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In a hamdulillah Muhammad monastery in holiness the pharaoh when Rosie Billahi min Sharon fusina Missy, Tiana Lena Maria de la, da da, da da da, y shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah. Allah. Allah.

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Mohammed Abdullah hora Soto Sofia home Hello Hello Hello, Bella risotto Adela Manasa Tanaka

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lado How can I hurry her Illa hard axolotl abuse Rama RA, about Allah. Allah says in the Quran. Yeah, you know Taka la puttaparthi, tomo, tuna Illa and Tomas de mon. Allah says, Oh you who believe, Fear Allah as he deserves to be feared, and do not die except in a state of Islam. And Allah says, Yeah, you have NASA toccoa, Bakula? The halaqa communists in wahida. Allah says, all mankind, fear your Lord who created you from a single soul and produced from that soul its mate, and produce from their combination many men and women

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and fear your Lord whom you ask each other by and by the ties of kinship, Verily, Allah is Ever watchful over you in the LA Cana la cumbre Kiva and Allah says, Yeah, you hella de mano taco La La pulu Colin said EDA, usili American wells filicudi novacom. One minute a la hora Sula. hufa has 1000 alima. Allah says, Oh you who believe

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here a la Allah and say that which is upright, he will correct for you your sins, He will correct for you your deeds and forgive you your sins. And whoever obeys a lion His Messenger then he is indeed victorious. As for what follows

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the prophets little lie to send them as narrated by his companions to have repeated as a sermon, one of his prophetic sermons, some Allah hottie who has said

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there is citation of a salt of the Quran surah Kahf. And this surah entails a reminder with regards to the importance of the Hold on. This sorta reminds and invokes and refutes the disbelievers for their disbelief in the Day of Judgment. It invokes them to reflect upon the signs of a law so yet and his power on this earth, when they deny the Day of Judgment, this sort of reminds about the Day of Judgment itself, and the scenario and the situation of the believers and the disbelievers on the Day of Judgment before concluding and reflecting upon the importance of reminding with regards to the Hold on. And so, being that we are approaching the month of the hold on the month of Ramadan.

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And you are going to see the topics becoming more frequently speaking about the Quran in our relationship with the Quran. I wanted to if but once to invoke this prophetic sermon, and to

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follow in the prophetic or the footsteps of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam reciting the slaughter and going over its meanings going over its translations and there is nothing that is a greater reward. There is nothing that is a greater speech, there is nothing that is more virtuous than the word of Allah is the widget. And there is nothing that should affect our hearts greater than the words of allies. And so this is a saltado with the sculptor was going to be simply a presentation of sort of path and its translation and asked a lot as I get that He grants us understanding the sort of beginning saying after Donna Jean Bismillah R Rahman r him cough well, Quran Majeed, but ijebu

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Angela hemangioma, whom

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he is now could not raba that ecology and buried but Adam nama tonkotsu ramen Houma India Nikita Juan hafizabad, Canada will help Tina magia for whom family marriage,

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family marriage, Allah says

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by the honored Quran, but there has come to them a warner from among themselves, and they wonder and the disbelievers say this is an amazing thing. When we have died and have become dust well we return to life that is a distant return. We know what the earth takes away from them and we have a retaining record but they denied the truth when it came to them. So they are in a condition confused. The disbelievers are in a confused condition. A question How could they doubt the power of Allah azza wa jal to resurrect them when everything around them is a sign of a lost power?

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A lot of yeses of Adam young Zulu era sama fo home kayfabe na na was a ye na How am I

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was out of the Medina how al Qaeda fee How long was one button I see him in college Oh Jim beach. Trouble said I tell them when they cry Nicola Abdi money when is then Amina summer Emma mubaraka for ambatovy jen nothing will happen house lead when nothing Lavasa cause in LA follow no league

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It is conveniently bad. Navi Bella tomater karateka.

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Allah says Have they not looked at the heavens above them?

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How we have created an unstructured it and adorned it and how it has no riffs, it has no glitches and the earth we spread it out and cast their firmly set mountains and made within it grows something of every beautiful kind, giving insight and a reminder for every servant who turns to Allah, and we've sent down blessing rain from the sky, and may grow there by gardens and grain from the harvest, and lofty palm trees, having fruits arranged in layers as provision for the service, and we have given life thereby to a dead land.

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fuss is the resurrection,

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the power of a law so you have to do all of these things, do they then denied? Do they then not comprehend how this deity that is so powerful and created all of this, that he would not be able to resurrect them again? Allah says, because of its popular home, tomo, no he was he was he was a mood. What are the most around were one was how would a coma to Baku kenzaburo soon

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as I enter behind our but whom Philip Seaman Hulk Indeed, Allah as he says, The people of Noah denied before them, the companions of the well as well and the mood and add And Pharaoh and the brothers of loot, and the companions and the thicket and the people of Tibet they all disbelieved in their messengers so justly fulfilled was my threat. Did we fail creating the first time yeah creating a new has them confused that allies though yet fail creating them the first time around? So why is it that re creation then? Or resurrection is something that they don't they can't comprehend, is something that is confusing to them?

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A lot as they get created. Now Allah azza wa jal created and Allah as a jewel resurrect, but what is Allah as we just roll with regards to our present, existence, there's a lot as we get aware of us as allies we did present with us, Allah says, what had happened and insane when I allow mama to us, this will be enough. So when I lay him inhabited, worried, Allah says, We have created mankind. He says, and we know what his soul whispers to him, and we are closer to him than his jugular vein in the Attila kamatera Tiana Ania meenie miney Shima carried myofilament encoding inlay hiraki united, Allah says when the two receivers received the two angels they receive seated on the right and on

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the left, man does not utter any word, except that with him as an observer, with him as an angel prepared to record

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and when will they come to know all of this as being true? When will we all know this to be true?

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Allah says which secretarial multiball help that he came up with I mean, who to hate.

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One of his soul that ecoman worried wotja at coluna Seema has khumba Shaheed Wanaka Quinta de la Fleur de Fuca Chef nangka Vito Phobos Oracle Yamaha de la Carla Corinne who has a yachtie lprc Johanna makuleke affair in I need mana in Haiti Mataji Marie and Lady Jalla wa ala Han aha for alakea who will either be shaded when will they come to know this to be true? Allah says in the intoxication of death will come with truth. That is what you are trying to avoid. And the horn will be blown. That is the day of carrying out the threat and every soul with it will come a driver and a witness. It will be said you were certainly unmindful of this and we have removed from you your

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covers so your site today is sharp.

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And his companion the angel will say this record is what is with me prepared. Allah will say throw into the hell every disbeliever every obstinate, disbeliever preventer of good aggressor and doubter who made his equal with a lot another deity, then throw him into the punishment severe

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but it's the Hellfire only for the disbelievers.

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What will the double St. Pilot Kareena who Robin Amma apply to what I can can if you boil it buried? Carla Tosi, moolah de la cumbre la ma you bet De Luca Lula de la and I belong I'm in the lobby Yo man aku jahannam had intellect her intellect he was Apollo had me miss it. On the day when Allah so just says his Devon companion, his devil companion will say, oh my lord. I didn't make him transgress, but he himself was an extreme error. Allah will say do not dispute before me. While I had already presented to you the warning. My Word will never be changed. And I am not oppressive to the slaves when it will be said to them.

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Hellfire Are you full and the Hellfire will respond saying is there any more?

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What about the righteous, the truthful those who feared allies

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what was an effective agenda to limitata and he had to do and and equally aware of in Hatfield mahershala man labeija muneeb Hello hubby Salam ecoman Hollywood, la Masha una de la dynamis eat

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the people who feared Allah azza wa jal it will be set to them and paradise will be brought near to the righteous not far. It will be said this is what you promised. This is what you were promised for every returner to Allah and keeper of his covenant who feared the Most Merciful, unseen and came with a heart returning and repented. Enter in it in peace. That is the day of eternity. They will have whatever they wish in store

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and we still have more

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is the harm of disbelief then relegated simply to the hereafter. Or does it have effects in this world? A lot. So just says welcome alakina cabela hoomin car hamesha domain hamato Shan, Fennec kabu Phil Bella the helmy malleus in Nevada nicoleta karate man can Allahu palemoon Oh Alka some our Hua Shahid Allah says, and how many a generation before them did we destroy? How many a generation before them did we destroy? Who are greater than them in power and had explored throughout the lens? Is there any place of escape? Indeed, in that is a reminder for whoever has a heart or who listens with present mind.

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And the verses conclude of the chapter coming back full circle

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to the power of allies to create a law as the guest says, well, somehow it will Obama you know who Murphy city I mean, when mama said I mean lube first Mira Maya Kowloon was a big a popular tourist shampoo a cappella woman a lady for a bit who had about a suit Allah says and we did create the heavens and earth and what is between them in six days. And we were touched by no fatigue. So be patient, oh Mohammed over what they say and exalt them. exalt the praise of your Lord before the rising of the sun and before it's setting and in parts of the night exalt Him in prostration

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and the prophets on the line and send it up a lot. So just says Westerman Yama united monogamy mecanim Kareem, yo mesmer Honestly, I have been helped that he came

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in. No, no, he went to LA animasi yo Masha, Allah yo Mata Shaco Guang home Sierra dareka Hassan la se, La La movie my aku mama Antara him DJ, for the Caribbean for anaemia for eat, and listen on the day, when the day when the color will come out from a near place.

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This the day they will hear the blast of the horn in truth. That is the day of the emergence from the graves. Indeed it is we who give life and cause death and to us is the final return to us as the destination.

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On the Day the Earth breaks away from them

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and they emerge rapidly. That is a gathering that is easy for us. A lost power is perfect. The resurrection is easy for him. We know better what they say. And you are not over them a tyrant. You are not going to force them to believe you or not over them a tyrant but remind by the Quran. Whoever fears my threat, we ask Allah to allow us to hear the speech and to follow the best of it.

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah ask Allah as they used to make us to the companions of the Quran. ask Allah so you have to make the Quran the spring of our hearts in the light of our chests, the remover of our sadness, the repeller of our stress, ask Allah as we get to grant us the understanding of the Quran and the interpretation of before iron and ask Allah as we did to make us of those who follow it who follow its commandments to make us of those who will be in the shade of the Quran will be rewarded by a recitation of Quran and preserved by the Quran, in our graves and on the day that we meet a lot as a region. A lot of meanness a local General makabe Hammond Khalid

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Mohammed are becoming a narrow Machiavellian Khalid Mohammed aloha mattina fusina taqwa zakia antihero makaha Antonio hom Allah Allahu Maximilian Amina sciatica Mata hula be vain and avena ma sciatic amento Attica metabolic and IV genetic Amina Jacqueline Yamato Innova nama saya dunya on my channel or maybe a smattering of siding or who worked in a data center. My dad who is I mean, what I thought I know Adam ambala mina monsoon Allahumma, Adam and Adana Well, as you can see, but

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fvd Nina Yakubu Amina? Well I'm a blogger Amina Allah Allah nerima zerona which Allah ginetta here Donna grammatica Muhammad, Allahu

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah. Allah.

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Allah subhanho maka Mara benissa de la la hamaca metal band so the

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band is a de la como de la salatu salam