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hamdulillah he Allah hilmi Baba in me, well if we

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all salat wa salam O Allah say he will. He will mostly and

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he was he was a limited Sleeman kathira on kathira mavado for the villa humanos shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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Latina mano

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de nada de never

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to Cebu coma, Miyahara fotospeed. Rama follow fall to the mean sakalava regime.

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My dear respected elders and brothers.

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Last week we started off a topic with regard to

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social media. And we started off by saying, throughout history is always been different things that have come to the fore.

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Change has always been constant. Nietzsche is Kahuna he dunya cake lasma hysa or JP Queen he is I to Islam nos COVID, Nika Islam nivas Katara nefazodone kita terashima Coronavirus, Mecca, Mecca, na COVID-19 there are kata. whenever anything new came, Islam always took the position of weighing in benefits and harm. Take the benefits stay away from the harm. We gave many examples that we saw some didn't reject new things. We saw some dug the trench, which was a new thing that we saw slam sensor haba to learn foreign languages via cream sauce, salaam cents, hava to go and learn new ways of warfare. Whenever you saw cinema wrote a letter and the Sahaba sathyaraj. Sula, they won't accept

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the letter until you put a seal. Now we saw somebody in a car Katana Yakuza in Iraq, he never saw Islam took the submitter seal, and then he put the seal on his letter. And then this new thing that we have to look at is the aspect of social media. Last week I gave the definition. Then I spoke about two things about social media last week, intention and also very important in social media. Don't deceive people. It's very easy behind the smartphone to show a different face from what you are. So you show that you've got a very beautiful car. And you've got a very beautiful car you show the whole world. We're gonna we're lucky technically to bring a Tata in front that the Santa Monica

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Ito is deception. This is something that we are supposed to stay away from I quoted the Hadith Nabi sallallahu wasallam it said the worst of all people are those who are two faced, who show one face to one group of people and show another face to another group of people. Right so this is very important. And sometimes it happens. Today you and I will think many people were elderly with a cow, but young people will know what I'm talking about because they do it on a regular basis on these aspects. I also quoted the Hadith and very briefly, nobody saw Selim said don't sit on the street corners in jasola comic cover tome medtner Surya we have to set so if you have to set then keep the

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etiquettes in mind what is the etickets nerissa Aslam said that cast your gaze down Don't harm people do amor Bill Maher off now here in one car. So when you have to sit on the street corners do these four things in a similar manner, if you have to use the phone, now have proper etiquettes. Now today I will just make mention with regard to some of the etiquettes very interestingly,

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you know when i when i went last for camera, on our way back there was a Times Magazine in the in the in the airplane. So in there there was an article about these aspects of social media. And in the I just noted it on the sixth of July, the Times Magazine made mention that every day.

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Every day humanity tweets, half a billion tweets. 770 million photos are posted on Instagram, and 4 billion videos are watched every day on Facebook. I'm not trying to show anything with regard to them has given you statistics that this is a half a billion tweets. 70 million photos on Instagram, and 4 billion videos are posted and watched every day on Facebook in this world. Now all of this tells us what do we do with regard to certain etiquettes by we know the benefits. You can speak to people across the globe.

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You can communicate with people across the globe, you have been able to have communication with your family across the globe that perhaps you have never ever had been able to have in the last 3040 years. All of it is benefit. Can you didn't come home you can be able to post a hadith which reaches such a great amount of people. All of that is on the benefit and I will make mention of it as I go along. But this also hums. And whenever we look upon something, we have to look at the benefits and hum jpm Casitas codekit to Nevada rocky Dora, Dora cotacachi Now I'll just give you one of the humps and just bear this in mind and unfortunately we fortunately we have to be perhaps a bit more open.

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One aspect with regard to the social media and the virtual world is it is easily accessible. It is ungoverned, it is addictive. You can do it in the privacy of your bed. Just bear this in mind. So previously if you wanted to do certain types of wrong to Geneva coolum Killa Kanata so you have to do it openly. Now with this, it is easily accessible, it is addictive. It is ungoverned you can do it completely alone. Yet to any social media cohort. As Sonny said Bernacchi Nick ronica dusty chesky added ninja turtle Jackie or Johanna escuchar to Kodak, Nevada de la la la la la jolla they can all cornea. Now because of that it's so easy to access at the press of a button and desirable

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content. You can see sexually explicit news movies and videos in the privacy away from everyone and you will think no one is watching me and nothing is always watching you but away from the gaze of people just bear one thing in mind with regard to social media people must always bear that in mind. Even if you delete something it is never ever deleted, what is on that phone remains for eternity almost. So even if you post a message or if you post how you see an any particular site, you can delete it you can hide away all the whatever you need to hide away, you can go in ignore ignore to mood or whatever mode you got all of that you can do. But if an expert can go into it, you will be

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able to access it. Now if you take away you take undesirable sexual explicit aspects that are so easy which today has become common for young people to get into what actually happens look at the harms. Now I'm not gonna it's not my whole focus of the bear is not to speak about the harms of pornography or the harms of watching these wrong things on the phone, but just give you four or five aspects with regard to it. One is that these things are degrading to both a man and a woman. He teaches a How can we can you look at how people are carrying on and people are looking at it. Firstly Nivea creams are Allahu Allah wa sallam used to tell us the proper even if you are doing it

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in the correct way and manner, cover it with modern modesty and dignity. Here, people are doing it openly. They film it and people are watching it openly. It is degrading. That's one aspect. The second aspect is that it it takes away the pleasure of human sexuality. yet Jesus Mellotron a father aka masaka, Allah escaped pleasure in it, you are distorting that pleasure into something which is undesirable, something which is called no truck with actual proper human sexuality, they were Allah subhanho wa Taala wants it to be done. Thirdly, it spoils the permissible act. So once you can do things which are Haram, the one that Allah has made halaal you will find that you will not find that

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degree of pleasure in it the way you will find pleasure without looking at these particular aspects. And in this particular way, there is nothing wrong in taking pleasure within the confines of the Halloween Nivea cream so cinemas made mention of it as Seneca

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told us to do it with your wife in a proper way to fulfill your desires.

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And when Saba city rasilla we're gonna get so up, nobody saw some set if you do it in the wrong way will get some said yes. So if we do it in a wrong way, in the right way, why would Allah reward you, but in doing these type of things that will go into sites which are not right and you see explicit sexual material and pornography, it spoils the permissible. Fourthly, this bear in mind, there after one can get aroused and fulfill with one's one spouse, one can get aroused and fulfilled with one spouse and all the time these particular aspects comes in mind. So what

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happens to the poor woman or sometimes if a woman are watching what happens vice versa. So, you can get aroused naturally, because you have been accustomed to seeing all this narpac and haram and filthy things, can you imagine what happens you can get aroused in a natural way which Allah subhanho wa Taala has created us. And then the other aspect, you you start associating fulfillment just bear this in mind and this this keep this in mind. You start associating fulfillment with images in video, not with real life. You start associating fulfillment of your desires with images and videos not with real people, not with real life, what happens to them, what happens to your

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marriage, that is why you find marriages I in such a great rut. One of the reasons is this, consider this from the shery point of view, a cream sauce eliminated, the distinguishing characteristic of this movement is higher with our higher at a time when we lose we see such things either further Kanhaiya fall mushy, when higher is gone, go and do whatever you want. The prophet of Almighty Allah Nivea cream sauce, salaam, Sharia is not allowed us to see Allah is not allowed us to see the setup of another person. We will it allow us not only to see the sitter been uncovered, but actual degrading and explicit deeds been seen when you want to be saucer one day so a person whose face was

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uncovered, never saw some set cover their eyes, we are not allowed to see the size of another person, we will not be allowed to see such things. And this today, it is so common. May Allah Allah forbid, we make mention of it that at least sometimes some people would be able to think about the harms and stay away from it but it is becoming almost like a pandemic. Because the reason it is so easily accessible, so people can just at the tip of the button away from the gates of people do it. But these are aspects that we could worry Allah subhanho wa Taala is watching a nicer way with regard to consider the harms. Just because you got the smartphone doesn't mean that you are supposed

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to do things which are wrong with it.

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Another aspect with regard to this aspect is just because you're hiding behind a computer screen or behind

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a smartphone doesn't give you the right to be abusive. doesn't give you the right to stay away from proper etiquettes long time ago moved to Sheffield, the Grand Mufti of Pakistan wrote with regard to ethics of media and there he said, doesn't mean you got a good pin, give you the right, all of a sudden did he but don't think all of these are permissible in a similar manner. These things don't become permissible. Now you

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don't bite. Don't Don't another person. These things are as haram with speech, the way it is with a smartphone. It is haram with speech it is haram haram to see only marami who's got a smartphone via WhatsApp or lagana, Twitter lagana Abraham is Sita Rama it is just as haram and this particular aspect. And because you are behind these things, you know, Twitter and internet brings out the worst of people I sit at saw a very amazing thing. That one of the most popular websites in South Africa is News 24. So whenever there is a news, they allow comments, because people were hiding behind the identity the identity was not known. The comments that were coming was so full of hatred. That news

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24 just last month took a decision there no more gonna no comments, because people are not mature enough to be able to give comments. But this is an aspect with regard to smart phones. That is because you are there you can go and say whatever you want. So that is another harm we got to keep in mind. Another very important point is moderation. That is, at the end of the day, we have to be moderate, many people will say you have to learn for us But whatever it is, we got to put it forward. Everyone has to bring about you know, don't be frivolous with regard to it. Don't be excessive in each and everything. illiteracy is what karateka janicoo matassa. We have made you

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adjust the balance before hitting the send button before sending something asked what value would it bring to people what put something that is of value, some significant piece of advice, quotes that are significant advice that is relevant, then of course people will will will have some sort of benefit. There are many codes that you can give that are very beneficial and I've got some experience so I do see these types of

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From time to time, not every dish that you eat is worth your posting.

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Not everywhere you go that is worth your posting, he will quit but he says something. I mean, I told you last week that when I've seen in the harem in Madina, munawwara in front of the rosary mobarak people are taking videos in one occasion I saw a person in a phone with his family and said merasakan sam Nicaragua, Sam, can you also make Sara so vanilla, this is aspect with regard to it may bring things which are beneficial. You know, recently I posted one thing I was surprised by the amount of the the feedback you got. So sometimes post something and what I posted was this one small quotation, sometimes explain your anger, rather than venting your anger, then you will find you will

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find solutions rather than arguments. Now, with what a beautiful quotation, I pick up this quotation, that when you are angry with your family, don't just vent your anger, explain your anger, why are you angry? So when you explain your anger, you would be able sometimes to find a solution, rather than making the dispute more, it's a quote is obviously was something that was beneficial. So don't just be frivolous. With regard to this, not every meal you are having a random thought is worthy of posting another recent phenomena. In May Allah Allah forbid it is such you see everything is good, good and bad, we just have to control we have to balance we have to take the good and we

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have to stay away from the even a recent phenomena which has come is that people post sensitive information of people caught up in tragedy and affliction. Jessica Hart saga, ob Chara Mara parada up, instead of helping instead of making go and making kalama to the person, people are taking both photos, and because of this whole new set, that I must be the first one to post it. Minister kakatiya miniport jR kobata. Now at that particular time, you have to be sensitive with regard to the people who are injured, go and help them. And really, I sometimes wonder, our time might come the way we use the social media, the way we use our phone, a person will be might be dying, no one

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will going to help it but they'll take a video of it.

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And that's where we are coming. I mean, you see people and a time of an accident, and someone is laying injured, the family is in distress, the family are worried. And people are worried about posting that person that injured persons picture to all his friends to see this. This extra didn't happen yet.

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I know of a family. And this is something I know because I've interacted with a person whose daughter passed away tragically in an accident. And that car with which he had passed away in an accident, was obviously badly damaged. That photo went around in social media circles for a month that Father up till today his birthday with a community

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he feels at my time of difficulty and distress. Is this what the community were doing? They were actually posting that the mangled car of my daughter is if to give the impression that the way the car was in an accident, and the other Bill aljada we don't even know but the way the poster was made as if she was driving fast. And there was recklessness in the whole matter. Up till today he carries a button this is this the reason why we're supposed to use smartphones. And this particular aspect is something that who benefits from that what benefits sometimes you find people who are in accidents and all of a sudden we are posting the car. We are posting the pictures of the person who

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is injured disco fighter. What did you get out of this whole thing?

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Right One very important point with regard to it is

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what you post with regard to Quran and Hadith. Yep, it's so much that a lot of times feel well I can post a new video Oh, this is very beautiful Hadith. By before you press that button Did you verify the authenticity of that Hadith and Quranic if

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there are very few warnings that have been sounded as severe and dire as attributing something falsely to align is Rasulullah Mancha la mata ammidon familia de Beauvoir other woman and he who falsely attribute something to align is a soul then he must prepare his abode in the fire of janome. And he has to be law today. You know, this one press of the button you can send 2000 2000 300,000 and you might be sending something false. Have you verified it? Have you been able to see with regard to what the situation is before pressing it out? before pressing any aspect? Yeah, you are letting me know if anyone comes to you with any aspect verified before you forward it less you do

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harm to other people.

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This is a very serious amount of even aspects with regard to Quran Hadith, I would say with regard to Quran and Hadith be extra careful before you post it, may Allah Allah forbid you post something that is haram. you post something that is wrong, and you post something that nobody said Allahu alayhi wa sallam has not said, the word of nobody's allowed to sit and prepare you abode in the fire of Jannah.

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And yet we don't we do not just affect we Nietzsche Sam naggy Nietzsche Sam Naga minisub dos Takata lukang wah wah wah wah karenga

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cheese apne pasta is Kalia adrena would put it to Hana would Zima Jericho genuine Medina Martinez Octavia a POSCO, this is something that we have to be very very careful about. It is something that inshallah would like to go on making mention of other etiquettes because really, it is something that by and large each and every one of us are involved in many of us do it without understanding the consequences without understanding the cemetery the responsibility and these are some of the aspects that I would like to have made mentioned.