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Understanding Quranic References to ‘White’ and ‘Black’ Faces. How do I explain the verses mentioned above to the people when others have accused the Quran of being racist due to the meaning of them even though that’s not what is meant?

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We now move on to the next question. The next question. Sr Tez. Nina hope I pronounced that properly from Australia. She asks that during this timeframe of all of this, you know, riots going on and police brutality that in her town of Australia that some islamophobes have brought in Koran translations that seem to suggest how so weird how the biller seemed to suggest that the Quran has certain racist verses in it. And so she's writing in saying that how do we understand these verses? And of them is sort of added Emraan verse 106, that the translation she sends to me, which is the islamophobes according to her online that why does the Quran say that on that day, some faces will

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be white, and some faces will be black, Yamato bl w hoon. What is what do we do? And so to Zuma, verse 60 Well, yo claramente Tara, Tara, Tara, Lady naka de bois de la Huma suada on the Day of Judgment, those who lied against the law, their faces will be turned black. And so she says how do I respond to these allegations? That the Quran seems to have this notion of faces being black if they're bad, and faces being white if they're good.

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The answer to this question is from Hannah law. What what? What a great, egregious translation error Miss translation that might even be intentional, we seek Allah's refuge. Oh Billa How can anybody anybody accuses the Quran of being racist. This clearly demonstrates that this person either has an evil intent or most likely has no clue what the Arabic actually says. And the Quran is true does mention the worth of your dough and test what do is very true. However, these verb tenses have nothing to do with skin colors, there is no racial elements being implied at all. And anybody who really understands Arabic will understand this. The problem comes that most of the people who

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translated the Koran most of them are not qualified to translate the Quran. And I do not even deny that maybe some translator actually said that, and I think actually destroyed it, find it in one translation, their faces will be whitened, and then their faces will be black. And I was like, This is not how the verse should be translated to be, oh, boo. And that's what do almost What are linguistic forms that have nothing to do with the color of one's skin, and hence, any person who understands Arabic would never associate these verbs with human skin color. These Quranic verbs and nouns are in fact associated with the brightness of the day. And the brightness of the day is

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associated with optimism. It is associated with a new timeframe of hope, and the most what the artist What do it is associated with the worrying times or maybe the darkness of the night and by the way, those connotations of night and day, they are found even in the English language. So for example, we say the rise of a new dawn when we intend optimism, we say dark stormy clouds when we when we intend something that is terrifying. What do we say the rise of a new dawn does anybody think of the skin color white? No, it is the sun it is optimism. So this is what the notion of tabula rasa and test word do and in fact the Quran is actually very explicit. Look at pseudo units

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first 27 were darkness. The word test what do is explicitly linked to the issue of the night nothing to do with skin colors. Allah says that good time in LA Lima Lima, that it is Muslim from the night's darkness. So the issue of whiteness and darkness is a huge mistranslation, rather, what the Quran is describing when the Quran says that the people of Paradise Yamato bl boo, the meaning is that the faces will be optimistic the faces will be in English we can say beaming with joy. That's how it should be translated, nothing to do with whiteness whatsoever. The noun here has to do with beaming with joy, and then the opposite is what they're going to be gloomy with fear with

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trepidation. That's what this word do means has nothing to do again with the color of one's skin. And we all know 100 Elad that white and brown and black all of these skin colors and hamdulillah we know very clearly that they mean nothing for the issue of salvation. It is an established principle of Islam, that there is no superiority of a white over a black of an audible run on Adam except with taqwa and so inshallah people of all skin colors, the way

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them, the black of them, the brown of them, the yellow of them every skin color, those that are righteous, they will they will be to do with you and those that are not righteous, there will be this what do we do? So we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to make all of us no matter where our skin colors are of those whose faces are to bl do meaning bright with happiness and glory.