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Alaa Elsayed
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are the ones that you don't want us to feel? Whenever we live in sharone I'm with Lucy now means Melina Maja de la Vela mobile LA. Mama you live Villa de la worship Allah illallah wa, hula cherry cola, wash, and Mohammed an Abu otter pseudo nutshell we are a school of law and nagappa data. Amana have a lotta rozella on Sofitel oma well, cassava love will become a woman. But there's a lot more and higher images and Avi nanometric What are sold on our facility? My bad? Yeah, you had Latina de la parte de la la Ilaha and Muslim moon. Yeah, you have NASA de Bora Bakula de hakomi nutzung wahida. Holloman has jaha webcast I mean wuma Legion and getting in on one is

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what de la la de Luna v one

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in LA haka, nanny Kumar Atiba. Yeah, Johan de la mano de la havapoo. Poland's de de useless locum Amala calm while fetullah calm Nova calm. mejor de la hora, Sula,

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Lima, back in Austin, Hades. eatable LA. Well, hello Eddie Eddie Mohammed in Salalah. While he will sell them

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to her wakulla invada wakulla. Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Devi now from my my bad, my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, continuing with the series series of Medallia you sell again, those, the fact that the secrets, those who long to be resurrected with Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, those who seek the truth, those who seek the light out of darkness, those who seek knowledge, out of ignorance, and so on and so forth. May Allah make us among them. I mean, continuing we talked about last time, we talked about the flop and the adab, the advocates in the matters of how important it was, and the advocates with the human being the activists with a Sahaba,

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the advocates will probably be more hammers a lot harder to sell them, because with a lot of high now agenda,

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and so on, but some of the scholars will actually warn you don't go to one extreme or the other. Don't be extremely polite. So you're called idiots. And don't be extremely the other side to call the jacket the other way around. So you're not an idiot, I assure you that you're a Muslim. You don't be extremely polite to otherwise people will take advantage of you and will call you otherwise. And don't be the other way either. So we're moderate between the two. So you're not haphazard, you're not a Mac, you step in people, people will step over you like you still have pride and honor that your true listening. Yes, you live or not, but no one will take advantage of you

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accordingly. That's why

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I'm not a scoundrel, but it's gonna take advantage of me either. So you still have to have a balance between the tickets and the love that we talked about what she's extremely important, the one before that.

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So today, we have something called about SMR.

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It's something that isn't a shot. It's something that we the body acquires just like another

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you see, you use your eyes to see a vision, a sight.

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You also use your tongue to speak, but the ears is we're going to be talking about today. And that's the key for him. By the way. Even though the scholars will tell you that keyboard, it's step one, according to sort of the bla bla bla, but the ethic details that the one that would actually give you the methodology of earning that seminar to be able to understand what the scholars say, to be understanding what they are and how olanzapine agenda is talking to you to be able to understand the soon known prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is talking to you. So I'm going to give you an example. Could you imagine being invited to someone house, please come, enjoy. So you go in. I

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didn't matter, a beautiful table.

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Anything you want is there, different colors, different tastes, different sizes, different shapes, different everything. You sit down, you didn't do any work. You were just invited. You sit down. You don't have to do anything. You eat whatever you like. I'm saying thank you, Zack Aloha, don't walk away. Now compare that to where you have to actually go to the marketplace. Go ahead and get into your car dressed in this weather and whatever it is that the layers that you have, and go spend this and do that and look for the what's good. And pick it up. And spend your time and the effort that after this. You go to checkout you pay the money, take it back, wash it, cut it, put it in the

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boiler and cook it you have to wait for it hours.

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been preparing and all of that stuff? Which one do you prefer?

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You obviously prefer something that you get automatically. You don't have to do it any board. But there's a catch.

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Allah Subhana, Allah has given you the truth. You didn't have to work for it. You have to keep sleeping and ponder and reflecting about the unabomber, and the neutron. And he put on all of that stuff on the cell. And all of these, how the creation was started. And all of that you didn't have to go through all this allows you that gave you the truth. And so on a silver platter number I was given the reason for creation, why you're doing what happened before how do you live now what will come after everything? Well, my follow up nothing.

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Nothing is given out of this book, nothing is omitted. Everything was giving you the truth. Well wouldn't have

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done my job if I didn't mean on my channel but you have to see the truth from the Lord. Those who want to hear the message me follow and those who are heedless, may be legit, straight, whatever, it's a choice you have to make. But then Allah Subhana Allah is telling you about this seminar.

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Allah subhanaw taala raised an honor those who come to the massages, I'm giving you a good, good news glad

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that you're here. Allah subhanaw taala give you the proof in sha Allah that Allah Subhana Allah raised you Your Honor is mentioned among those who come and listen to all levels of high Nigella Viola and halaqaat under the loose and those who study that will and and and and

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what do I even love

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the smell

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the levels of periodontitis is good and you

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smell home with men you listen to the truth but there's obviously the opposite on the other side as well as now

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that's how I know well not alone when you have to be leathers the opposite. You believe it? If Allah subhanaw taala seems good to you if he knows he will bring you to the massage and he will bring me to the Halifax who will bring you to the hotel he will come to that places where you listen to the law follow the food that's the proof and number and the scholars will tell you that if he lost his good and you uses the same thing that hearing that I smell whom

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you would have let you listen to the truth but you know this Our hearts are sealed and

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you know that some people our hearts are sealed

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What did they say? Oh semana wow so you know I listen but I don't want to live I don't I just obey as oppose of Carlos Amina autonomy Allah make us among those who listen and obey not listen in this obey Han Allah and Allah Subhana Allah Allah has given you a grave warning Don't be among them.

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me This is a severe warning that scholars will tell you you are among the law you're among the enemies of Allah. If you tell people don't listen to black no guns

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don't listen.

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This is the proof that we're at is actually working for you the differentiate between the two people which one are you? Are you are you among those who listen come deliver the listen to the massage in the room that listen to the book of Allah, this is a tsunami rasulillah this is your hearing sense you're listening

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on those levels of Hannah Montana says there is good in you. Allah will let you listen.

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And if some of those are here in settings are closed or locked up the hearts are sealed. Bellona hide our

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hearts are sealed that says you know what the scholars say that you know

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the hearts are sealed. That's done. I want this done. Yeah, I want the whims and desires. That's why that listening is actually three types and also be types.

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What is it?

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You follow your own whims and desires? What do you do? Do you do that?

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How do you do it? You do that? Let's get rid of it, man. Let's get over with Come on. Hurry up. How do I get people to see things to do places to go? I'm a busy man man. Dude, I got places to go. I don't have time for this.

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Or do you actually have this beautiful love between you and aloha? supine? Okay and let your dad McBean?

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And I'll tell you the difference in job law in a second. But you have to understand you're among one of the two. Which one is it? You know, this one, the one that you cannot hear. earrings that you cannot hear words, eyes or even Is it the heart? No, it's not the eyes. alone. It's the heart. It's the heart. That is

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destiny cares but they have no they don't hear with it. They have it but they don't hear with it.

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You know what, that's why this girl says you're mad that a man will not the hearts are sealed. You know what that means? It's like a plate you cannot go out or a glass that's upside down. You cannot pour anything in it. So the hearts are types that a man you're not it's not it can't come in. It's locked. It's sealed. By actions and deeds. We don't want to hear the truth. No, no, forget it, man. Well, I have some people in the eye. You didn't listen to people. And you know that the families bring their children to us. convinced me so Pamela GVF you will love him just recently. You know, I been going through the school and I understand been there. I'm not gonna lie. It's not easy for the

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youth to be around. And the victim. You know, I shower Toshiba, we talked about the double D's, the doubts and desires. So why is it not hard for me to handle our girls? Why is it not hard to bla bla bla wise, we deal with this all the time? It's the same thing. It's the same thing. They're not listening to the truth. And when you give them the I guess, some of them you can see them. How?

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Either when they hear the truth, what is this?

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This is the one that wants to listen to the truth. This is

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the one that takes up the bulk of what you do. Yeah. This is your

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you know the truth. And you don't want to say no, no, no.

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No tequila

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for high school, Johanna Marie says behind it. someone kills you. Yeah.

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Be conscious of a lump missing to listen to the sooner. This is horombo. This is Helen, don't do this. My brother you go in with the wrong company. You're in the wrong environment, they will

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fire you are following the footsteps of Trayvon.

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Man, I knew this stuff before I was born. Because before you were born, you know what? You miss out? I know that stuff. And what?

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Are they the ones in this law? Who you hang around with? What's your environment? So that's exactly what it is. And you're listening? Yes, you're listening. But what are you listening to?

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Yes, you're using it? And what's the difference between the summer and the results? And what is difference between?

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Smart comes from us alone? We'll let you listen. But we hear but how do we hear a mind with a level of high notes? I'll tell you that either. 40 hour plan. What

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I'm saying do not just

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don't listen, just do it. What's it? What's the difference between this hearing and paying attention? It's not that you're not doing anything. You're not doing anything except pondering reflecting about the creation. gela viola, the creators of Viola he's talking to you. Could you imagine a cop stop you? And he's telling you certain things? Yes, sir. What happens now your heart is beating a minute. I hope y'all love it now. You get to know a lot We love you. Yeah, you're a please. No tickets.

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You get to know all your car, this

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panel and you hear a liquid that will keep something away from you. And you keep doing it. And the cops still there. How come? It's not working? Yes, yeah. Well, why it's not that. But can you imagine? Alone somehow know who is talking to you? And you listen something else. You don't know something else. You plan around? You're taking out the phone as we talked about even the solar panel, you're standing in front of him. You're not listening to him and what he's saying. You're not pondering reflecting about it. And that's the difference. My brothers and sisters, what are you listening to? It's not just what you're listening? What answer to meaning ponder and reflect about

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what has been said. You don't talk you don't you don't use anything else. That's when you hear the core anthropology like Yoda, you know, the scholars will actually tell you what they listen to why they put the best clothes, they put the perfume they take a shower they listen to this is the word alive talking to me now. This is the proper way to listen. I ask a level some kind of gentlemen readiness and they don't want to call it that.

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May Allah make us among those who listen to the speech and follow the rest of it?

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Was Stephen

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hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah melebihi Avada. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam.

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Hug loco Nana smile Nakia mcquinn feels homicide. They say when too late. If we only heard, we only had seen we've seen anything the truth. We would not have done the middle dwellers of the Hellfire to love what happened

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just as

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You know, this is gold. You know, this is not my body You don't seem slim wasn't. So when you say the word smear,

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you know, Allah subhanaw taala says, I wonder,

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I wonder that through this gun to you, but he turned around and walked away. But you know what he says? That would be like, this is the same. It's the same word. There's not. The scholar says, you know, you know that, you know, you turn with your body and your heart, not just your body. So, are you really listening to the truth? You know what happens? Okay, I'll tell you what, when do you really feel the joy when you listen to watch

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this when you feel sad?

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Yeah, take your time. And then, you know, we're going on a long journey, put this stuff put whatever the latest thing Yeah. And we compete, we compete. You know, have you seen? Have you heard the new dude? What's his name, whatever her name and all of that stuff. They're not befitting for me to mention the names here. But you know what I'm talking about.

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This and bla bla bla, bla bla bla,

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bla, and the complete, you know, it's never color. I know, man. They know that you now know the biography of the hottest artist and the singers and the dancers and actors. They know everything about him. And then he asked him, could you please mention that just five out of

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Yeah, it's online. Are you Muslim? In the Muslim countries, Arabic speaking that people are and that people that people are the people that will actually tell you what this lab is all about. Our youth is gone. The media is taking them away. Because they use their senses in the wrong way. They're watching the wrong stuff. They're listening to long stuff. They're hanging around the wrong people. The more around the company and their mission stick is what what are you wearing? is this? gosh, oh my gosh. Do you think he will pick you up? Oh my gosh. Well, he or she our mission stick is upside down. We left the planet soon as we complain. Why is this happening? God What

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is this? How is this coming? Where's this? disappointment and oh,

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Boo on the end. And Portugal.

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We earned it. Me mica Sabu. Yes, yes, yes.

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Well, it's what we earn. But if you ever want to come back, you have to start by yourself. You have to come back and there is no other way. You've tried everything. You've tried every ism, capitalism, whatever ism, anything ism. Islam, there's no Islam zfp. There's Huck and Bumble. There's a truth. And otherwise.

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This is what we were talking about coming back with our listening. This is this amount of the scholars will tell you this, the tickets and matters of how you do it. And they will tell you there's actually a key. They tell you.

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Some of their pioneers on the intellect. They said this knowledge is going through the summer is like the

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you know, Aladdin and the magic lamp. Yeah, when you rub it,

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you really dig deep, and you see the treasures coming out.

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So how you're using your knowledge. How are you using your Sandman? What's your roadmap? What are we doing on demand?

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Well, I'm moving all of that. What happens in the end? How does a man alpha we'll

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see, you will see that Sam and my brothers in the summer, everything will add butter, hula,

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hula, you will be held accountable for your senses, especially what you're hearing. Now what do you see? You see when you actually take a look? If you look at if you ask the brothers when they have a book club? Yeah, so after we read this book, you need to come and discuss it.

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What did they do the ponder and reflect and they did every line. Oh, the author here meant to blah blah, blah, blah. And he did blah, blah, blah, blah. And they do that PS and analyse and all of that amazing, this one should get an Oscar, but the book of allows a panel dilemma, what do we do?

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What's up the status will tell you that, you

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know, let your your goal your head of is to get into the end of that line or the end of the page or they ended up just doing it over? What did I say in the plan? I thought I know.

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I'm gonna you

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know, you said

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yet, but who knows.

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You know what the doublet comes from, you know, the that the end of something is what is said what is meant by the end of that panda reflect but what is the most important is act accordingly about what you heard. So when you know what happens when you hear something that you love it, you will remember it but remember the statistics show that nine years

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3% of what you hear will be forgotten after seven days 93% of what you hear will be forgotten after seven days.

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And that's why this is what

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among us, those methanol varada. Yes, one or two people. Yes. Go back on tundra reflect my bizarre Hippo coming in now.

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Yeah, think about it, those people is actually telling them, Look, if you even discuss it, if you think about it, you're going back and think of what you heard, you will know that they probably know hamazon is not insane.

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He's What is he telling you what I'm going to tell you now, that's your homework, by the way,

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you need to listen to any idea or any idea or even in your home bus, or any other part, you need to repeat them on a weekly basis. And that's why I've told you before, please, when you go to the bar and have a booklet with you,

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I want you to make sure everyone has a note at home. And this note has to be divided into the first half is alignment. The second half is now I read the commands of allows to power no agenda without the permissions. And every time you listen to an ayah and your cue is Yeah, you have Latina and I know I

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used to say if we hear Yeah, you are Latina. I know kinda I'm gonna you know it'll be here.

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If you listen to him the idea that starts with Yeah, you know, not to you

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know, no. Oh, you believe? If you believe a lot of stocking Do you

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stir that? I'll see.

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You will know that there is there is a command will be Allah will be the messenger and the guardians which means the guardians have to be obeyed only new meanings of Alliance messenger and so on and so forth.

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all that. So from now on, that's your homework. Every one of us should have this book at home. We don't talk here. We're in the doors club. No talking.

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No doing. Let's do it. And what else are you going to do? Since this is telling you to ponder and reflect and do things about what you hear and listen, you have to have a halakha at home, if you don't bring your family here. I want you to have your holiday home. So every day whatever they used to decide, Friday or Saturday or Sunday, it doesn't matter. You bring your family together and you have a headache at home. You have one and ponder and reflect upon it. One Island is stronger than how many islands too many.

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Again, straight on so you need to come back us this is my brothers and sisters. Coming back to the truth coming back to Allah subhanho to Allah and His messenger. So your homework is very easy from today. You listen to watch live and Amina. Listen carefully again. Remember that

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the one that reads anything you ask me? Can you please tell me what the what's in the book? Oh, yes.

00:23:08 --> 00:23:10

What wasn't it? Danny?

00:23:12 --> 00:23:13

It was just wasted.

00:23:14 --> 00:23:35

Can you tell me what did you What did you learn from the book? amazing, beautiful book. What was in it? I can't remember. Yeah. How many of us now when you leave this this whole book? What did the what did this guy say this today? I heard him screaming and shouting. I saw his hand going up and down. I hate this guy. Man. My hearing aid. I have to turn him down.

00:23:36 --> 00:23:58

He's gets to whatever. Forgive me if I do. But well, ah ha ha. It's not intended. Yeah. So but what do you say though? What? If somebody asked you what did you learn today? When you actually remember what this was about? The law said? That's the hearing sense. Why? Because a lot of us have had arthritis, even though he had a smile, I guess what's its divine tradition?

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What does it mean? Remember when you say this? I have thought about everything the actions and deeds my thoughts to who I am to the best of actions and deeds of my servants or worshipers? What does one the obligations but then what matters?

00:24:14 --> 00:24:20

But now I've had that yes, you will still come not just do the obligatory acts of worship.

00:24:22 --> 00:24:29

But then meaning anything that's extra other than the obligations and then allows upon Allah to Allah would love you How much would you

00:24:31 --> 00:24:38

How much would you pay to know that someone you love loves you back? But how much would you pay to know that's a habit? I galani love you.

00:24:39 --> 00:25:00

How much would you pay to know the Prophet Mohammed salsa, love, love you. But how much would you pay to know that allows the power that he loves you? What's the key? He says do extra acts of worship, not just the obligations. But if he does what happens? He says I will love you. But what is the reward to if you have a loved one that loves you? He says I will be the vision that he sees with the hearing.

00:25:00 --> 00:25:14

Here's with the hand that he strikes with the feet that he walks upon. And if they asked me to grant him, and so on and so forth, how much would you pay for that? You see, that's why the scholars say the true believers that do this, they hear things that others don't hear.

00:25:16 --> 00:25:44

Inside, there's actually a science for this. And they see things that they not the average person will see, you can actually see between the lines the whole life, can you see if a person is walking around in their own cocoon smiling, even though the world is in chaos, but they're smiling. Why? Because they know the truth, what's going on now is being told over 1400 years ago, and you already know why it's going on. And you really know how to protect yourself and your family from that. And you really know why the reward if you hold on to the

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creation was waiting for you. So you have your own peace and tranquility. So that's why you're walking around smiling. Because you know, everyone else is running after whatever it is dados in the sense, you see you listen to things with your own whims and desires, but nothing with what a levels of hydrocodone tell you. You talk about anything else on their desires? No problem. If you start talking about what you're after.

00:26:09 --> 00:26:15

That don't stop talking. Is that the only thing I've talked about? You hear these people before? Yes, yeah.

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Have you not heard that? I've heard you, man. You take me under your wing, to reserve a place agenda next to me, I'll get out of town that I want to hear you do more. You hear this all the time. So what's the reward? All you have to remember is I want to be with Brother Mohammed Salah one minute. And I want to be the one who listened to a level supine, objective Yoda. So I'm going to take that homework. And I'm going to listen back to the example I want to go to eat. But at night

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when a level is upon Allah to Allah presents this beautiful table for you. You don't have to go shopping you don't have to cut. You don't have to do anything else. But you have to pay the price. I was Amanda. Well, I find that we listen and obey. May Allah make us among those who listen to speech and follow the best of me. Not handler horrible I mean are Salama, do you have something to tell me? They don't have to have to combat any volumes of particle normals or less than 100 fidelity not gonna be a long one. So it's nice to be able to get in with a couple of deep where the less you've gotten in other data. Okay, caffeine, caffeine or alcohol. I mean, have autonomy not occasionally

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being said I mean, a lot of mathematical semi by means of explaining it and I thought maybe the standard operating whether to speak to an adult or it has been a lot of my family been 18 and 15 on a man in Argentina, you know, and I will tell them that you know, hello Martin Solomon was on I was on I was finishing Milan albums. I mean, what have you know, I've noted that I'm still asleep, but I'm not

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100 level what I mean it's all about areas

Dec 9th Sh. Alaa Elsayed – The Seekers Path Series, Jumuah

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