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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah wala le he was Safi woman whether

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rubbish was nice Audrey way acidity Emily, local attend mini saniya only allamani nemlig and found out when found, dinner was ignited in the Kansas meal or even

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a cinema a Kumara Valera care to my dear sisters and brothers.

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As you know, in short a lot today we're going to talk about the last 10 nights bt Milla Italia which are studying tonight, according to global

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moon sighting in Sharla.

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So it's a panel as we know already 23 or sorry, already, you know, two thirds of these precious days. And, you know, nights of Ramadan have passed by us

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and left us and now we've reached the last 10 nights of this month to Panama just like that, just like a blink of the eye. And I and you know, I know that this year, many of you have been, you know, extra busy with lockdown. It's been difficult for a lot of people trying to, you know, balance between looking after your kids home schooling, you know, extra mess to clean up with everybody home, financial worries, a lot of people going through a lot of financial worries right now. And so, you know, as a result, a lot of people wouldn't have had the time to, you know, really have enough time to focus on this month in the way that you would have hoped.

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But Alhamdulillah The good news is that, you know, from the mercy of a loss of data, he saved the best part of this month to the last, you know, upon Allah. And only Allah knows how much blessing and how many chances of forgiveness and mercy that Allah has given us in in these last 10 nights between now

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and citizen brothers, we need to realize, you know, just how much Allah has, you know, chosen and favored these last 10 nights over any other nights of the year.

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And that's why, you know, nobody who knows, the virtue of These Nights would allow themselves to waste these this time.

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Because from amongst these nights is a night that if a believer stands and praise to Allah to Allah, out of sincere Amen, you know, hoping for the forgiveness and reward from Allah. Allah will forgive their previous sins be Milla as the Prophet sort of La Jolla told us, man, armor Laden,

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man and what is urban warfare Allahu metacoda mean Danby, who ever stood in the night of the other with Cincy men and hoping for the reward from Allah to Allah. Allah will forgive their previous scenes beat me later Allah. So only Allah knows how many people so panelist standing this night. And when the morning comes, it's like they purified from their sins and Subhanallah Lisa Mina, like about eight it's not too far from Allah, that he could forgive something you know, or if somebody sings, depending on how sincere that person was.

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Now, I want to just speak a little bit, first of all about the reason why little color it's called, you know, why is it called that Okada? Why is it called the night of Qatar? Okay, it's important for us to know that because if you're going to really get the most out of it, you need to understand what you're talking about. So just quickly, you know, from the reasons that's been stated by the scholars, one reason is because it's considered to be a night of honor. Okay? Is it a nightmare has a high status with a loss upon data. And that's why whoever stance you know, in this night becomes a person of honor. You know, become beloved and has a status with a loss of power either inshallah.

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Another reason they said is because the reason it's called other as well, they said, because this is a night of decrease, because it's on this night, that Allahu Allah reveals to him and that whatever is written in a low and math with whatever is written in the preserved talent, tablet, Allahu taala reveals that, you know, gentlemen that he can't, for what's coming for the coming year, whatever Allah tala has decreed to happen in the coming year. This is the night when Allahu taala makes that apparent to the Malaika and, you know, shows them what's going to happen.

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So it's upon a lot from the, you know, the immense virtues of this night is that this night

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is the one in which Allahu taala chose to send down the Quran to send an Al Quran and kill him right and inserted a Doohan. Allahu taala says, you know, bye bye after Bismillahirrahmanirrahim hammy well keytab well keytab inmobi in Enza now houfy lailah T Mobile Raka in Kona moon DD see how you flipo Hulu

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ambreen Hakeem mo Mina in Jena in Kona morosini. So Allah tala says ham in one key Tabby moving by the, you know, a clay book in Anza. Now houfy lady, Laila Timo Baraka, we sent it down in a blizzard night. And verily we were from the Warner's right fi how you Franco kulu emaline Hakeem, in this night, a lot of time it makes apparent all the decrease that's going to happen in the, in the, you know, the coming year.

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So ultimately tells us in these verses that this is a night which is more Baraka, it's a night which is blessed.

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And from amongst the, you know, the blessings of this night, is that worship done in this night is better than 1000 months, right to something a lot. Allah also told us another student's other,

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which is equal to or it's more, you know, around about 83 years and four months of worship, so imagines Panama, worshiping Allah for 83 years, and four months of worship, this is how much a person can get reward, or even more than that, from just standing in one night for last pantalla. And this is really you know, as panela a gift that Allah has given us, because all our new believers are gonna have different lifespans. You know, some of us may only live three years in Islam, some of us might live 10 years in Islam, some meet mainly 50 years, but the panel or from his, you know, because Allah is that kidding, he gave us a little other, he gave us a little cutter. So it's upon a

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lot we can, you know, like, it's like if we made the most of the little clutter every year. It's like we had lived a lot of maybe 1000s of years, you know, in worships upon a law. So it's, it's really a huge blessing from Allah subhanaw taala.

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Also from the blessings of this night as well, is that we know that the, you know, the angels in america and jabril olives and then they just sent to the earth in this night, due to the amount of mercy and blessings that comes down in this night. Now in one narration, in Abu Dawood, the prophet sort of long white he was in supine Allah He tells us that in America till kelela accelerometer fill out the mean additional hustle that in that night in the night of metal cutter that the number of magnetic car spent a lot on the earth are more than the you know the number of malayaka that descend on more than the amount of pebbles on earth Subhanallah so this is how rich it is how constricted

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the earth becomes due to the the magnitude of Malacca that descend in this nice panel.

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And you can read through the clutter as well Allah tala says bada best Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim in and then now houfy later other verily we sent down the Quran in Natal, other woman at the rock Annihilator other what will tell you what is lady the other? Right Laila to potty hi Roman elfish the night of the quarter is better than 1000 months in worship. xS Zed will mala e catwalk Whoo hoo Fie her be in Europe be him mean Quilliam that the you know, the angels and you know gibreel s&m they just sent in this night Salaam on here had the light of budget. So peace will be spent a lot on earth until you know this piece that's descending until the federal comes on that day.

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All right, so when is it other? So we don't know, the exact night as most of you would know, we don't know the exact night. It's something that Allahu taala, you know, kept hidden from us. But the prophets sort of long one is, he told us to seek it in the last 10 nights, it's definitely in the last 10 nights, right. He also told us that we should seek it on the odd nights, and most likely is the 27th night, right? But we shouldn't put as I say, don't put all your eggs in one basket. Okay, so it most likely is the 27th night like some of the companions, like obey even gab, they would even swear by a lot of pantalla that it was the night of the 27th. You know, one example of that is like,

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obey even Cobb by the Allahu anhu. He said that I observed it's morning for 20 years. And I found the sun coming up in the morning with no race. So he was adamant that that's it's only the 27th

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Now, how do you know it's that little little butter? How'd you know? It's a night of powder? Right?

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Well, there's a few things first of all the profits that allowed us and told us that it's like a calm and pleasant night. Right? It's it shouldn't be very, like extremely hot or cold. It shouldn't be on the extreme side of temperature. The next thing too is that he said that in the morning the sun rises with no race. Okay, but as for like you see when you're in the night, how do you know whether

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It's that night or night, there's a few things that I might have mentioned. One thing they said that, you know, you could feel it's like a bright and luminous night like, it's you feel as if the sky is lit up or you feel that there is no you feel like there's no air in the atmosphere, right?

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Another thing is that the heart of the believer will feel a sense of peace. So you feel like a sense of calmness coming down on you

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in a way that you didn't feel in other nights.

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Another thing, they said that, you'll find it easy to stay awake and worship Allah subhanaw taala in this night.

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And another thing they said is that, you know, you'll feel a greater sense of energy and sweetness in your prayers, right, more than you felt in other nights. So this is the kind of signs you're looking for, it's more like you can see not necessarily physical signs, it's more spiritual signs that you feel, you know, a sense that you feel in this night may also kind of give us all tofik give us success, inshallah, in you know, achieving this night.

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So what I want to move on now, to talk about is, you know what to do in these nights, okay, so, realize that, you know, these coming nights starting from tonight, as I said, if you've just joined, you know, this, this is a time for us to take out from our busy lives, you know, to reflect, you know, it's a time of reflection, it's a time of self introspection, it's a time of, you know, Holloway, Allahu taala, it's a time of, you know, being alone with the loss of pantalla you know, cutting yourself off as much as possible from the dunya.

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And, you know, it's through this action, that a person B in the lab will achieve real change in this month in sha Allah, when you when you approach these 10 nights like this, that's when you're going to really see the change. And that's why when these 10 Knights would come to the profit sort of law while he was selling Sharia law, Han had tells us that when these Knights would come to the profits that a longer certain shed, that means that all right, that he would say say Tyson Tyson, the you know, the belt on these are, what are your Leyla Hall and that he would, you know, make the night alive with worship? What a way or the other way that he would, you know, wake up his family not to

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let them sleep the whole night like wake up and pray, don't don't waste this time. Don't waste this. You know, precious opportunity Allah has given you to, you know, get his forgiveness in this night. So we know that the other thing too, that he would go for decaf in the masjid in these 10 days. Right. So that's why in these 10 days, and especially in the odd nights, it's it's really important that we take a break from those things which are going to distract us.

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Now, one of the things you need to be especially wary off of, obviously, for most of us, it's going to be social media, because we're still a lot of us are still in partial lockdown, you could say so we're not so distracted with the things outside that we normally distracted with. But, you know, I think the biggest struggle for a lot of people is being distracted with search media now, it's just so much going on.

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So be wary of that, especially when we're talking about the odd nights. And especially like in the nights of the you know, 23rd 25th 27th 29th and in particular 25th 27th those nights

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with those nights, be very careful not to waste your time. inshallah in these nights, try your very best to stay off the social media and you know, anything else distracting socializing anything like that, that's going to distract you away from your any better. Try your best to avoid that and just because it's going to it's going to, it's going to cause you to lose focus on what you want to do. Right? It's in these nights, praying extra prayers, as much as you can, you know, reciting Koran doing Vicar sadhaka you know, towba like charity and, and repenting I'll come to that I mean, I'm going to give you a bit of a routine to follow during these nights inshallah. But basically, the

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idea is, you know, you're trying to you know, strive to show a level to Allah the level of, you know, sincerity of your Eman and you want to show a lot how much you want Jana, and how much you want to be saved from the fire in whatever way you're able to do that. Okay. So you need to realize that the way to get dakwah is through a Bader right as your men but when we've spoken before or you would have heard other lessons about how you know what is what is one of the reasons Allah told us to fast right? Yeah, he will Edina M and o quotevalet. Como cmo Kana kuchibhotla. And let me

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put divali como si mo kuchibhotla dinamico la la quinta taco right? A lot of Allah prescribed fasting

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upon you just as he prescribed on those who came before you, why not look at the corn right? To get dakwah but now we what we want to talk about is

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How do we get you know?

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How do we get that duck wha it's through a bad

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right? A lot of shoulders are on the way to get a taqwa

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is to get through a bad is through worship in here this is how we you know train our next we do Tez Canton that's purification of the soul purification of the heart it comes through a bad that it comes to striving in a bed like you see in

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in you know in the Quran Allah tala says yeah, evenness u ns obudu rock dokumen ledi Hola, Coco. Well, let me publikum la la comunidad de con. Right. Oh, you created you. And, and those who came before you Why? La la contacta con worship you loads that you may receive taqwa. Okay. So this is how we get taqwa

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striving sincerely any better. Like I said, this is from the greatest ways to reform the nuts to purify the next and reform yourself. And so if you want to, you know, grow as a believer, if you want to evolve as a believer and, and change and become a better believer than you were, before Ramadan came, it means that you need to, you know, basically push yourself past your normal comfort zone. Okay, we all know that growth can only occur when you're working outside your comfort zone. So you can't be just praying the amount of praise that you normally pray when it's not Ramadan, right, you need to exert more effort, put more, you know,

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put more effort into what you're doing.

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So, in other words, you know, pray far more than you normally pray, especially in these odd nights coming up by doing far more than you normally would, making much more than you normally would. Much more Toba much more out. Now, if we look at the action of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in these nights, we see some parallel that he's fee actually become cracked and swollen from how much he would pray sort of law one, seven.

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And, you know, he was the one who we know that his past and future sins are forgiven panel on how much are we in need for the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala. So gives you an indication of how much we need to, of course, we can't always necessarily strive to that level, but it just shows you how much we need to be paying attention to these lights. Right. And as I mentioned earlier, at your show, but your loved one has she told us that he would you know, as described in the Hadith de la la that he would, you know, bring this this, you know, he would cause these last 10 nights of Ramadan, he would even know enliven them with wishing, you know, bring them to life with worship.

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Now, another thing he taught

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us is that having high hopes is not enough. You know, you need to accompany your hopes, with actions. You know, we all want john, right? Shawn, we all want genitals from adults, we all want, you know, the highest level of gender in Europe and we want to save our social fire. But one thing that the Messenger of Allah showed us is that that does not you know, that doesn't mean don't just, you know, wish for that you can just lie in bed wishing for that you need to actually do actions to to bring, you know, bring that about inshallah, like, we see that one of the, you know, Sahaba they one time came to the messenger of a loss that a long while he was sitting and they asked him, you

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know, they told him that, you know, you're a sola, I wish to be in your company in general, I wish to be in your company. And we noticed what did the Prophet said along with us and tell him, he told you in fact, he Niala FC cabbie capital sujood like, then helped me with yourself by increasing your sujood so if you want to be you know, with me in Jenna, in the in the general fiddles and the highest level of gender, then you need to also help yourself by increasing the amount of prayers that you pray, you know, strive with your body three bed that right? So what this hadith shows us is that, you know, inshallah, if you want to reach a high level with Allah, then it doesn't happen by

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just wishful thinking, you know, just having that hope that all maybe, you know, I'll be there right? Um, you need to really what we need to be realized these we need to turn to a loss of data with a humbled heart, right, showing him how much you want his pleasure, how much you want his gender, and the way you show that is through your Cincy worship, worship of here in these nights, and of course, obedience to Him as well. In his nights, of course, staying away from her arm and staying away from you know, anything makrooh like detestable or you know, doubtful matters, things like that, right?

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So, subpoena law is through following this method in sha Allah that will bring about the greater lasting change, be evening to Allah.

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What I'm going to get into now are more of the practical side of this talk. So, starting off with what are some tips

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For being in the right mental state, okay. So if we look at the practices of the seller

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we can gain quite a lot of tips for you know how to enter these Knights in the right mental state so for example we know that the seller they used to consider it to be like Mr hug or something you know liked to take listen on the night that they felt was going to be their little powder, like on the night they felt was the Night of Decree that they would take also on that night or some of them would even take also every night in these last 10 nights Okay, so it's that in itself just get yourself mentally ready for doing your best in this night.

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Now one thing that's mentioned is that they would you know, put on their their best perfume or their best clothes to worship a lot in this night You know, some of them would burn incense and you know, spray aroma in the masjid or the place they're going to pray some there's some ideas for you to to make yourself feel that you know, there's a different atmosphere around yourself. It helps get yourself in the mood and mentally prepared to another thing I'll just add feature is that it's very important to get your sleep during the day.

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So if you go in these 10 nights if you're going to have a choice between if you're having a choice between favoring your nights over your days favorite your nights Jani Jenna Stan put your, you know, put your greatest preference on your night over your day. So it doesn't matter if you sleep during the day a little bit, in order for yourself to be able to stay awake at night now. I'll come back to this later. But, you know, sometimes you may need to even sleep between MongoDB for example, you may need to get that little sleep between Monday Venetia, then wake up at a time and you can stay awake the whole night it's much easier honestly, it's much easier to stay awake the whole night if you if

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you do get that bit of sleep between I'm going to be shot. Alright, but now I'm gonna move on and talk about a couple of other tips inshallah. So, the first one is, the most important thing actually is to enter these nights with the right intention, you know, the sincere intention that you really want the forgiveness of a lot in these 10 nights. You really want to be from those who are lost saved from the fire in these nights. You know, a lot of talent tells us in the Koran what may you mean Billahi min De Palma, whoever sincerely believes in Allah, Allah guide their heart. So it all starts with you. Right? If you've got the right approach towards these nights, you're sincerely want

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that from Allah. Allah will guide your heart to knowing what is the right thing and he will make you successful in finding the night of clutter in these nights inshallah Alright, that's that's the most important thing. Of course, you can also you know, make dua and say Allah, Indiana decree cow or sharika wahoo snare in bed sick as well, you know, say this to Allah helped me in you know, remembering you, and in thanking you and having the best and most perfect worship review inshallah. Okay, so that's one tip, then we come to a second tip,

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which is, it's important for you to have, have a mental idea of what you're hoping to do in these nights, like a program, what's your program that you're intending to, to do during these nights and inshallah in a minute, I'm going to go through a bit of a routine that you can use if you like, of course, it's something you can use, you know, everyone's free to adapt the way they like, but I'm going to give you an idea of what you could be doing during these nights. inshallah. The third thing is having Houston avant, in Allah, that as long as you're doing your best, then, you know, that's, that's what counts, okay? Don't compare to what other people can do. Maybe someone can stand the

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whole night in prayer, Ma sha, Allah, may Allah accept it from them. But you know, if you all you're able to do is pray, you know, many records of saying, sort of lost in every record, then Alhamdulillah, you've got to, you know, have a personal bond that whatever you're able to do, that's what Allah wants to see. That's the most important thing. Okay, we all have different capabilities, we all have different circumstances, you might have a new baby, for example, and you're not able to, you know, pray much, you know, you might have to get up all the time, feeding the baby, things like that. So, you'll be doing Vicar of a law, for example, you would be doing stuff for the last offer

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law, you know, so you've got to just cope with your circumstances and just your most important thing, like I said, having an intention to get the best out of These Nights. You know, basically show up your best wherever that might be, right. Another another, you know, advice I usually give to my students is, you know, give some soda before you start these nights, give some soccer because soccer is a way to seek Nina's to Allah. And by you doing that a lot open up. He opens higher for you. He opens blessings for you. So

00:25:00--> 00:25:41

To give sadaqa before you start on these nights and especially gifts on a car, with the hope in your heart that Allah is going to guide you to finding little other and being successful in this night, right. Another thing too is Toba. Before you come to this night, make as much Toba as you can you know ask Allah for forgiveness. Ask him to remove the sins and remove the hardness from your heart. Because this hardness in the heart You know, these sins they can they can basically you know, can become like shackles on your heart that prevent you from coming close to a loss of pantalla in this night, okay? So there's some tips before coming into this night inshallah. Then we come to what's a

00:25:41--> 00:25:54

suggested routine, all right, as suggested routine. So as you know, most of you inshallah are probably praying tarawih prayers, like after a shot. So you can just stick to that you can do your total week prayers, for example.

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I mean, if you're able to pray the whole night, like with long, long record, Mashallah, like, you probably wouldn't even need to be in this lesson, right? But for most people, they probably can't stand the whole night doing long rock, I'd like the Messenger of Allah solo someone's doing, okay, so, basic routine for you is like pray your autonomy, as you normally do, then sit for a while and read Quran, for example, you know, so read Quran was read as much Quran as you can for a couple of hours, and do some decode. Right? Then get up and pray as we come towards, like, the second half of the night will be coming into you know, like the, the early hours of the morning, say, like two

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o'clock, something like that. Now, you can get up and start another set of press, okay, so you can get up and do another set of prayers, pray to pray, and then in between those prayers, for example, and, you know, making is still far, you know, stuff for the last offer live as much as you can, you know,

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making, of course, to a loss of pantalla. You know, calling upon Allah by his beautiful names, you know, yellow for your Rahim in harmony, you know, like, making your man you know, call upon Allah by his names, repeat them over again, you're off, man, you're off, man, Your Honor, you're rockin euro him, okay, so you can repeat the names of Allahu taala, like invoking him like this.

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Very importantly, as well, while doing all this, reflect over your past, right reflect of your past, reflect over where your life is hitting, this is a very important thing to do in this in these nights. And especially if you believe it's the little brother, it's very important to do this to, you know, reflect over your sense. Reflect over the hardness of your heart, you know, reflect over the diseases of your heart, we've all got these diseases and scenes that build up in our heart, right? So we were talking about, you know, having jealousy for others or having bad feelings towards others, or, you know, hatred or, you know, having doubts that Allah is going to answer or things

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like this, there's all these different diseases that we get so much love for dunya too much of fluff too much. You know, heedlessness being away from Allah and not focused on our Hara, right? or seeking dunya instead of seeking out here so it's all these different diseases, you know, it's really time for you to be very introspective, you know, looking into yourself realizing that you've got, like, we've all got these diseases, no matter who we are, we need to ask a lot, you know, to help us to to reach a higher level by purifying our heart and as I said, you know, you're purifying yourself by making Toba I think a lot of have to forgive you for for these diseases and ask him to

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remove them from your heart. And making is still far because it is still far, you know, saying stuff but a lot a lot. It it polishes the heart as well. Okay, so as you can see, the idea is if this is a time for what we'd call Cincy, Maha Sabha, right, what has to be the nuts are has set to next like, you know, calling yourself to account and also, you know, total loss of pantalla. Like, you know, as well like, how many times we stand before a lot with laziness, you know, instead of standing before loss, planning our prayers,

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you know, really paying attention in our prayers and trying to strive to do our best now press, how many times we spend it lazy, just thinking about other things and not really focus and not even trying to focus, right? So this and then there's unbreak ungratefulness, to how many times do we are we not grateful? How many times have we always thinking about

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what we don't have instead of what we do have? Like, there's so many things that we fall into, right? So this is why we need to be really

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pondering on all of these things and say, you know, calling ourselves to account or you know,

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you know, reflecting over our true state.

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The other thing I should also mention, too, is like, unfortunately, a lot of people you know, they've missed fasts from previous from above. Now, I'm not talking about people who've got excuses. I'm talking about people who might have lift faster.

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For like, you know, they haven't made up their days from like 10 years, you know, with no excuse, they just have been lazy and making them up. People who've missed prayers, you know, missed playing soccer. Some people, they miss paying soccer, they don't pay their car. their money's been sitting there all this time, and they haven't played soccer, you know? So these are all things we need to we need to fix this up how long we're going to live, how long are we going to let life go by and we haven't rectified these affairs between us and a law otherwise we're going to be meeting a law while we you know may alone Yokoyama with all these nice fast and praise and, and not having paid Elsa cat

00:30:38--> 00:30:47

which was jus upon us, right. So this is something we need to be really reflecting upon, especially now and if we see that we've got this, this neglect, we need to fix it.

00:30:48--> 00:30:57

All right, we need to fix it. Now, another thing you can do as well which is you know, really recommended because the ID you really want to try to you know,

00:30:58--> 00:31:41

break yourself down before loss of pantalla in these nights. You know, it's about really humbling yourself down and one way you can do that is by repeating certain drugs that we learn from the Quran and Sunnah. For example, you know to say the draw of units for example, where he says La Ilaha, Illa and sapan okay in the quantum you know, viny me, you know, I be witnessed that there is no god worthy of worship except you, your Allah, Glory be to You. Verily, I am from the wrongdoers you know when you keep saying that La Isla hayleigh in inland panic in the condominium volume and repeat it over and over again and realize, you know, how much you have oppressed your own self in so many

00:31:41--> 00:31:43

different ways. And

00:31:44--> 00:32:07

so, say some of these drawers like also you've got you've got saved and it's still far as could say it is still far Aloma and Toby La Ilaha Illa. And okay, but that that you can find it in your drop book, you can get your drop book out and read those drawers of forgiveness, inshallah and repeat them over, they don't they are the things which should be seen in this night as well.

00:32:08--> 00:32:51

And then, as you know, the Messenger of Allah sort of law what he was taught us a special drop to say, if we feel it's the night of other so any of those odd nights or when you feel is later either, say this Torah, which the Messenger of Allah taught Ayesha and after her a llama in the car for one to hibel Alpha far Fulani Aloma in the car for one to hibel alpha. Alpha for a funny right. Oh Allah very You are the most pardoning who loves to pardon. So Pardon me. Okay, so I say that a lot too. Don't just say at once, keep repeating over and over I say in your sector.

00:32:52--> 00:33:25

Okay, so this, these are some ideas to do for your routine inshallah, when you're coming to the night of contract. Now, if you feel tired, like there will be a point where you probably feel quite tired, what you can do to refresh yourself, just go and take a new world All right, renew you will do because that will refreshing yourself up. If you want you can drink some coffee, I sometimes do that to get myself back into action inshallah. Drink some water as well. Water is important. If you're not hydrated, well, that's hard to stay awake.

00:33:27--> 00:34:06

Another thing is not to spend all these 10 nights the same. Alright, there's joint spend all these 10 nights the same you don't ignore expected to. I mean, if you can, that's awesome. But not everybody can. So what you do you prioritize your nights. So we know the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam told us seek it in the odd nights. And he said, Don't miss the last seven. And that was especially if you're a weak person, you can't stand a lot. Don't miss the last seven. So based upon that, we know that you'd put your maximum energy into like knights, like the 23rd 25th, in particular 27 because of the reason I mentioned before, and also the 29th, right, but especially

00:34:06--> 00:34:14

the 27th, you're going to put your maximum effort as much as you can, but don't just only do the 27 like a lot of people as we know, they only

00:34:15--> 00:34:25

you know, strive on the 27th and they leave the other nights. That's not a good plan. Because what if it turns out to be another night because the scholars have a you know, there's a disagreement amongst the scholars whether

00:34:26--> 00:34:31

you know, does does not have does it rotate around or does it

00:34:32--> 00:34:33

is the same night every year.

00:34:35--> 00:34:38

Another tip, as well, you can do

00:34:39--> 00:34:59

to make this night special for yourself is to try to achieve to have the deeds that bring the reward on your piano of the shade of a loss of pantalla on the day when there's no shade to get acceptance. Okay, so one of one of those. One of those people that is mentioned in that Hadith is the person who gave up

00:35:00--> 00:35:20

secret sauce. All right, the person who gave a secret sauce car, so secret that it was like his, you know, left hand did not know what his right hand had given. Alright, so if you can do that in this night, that's, that's definitely something recommended to work towards because this is the reward for them on your piano that they will be Allahu taala will shade them

00:35:22--> 00:35:50

with you know, with with a shade that nobody will have this shade, there's no shade on your pm except for his shade. Right. So and as we know panel last Sunday and people are going through a lot of hardships in this oma so this is really a time for us to be if you know you want to get purified in this night, you know, you need to also think about we both think about our brothers and sisters around us we think about all people going through hardships, you know, you want to get close to Allah but you're not ready to you know, give for the sake of a loss. So

00:35:51--> 00:36:03

that's very important for us to realize that that's one of the greatest ways it's going to be you know, it's gonna open the doors for us inshallah, in these 10 nights by us thinking about other people who are going through hardships inshallah, okay.

00:36:04--> 00:36:05

Another thing is

00:36:07--> 00:36:46

the other sorry, the other description that's mentioned, the Hadith, too, is that person who remembered a lot in private, so that the eyes should tease. Okay, so as well, here's another thing. So during these nights, like you're making all this drama, like I mentioned, you're doing all these toll burns is still far like that, by itself should hopefully bring some tears. But let's say it doesn't, then try to make yourself cry. Even if you know, you can't quite try to make yourself cry, because crying is something that softens the heart down. Okay. And often the reason why we can't cry is because we just have a hard heart with, you know. So that's what's recommended in Sharla. And

00:36:46--> 00:36:48

that also is something that changes you too.

00:36:50--> 00:37:28

Now, some important things I need to mention here. Okay, before we continue, and that is, I always get this question every single year, we need to talk about it. So obviously, women often will have their menses during these last 10 days. Now, a lot of women unfortunately think that you know, when they have their menses, that, because they can't pray that they should just go to sleep all night. You know, I do you know, that's, unfortunately a lot of people think like that. But what if we look at the, you know, the action of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. It mentions that, you know, I hear Layla who, right, it says that he made his night alive with worship, it doesn't say that you can

00:37:28--> 00:37:53

only that you can only pray. All right, there are other acts of worship that you can do. So if you're not able to pray, there's so many different acts of worship, which I've already mentioned, all the other acts of worship, you can do all those other acts of worship, right. So if you can't, if you can't pray, you make yourself busy with all those other things I mentioned. Okay, but do not waste these nights. Do not waste these nights, just because you're not able to pray.

00:37:55--> 00:38:12

Mothers or people who are working, I know that's gonna be that's more of a struggle, you're gonna wake up to a newborn baby that wakes up at like six o'clock in the morning, or you have to go to work. So the best sort of approach for you would be if you know, a mother, for example, she can get some sleep during the day when her baby's down.

00:38:13--> 00:38:39

If you're working, it could be when you first come home from work and you have some sleep, so that you're able to stay up longer. Maybe you can't stay up the whole night in your case. So what you can do is like, pray for a few hours, maybe sleep for a couple of hours, put an alarm on very good alarm, and then wake up again. At least you feel like you did your best. Okay, so you just got to really, you could say tweak the routine to suit your lifestyle and what you're going through right now.

00:38:40--> 00:39:19

One more thing I do want to mention too, before coming to the end, I'm nearly finished inshallah, is that um, there's also a lot of new reverts, right who they don't know how many servings of the Quran, you know, what do they do, they don't know how to read a lot of Quran and now we can't go to MSG to pray behind any men. So, like for you, if all you know is sort of class like you might you may only know all of what I had, right? That does not matter. You know, just pray every Raka with all who Allahu Ahad and just try to pray many, many, many records as much as you can keep getting up and praying. Right so you pray them two by two. When you're doing total weekly, do your night

00:39:19--> 00:39:41

prayers. keep on praying and saying whatever sir is you know, in your prayers, you can't read Arabic sit and read your English translation. sit and read your English translation. And then you've got your draft book, get your drop book out, read the drawers if you can only read them in English doesn't matter. Okay, but the most important thing is you're just trying to do your best for the sake of a lot. That's what it all comes down to.

00:39:42--> 00:39:44

In certain week. A lot Allah says

00:39:47--> 00:39:59

Allah de holla holofoil moto one hayata the Luma comb a Yukon XL Oh am Allah. So Allah Allah says that he is the one who created both death and life.

00:40:00--> 00:40:38

Why to test which of you are best in deeds? He did not say most indeed he said best indeed. So what counts the most is your sincerity that you're trying so hard. You know, you may not know much at all, but you could do better than somebody who knows more than you like you could do far better than someone who maybe knows the whole cut off by heart. Maybe you're you know, you've got this and CTS and repentance from your past sins more than someone else who may know the whole crime and they may have more knowledge, far more knowledge than you All right, so what counts is your sincerity and that's what's going to bring that evil up that that long lasting change, inshallah after Ramadan

00:40:38--> 00:41:21

inshallah. Okay, so I'm going to wrap up now. And once I wrap up, we can maybe have some questions. So like, let's start, like in conclusion, we talking about how to be successful in achieving the Knights of kata, you know, lady lady, the other and achieving lasting change, it comes down to just a few things, right? So number one, your sincerity, how much you want that? How much do you want that change how much you want to be from those who allow forgiveness in these in these nights? You know how much you want to free yourself from the fire. That's what it comes down to? Number one, then number two, how willing are you to strive hard and do your best in these nights? Okay, this is

00:41:21--> 00:41:52

what's going to bring about greater and lasting, inner and outer transformation. But Ramadan should be a time of great inner and outer transformation. You should leave them alone, feeling like your heart is softer, you're more aware of your soul, you're more aware of your sins, things you need to change about yourself and altia as well you're trying to you know, bail last pantalla outwardly in your actions and obedience to Him in whatever he commanded us. Okay. And then lastly, the other thing is that, you know,

00:41:55--> 00:42:30

also you're turning to a law with all your heart and soul, right? You need to be turning your heart, you know, turning to Allah subhanaw taala as much as you can, with all your heart and soul. Like if you look at something that even Josie said, Rahim Allah, he said, to adopt the behavior of a small child. You know, when you see a small child when they want something, what do they do? When you when you don't give your, your child your son or daughter and they are small, two year old, you don't want a one year old, you don't give them what they want, what do they do, they cry until they get it. Okay? So you want a lot forgiveness, you want him to save you.

00:42:31--> 00:42:48

You want to save you from the fire of the next life. You need to you know, you know make it big him and cry to him until you know you feel that a loss answered you and that you know you feel like you know, purified inshallah from from what you're doing for him in these nights inshallah.

00:42:49--> 00:43:25

Now, realize that old I've mentioned today, this is all like a spiritual wash for your soul. That's what Ramadan should be. And especially these 10 nights, this is the cream of Ramadan sisters, the last 10 nights is the creme of Ramadan. It's like a spiritual wash for your soul. And you know, this is what you call the true spiritual retreat. Now we find a lot of people they pay 1000s of dollars to go on some spiritual retreat, but a lot of giving you the spiritual retreat for free. Okay, it's upon a lot doesn't matter where you are in the world, you can go on the spiritual retreat for free.

00:43:26--> 00:44:07

And lastly, have who's Nevada who's number one means have the best hopes in a law that whatever you have done, that Allah is going to give you what you want, okay? Because remember that Allah is extra cool from the Beautiful Names of Allah. He is a Shaku meaning that he, you know, on, you know, how many times you do things for people, they don't appreciate it right? But Allah is the most appreciative of what his servant does for him. And not only that, he rewards them, you know, from as we know, from 10 to 700 times normally imagined in Ramadan. You know, if Allah normally rewards for our deeds from 10 to 700 times, how much does a lorry want us in Ramadan much more, especially these

00:44:07--> 00:44:48

last 10 nights the best nights of the year. So always have the hope that you've done your best. Now leave it to Allah to see reward in sha Allah, Allah will never let you down. So in conclusion, I asked a lot about the Allah to make us from those who are given success in striving to do our best on the night of Qatar. I asked him to also make us from those who forgiven in you know, this month of Ramadan. And I asked him to make us from those who are saved from the fire of the next life. And I asked him to make us from those who enter agenda for bolson Allah the highest levels of Jana. I asked him to lift the trials from our own law. I asked him to return us back to his to the massage

00:44:49--> 00:44:59

and to make it easy on us to be able to visit once more. You know, our beloved Mecca and Medina be in LA to either well or not only Heather, what a stone

00:45:00--> 00:45:14

For a law we will not come with the panicle law more will be handed national will let you know her in that and that Sophie Luca wanted to boo like so inshallah if you have any questions I'll take your questions inshallah

00:45:19--> 00:45:20

so someone was asking

00:45:22--> 00:45:25

how do we know when our menses is injured so basically

00:45:27--> 00:45:56

you'll note by other two signs either you'll see like the white discharge that comes at the end of the the menses or you you you know, basically will fade out So, normally fades from red to brown to yellow and fades out once you see it's completely gone. And there's nothing left then go take Wilson and start to pray and make your intention before the time for fudger like before the event for fudger to foster next day, inshallah

00:45:57--> 00:46:01

I'm going to check Facebook to see if there's any questions on there

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So I'm not sure there's any more questions

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so if you want to ask any questions inshallah sisters I can take them for brothers if there's any brothers there

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I can't see any questions there.

00:47:28--> 00:47:43

Okay, in Shell if no one's got any questions, we'll wrap it up in the lab but bar coffee comm for attending I asked a lot of Tyler that, you know, you benefited and as I said in Shell, I asked a lot of Tyler that we will be successful in making the most of these 10 nights in sha Allah.

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Okay, as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Jackie okay. Barco thank you for attending inshallah.

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