Abdur-Raheem McCarthy – Thank You Gaza

Abdur-Raheem McCarthy
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Just last week,

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a dentist from Azusa

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taught me a very valuable lesson

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in sober in Eman

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in sober in European certainty

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when I went to visit him on a visit to his stem bone, and I saw on his profile picture, a picture of an elderly lady Palestinian who had been killed. And I asked him and he said that was my mother.

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She was killed, along with 18 other members of my family

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in one airstrike.

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As I made dua for them, I'm thinking what should I say to him now

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as a reminder, for his tip beat for him to become firm and for his Eman and before I could answer he answered me with what increased my Eman and gave me that beat and made me firm. He said Alhamdulillah he said, we realize that everyone has a prescribed time and that was their time. And he said that hamdulillah Allah is far home has chosen them to be sure that to be murderers. And he said we have robot. We are pleased with that Allah subhanho wa Taala has decreed logbook so what is this Eman? What is this summer that these individuals have?

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Even though

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the pictures and the videos the images that we're seeing,

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that have brought many of us to tears time and time again. And these tragic events that are happening to our brothers and sisters.

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We see a light we see a new dawn

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that has come from Palestine and from Gaza. Lessons that have been taught not just to the Muslims, but to the non Muslims alike. Lessons that many years of studying Islam cannot teach you. And I tell you that ever since I became Muslim 30 years I've dedicated my life to learning and teaching Islam and will Allah have never seen anything like this.

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The people of Palestine the people love us that they have taught us what it really means. What Islam truly is and what truly Laila * Allah means. They have reminded us of the strength of Allah and those who support Allah. While I answer a number who may Yong Soo In Hola, hola ko Yun Aziz, Allah tells us in the Quran, that Verily Allah will support those who support him and he is the old strong the Almighty Subhanahu Asana

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they have revived for us as Muslims

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and gave us a new sense of pleasure when we recite the Quran.

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Something that we never never existed for us before we see the ayat.

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As if they're being revealed in front of us now.

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How many verses in the Quran we see new meaning to these verses. What Allah tells us in Surah Al Baqarah will come in fits in kalila in gala but fee it and Kathy rotten be it Nila wala whom I saw between

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we used to read this all the time. We know the verse, but now we read it. Look at this, we reflect on the meanings of small groups victorious against a much larger group. And how did that happen? Be it Nila well lo Masabi. Read to the permission of Allah and Allah will be with their patients.

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Allah will be with the Sabreen with those who are patient and look at the verse which comes after that.

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What Allah bada Zulu Jr. Luther will God

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when they went for it, their face Giroud and his soldiers the story of David and Goliath and as we see in front of us, it's like a comparison between the powers of of David and Goliath

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so what did they do during that time? And what are our brothers doing now? The same exact thing. Paul Robina of the valley now Sabra what the bit of them and are one so national poll mill caffeine. So Oh Allah,

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pour down patience upon our hearts

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and keep our feet firm and make us victorious and unfoldment caffeine against the disbelievers and what was the outcome for husband Moon be in the lab, so they were victorious Bismillah to the permission of Allah.

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When we read now in the Quran,

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The story of an exam. Well in me knowing when the believers saw the exam, and we see the same example. How old of the Zab the groups the the enemies, the allies, the alliance of the enemies, how they surrounded Medina, how all of the enemies are now surrounding our brothers and sisters? What did they do? What was their response? All who had no matter what I did Allah who was Sula who was Sadat Allahu wa rasuluh. They said, This is what Allah and His Messenger promised, and Allah and His Messenger have spoken the truth. Well, my Azad inlet Eman on with this Lima. And it only increased them and their Eman and their faith and their testing team and their acceptance. And that's exactly

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what we see from our brothers and sisters in Nova SubhanAllah.

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The story I told you about the dentist. Also recently, another story where we stumbled one of our neighbors, her family is trapped there.

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And they went from the second day from the bombardment to the south and now from Han units to Russia and they're going everywhere. On one day 28 of her family were killed in one strike. Her aunts and uncles and cousins, her mother and father were were saved. They're running from place to place now. She can't sleep for two months Myskina until the other day,

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her mother called her and sometimes she doesn't know for days what's happening to them. Her mother called her and said, Look, focus on your life. She said us inside. We're happy. We're content. She said we have a little bit to eat some macaroni here, something we eat, we survive. We're together as a family. We're happy. And we're content that if it's written for us to survive or wants to survive, and if it's written for us to die, then we're going to be sure that we're happy with that and Hamdulillah. She said after hearing that she was finally able to sleep. This is the Eman and the Tasneem. This is the true belief and the acceptance from Allah subhanho wa Taala Drew's amellia And

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he really implementing this in their faith. It's easy to talk about, but it's very difficult to put into action. And this is what our brothers and sisters are doing. When read the Quran. CHAPTER NINE. Sort of the Toba? Oh Bara has many different names from the names of this Surah Al fall behind the exposes because it exposes the Manasa T and it's also called Al booth. And because it researches in searches for the Seraiah the secrets of the mafia even exposes it. It's called L half era because it digs into the hearts of the mafia teen and exposes them when we see the reality of what's going on on the ground. Now we understand why Allah told us in Surah 10, Moana Philippine that Humala do,

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though to them, that they are the true enemy, so be aware of them. And we realize now now we understand when we see their actions on the ground, why in the Hereafter, Allah said

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that the manava peed in in one FLT and if it doesn't get as filamin Enough, that the manava pee in the hypocrites, they will be in the lowest part of the Hellfire. That's the punishment they deserve, from their actions in this dunya. Now we understand

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when we look into the 75 years of dominance, politically, militarily, we see the change that happened on the ground. When you look into the experts, the military experts say this shouldn't be able to happen, but now we understand

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why am I Ramita animator we're lacking Allaha Rama it's not you who throws but it's Allah Who throws because he says you shouldn't be able to happen it's impossible to happen, but it's happening in front of our eyes.

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Well, my god Hello in Lebu should all Alaikum wa Ito from mine for Lobo Combi woman nursery lamb and de la Hill, Aziz al Hakim that

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Allah said he only made it as a bush rod glad tidings

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that it's glad tidings for the believers and for our hearts to be assured when my nursery lemon and dilla that not only comes from Allah, Allah as he's ill Hakeem from the Aziz al Hakim subhanho wa taala, the Almighty, the all wise

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75 years of this dominance, all of it has fallen right in front of our eyes. All of that has been destroyed within a couple of weeks. The media dominance, the political dominance, all of the dominance, and as Muslims we realize right away as Allah told us, you could return a view to him be ad him, that they

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destroy their own houses with their own hands. And very interesting when you look into the eye, and sort of that hasher chapter 59 Verse two when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said,

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if you go back to the beginning of the ayah

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well then no unknown money after

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Assuming Allah reflects the reality of what's going on the ground and reflect these ayat or this ayah Allah said that they thought that they're protected fortresses would protect them from Allah.

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And look at all the things they have to protect them

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that's our whole Allahumma in haste hola me actor Cebu. But Allah his decree came to them in a way they never thought was possible. Why because of a vehicle obey him a roar. And Allah cast the terror and fear into their hearts.

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Then he said, You freeborn Abu to whom they add him will add movement in there this they destroy their own houses with their own hands in the hands of the believers for activity ruya Who will absorb so reflect those of understanding those vision.

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It's been a powerful lesson for the Muslims. It's also been a powerful lesson for the non Muslims as well. They're saying what is this suburb? What is this patience? What is this Eman that these people have? Where does it come from? And Allah told us in the Quran and I remember when I was a student in Medina, and we were studying that type zero, solitary Bukhara we came to the Tafseer of the verses 155 and 156. When Allah subhanho wa Taala said, we'll never do one no Combi che Minella Hovi will jewelry went across the middle M word he will M footsy with fennel rod, where Bashir is Sabreen and levena either al Sabah Tomas Eva to call in the law he were in LA he Raja rune that we would surely

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test you with fear something of a fear and and hunger and having Knucks insufficient when it comes to the unwanted comes to the money when it comes to the life of losing life and also losing the thermal off the fruit. Allah says rubbish it is sobering give glad tidings to those who are patients those when a misfortune happens in they say in any law he was in LA he Raja rune, those who say to surely we are from Allah, and surely to him, we return, we see this reality of this implementation with our brothers and sisters today. And the non Muslims

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are asking

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where does this patients come from? Here it is right here. Where does this patient not just patients, but riddle with it? That their content, they're satisfied? Rev all with a smile with empty Samer

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with saying Alhamdulillah

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how many of the non Muslims they say we looked, we researched? What is this word? 100. Now that they're saying all the time, and when they learn what it meant Alhamdulillah they said how can they say Alhamdulillah? In a situation like this? What is this Eman? So then they came

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to look and see what is Islam. And that's what I remember from my study in Medina of the Tafseer of these is that one of the Tafseer said that when the people see this sober they see this patients they see this implementation of Islam, that they will change from being enemies or being against Islam, to coming and researching and asking what is this religion? And then they will become from the Muslims, or at least they will become from those who support the Muslims. And this is exactly what we see in front of us today. How many of the free world now they're standing with the Muslims? How many of them are accepted Islam? How many of them hamdulillah at least know what true Islam is.

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And they become supporters of Islam and of the Muslims and what is happening in Palestine is standing up against the rule and oppression will hamdulillah Barak Allah Who BarakAllahu li Walakum full Quran he was sunnah whenever and we have for me my fee here. If you want hikma, a poodle Cody ha there was stuff for Allah here looking for stuff Pharaoh, who in the hood of afford Rahim, My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam, the events we're seeing in front of us, even though they're very tragic. Alhamdulillah, much good and much clearer have come from them.

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free world have realized that all of us have a common enemy. And people are coming together now hamdulillah for a common good.

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And it's upon us as Muslims that continue to fight to continue struggle for our brothers and sisters.

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By continuing to make dua for them, and I know we hear this time and time again, but never underestimate the power of dua.

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We need to make sure that we continue to give some up and help for our brothers and sisters to assist them as much as we can

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make a portion of your monthly paycheck for your brothers and sisters in Palestine.

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And we need to continue to raise awareness online Subhanallah

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the victory of the media no one ever expected this. But as you as they say, Intel ever saw her aniseh That the magic was flipped on the magician

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Something that they've controlled for all these years is now against them and now is exposed them. Where did this come from? It came from the individuals from the Muslims and from the free world who exposed the truth will humbly left. They tried to ban they tried to shove it, but they can't do it 100% 100 Of The truth is spreading. So we have to continue to spread awareness and spread the truth until these massacres stop in shallow Tana

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