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The Blessings of Rajab


AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history and implementation of the "has been spoken of" phrase in various media settings, including court cases and personal experiences. The speakers emphasize the importance of educating people on the negative impact of a culture and the need to overcome common ground before moving forward. They also touch on the topic of praying and the importance of understanding the negative impacts of praying.
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My sister sedef says that she's having a debate with some of her family members regarding the month of Rajab. And that they are quoting her a lot of Hadith about the blessings of Raja. We are currently in the month of Raja. And she heard from somebody online, she mentioned the name of somebody in Pakistan that all of these ahaadeeth are not authentic. And so she said this to her relative, and it resulted in a huge argument with other members of her family. So now she's coming to me and asking, what should be done 107

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called in?

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No, he him first.

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The answer consists of two parts. Firstly, the question of what I job and are there any blessings of origin? for these types of questions, we should always look to our famous icons of Islam, the people who are universally respected the giants of our tradition, people like Ben hedger and Noah, we on causality Ibn taymiyyah. And see if they have what have they said about this issue with regards to the month of Rajab, without a doubt Roger is one of the sacred for months I showed him. And this means that it is the only month that is standalone. The other three months are who knows the other three of those four months of total months. Michelle Lee has Go ahead.

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No, sorry. Nice try. Nice try and I like your enthusiasm, but you're not

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the hedger.

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They'll call it the Hydra and Hydra. The Hydra agent. By the way, everybody should know this. This is a part of our basic shadier knowledge minha arbeiten harem in it that the Shahada in the law, if not Ashura, Sharon, the number of months this is in the Quran, the number of months that Allah has decreed is 12. fee kitabi law. This isn't the book of Allah, meaning of the law and Matt forth, the day he created the heavens and the earth, Allah declared there should be 12 months minhang arbeiten hurun, four of them, or hurun months, three of those four are connected with either hedge and ROM, one standalone, this is the month we are in. So this month does have that blessing without a doubt.

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Now, does it have any other blessing? The six books of Hadith the famous books do not mention any Hadith about the blessings of Allah job. And that's why pretty much the vast majority of our scholars have said that the month of Rajab does not have any other blessing than being the holy month, it is a blessed month, and what is in the blessed month, you don't engage in warfare in in the days where war was going on, you do not engage in

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war that is you initiate obviously, defense defensive is where but offensive No, and overall, you can do any good deeds in these four months, it is a more respected months, but specifically any good deed mentioned. Many scholars say no, even hedger says, nothing authentic has been narrated regarding the blessings of Raja, or the fasting of Rajab, or the any type of preamble laid in Raja and I am not the only one to say so I will smile and Hardaway the great half it also says the same thing. So even even hijab is saying this isn't a me It says that, as for fasting in the month of Rajab, all of the traditions that are quoted are very weak. In fact, they are fabricated, and none

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of the people of knowledge have ever considered them to be worthy. So there are some ahaadeeth, as the potamia says, all of them are fabricated or very weak. So there are some of them. But generally speaking, our mainstream odema have considered these to be extremely weak. of the narrations. I mentioned some of them of the narrations. And remember, I told you, all of you should know. And one of the goals of this q&a is to educate all of us. This is our knowledge, our religion, our shediac our books of Hadith. So by attending these lectures, I want to increase the general awareness of our religion. I mentioned many times that the books of Hadith are a confusing

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thing for the non specialist because there's so many of them, and I said that you should be aware that simplistically, there are three tiers of Hadeeth books. You have the elite, the creme de la creme, these are called the six books go to the sitter, and you can add to them, most of them are Muhammad and Mortimer Malik, this is like the famous books, okay, you have a secondary level. And these are like the masa that are covered haccombe they happy? These are a dummy data. Hopefully, these are names that are very familiar to all students of knowledge, and especially around mid access temp, then you have

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The tertiary books, these are without exaggeration, hundreds, hundreds, not dozens, no exaggeration, little treatises, pamphlets, major volumes. And this is where you get every bizarre and weird type of thing. Okay? Not that you don't find them in the secondary generally speaking in the primary, generally speaking, you don't find anything really bizarre. That's why they've been accepted by the oma the secondary. Maybe once in a while you'll find something. But generally, they're very fit primary good resources, the tertiary level,

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even advanced Runa Ma, generally don't have all of the books and they haven't even heard of all of them. And they know they haven't heard about them, that's fine. That's the way it goes. Only those that are really really specialists in Hadeeth would be familiar with most of them. All of them is really impossible to be fully familiar with. So in these books, we have for example, Otto Bharani, in his own salt, and also it is one of the more tertiary books because Ronnie has multiple books about Ronnie and his Kabir might be secondary, but it also does definitely the tertiary and you have a boon to him and his earlier which is again one of the tertiary books he has a hadith of

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unnecessary demonic that allegedly the prophets Allah said I would say when the ledger comes in Allahumma Budda cleaner, your job was Siobhan wobba Liliana Ramadan. Okay. In this is two people in the chain. One of them his name is Zoe the record, Buhari says za is moon corolle Hadith if Buhari says moon car, you literally just take this and leave it aside when Buhari says Moncure End of story is basically fabricated so a moment Buhari said the main guy narrating this hadith is rejected Moncure me is totally rejected and if you know anything about Buhari, that's it. End of case so the famous narration Aloma by Declan Effie Raja sherborn, whereby listener Ramadan, it is not a Hadith

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of the Prophet solipsism question. Oh, the translation is Allah bless us in Roger and bless us in Shaban and allow us to reach Ramadan. Okay, this is not a hadith. Okay, question to you. Is there anything wrong with this Hadith, meaning wise?

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No. So can we say it?

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Why can we not say it when there's nothing wrong with the meeting, as long as we don't attribute to the prophecy? It's not it's not a Hadith, but the meaning is beautiful. Oh Allah bless us and Roger, in the month of Roger bless us. Allah blesses the month of Shabbat, Allah allow us to live to see Ramadan no problem to say it, but don't consider it to be Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. All of them is the hadith of allegedly hadith of it. rhodiola one, and just listen to the Hadith and you know something is wrong. Where he says that the Prophet says Adam said,

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The month of Rajab is a magnificent month in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Whoever fasts one day of the month of Rajab, Allah will write for him the fast of 1000 years, Mashallah to bottle cola and whoever fasts seven days, the doors of jahannam are permanently shut for him. And whoever fast 15 days, all of his lifetime of evil shall be converted to good deeds and an angel will cry out from the heavens, Allah has forgiven you, so it doesn't matter what you do.

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Now, you don't even need to be a scholar of howdy to say something is wrong with this Hadeeth Okay. Now where is it narrated? It is in a book that I guarantee you even the majority of Roma have never, you know, seen or heard of. It's one of the very obscure books you know, even Shaheen in his football had been Shaheen is a person who died 385 Adriana Donald Courtney says of him that he was a good man but he made too many mistakes. He's not a person that we can rely I mean, he was a worshipper of a lot but his memory was out there. Can I relate? So these types of books you find these bizarre a hadith about fasting Roger, and of course of the things that is done in Roger,

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culturally speaking, is on the first Thursday night or Friday, you have a special Salah that is done in many cultures. Okay, special salah and some people call us a lot or a lot of others call it what is it called? What is it called? Can somebody help me in Pakistan what is called there's a term for it, I forgot. But you pray, like extra and there's a special procedure and you read this and you read 1000 times that and there's a elaborate mechanism that is done. And a no always says this Salah is a reprehensible bidder. In fact, he has been out to be Cartoon Cartoon a shadow and it is a reprehensible weird, disgusting things should never be done. Anybody who does it should be warned

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against because there's a procedure to pray that is different than our two prayers. It's a weird

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Will you do this you do that you recite this, you sit down? And the moment nobody says there is no basis for this thing. So he says that this is the mainstream position. There's nothing special sila in in Roger. Howard if somebody wants to break 200 and Roger,

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why should we prevent somebody from paying 200? And again, that's what I'm saying. We have talked about this before that if somebody wants to do a generic good deed, and he does it in a timeframe that he thinks it's maybe more rewarding.

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This is where the controversy occurs. Is this bit out or not? We should be lacs if somebody wants to break 200 Normal 200 what a mama No, we said is bid out is the bizarre prayer, which is a special technique and you sit down and you stand up and you do extra record and salute like you pervert the prayers. And this is weird, but I don't do it. But if somebody wants to pray genuine, legitimate tahajjud should we say no? Okay, let him hamdulillah it's better than me and you're sleeping at night. least he's doing something? Not every single so no problem with that. Now, another thing that people have a misconception is that on one particular day, I think it's the 15th or something they

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say Israel Mirage took place. Right? That's also the 27th. See, I don't know the bit as that well, I'm sorry. My my knowledge of it as is a little bit tiny week. So I have

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a rough idea later on. So they say that on the 27th. Roger is running Mirage took place and so they have extra deeds that they do over there. But from the books of Sierra, there is absolutely no indication that Israel Mirage took place. And Roger, in fact, if anything, Azadi seems to indicate that it took place and repeated over. And so he is the authority of Sierra died 127, Hydra, and if anything, the most authentic thing that we have is that Sri Mirage took place in a beard Oh, what, and even if it took place in Russia, for us to do anything bizarre that is against the sooner, I'm not talking about a generic fast or 200. This is anytime we can do. But anything bizarre, we should

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not be done. So this is the first part that there doesn't seem to be any special actions that are required to do it, or any special beliefs of Rajab. But if somebody wants to do any generic good deed of generic sadhaka, of tahajjud of fasting, they can do it in Russia, and they can do it in any month, we should not do any, we should not cause an issue with that. Now. I also wanted to get to the other issue. And then with that we conclude our sister, whatever her name was, I forgot what was the name I said sorry, said a sister setup says that she's had an argument with I'm assuming it's a cousin or uncle is caused some issues within the family. And they say, you see, this is actually a

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bigger problem in the question itself.

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Not knowing how to deal with this issue, to the point of it causing looks like a boycott has happened. They're not talking to one another, over an issue of an abstract nature. And this is something that we need to learn to overcome. Suppose your cousin follows another

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strand of Islam. Another interpretation. See, I am mainstream Sunni, I've said this from the beginning. And I'm quoting people like me, I know we all have, bizarrely, you know, even hedger, these are our icons, we look up to them. But let's also recognize that there are other versions of Islam that they practice. I might not agree with it, but you cannot deny that there are there, can you right, and there are people that might not agree with you. So at what point should we have an argument and breakoff? Definitely not over the blessings of Raja? Definitely not. If somebody wants to fast extra Raja, or even they want to do this bizarre prayer that, uh, no, we said is a Buddha.

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And Noah is saying it's a beta, which means other people are doing it in his timeframe.

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I disagree with those other people. I agree with him in no way. But what do we do when your cousin looks up to the other group?

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What do we do? Do we boycott our blood and relatives? Do we have animosity with other Muslims? Before we get to that level? Before you look at the differences? First, look at what you have in common, then get to the differences? Do you worship the same God? Do you face the same? Qibla? Do you read the same book? Do you believe in the same prophet? Do you want to enter the same gender? If all of these Check, check, check, check check, then you get to the differences. Put that difference in perspective of the commonality as well. Please don't misunderstand. I just told you it is a bit odd to do bizarre prayers in virgin I just said this. Now the second question, what do you do if

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your cousin insists that he or she is going to pray those prayers? Do you make them an enemy of Allah and His messenger? Do you boycott them? Do you show him do you stop saying Salaam to them

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Once you can have a nice gentle discussion, you can say, look, I have I'm not a scholar. I've asked the Roma and they quoted me even hedger, they called me and no way I just quoted you, these great Rama, not a single, authentic hadith. But they will say, I don't know any of these names. And I'm not trying to be controversial, but they will quote, madrasa Han, say, that's our shift.

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Or for the other ethnicity, they will quote, the habit obtain, they'll say, Oh, they have further enrichment.

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Or another word, they're going to quote, the study, is that this machine, I don't know your shift, I have my shift. Okay? Can we blame this person for having an emotional connection with somebody and not having an another connection with your whole galaxy of Roma, in this person's mind, they've become religious by this group. they've experienced Iman, and zote and ibadah, from a group that they know, and it's made them better people. I disagree. I'm not preaching that to you. I don't do that version of Islam. But this group does.

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What do we do?

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We tell them this is our understanding, gentle, polite, they will have the accepted hamdulillah. If not, they haven't committed,

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they haven't left the fold of Islam. They're still worshiping Allah subhana wa, Tada. So don't break the ties of kinship over something that in the end of the day, insha Allah, Allah will forgive because of his Rama, your cousin, your relative is not the great to either Musharraf is an innocent Muslim, or she's an innocent Muslim. And she is following a group that she has experienced some emaan from she is wrong in this regard. But you don't have to be judge, jury and executioner.

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And you don't have to treat her in a manner that rather if you really want to guide her well law, he The best way to do so after the law is through your honor.

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And if you're going to resort to name calling and saying your scholars are this and cutting off, what have you done? On the contrary, you say well, okay, I have no problem. That's your business. And you continue having a loving relationship based upon the drama of our religion based upon what it means to be a truth be the better of the two always be the better of the two. And guess what? And I have? Well, I have discovered this in my own life all the time. That's why I don't respond to my critics that much. Because in the long run, I always find intelligence and drama wins, people have intelligence arahama over and the only people that are left are people have no intelligence or no

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drama, one of the two are no sincerity, otherwise my own 25 plus years and I've had critics of every stripe and variety, keep on doing the right thing for the right reasons with compassion. Simple as that. And if you are consistent, the other person, guess what? They will hear from their group hatred and negativity that will shock them like oh my god, they're gonna call the other group Catherine bog and we'll build and sell out and what else all the names you've memorized, so he's gonna do all of that inshallah. He's my to go to go person. I kid with him, by the way, semi kid with him, but

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where was I? The

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they're going to use a methodology of harshness, that will demonstrate to your relative that this isn't real Islam, not by academic arguments, because your relative is not qualified to study that change of is not your relative doesn't know bodies. Moncure means what your relative does know that a simple bit of love and compassion is what our Profit System taught. Correct. So why are you resorting to the tactics of the very group you're considering to be wrong, show them what it means to be a real follower of the one who was sent as a hammer.

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Continue the ties of kinship, have the upper hand Be gentle for bearing, loving, and make dua and insha Allah at the end of the day, these trivial things are not going to cause the person to go to jail number something even if they're mistaken, they're still within the fold of Islam And may Allah so we did unite you and your cousin or relative back upon the truth.

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In a feed dounia Solomon,

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Leah to Gemma

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