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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu brothers and sisters and welcome to Ask Muslim. Today's question in sha Allah is titled I hate my worry. So what do I do? And this is a daughter who actually has a Willie. But the problem is is that that will he or that Guardian makes bad decisions for their daughter. So what should she do in that particular situation? Number one is that the person has to understand the daughter, she has to understand that the Willys ship that her father has is something that Allah gave to the Father, it's not something that she can just uplift and remove from him, it's a rite that Allah gave the Father. And that's right can only be removed under

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specific circumstances. Now, in this situation here, the first thing that she has to do is that she has to go to an Islamic judge if she has access to one. So majority of the world today, especially in Islamic world, it's very difficult to find that. So her next best choice is and this year, I say to your brothers and sisters, before I mentioned that choice, is that scholars have debated this issue for years and years, even till today they debate. What do you do when there's no Islamic judge in your country? What choices do you have schaffrath a mean or human lung, which is one of the contemporary scholars that died in the early 90s, he issued a very important factor or a decision

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based on this particular problem. And he mentioned that it was permissible if a person doesn't have a judge that it was allowed for them to at least go to an Islamic scholar or a man, somebody who has the reputation of being a scholar, or somebody who is known to be a good man, and a resource for the Muslims in that community. So what I would say here to this particular sister in this situation is understand and remember that the Willis ship is something that Allah gave your father, so the father here, he has that right to be the wealthy, but if he's making bad decisions for the daughter, so for example, if he's saying to the daughter, I don't want you to marry a religious Muslim, you can marry

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a Muslim, but if he doesn't pray, and he drinks, and he smokes, and he parties, then that's all good, I don't have a problem with that. If he makes those kind of decisions for her, then she's allowed to go to an Imam or a scholar, and present her case to them. And what the Imam or scholar will do is that they will speak to the Father and encourage the father and try to counsel the situation as best as you can. If at that point, the father still says, I don't care, this is what I want for my daughter and so on. Then here is where the Imam has to play that judge role. And he makes a decision here on his own behalf, that this daughter here is dealing with a particular

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situation, she's going to lose her Islamic identity. And he's allowed to override that. Like I said, this is an HD daddy issue. It's an issue that has to be researched. And it's different for every single family. But just to answer the question here, if you have a woody who doesn't really qualify to be a good Wali, and just remember, there are five to seven conditions of a good Wali, one of them is that he has to be Justin he has to be either he has to be Justin Yes, to be fair, he has to be able to make those good decisions for his daughter in sha Allah. And if he doesn't have that, then hopefully these options could and hopefully these options could solve the problem for her. Some

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Allah azza wa jal make it easy for her and for everyone else who's dealing with a situation like this lesson I'm wanting to tell you about a cut