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Maryam Lemu
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of not letting fear and desire hold hold hold onto to marriage. They encourage couples to connect with their faith and build healthy relationships. The segment also includes a series of pictures and videos of beauty and its various forms.
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It can get to us to a degree that we almost feel like breaking down. And we live in a society where men are not meant to cry. Men are not meant to be sissies men are not meant to feel lost.

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Well, then we forget. And again, going back to the life of Rasulullah, sallAllahu, alayhi wasallam, when he was met by Michael jabril, and he was hooked, and he was asked to read. And he was scared, and he was frightened. He didn't know what to do. He thought he was going mental. Who did he run to?

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Who did you want to

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Khadija, his wife.

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And remember the words that he uttered to her of how he thinks he is going mental. He thinks, you know, this is what he saw his wife Khadija rhodiola on her did not look at him and say my husband, you are going mental?

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Well, do I know a lot of wives might say that here to their husbands. I'm okay, Maha kasina. Because

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what he said was, you uphold the ties of kinship, she mentioned all of the good qualities of a husband, to the point that he felt secure where he was. And then she said to him, the following day, I will take you to my office and my uncle or my relative water Barbie novel. And the rest comes down to us as we know as history as well.

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It takes to to make a marriage work. It's not just one. And yes, we're frightened today, by the large cases of divorce that we see statistics given by HUD yesterday are frightening.

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myself before coming here today. Just yesterday, a good good family that I know of already are threatening to fall apart because the wife can't take it anymore.

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And you look at all these things around you, and you wonder how did we get here.

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But then a solution has come. All we can say is slight light at the end, connect and wonder how can stay 30 years, maybe my marriage can also be fruitful. So if you're already married, don't feel that your marriage is lost. And if you're yet to get married, build a good, good thought that inshallah you would also have a good marriage because from the good marriage, the good home, would also build a good and righteous society as well. And this is all that we seek for not just in this part of the world, but globally. So again, I commend sister Miriam, I commend brother sad,

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humble Allah, and I accept me Allah Subhana Allah, bless them, bless their family, bless this work, make it set up to jharia for them, make it a source of not just Nigeria alone, not just reuniting or reigniting the flames of marriage in Nigeria or in Africa. I think this will save the entire humanity.

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Not just the Muslim oma, but the entire humanity. This is something that everyone can connect with. Whether you are Muslim, or you are a Christian, or whatever religion you practice, you can connect to this Why? Because you're working to make a home that is righteous and pious. So I thank you all for coming. I thank them for this work, and I accept May Allah bless it. And may Allah elevate them And grant them all goodness, our political Yeah, that was such a lovely walakum wa salaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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for exposing our secrets outside.

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And just to play, my life is here to I don't have a separate account.

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So the next item on our agenda is

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he by ohan Islam, so I'll just walk over and hand over the mic to her.

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Good afternoon. Permit me to observe the already established protocols. My name is Mariam Booker known as Al Han Islam, and I like to congratulate mommy shake, as I call her for this incredible platform, and amazing Baba for always supporting her. This piece is dedicated to all couples, and most especially the golden couples.

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Permit me permit me to travel with you beyond where the sunset and the moon comes forth. So the stars will be in all of the beauty that we add to the sky, even going as far as

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As wandering in the galaxies for I fear a love like ours cannot be contained by. It is an explosion of colors. It is a mass production of pearls. It is adornment at its finest. The feather of a peacock. You can call it the EPA term of beauty. Something like a whisper. familiar, like hope, a sense of an old promise, bringing forth the joy and laughter awakening the spirit of unity with two families dying as one. It is flowers of old

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