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The Siblings

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Are all the villa Jimenez shaitana Raji la katakana? fi usofa equity he is totally

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rubbish actually. Sorry were silly Emily Nakata melissani of cocoa leaf at hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah. While early he was apprehended Marina My bad. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa Taala. With regard to everybody today, inshallah, I'm going to continue my list of comparisons between the two profound stories, the story of use of it Salaam and the story of Musa alayhis salam. I've titled these for you. So our comparisons are being a little bit organized, and you can, you know, come along with it. This set of comparisons today, I hope to do three of them. And the first of them is going to be between the siblings, which means the siblings of use of Elisa Lam compared

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with the siblings of Masada Sam, so Busan famously has two siblings, his sister and his brother, right so the sister is the one that rescues him, meaning she follows along the basket until the basket ends up in the Egyptian palace. She waits outside until the the wet nurses come out because the Queen told them that she's the baby's refusing to drink anybody's milk. Well hi Rhonda Allah Hill Murali, I'm in Kabul, Allah said we had made her arm the milk of any wet nurses for him from already from before so part of a less plan was the baby would refuse to drink anyone else's milk. So the baby was going to starve to death. And so the Queen as an like an executive order sent out the

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scouts and these webinars is to look for somebody that can take care of this baby, and his sister was waiting outside this isn't the story of Busan is around. So we know about her. And we also know later on in his career, the relationship he had with heroin addicts. And then on the flip side, you've got the brothers of use of who most of them were out to get him and one of them was too young to understand any of what was happening, who later on became a support for you. So for rather use of it, Sam became a support for him. And his name is not mentioned in the Quran, but the Bible calls him Benjamin are Mufasa don't use the Arabic version of that. Binyamin. Okay, so, but we're

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essentially comparing, at least in the beginning part of the story the two siblings, which means the brothers of Yusuf and the sister of Musa that's the comparison for now. Okay, so let's get right into it. The reason the the siblings are important, is actually Allah Himself hints towards it. That's the ayah I recited to you in the beginning laqad cannot be used so far. What he what he Ayatollah's in, in certainly in Yusuf and his siblings, there are many miraculous signs and lessons for those who seek for those who ask. So Allah has given us him himself an important lesson in important lessons embedded inside of the siblings. So it's important that we pay attention to them.

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Anyhow. So let's start again, one side use of one side musante ceram. In both cases, brothers leave the house, but their intention is to get rid of their brother. But when the sister of Musa leaves the house, her intention is to actually retrieve her brother. So you've got this contrast of blood relatives, siblings, in this case, one looking out to even ruin the family, in their mind, it's justified, they're doing a good thing, actually. And they've told themselves that dad's confused and not abandoned the family movie that doesn't see things the way he should. And it's, they don't see anything wrong with what they're doing. Actually, they've created a reality for themselves in which

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all of it seems convincing to them. And they've sold themselves, you know, the American expression, they've drunk the Kool Aid. That's what they've done. In fact, when their dad catches them, eventually he tells them, you're so delusional, you're so lost in your own thoughts and your own morality, where this kind of thing was justified to you. He says, Well, so what law enforcer komamura you've made this convenient for yourselves. You've told yourself a story that makes it okay. So you can have family right that sometimes they're doing the worst things to you. And in their head, they're doing you a favor. And on the other hand, you've got the the normal approach

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where a sister is putting her life on the line, actually, to go and try and save her brother. And that's the sister of musallam. So they both leave the home, one to get rid of the brother and the other to retrieve him. The brothers of course, leave him in a well and abandon him. And the sister follows the basket follows the basket until she can't follow it anymore, because the basket went all the way inside the palace. So she's outside the walls of the palace. But she doesn't say well, oh, well, I can just walk away now, that would make her something similar to the brothers who walked away. But she doesn't walk away. She just hangs around there to see what happens. And a few moments

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later, maybe an hour later, you've got wet nurses coming out of there looking for someone to take care of the child, and she's right there. So she didn't abandon her brother even when she couldn't see him. Even when she didn't know what's actually happened to him on the other side, she stuck around and she was there so she refuses to abandon then the brothers cause this is obvious. Now the brothers are the ones that caused the separation in the story of Yusuf Ali Salaam and the sister of Musa al Islam is the reason

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And that they got reunited. She is the reason for the reunion. So Allah is showing us that even profits are not immune from trial in the family, we can be blessed with family that becomes a cause for blessings in that family and saving and protecting that family and sometimes our biggest struggles in life can be family, right? The entire saga of Yusuf Alayhi Salam is actually dealing with a difficult family and not to mention his own father's dealing with them. So speaking of the father the brothers they violate the trust of their dad they convince him that they're going to look out for for use of a son in law hula nasi Hoon in Allahu Allah Hafiz boon to statements in the

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Quran. Certainly, we're gonna we mean well for him, we're looking out for his good and then they said we especially for him who else than us, we're the ones that are going to protect him. They're very convincing to earn the trust of their dad and they violate that trust and on the other hand, you've got the sister of masala Salaam who oppose the trust that mom gave him in very few words, just go and follow Him. So it's interesting that in both stories they've got a creative story that was told in the case of use of a cylinder brothers came back with a shirt that had animal blood on it without Biederman Kanzi been Quran says you know false blood, meaning animal blood, and they come

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with it and they show the father the shirt and say, you know, we could have done a Starbuck we went to go racing with Tarik now usofa and gamma tarina. We left use of without food, where the picnic was set up. We left in there for Allah who saw the wolf ate him. Like

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their father said, I'm afraid the wolf will eat him. And now they say, oh, Dad, I don't know how you got it. But yeah, he did look at this shirt. You know, and they, so they try to make up this creative story. But it doesn't stick the dad sees right through it. On the other side, the sister of Moosa, she's so smart, when she's outside the palace waiting, and those women come out looking for someone to take care of that baby. And she says, what's the what's going on inside when we're looking for someone who can feed a baby? And she says, Hello, I don't know whom Allah Albania, una Hola, como una seafood. Can I tell you of somebody who can take care of him for you? He could be I

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know, some people that live in a house. There's a family, they're really good with babies, and they're going to take really good care of him. It's interesting that the brothers of use have said in Allahu donostia. When we mean well, for him nasi Hoon was used. And when she talked to them, she said, I know a family law hulan RC home while home Lahu nursing home and they're gonna be good for him. They're gonna take the exact same words were used. But anyway, so the sister tells this creative story to them about her own family. She's actually talking about our own family. But she doesn't say, by the way, that's my brother. And that's like my mom. And she's really worried. So can

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she go back and she doesn't say that she makes up a creative version. They're pretty good baby babysitters. They're good caretakers. And that's how she gets the reunion to happen. So one is justifying the separation by way of creative storytelling, but not telling the truth. And Moses fair, you know, sister is actually telling a creative story to help the family get reunited. And there's one important difference also, when she told her her version of the story, she didn't lie, she just withheld the full story. I know a family don't take care of him. It's true. She just didn't say it's my family. Right? It's my mom, she withheld information. But she didn't lie technically. So

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her creative story did not involve lying. There's dead.

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Then, you know, brothers, when when the father expressed fear that I don't I can't let him go. I'm really worries me that you're going to take him away. And I'm afraid that the wolf will eat him when you're just not paying attention to him. Well, Anton, who often own they talk back to him and they tell him what are you talking about? How can I will feed him when we're around and they're having this argument with him. On the other hand, Musa sister, it's kind of flipped because in use case, the dad didn't want to let the baby go right with them. Oh, the baby brother. And he's not really a baby's a young boy. He didn't want to let them let him go. And they convinced him on the other side.

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Musab was convinced But Moses mother was convinced by Allah, she put the baby in the basket. And now she's telling the sister to go after him. But when she tells him she doesn't talk back, Mom, what do you want me to do? What's in the water? What do you want me to swim?

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What do you mean follow him? And you know what's interesting about the word Casa Casa in Arabic means to follow step by step and the mom said to this girl, she said we'll see he follow him step by step. And the girl could have given a smart answer. A lot of you parents, you get smart answers from your parents from your kids. When you say follow him actually, Mom, you can't follow someone in the river step by step because like you can't step in water. So do you mean like swim after him because these are new clothes. I just got them for eat.

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She doesn't talk back. She understands mom's desperate. So the words that came out of

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Mom weren't just the right exact words, she said follow him step by step, which is physically impossible. But what she means is don't lose sight of him. So instead of taking the time to give mom a smart answer, or to correct her and do any of that stuff, she just quietly just does it. And then the Quran describes that she walked along the bank of the river, and she kept the sight on on the baby, and making sure the soldiers don't realize what she's doing. And she did all of that without the mom telling her right and I talked to you guys about about this before. In other words, here you have brothers that are talking back to their dad

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of a girl who even when the mom said the wrong word, she actually said the wrong word out of desperation, that's a look around captures it. She understood what mom's saying and got the job done. And that's how children need to be with their parents. Children need to understand sometimes when parents are saying something that you don't pick at the faults of what they said just understand the point that they're making and stop nitpicking and start trying to play smart start trying to be stopped trying to be sarcastic that's not becoming of a child so you know the obey quietly now or she'll base quietly now another comparison brothers have no clue what's coming What

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do I mean by this? When she when he was put in the well? A lot told him that do not be unknown be angry him Haha, you are going to be telling them about this what they've done to you when they're putting you in a well, well home, Leah Sharon, and they have no clue that's coming. They have no clue that they've set themselves up for that embarrassing situation that will happen years later. They have no idea a lot already knows. And allies already told you so far, they said that they have no idea. Okay, similar to the words of a home lawyer, Sharon, they have no clue. And they had so they have no the one they schemed against, they have no clue that this scheme is gonna backfire. And

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they're actually going to be on the receiving end of it. They're the ones that are going to be humiliated. That's what's gonna happen. On the other side, exactly the same wording. When the baby, the basket comes into the palace, and the pharaoh finally agrees to keep the baby and adopt the child. When that happens. Allah says that he you know, Li akuna lahoma do one who has an N.

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And they so that they can heat so musala sam could be an enemy to them. And he could be a source of grief to them. And they had no idea of a home Leia, Sharon, they have no idea who they've just picked up. They have no clue that the fall of the mighty Egyptian Empire is coming because of the baby they just picked up their plan to kill all those kids to avoid that from happening is going to backfire. And the nuclear weapon that's going to deliver that destruction is the one they're raising in their own palace. That's the one that and they have no idea. They have no clue. So they've got the brothers of use of who have no clue at home, LaShawn And Pharaoh were in, you know, in for our

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na na na Judah who Macondo Hakeem, they were making a huge mistake, because they have no idea. You have no idea what they've done by taking in musala salaam and raising because the the wheels are now in motion, the plan of allies in motion. What this teaches us is that sometimes people scheme against you, and you're helpless against their schemes, because in both cases, the one that's being schemed against is a child or a baby. Right? They're helpless against that scheme. And they think what is this child going to do? And, you know, what is this helpless person going to do? In response to my scheme we fought it through for edgemont Oh bainer home, you know, I'm around by now they they

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unify they discussed and came to a consensus about how we're going to deal with this problem. What is the defenseless child against the scheme of his overpowering brothers? What's the defense of a baby against the mightiest Empire on earth? But a lot of says they have no idea that there's someone planning on those innocents behalf and on behalf of those people that are apparently powerless. You know, when you do a new makina the home fell out.

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Manila Venus to fulfill our Allah says we wanted to give favor to those who are made weak in the land. Meaning Allah has a plan for the week. Sometimes the cult the perpetrators, the aggressors, they have plans and they execute those plans. What Allah has a plan that they can't counter. They have no idea how to counter it, you know. And so then putting him in a well, they didn't know they're putting the next minister of finance for Egypt and oil that they're going to be coming to begging for food. They don't know that but Allah does while home. NIOSH wrote on an alert. He told the child you're going to be telling them about this one day. That will not be unknown. bmdm Hava

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let's move along. Brothers are told this is kind of a light comparison.

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Yusuf Ali salaams father Yahoo later on in the story. He was you know, worried that his children are not going to be careful when they go back to Egypt to retrieve their second brother Binyamin. And if you guys aren't familiar with that part of the story, just be patient with me when we get to that part of the story. It'll become clear, but the point I want

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To make in comparison is he gave instruction to his children to go carefully and not all enter through one gate making themselves obvious. Okay, so go through different gates. And don't make yourself look like a conspicuous kind of a suspicious group. That's why Who are these people all together? Right? Don't call attention to yourselves. And it's similar that the sister of masala Sam, as I mentioned, she went out looking for her brother. But she didn't make herself obvious. She was kind of in conspicuous and she was, you know, not calling attention to herself when she was doing so.

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musala salaam story is also different from Yusuf Ali Sam story because Yusuf Ali Salaam, years later carries the scar. And really the, you know, the grudge even what his brothers had done to him, the hurt he has inside him, Well, how could his own brothers do that to him. And years later, when he did see them, they didn't recognize him. And when they didn't recognize him, and he tried to keep his younger brother with him through that scheme, you know what they said, Oh, if Binyamin stole You know, he used to have a brother he was a thief too. So they don't even feel bad about what they did to us if they're still bad mouth, the use of lying about him calling him a thief. So he carries a

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very ill opinion of his brothers because of the scars they have dealt him early on in his life and even later on without them knowing that they're doing so. On the flip side, musante salaam when Allah talks to him, he has a high opinion of his brother, who are of Solomon Neely, son, and he's a way better speaker than I am. Who should be he as he was actually Kofi Emery, you know, how will my brother give fortify my back with him and make him a partner in my mission. So he speaks highly of his brother, while Yusuf Ali Salaam has to withhold the ill opinions he has of his brother and has to swallow a lot of sadness that comes later on in the story. Okay, so that was a little bit about

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the comparison of the two siblings. Let's talk about the journey. This gets really interesting. What do I mean by the journey, the journey of the children. So Yusuf is journeying from his home to the well to being sold into slavery to end up in Egypt, right. And Musa al Islam is leaving his home in a basket and he's gonna end up in the palace in Egypt. So these two journeys are what we're talking about now. Okay. So the first one, Yusuf is dropped in a well where he is at risk of drowning. Moose is dropped in a river where he's in risk of drowning, but one is dropped in standing water and the other is dropped in flowing water right? Now that's important because if you're in standing water,

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you ain't going nowhere. You're in a well, but if you're in flowing water, you're in motion. Right? So that leads me to the next comparison, someone will come to us.

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Right or some caravan will come to him and they will retrieve him. And on the flip side, musante sam will come to them. He's the basket is coming to the palace. So he's being delivered to the ones that will retrieve him on from the outside and then Ill Takata which is the word for there are many words for retrieving in Arabic, but to come upon something the word is ill Takata and Ill Takata is used in sort of use of when they retrieved him from Takata hobo Sierra and on the other side, for Takata, who aloof around the family of the pharaoh retrieved musasa exact same word is used in McCarthy caught on both sides. Then use of an A Salam ends up in an Egyptian palace because he got sold into

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slavery, and they hid him. And then they quickly sold him off, which is a story by itself. Why did they sell him off so quickly? McAfee human desire he did. And they were pretty, pretty, pretty cheap. They weren't very materialistic when they wanted to quickly sell him off. And he ends up in a you know, a palace in Egypt because a minister bought him right. So he's in royalty basic. He's living in a royal home in Egypt. And on the flip side, masala Islamism ends up also in an Egyptian palace. So they're both ending up in an Egyptian palace. Then it's contrasted Yusuf Ali Salaam was retrieved by an influential man, the Minister, I Z's, and musala. Islam is carried by an influential

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woman, the wife of the Pharaoh. So both of them have influential places in society. But once the male ones the female, now, they're both married also. Right. So the man is married, and the wife of the pharaoh obviously married to the Pharaoh. So the husband meaning the minister instructs his wife to keep him so he brings use of home and says to her, a creepy matheba who honor his residents, meaning give him a good respectable housing. Don't just keep him as a servant that you disrespect. Give him decent housing, he This is a special kind of child. So obviously you don't just buy a servant and just come home. There's a journey. I'm on the journey. He got to know this kid

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interacted with him and realized this is a special child, special enough that when he brought him to the life, he said, maybe we could even adopt him as our own son.

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Like that's how special use of honey sound was to him. So at the very least, he said and Toby, decide what to do. Make sure you give him respectable housing equity Mima wha hoo. But anyway, he instructs his wife to do this. On the flip side, the wife of the pharaoh is not in a position to instruct. Right? She can't, she can't.

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So what does she do? She requests the husband to keep him, you know, No, doctor, no, she comes down and says, Don't kill him, Please, could you not kill him? I saw you and find out.

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Which brings me to the next comparison. Use of you know that the caregiver, the Minister, offered two options to his wife,

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and musos caregiver, the Queen offered two options to her husband, the Pharaoh. And in both cases, pay attention to this now, in both cases, the villain is being given two options, because the villain in use of story is the lady of the house. And the villain in Mussa story is the man of the house. And they're being given two options, one of the two options, I saw onion fana, are not

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exactly the same words and select Use of and certain causes, maybe he will benefit us, meaning he could be of service to us, we can keep him as a servant. Or

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we can take him as our own adopted child. So I've written here, service or adoption, right? Those are the two options, and the minister gives his wife two options, maybe we'll maybe we'll keep him as a servant, or as an adopted child, the Pharaoh's wife comes down and says, Don't kill him. Maybe he could be a servant, or even an adopted child, both options. And in the case of the minister, interestingly enough, the service option is used, meaning he's kept as a servant. And in the case of Freetown, the prince there, he's adopted as their own alumna, Robbie caffiene, our leader, I found this really interesting because it's kind of unexpected. You see, the Minister is clearly impressed

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with this boy.

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So you would expect that the option taken would have been that he'll take him as his own adopted child.

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On the flip side, the pharaoh can't stand Israelites, he's killing their babies. So even if he tolerates saving, one of them not killing him, the most he might be willing to do is keep him as a servant.

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What I'm getting at is in the case of use of the expected decision seem to be adoption.

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And in the case of Mossad, the expected decision seemed to be service. But it's flipped the decision in the case of use of his he's turned a servant. And the decision in the case of Masonic Islam is he's actually adopted things don't turn out as we expect, you know, and so now both stories are going to take place inside an Egyptian palace, and one of them is going to be of service and the other going to be of royalty meaning use Masonic RAM is going to be raised the prince.

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Then we talk about love a little bit. When it comes to use of Elisa Lam the wife of the minister has love for him. I'm going to stop for a second what's going on

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my car keys, they're not with me. Sorry.

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Because I was way too distracting. So sorry. Okay. Okay. Hi, internet, I get distracted. Sometimes I might go back to work. Okay. So use of honey salon. His keeper, meaning the wife of the minister. She has love for him, but it's a misguided kind of love. She's a married woman who's got a crush on this servant of hers. So she's got this confusing, toxic kind of love for more user friendly. So then, on the other hand, the villain is not a woman, the villain is a man it's been around. But around also had love for musante salon, but his love was not a toxic kind of love, in fact, fit our own hated all the Israelite children. But Allah says, you know,

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in Surah Taha Allah says, what I look at alayka Mahabharata Mini, he tells masala Salaam, I dropped a special kind of love on you. Meaning the pharaoh couldn't even help himself. He was divinely led divinely intervened into his heart and put a love of Moosa in him. What I'm contrasting Is she in the story of use of has a misguided love for use of, but fit around actually has a divinely inspired love. For Moosa. It's actually that love that kept him from killing him all those years. It's the same love that even the Musa came back and give Egypt all kinds of trouble for all those years. The Pharaoh refuse to kill Him until the very end. That's finally when he broke the final straw. But he

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wouldn't kill him until then.

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because of that love, that toxic love

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and the love not just that the ministers

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wife had but the women around him had because of that love. The use of Elisa Lam was threatened to be put in jail actually the second time he met and those women cut their hands those of you that are familiar with the story, she literally said if he doesn't do what I want to use Shannon, he will get thrown in jail. He will get thrown in jail. Later on, you find musallam you know, challenging for round and round says the in it the hasta la hora de la jolla na Camila stuning. If you dare take a god other than me, I will make sure you are from those that are thrown in jail. Both stories include a threat for being thrown in jail and the one that the villain is the one making the trend. Follow

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my way and you won't go to jail. It's interesting also, that one wants you to disobey Allah and the other wants you to disbelieve in Allah. In other words, one wants you to take an action against Allah. Zina and the other wants you to take a take the belief of a lot of your heart. Right. So once an internal one's calling allows this worthless disobedience inside the heart, and the other inactions, and you know what our faith is both things. It's what we have in our hearts and it's also our

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buttoned up unless they take action against a law and the other is being threatened unless they change their belief in their heart about Allah, Han Allah. This is showing us that a man is both of those things. It is word and action. This is why in the Quran, it's interesting that one of the words for the prayer the five prayers we have one of the prayer one of the words for prayer is Eamon

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will makanda la julio de la imana. Come in the lobby Nancy Laura Oh, for him alone would never be one to waste your eemaan. It's a side note but an important one because of this comparison. You know, the Muslims used to pray towards Jerusalem until the Qibla changed and we prayed towards GABA. When we pray towards GABA, the Jewish community of Medina told the Muslims Hey, so all your other prayers, y'all got the wrong address? Those didn't count. Hmm. And the Muslim started wondering that were we praying in the wrong direction? Did those prayers not count? And Allah revealed womankind Allah, julio de Monaco, Allah would not be one to waste you would expect a lot of say, Allah would

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not be one to waste your prayers. He didn't say that. He said Allah would not be one to waste your Iman.

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What's Why do I say that? Because to Allah, your prayers are actually your Eman. So he equated prayer with faith. He put them together in another place. And so tokuyama is his philosophy, the Kabbalah Salah he didn't confirm the truth, nor did he pray to Allah confirming the truth comes directly with what prayer there are two sides of the same coin. What is happening here, two sides of the same coin action that is in obedience to Allah, and faith that is in subservience to a lot. And you are in a situation sometimes, where you have to renounce obedience to Allah, you're being threatened by society, you're being pressured to disobey Allah. And if you don't, there will be

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consequences. You use

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your hand, you might have to renounce your whole identity as a Muslim like musante salam. So they're both kinds of pressures that people can be put under whether life can be made miserable, for hours making a threat, the wife of the pharaohs making a threat, and sometimes those threats succeed. In the case of use of it succeeded, she was thrown in jail, in the case of Noosa didn't succeed. But regardless, the real threat is still there. Right? So we have to be aware that these threats can come and sometimes these threats come from people who are supposed to be our caregivers who worship and she was told from the very beginning what honor has residents right? This is how she's honoring

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his residents. And fellow raised him as his own child. What are we learning sometimes even people close to us, not just from people from the outside people close to us might threaten our loyalty to Allah they might use love as an excuse because the pharaoh use love. He said I raised you you're gonna disobey me. I did everything for you. You've been here since you were a child, and you're gonna stand out against me. So he's using emotional manipulation and remembering this a hobby saddam and Aviva costs or the long line who whose mother basically blackmailed him emotionally blackmail If you love me, you'll leave Islam. Right? So that you know it's either our actions that are going to

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be called like it's okay to still be in love because you love me.

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And on the other, you know, you better disobeyed Allah and you're gonna be threatened disbelieve in Allah, if you fear me. So both of those threats are being contrasted. It's interesting.

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To have love for them

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to shut off hahaha. The woman said about him about her. She's just obsessed in love with him. And she's in love with him and trying to destroy him. What do you this is what you call toxic love. I love you. That's why I'm crying.

00:30:00--> 00:30:04

They kill you. I love you. That's what I'm trying to throw you into jail. You don't understand my love. It's complicated.

00:30:06--> 00:30:13

Right? Your love is ruining somebody's life. But it's love. And nobody will love you like I do, thank God for that.

00:30:15--> 00:30:23

You know, and on the other hand, you've got fear around who loves masala ceram. And yet he's doing the acts of aggression that he's doing.

00:30:24--> 00:30:59

So interesting in the way that they were raised, Yusuf Alayhi. Salaam was raised he early on, he had exposure to his dad, right. But then now he's in an Egyptian palace, a completely non Muslim environment. And he's a servant, which means he has no parental role. The Masters will tell you where to get the groceries or what room to clean, or what animal to, to, you know, to take care of our feed or whatever. That's what they'll tell you. They're not going to give you an education. They're not going to give you like mentorship and guide you in how candid they're not even believers themselves. They're not even believers themselves. So you serve Harley, Sam is raised without a

00:30:59--> 00:31:17

spiritual mentor. He only has the memory of his spiritual mentor, which is his father, a prophet jacobellis. And then on the flip side from birth from early on use of an A Musa Allison has two spiritual mentors. His birth mother who was reunited with him clearly she's a woman of faith, but on describes the struggle

00:31:19--> 00:31:41

is raising him and then he's got Asya has adopted mother who's also one of the most amazing believers that ever lived. Right so he's got that mentorship from from both of those moms that are raising him even though he's in a negative environment. What's interesting later on in the story of Musa alayhis salaam is as he was escaping Egypt he said well being a genie middle calm in Bali mean

00:31:42--> 00:32:25

he said master rescue me from the wrongdoing people. The exact words are no Genie mineral comio Bali mean, rescue me from the wrongdoing people so to Shahada, and in sort of the hareem you find the wife of the pharaoh made the law and said to rescue her from the Pharaoh and the genie min Pharaoh and our family when a genie minella COVID Valley mean, rescue me from the wrongdoing people. She made the exact same drama as moosari. Salaam. What does that tell you? She's the mother figure for Mossad is that, um, if she's making that Doha he's probably learned that from her and he's exactly making that Doha as he's trying to escape Egypt, that his mother has been missed making to escape

00:32:25--> 00:33:04

Egypt herself, but she can't because she's the queen. She's stuck there. You know, so rabina Genie minakami Bali me. Now we get to the test. Now things get intense a little bit. The young men are testing now what do I mean by that young men are tested. Musa turns into a young man use of turns into a young man actually use of early on use of turns into young men. generations later, Moosa turns into a young man. The first thing to note here is how does a lead describe them becoming young men? There's an ayah in sort of the use of about that, obviously about use of there's an iron social causes about musala and the IOD are nearly identical. Let me read the ayah from otusa for you for

00:33:04--> 00:33:51

llama Bella shodo. Athena Hawkman wildeman naka de Luca Nigel mazzini I'll translate the ayah for you when he reached his mature age when he reached his maturity, meaning 10 years. Okay, so he's now answerable to Allah, Bella, Bella, Shadow Austin, cut it out, I'm getting distracted. Bella Bella, shut down. Now you're famous on the internet, people know that you were distracting. Okay. So for her Bella shadow, when he reached his mature years, Athena hookman, were elmen we gave him wisdom and knowledge. Now, this is important. Two things were given to use of an Instagram. When he reached 10 years, he was given wisdom and knowledge. Usually we think of knowledge first and wisdom second,

00:33:52--> 00:34:14

especially for young people. They get, they can learn knowledge, they can memorize a surah they can sit in a class and take a test, they can get the knowledge, wisdom comes with age, right? Everybody knows that. But Allah made use of special before he mentioned his knowledge, he mentioned his wisdom, even in teenage years and the teenage years for a young man, the last thing you think about is wisdom.

00:34:15--> 00:34:53

For them making a wise choice about when to stop playing video games, or what food not to eat, or what friends not to hang out with, or what words not to use, or what every wise choice seems difficult, even if they're super smart in school, right? So they can have knowledge but they lack wisdom. That's just normal. When it comes with that age. But Yusuf Ali Salam was special. Allah gave him the ability to make wise decisions at an early age in his teenage years. And on top of that, he made him extremely knowledgeable. Now how is he knowledgeable? You see, he's a servant, but he's a servant of a governor, a minister. So when he's cleaning up the couch the so far the governor is

00:34:53--> 00:34:59

discussing economics and finance and Politics and International Relations and he's discussing you know,

00:35:00--> 00:35:04

The market affairs in the housing affairs and he's discussing all kinds of highlights.

00:35:06--> 00:35:44

Such an attentive listener, he's getting a high quality education from one of the top intellectuals in the country, just by being around just by being in the room, you know, through osmosis. And so it's not just religious knowledge that he's receiving. He's understanding how the world works, how politics works, how society works. And he's got people that the minister has different guests coming, scholars are coming to him, you know, other other ambassadors are coming to him. other dignitaries are coming to him. They're bringing things and discussing things from around the world. He's got an international education, he's literally being raised in the palace back in the day he

00:35:44--> 00:36:24

was living in the university. That's what that was. So like, give him wisdom. And he also gave him profound knowledge. And then Allah says, these two gifts were Cavalli can Nigel masini, and I put that here on top isn't worse than worse, it means someone who excels unless and that is how we give reward to people who try to excel This is a lovely way of saying, this wasn't just because for use of because he's a prophet, unless as any young man or woman, for that matter, who tries to do their very best allies gift for them in this life is going to be wisdom and knowledge. A lot will open up their mind to wisdom, give them the strength to make better choices, and a level open up their minds

00:36:24--> 00:37:00

to be super smart. They'll gain they'll gain a lot of knowledge. And this allows reward for people who try to do their best books you need to keep a list presence before them. You know, I don't consider myself a Martian by any stretch of the imagination. But I'll tell you one thing, I wasn't smart in college, I was not I was struggling with. For me getting a B was like, like an Olympic gold medal. Like a B was awesome. I could not pay attention in classes. When I when I would sit in a university classroom. You might as well release novocaine directly on me because I was two minutes in, give me 120 seconds. I'm out.

00:37:02--> 00:37:41

Students, my desk is touching the professor's desk, but it's accounting. What are you going to do? Two minutes in I'm knocked out. And my professor is going Mister, he's knocking on my desk. Mr. Khan. Are you still with us? Mr. Khan? Are you okay? And my friend who used to take all the classes with me I hope he's watching he's a couple more lucro That was me. And then at one point I decided I want to be the best I can and learning allows book I'm going to do my very best in that. I just want to learn a lesson but I'm not a good student at anything at that point or not. And I just told them they are legends let me learn your book. Just let me learn it. And although opened the door to

00:37:41--> 00:37:53

Arabic for me, like I couldn't imagine a couple of years later and I'm not saying I'm some expert in Arabic. I've got a long way to go in my Arabic. But I would go meet with somebody and say Mashallah, she Where did you learn Arabic?

00:37:54--> 00:37:57

What did you learn? I'm like, Queens

00:37:58--> 00:37:59


00:38:00--> 00:38:06

Do you want me to tell you, you know, how many hours that you spent 20 minutes a night?

00:38:08--> 00:38:43

Sorry, I can't give you a more impressive answer. What LS says is when people try to do their very best in something, then a lot opens up wisdom and knowledge for them. But coming back to the story, user friendly Sam was granted Pokemon were element and Allah says what can you can assume a city now the IR again I'll read the Arabic to you for lambda Bella Russia who Athena Hawkman Wellman workaholic energy loss in exactly the same ayah and social causes about Musashi salam, except one word is different. One word is added. Allah says Hola, Bella Chateau just like that I

00:38:45--> 00:39:23

just like that I work as an EKG machine just like that. I have been in the middle a lot added Bella Bella, who was stowa. And he made him firm in strength. He made it like the bark of a tree. So I'll let added this little information about Musa alayhis salam that he was made extremely strong. Now this is important, this is going to play a role. So they are very similar except us. Musan Islam has this added feature that Allah mentioned, his unusual strength was added to the description of him as a young man. We know because you guys have heard the story of use of money some time and time again. What was the

00:39:24--> 00:39:52

what was the great trial of use of why did he get himself in so much trouble? Because he was really good looking. So you've got one young man who's exceptionally good looking. And you've got the other young man who's exceptionally strong, right? So and in youth, those are the two things to aspire towards. Right? So you've got looks and you've got strength, even though in high school, you've got pretty boys and you guys boys that work out they're not pretty but they work out a lot.

00:39:54--> 00:39:59

Right? So you got looks or you got strain. There's guys that just work on their hair. That's good.

00:40:00--> 00:40:01

don't work for them.

00:40:02--> 00:40:43

Or the brand of clothes and other guys are benching whatever they can. Because they don't, they don't let him give them the looks. So they might as well get here, train themselves to be something and be be recognized for their strength. That's what's going to make them attractive. Now the thing is, looks can be a trial for a young man and strength can be a trial for a young man. So for each of them, use of La Salaam was given a trial because of his looks. And musala Islam is given a trial because of his strength. Exactly is because the punch was strength, wasn't it? And that's where his title begins. So now, we move forward, when the lead described their teenage years for the mobile

00:40:43--> 00:41:24

asociada, who was stowa atina, who hockman wildeman, workaholic energy loss in this ayah that I'm citing to you from classes and without whatsoever without the extra strength in use of Elisa Lam story, and so do you. So immediately after the next ayah in social causes about Musa and immediately before that the ayah right next to that in sort of use of the very next is in both cases are their trial begins. So it's pretty interesting, as I mentioned their youth. And then you mentioned trial, right? And he didn't just mention youth, he said, their youth, they already had wisdom. They already had knowledge, and they were not seen and many of you know the famous Hadith of the Prophet SAW

00:41:24--> 00:41:34

Selim about some people that are Marcy Nene, that you worship Allah as though you can see him. And if you can, at least you're always aware that he's seeing you that's missing. That's a son, right?

00:41:36--> 00:41:41

Be a person of your son. You could have wisdom, you could have knowledge.

00:41:42--> 00:41:44

And you'll still go through a trial.

00:41:45--> 00:41:59

You'll still go through a trial. And there are both of them are going to get tried and how are they going to get tried? lets you guys know the story. So but I'm going to compare the elements of the story. Yusuf Ali Tsonga, tried in the bed,

00:42:00--> 00:42:42

having him clean the house or whatever, and they're secluded. It's just her and him. So his trial happens in seclusion, indoors. musala salam is out in the afternoon in Egypt. And it's it's there a Lula time the Spanish call it Fiesta, the afternoon nap. Nowadays, the entire world is in siesta. Right? So it's understandable. So the streets are empty. And there's only two people in the street one guy is killing the other, the Egyptian soldiers killing the Israelite. So if so one trial starts indoors, the other start trial starts outdoors. Now you would imagine the one indoors is going to have privacy, and the one Outdoors is exposed. But ironically, the one indoors obviously has

00:42:42--> 00:42:49

privacy. And even the one outdoors has privacy because nobody else is around only two witnesses, right? Only two people. Now.

00:42:51--> 00:43:29

The trial of use of Elisa Lam happened from the owner of the house. She's his boss, she's the one who controls his life. She's the one who tells them what to do every single day. The minister you can imagine is out at work out in the government office out on an official trip. So whose home most of the time 99% of the time, it's the Queen was the lady of the house, the minister's wife, and she's going to tell the servants what to do. Hurry up and go do this. Hurry up and go clean that she's the one. And she has a boss roll over use of it, Sam, because he's raised. He's come up those years, just listening to tell her what to do. That's all he's ever done. Right? Because that's, he's

00:43:29--> 00:44:07

not a free person. He's a servant. So what I'm saying is the trial happened from someone who is of a higher position and has influence over you. Right, they already have an established influence over you. If you flip that equation, in case of musante, Saddam Hussein was royalty, right? I was I was raised in the palace. And the person who was getting beat up in the street was a slave of the is among the Israelites. So who's in the higher position now? Musashi Salaam. So why is the person in a lower position a trial for him, the one that's in a lower position than you will try to appeal to you by making you feel sorry for them.

00:44:08--> 00:44:23

And the one who is in a higher position to you can try you put you in a trial by exerting their influence over you. Right. And so one of them is using their influence over you to put pressure on you. And the other one is using their pity card. I'm your

00:44:25--> 00:44:59

light, you're from one of us, help your fellow brother. You're gonna find yourself in either situation, in family, outside family at work at school somewhere, there's somebody who's in a position of influence, and they are have this hold over you. And because of them, they're making you succumb to something you don't want to do, or they're putting you in a fitna, they're putting you in a trial. And sometimes you're doing messed up things because you feel bad for somebody. Because you don't want them in pain. You don't want them suffering, and you're not even thinking that you might be doing something wrong, because you feel so bad for them.

00:45:00--> 00:45:14

So they're going to use that pity card on you to get their way. Right. So the both of those trials are contrasted in the story of use of and musala Sam, then she commands him to hurry. hydralic she says,

00:45:15--> 00:45:41

I'll come back to that Hurry up, but I want to just focus on the theme of hurrying here. Musa alayhis salam saw the man in trouble he cried out for help his son Sora who, okay, so instead of alpha homosassa he called for Moses help masala Salaam went immediately to help because he's not going to stand around and wait right like, now think about it. Let me process the situation now he's going to jump in cuz he's like, he's gonna kill him.

00:45:43--> 00:45:59

We actually hurries up. So there's an element of hurrying up in the story of, of musasa. He hurries up, throws a punch in the middle of the skirmish, and the guy dies. And immediately check this out immediately. Moosa says has been a militia fun. This is from the work of the devil.

00:46:00--> 00:46:16

How is it from the work of the devil? You were helping a brother in distress? You were helping a fellow believer, because he's a Muslim, he's an Israelite. You're felt you're helping a fellow? How's this work of the devil? You know what it is? The prophecy sort of explains it, Agila two min ash shaytaan rushing this from the devil.

00:46:18--> 00:46:57

Somebody asked for your help. You didn't analyze the whole situation. You didn't figure out what's what yet you just jump right in. You had good intention. You had good intention, but you rushed. rushing into something without understanding all of the parameters is actually something that is from the work of the devil. The intention was not evil, the intention was actually good. But it's still it's the rushing that was actually evil. And he basically makes the work from that. So notice, one wants him to hurry out of evil intent, and the other one hurried out of good intent. But hurrying itself is a problem regardless. hurrying to take action, analyze first, then take action.

00:46:58--> 00:47:27

Sometimes the thing itself is an evil thing, you can see that you run, like use of Nissan runs. Other times what you're being called to might look like a good deed. But if it involves speaking out against somebody else, or harming somebody else, wait, hold on a second. I know you're saying this is a good thing. But let me just analyze for a second here. Let me take a step back before I raise my hand against someone else, or raise my tongue against someone else. Right? So don't rush to that, because you think you're doing some just cause? Because I

00:47:28--> 00:47:37

could say I've seen 1000 Israelite slaves get beat up by Egyptian soldiers. This is yet another case of the same thing that I see every day my whole life.

00:47:39--> 00:47:54

and analyze telling him No, you can't confuse the other 1000 cases you may have seen with this one case right now, you don't get to generalize. Like a judge doesn't get to generalize Oh, man. I've seen 1000 divorce cases. I know what this one's about. You don't

00:47:56--> 00:47:57

want to judge

00:47:58--> 00:48:32

what this is before he even hears the case. Because he's dealt with 40 other cases, there lies a problem. Therein lies a problem. We stopped thinking that people come from a unique situation. Our messenger sallallahu, Alayhi, wasallam, people came to him, and they will say what's the best thing that I can do? What's the best thing that I can do? We give them one answer. Somebody else came on another occasion, what's the best thing that I can do? He gave him a different answer. Man, it's the same question. Islam is the same for everyone. Right? So you should give everybody the same answer. Right? When he gives different people different answers, because he understands everyone's

00:48:32--> 00:48:40

circumstance, everyone's trial, everyone's capabilities different and he they need a different prescription. We don't do that we say oh,

00:48:42--> 00:49:10

you know, and that was also a mistake on behalf of all salaries and that he admitted to I rushed to judgment. I rushed to judgment, and therefore I rushed into action. So hurrying itself, rushing into things with even good intent is what's being critiqued. And on the other hand, there may be people that want you to do evil, like the life of the minister wants you to do evil. And she if you think about it, then you'll come to your senses. So before your brain calibrates, and you realize how bad this is, stop

00:49:12--> 00:49:25

thinking about it, just shut it off and hurry up. Right and that be impulsive. And that's what she's counting on that he hurries up because she knows how smart he is. If he gets a little bit of a chance to think he's gonna he's gonna slip he's gonna get away from me

00:49:26--> 00:49:43

now use of course is the trial of adultery. And masala Salaam is the trial of what murder it's remarkable that in the Quran in two places and certainly salah and then a sort of four corners so Teresa Allah says while Sakuraba Zina and then he says well I talked to Luna

00:49:44--> 00:49:59

Okay, actually says Well, I've talked to enough salata Rosina, he says, Don't come near. Don't kill a person. So do you put them next to each other and settle for Can he put them next to each other, but he flipped the order, like toluna nasality harmala 11 Huck

00:50:00--> 00:50:02

What is new, they don't kill they don't do Xena.

00:50:03--> 00:50:41

So one place he says don't go near Xena don't kill the other place. He says Allah slaves Don't, don't do Don't kill him don't do that if he flips the two, okay? Now why is that important because Allah is equating those two crimes. Those are the two major sins, why they equated in the spiritual world of Islam. One is the taking of a physical body, physical life, and the other is killing someone spiritually. It's killing someone's mind, the higher the profit zone says, if you don't know how to do whatever you want, right that's that's the ultimate crime, spiritually speaking, what is a crime, the greatest crime you can commit against another. The other is the greatest crime you can

00:50:41--> 00:51:06

commit against yourself. They are equated one is a crime against humanity, the other is actually a crime against a large religion. It's a crime against the lights falling into the footsteps of shape one. So this these two are the great the two major sins, and both of those prophets are tried with both of those major sins. So Yusuf Ali Salam would have tried with adultery and masayoshi son tried with killing

00:51:08--> 00:51:09

before anything could even happen in

00:51:13--> 00:51:14


00:51:17--> 00:51:32

So he's not the she says Hurry up he says I'll hurry up All right, I'll hurry up and hold on to a lot. That's what he does. And he does this before anything can happen. With musante slump remember how he rushed when he rushed it's too late. He already threw a punch it's already happened.

00:51:34--> 00:51:54

said you know how I mean a militia fun in the new movie. This is from the work of the devil. He's clearly an enemy obviously. Or be any volunteer enough sefa fieldly. Master I have done wrong to me, please forgive me. What are we learning what to do when you catch yourself heading towards haraam? Be like use of

00:51:56--> 00:52:21

cling to Allah. Cling to a leg. You know, try this experiment when you're getting towards the harem. Just saying the last name. Just saying his name will put you to shame. And you'll back off. Just saying his name out loud. Just saying RO Billahi min ash shaytani r Rajim will put you to shame and it will guard you. But sometimes you forget to say it.

00:52:22--> 00:52:25

Or sometimes we have good intention. And we ended up doing something bad.

00:52:26--> 00:53:09

And when that happens, be like Mussa and immediately admit your mistake. Don't just blame the devil. Our shaitaan made me do it. So I hate that guy. Yeah, you can hate him, but also you did wrong. So what must I do? He said it's the devil. But then he said I wronged myself. He took responsibility, and he begged for forgiveness. So before the before what happens? You use atheism after it may happen. musala ceram remarkable. Then Yusuf Ali Salaam said in no livelihood, Bonomo wrongdoers don't succeed. And musala salaam says I have wronged myself. Both of them mentioned volume in the who livelihood Bali moon, or be in the volume to enough see Yusuf Ali Salaam even tries to appeal to

00:53:09--> 00:53:31

the reason of the minister's wife and says, Listen, my master has been good to me. Some of us You don't say here my master meaning Allah, which is acceptable to fear, on the other hand, equally acceptable to see my master the one who gave me this house who honored me to live here, whose house I've been serving. He's been good to me, how can I do that his family? How can you ask me to be disloyal to my by the master who's taking care of me and been good to me?

00:53:32--> 00:53:33

You know, in

00:53:34--> 00:53:35

a cinema fire.

00:53:36--> 00:53:43

On the other side, he's got a sense of loyalty to the one who took care of him, right, both alized religion and also the master of the house.

00:53:44--> 00:54:01

On the other hand, masala Salaam actually did have loyalty for the Israelites because he's also an Israelite, and they also follow Muslims. They're believers. But once he realized his mistake, he helped a fellow brother, and ended up following the trap of the shape. And he

00:54:03--> 00:54:34

stood against the cafe, and still stood next to his believing brother and ended up doing the wrong thing. So he says I won't support in you know, aubema and I'm Talia Phelan akuna vorherigen, which means our backup criminals ever again, it doesn't matter who belongs to my race and doesn't belong to my race, my loyalty will never be siding with criminals. In other words, we're learning my master has done good to me, so I'm loyal to him. But even if my own people were doing bad, I won't be loyal to them. Loyalty does not come from just being from some people, you know.

00:54:36--> 00:54:56

Now use the imagery contrast, use of Allison is running from her away from her, and musasa rush towards the aggressor. And, you know, hit one of the aggressors. This is also really interesting. Yusuf Ali Salam interpreted the speech. What do I mean by that? Yusuf Ali Salam

00:54:57--> 00:54:59

when she said Hurry up. Hey, tallac

00:55:00--> 00:55:09

What I'd like you to know is the words hydrolock are not evil words. In Arabic If you wanted to tell your servant to hurry up and feed the donkey, you'd say

00:55:10--> 00:55:27

Hurry up and do it. If you wanted him to clean the windows or do the mop the floor what hate Allah, Allah. Hi, Tara. He is iconic all the time. But in that particular moment, from her tone, her body language the situation, he heard the same words.

00:55:29--> 00:55:46

But he could tell she means something bad right now. This is not the hater. Like I heard my whole life. I'm able to interpret the difference between this and all the other hate dialects. I've heard. I'm going to make a run for it. This is someone who's never run away from the instruction of their boss.

00:55:48--> 00:56:31

Right? Because he can interpret what's behind that speech. What's behind it. Musashi. ceram hears on the contrast hears in Israel like taking a beating on the ground. And he's asking for his brother's help. He's not able to interpret what's going on behind it. This is this kid. This guy's a scam artist. He's a con artist. He's getting beat up because he asked for it. He committed some kind of crime. But musante sam can't see that far. He's impulsively responding. Right? So what you see is a contrast in use it now we see what the two strengths are actually it's not just useful isn't a great looks. His strength is his ability to interpret speech. Just like he interprets dreams. Right? He

00:56:31--> 00:56:48

can interpret all kinds of speech you are limca Minka Whelan, Hadith Yaqoob told him Allah is teaching you the way to interpret all kinds of speech, not just dreams, all kinds of speech so he was able to do that. Mousavi son doesn't have that special skill yet. So he wasn't able to interpret the speech of that con artist.

00:56:49--> 00:57:30

I'm gonna because I don't want to go over an hour your attention span will die. So inshallah I will continue this tomorrow. I'll go up to 14 and continue tomorrow inshallah. But so Yusuf Ali Salaam is loyal to the master of the house. But by flip contrast, musala Islam is loyal to the slaves, meaning the Israelites actually, it says loyalty that led him to do the to rush to help, because and the reason he used to go out in the middle of the afternoon, into the middle of the city square where nobody was there is because he knew he's an Israelite. And that's the time when even the police takes a break. So you could go into into Egypt, and he could help the Israelite poor, the sick or

00:57:30--> 00:58:05

the laborers who couldn't finish their work. He could finish their work for them, because he was loyal to them and not get caught because if Egyptian royalty gets caught doing slave work, he's gonna get in trouble. He wants to volunteer and help his people. But he can't do that publicly. Right. So he used to leave his palace in the middle of the afternoon when everybody's taking a nap just for the intention of going and helping his people. So Yusuf Ali Salaam is serving a master and musasa is serving the slaves. That's the contrast between the two. So inshallah Allah from here to the rest of them. I think I collected 29 of these comparisons, so we're halfway are a little less

00:58:05--> 00:58:13

than halfway through, but inshallah we'll continue this tomorrow and finish up the rest of the comparisons also. barakallahu li walakum cinematic monocular we've got hope you guys are enjoying the series.