Beard VS. Hijab

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Tip number seven.

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think that the one who is studying Islam automatically himself come to a time where this issue is one that will basically become one that they're thinking about all the time. I think that a person who begins his religiosity will not and should not be approached with this one issue. Rather they should be approached with basic knowledge with what is what is Islam, what is the man? What is still hate, how do we worship Allah? Why do we worship Allah, emphasize the prayers emphasize the Koran, emphasized spirituality emphasize the World Vision of Islam? These are far more important questions. And I personally in my own interactions, when I'm, you know, meeting with Muslims over and over

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again, I never go out of my way to emphasize the issue of the beard. Once I get to know somebody whom I've known for a while and he doesn't have a beard, I might jokingly remark, you know something about Oh, inshallah? No, next time I see you have, you know, some beard or something that just a joking remark in passing, that will make him think I don't sit him down and give him a huge lecture. I just don't think that's appropriate. And I think it turns many people off, who have been raised in the western environment, I think it turns people off to be so blunt about an issue that they believe to be trivial. And I think that to introduce it in that matter in a blunt manner is not wise,

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whether it should be done in a indirect manner, and inshallah slowly but surely, I mean, I've never really had any problems once a person reaches a level of a man, and really religiously, where they want to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet system. One of the most obvious manifestations of that is the beard. And so I've never really had any problem building spirituality, and the beard will come automatically. Is it appropriate to equate the hijab with the beard in these in this respect? Not at all, not at all. This is definitely not correct, because the evidence is for the hijab or Quranic and there is no explicit Quranic evidence with a beard. The hijab has been the symbol of Islam for

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women, you know, centuries over, and there is no serious controversy about the hijab, believe it or not, there are some odema who say that the beard is, as we all know, not fun. And this is this is something that you find, so the controversy over the beard has been around much longer than that of the hijab there is really no controversy over the hijab. So to equate the beard and the hijab and to say that at the same level is definitely not correct. Not every watch he was at the same level and the evidence is differ from issue to issue. So the evidences for the hijab are for more explicit for more Quranic form overpowering than the evidences for the beer even though I think both of them are

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In a feed dounia Salah

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