although the Quran has a lot of mysteries, and some complicated and complex ideas for those who can understand it, Quran was revealed with basic simple knowledge that people can understand. And it's the truth in and it's not a sign that it's not true. And similarly, in contrast, the other people come with a lot of complications stick to what is basic and simple and inshallah as a joke, the truth will prevail. Okay when we're going to close this out right now you

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gotta meet it with the brother last week we had a lot of people asking questions on the way out if you brothers don't ask the questions during the class, you have to let us go because so many things are happening so if you have any questions you could put your question for right now about these two Babs my little man right here

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they make one

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Yeah, the brothers asking about the issue of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu. It was setting them very Allah's pure and Allah only accepts that which is pure. So if someone were to give money, and the money came from a source, that was not correct, the person happens to own a store. And in that store, he sells what is haram. He sells cigarettes for an example. He sells coming for an example. He takes that money and he gets Zakat and Sadaqah to the masjid. And the masjid doesn't

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know about that. What's the ruling in that? The Masjid is not responsible for that. The Masjid takes the money, someone gives you money. You don't even ask the people where did that come from? That's not your business. If they gave it to you, you take it with good cheer. And that's between you and Allah. As for the person who gave it, then he's the one who was sitting. It's not upon the Masjid. to even think about that people to think about that. It's the responsibility of the one who's given

00:32:04 --> 00:32:38

it to feel Allah subhanho wa taala? That's a good question. Now, if there is a reason that will cause a person to have some concern, he knows that that individual has stolen that money, but he's not sure he knows that man is there's some issues about his money. Then in that case, and certain very tight issues it may be permissible for the masjid, it may be permissible for you to ask, Where did that money come from? Abu Bakr came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He told the

00:32:38 --> 00:32:45

newbie of an incident that transpired with him. There was a man who had owed him some money.

00:32:47 --> 00:32:51

The man paid Abu Bakar Robbie Alonso and food

00:32:52 --> 00:33:22

Abu Bakr ate their food. And he remember that that man was a dubious character. He said to that man, where'd you get that money from the the food that I ate it? He said I got that from a cannon soothsayer. I went to a soothsayer. I did that soothsaying and I got the phone I gave it to you. Abu Bakr robbed the I know put his finger in his mouth, and he vomited and made the food come up. He didn't want any of that kind of haram food inside of him. But that's not what you do with everybody.

00:33:22 --> 00:33:54

We mentioned this a number of times. someone invites you to eat in his house. The Prophet says sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. If the Muslim invites you to eat his food, don't ask them where did the food come from? If he gives you from his drink, don't ask them where the drink come from. Don't ask them was that meet slaughter halau Z correctly slaughtered haram Did you get it from Morrison's don't ask that question. Just eat it. If it came from Morrison's if it wasn't halal, if it was me

00:33:54 --> 00:34:09

that was dead, something that you shouldn't be eating is on the one who gave it to you. Now on the issue of your health as different issue. But you're not supposed to ask people because that will open up the door for fitna and drama. Good question little man. Any more questions have one?

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Dickmann lives for the happy.

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Okay, hi, that was SallAllahu wasallam Mubarak. I'm in the beginner. Early he was having a Gemini Santa Monica

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with a smile

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