Are We Allowed to Vote as Muslims – Ask Shaykh YQ #120

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The speaker discusses the confusion surrounding the notion that voting is a type of endorsement for the entire system, rather than a specific movement or candidate. The speaker argues that voting is not a statement of faith, but rather a term used to describe everyone who refuses to vote. The speaker concludes that voting is not a statement of faith, but rather a term used to describe everyone who refuses to vote.

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My question is what are the rulings? In regards to voting? I've heard that is permissible and that it's not permissible. So I'm not sure sure.

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So this is a notion that really needs to be put to rest. When I was growing up back in the 80s, it started to get invoked that there were certain movements that were importing certain understandings of Islam from their own cultural paradigms. And it is very convenient for certain regimes to preach to their masses that they should be apolitical. And as these people came from these countries to America, they genuinely believe that Islam wanted them to be apolitical. they genuinely believed that it was against the teachings of Islam, to speak against the ruler to become involved. And these notions became convoluted with theology. And some began to say that if you vote it is a type of

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endorsement for the entire system. And the reality is that this is a very, very miniscule interpretation held by a handful of scholars who some of them are worthy of respect, but frankly, they're simply disconnected from reality. It is simply not true that when you endorse a candidate, you automatically endorse everything about the candidate. This is something that anybody who participates in the democratic process understands you choose the candidate that best fits your priorities. It is not a carte blanche endorsement of everything that the candidate stands for, as well. The notion that if I vote, it automatically implies that I believe in a deity that is worthy

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of legislating other than Allah subhana wa Tada. This is such a tenuous argument. It requires such a convoluted understanding the average human being Muslim, Christian, Jew, atheist, agnostic, does not consider the voting process to be a type of manifestation of the Ruby or let's just say I'm ascribing the powers of legislation to the people that is simply not true. Everybody understands that ethics and laws are not the same. You can be a God fearing Christian in this country, and realize that, let's say the laws of abortion are unethical. The fact that you're a Christian who votes doesn't mean that you endorse the the laws of abortion, nobody thinks that way. So for this

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small group of scholars to come, and then start preaching, that voting automatically implies a you're endorsing everything about the candidate which is wrong, and B, you are tacitly supporting the entire infrastructure. Nobody actually believes this until they are told it and therefore, the notion that it is how long to vote, it is simply until us it is on shaky ground. It is not based on sound theological or even common sense reasoning. And frankly, that type of talk simply should be should not be a part of intellectual discourse anymore. That having been said, I go back to my previous question. I do not say voting is held on but there's no question in my mind that we can do

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things far more important than choose our political candidates to give back to the community that we live in that Allah knows best.