Knowledge will be Taken Away

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many Mina most Nene Smilla hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who either early he was a woman who Allah Hammerberg our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Allah to Allah ly Akbar Allah Elma in desire and Allah azza wa jal does not take away knowledge by snatching it from the chests of people. Allah does not take away knowledge from a society from the community from the world by snatching away knowledge from the chests of people, but rather Allah takes knowledge away by the death of Osama bin Motorola. For either Alam, you call him when there is no antonym left it to Hado nurse will also send you holla the people will take fools and idiots as their leaders for Su

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then they're going to ask these fools for after these people without any knowledge will give fatwas and without any in the lighter in for value, what are the low, they will misguide themselves and they will misguide others this hadith is in Behati. And it predicts a very sad reality that as we get closer to Judgment Day, the quantity and quality of aroma will diminish that every generation was not going to have the same caliber of the giants of the previous generation and bit by bit knowledge will decrease and Alim is a protection of the ummah. And Adam is a mover and shaker. And Adam keeps an entire nation in check. Even though the nation doesn't realize it. When Ellen was

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taken away, then things can happen. Hadith in Sahih Bukhari as well I will prophesy as I'm said of the signs of the Day of Judgment, listen to this number one Phaeton will increase fit and means every type of trial and tribulation, every calamity every type of disaster fitter will increase. Number two, how much bloodshed will be will be happening and number three, Elon will be taken away. These three are causally linked because when you have knowledge, you don't have Fitton and you don't have bloodshed without knowledge Phaeton occur and bloodshed occurs. So of the predictions of the Day of Judgment is that once again knowledge will be lifted up knowledge will be no longer there.

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And Arlene was not going to wake up at Jonah Hill the next day that's not the way it was last Allah does not take away from the chests of people when you learn and you acquire your own your practice and you preach inshallah you have it. But what will happen when you leave? What will happen when your Adama began to leave one by one, when or when a tabula one passed away. Even Mr. Rude said, I fear that nine tenths of knowledge has gone.

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Even Miss Roode himself was a giant Ibn mystery with himself was who he was. And yet at the death of Mr. Weil called Bob, he said, I feared that 90% of the knowledge of this OMA has now gone. One day they've been Sabbath passed away. Even Abbas who was to become the next generation is greatest Adam, right now he's still on his way up. Ibn Abbas said, if you want to see how knowledge is taken away, this is how it's taken away. And when even muster with and had been abuzz, they both passed away, there students said the same thing, I think there is no more knowledge of the old generation is gone. Now. This is the reality of in. The reason I'm giving this talk today is because of the death

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of an algorithm that I know, majority of us in this audience have not heard. And it is not your fault. It is the reality of the world. We live in one of the greatest aroma of the English speaking world, born and raised in a western land, because you see, the generation of Western scholarship is still brand new. Those of us who were born in the west and then study overseas and come back. This is really pretty much the first generation that is doing this as we understand because of the dynamics of you know, migration and whatnot. There was a Adam in South Africa moved to Chiron is his name, Allah hameau. From he passed away from COVID, after a very lengthy battle news is just today,

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a few hours ago, and he was one of the senior most odema of the English speaking world despite the fact that he doesn't have that many YouTube videos. He is not famous globally, but amongst the students of knowledge and amongst those who knew that we all looked up to him as a resource ever as a reference. He was a few years senior to me, and he studied in Davos alone, and he came back and opened his own data room in South Africa and graduated hundreds of students and influenced 1000s of people and Allah is coder he has recently just today a few hours ago

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He passed away. And this got me thinking ALLAH blessed me to meet with him right before COVID began, I was in South Africa, I had heard a lot about him, I had visited him, And subhanAllah, we just mesh together, as our professor said, I'm said Arhuaco genome agenda, that the souls of mankind, they are like people lined up in rows in ranks in the army, that sometimes two of them, they just click together. And sometimes two of them can never ever match. It's just there's something internal. And this move to Utah was someone that as soon as I met him, there was a love, there was a camaraderie We kept in touch via WhatsApp, I benefited immensely from him, his humility, his duck walk, in any

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case, the talk today is about broader than just one particular person, because Allah has blessed me to study with many, many scholars, many of them have passed on. And every time someone passes on, this really affects and influences me. And I just wanted to share with you some thoughts that I have, first and foremost, brothers and sisters, not just for Allah ma for any human being, you never really value them, until they're no longer amongst you. You never truly appreciate the amount of good that a person has. This isn't just for him, especially for Obama, especially for preachers and teachers. But for any buddy, your friends, your family, your relatives, you just take them for

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granted, until finally one day One day, they're no longer there. And then you realize how much of an impact they actually had on you. So before that time comes, appreciate those that are in your lives right now. Thank them, show them warmth and kindness. You don't want to have regrets. You don't want to have regrets that why didn't I do more? And this is especially the case for family and friends. But yes, also route them up. Another point specifically about Runa is that and again, I speak as somebody inshallah have the right to say this, because I've studied Alhamdulillah, with many, many dozens, I was 10 years I was there overseas, and still I continued to benefit. So when I say this,

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take this understanding that I come from compassion and love, when they will amount alive. You see their humanity, and you humanize them, and you see their faults as well. It's only when they're gone, that those faults become trivial. And you realize what an amazing what a gym, what a jewel, how much good he did, you know, when they're alive, every human being, they're humans, right in the end of the day, even if they're on if they're humans, and you know, as you interact, and as you humanize them, you break bread with them, you crack jokes with them, you cannot help but you know, feel something that they're just like us. But when they're gone, you realize No, they weren't just

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like us. They were way notches above us. They had the benefit and the impact that only when they're moved away from the scene. You know, when they're alive. They're human beings, politics, controversies, issues may be a harsh word. It's human nature in the end of the day, but then when they're removed from the scene, what is left in your heart is the positive. It is the amount of hidden good, it's the wisdom, the foresight, the humility, it's being in their presence and thinking of Allah azza wa jal, the real alum is not just the one who can give you facts. The real Adam, when you're in his presence, he makes you fear Allah Subhana Allah Allah, He connects you with the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you feel spiritual. That's the real Adam. It's not just a bunch of Wikipedia facts that you can find from Google, the real Adam, his presence itself, his presence just being with him. And this is something that Al Hamdulillah I can say, I have met many people have Taqwa. And that's just sitting with them being in front of them just sitting at their feet, you might not remember the notes that you took, but you will remember the impact they had on your heart. That's what the real Adam does. And you really only appreciate it after they've gone from you. And you remember all of that good as well. Another point that needs to be said And subhanAllah This is

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so relevant and pertinent in light of the individual who passed away and I speak as somebody ask Allah is refuge and ask Allah's forgiveness or any false that I have. But I swear to you, I say this from the heart. Reason is not judged by YouTube counts and Facebook fans. Will Allah hear Him is not judged by how popular you are online. That is nothing in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala how many are the people that are popular? How many are those that might have massive YouTube followings, but they might even be misguiding what a biller we seek Allah's refuge, or they might be callers of evil, or they might be people of nowhere in but slick tongues, and that's very common these days. Or

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they might be people of maybe a little bit of in, but not to the height of those that are in the behind the scenes, doing work that is away from the limelight. Sometimes that work is the most blessed at work. Sometimes that work is the real work. And yes, some people have to be in the limelight. Okay, we ask Allah for fair for them and Nicholas for them. But sometimes those in the limelight are not doing that which is the most effective and those that are the most effective. They are unknown to the masses. And I really felt this today with the death of our beloved moved to Utah that I know for a fact that he is unknown to the majority of people

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pulled and yet all day today the scholarly community is crying. The people of Britain are crying across the western speaking globe because they know the value of the schema of the one that has passed away. So real aim is not judged by Facebook lights by YouTube followers. No, it's nothing to do with that. There are Irma and again hamdulillah have studied with people that they were not that well known. They were didn't have the massive followings. But when you sit with them and you study with them, you find that these are the people of Iman and Taqwa these are the encyclopedias, and yet they are unknown amongst the masses. And there were many throughout Islamic history like this, that

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they shunned fame, they ran away from the spotlight, and they did what they did. And this was again, somebody again, much can be said, but for example, this particular person, I know for a fact that he shied away from public lectures. He only wanted to teach students of knowledge for years at a time, he wanted to change individuals from being just you know, who fall to becoming an AMA, he founded his own institute in one of the cities of South Africa, and people began flocking to him. And he graduated, as I said, hundreds of students in those five, six year programs and from his own curriculum, and this is somebody again, he didn't like the publicity, he wanted to change people to

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become movers and shakers themselves. And that is why in the scholarly community, the impact that he had is very different. So do not judge the strength of an algorithm. Do not judge the truthfulness of a person simply by Facebook likes and YouTube videos. That is a separate things. Sometimes people have element Taqwa have popularity, and sometimes they don't even Taymiyah was put into jail. During his lifetime. He was persecuted Mr. Muhammad was put into jail, but eventually of course, Allah azza wa jal wrote for them pible and fame and whatnot. That's something else besides the point. But my point is that in genuine in is independent of popularity, sometimes it comes together, and sometimes

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it doesn't. The bottom line is your brothers and sisters overall, appreciate him and appreciate the people of him and try to be around them. As one of the scholars of the past said that I love him and the people of him, even if I'm not amongst them, I don't qualify to be amongst them, but I love to be in their gathering and their company benefit from knowledge because knowledge is what connects you to our tradition connects you to Allah subhanho wa Taala connects you to the messenger our religion is a religion of knowledge. It is a religion of an animal and the two go hand in hand. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to be of those who benefit and to be with those who benefit others we ask

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Allah to have a resume that is beneficial and amble that is accepted, which is akmola Who can understand why the kimono hula hula barakato