Ask Shaykh YQ – Episode 09 – Is it Permissible to Carry a Small Quran in the Wallet or Car for Barakah

Yasir Qadhi


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Shaykh answers the question on the permissibility of carrying a small Qur’an in the wallet or car for Barakah.

The answer is given on a theological basis and it is permissible to turn the Quran for protection and it is not Shirk. But is this proper etiquette or Adab towards the Qur’an for Barakah? Shaykh Yasir Qadhi answers.

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First one Bismillah is it permissible to keep a small Quran in your wallet or car for the purposes of Baraka? And then the questioner says isn't this similar to what other religions have done with their holy icons and question on

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so are we allowed to keep a copy of the Quran in he says the wallet I don't understand how the ongoing the wallet but I guess you can get really small portions or more realistically the car for the purposes of protecting the car. So the answer to this actually it goes back to a very theological issue and that is can you use the Koran as essentially a taneema in Arabic or in English a good luck charm can use the Quran to bring about Baraka the physical copy of the Koran. Now, by unanimous consensus, you can use the Quran as recitation to bring about Baraka there's no it's still out there. You can recite it to the chorus you can do whatever you want with the recitation of the

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Quran, the controversy that goes back to the time of Sahaba can you use a physical written Kitab of the Quran the writing of the Quran can you use written it kursi can you use any type of verse as a physical icon to bring about Baraka, we find some of the Sahaba they allow this, most famously I showed you love wine, it is authentically reported that when members of extended family, the children, the grandchildren SMF, for example, when they became sick, I show would rhodiola

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cause some verses of the Quran to be put around them for example, it is also narrated from Abdullah Ahmed and then also the one that he would allow using physical copy of the Quran to a cure a Shiva and he would say the Quran is a Shiva as Allah says in the Quran is that she felt with him after pseudo whether it is recited whether it is physically written, and it is also narrated that some of them would allow

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excuse me, this is the gift of Hajj that happens. Some of them would allow the Koran to be worn on the necks of Children, Toddlers to protect them from evil i. So, this is narrated from some of the Sahaba. At the same time, it is also narrated from some of them such as Abdullah who minimus rhodiola. One, that he would not allow the haoran to be worn as protection. And he said it is not befitting the Koran that it be worn as protection. So we find this little bit of controversy from the time of the Sahaba themselves that should the Quran be used as a physical protection or not. Therefore, in light of this it can be said number one, to use a copy of the Quran as a physical

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source of blessings cannot be considered to be shipped. It's not shipped. Why? Because the Quran is the speech of Allah. So the Quran is the speech of Allah when you seek protection from the Koran you are not turning to other than Allah subhana wa Tada, you are not turning to other than Allah, you can turn to the Koran for protection and the Quran is a respected book because it contains the speech of Allah you have to have will do to touch it and the physical must have is venerated. So it is not sure. But the question is, is it proper etiquette to use the Koran as a source of protection? Is it a dub? Is it something that shows up to the Koran and some of the Sahaba said yes, some of

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them said no. And there is no question that the Prophet system himself did not use physical written Quran even though it was written in his lifetime he did not use it to have a physical protection therefore I personally It is my personal opinion I leaned towards him and Mr. Woods position but we cannot rebuke the other side because who has the other side? I shall have the love on Abdullah but also the low on you cannot rebuke the other side. There is legitimacy to those who say I want to keep a copy of the Quran in my glove compartment. May Allah protect my car, right? There's nothing I'm not gonna say that's wrong at the same time. Firstly, there is no question that reciting the

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Quran. And using your tongue is a higher goal in the eyes of Allah, you are actually doing an act of worship an active versus keeping the Quran in the glove compartment is a passive, it's not active. So there's no question that reciting the Quran reciting ayatul kursi, making your tongue move every time you start the car say so panda the sadhana hada. That is a higher macom and it is an act of worship. Secondly, let us be honest here and we all have either done it ourselves or have friends or relatives that do it. When you put the most half in the glove compartment. What happens the glove compartment fills with miscellaneous issues. It fills with, you know the tire pressure. It fills

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With pens and pencils, honestly, is this a dub that we are showing the Quran to put it just like that on the side? So my personal opinion is that it is not

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it's not the best thing to do let me phrase it that way and you should recite the Quran but I'm not going to criticize or say that it is wrong and it is clearly not how long or should it do so because turning to the Quran, whether it is written whether it is recited is an act of worship, but we say in my humble opinion, I say it is not the best mechanism respecting the most and Allah knows best.

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