Mufti Menk – Set your priority at Iftar today

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of preparing for a busy period and not just eating healthy. They suggest ways to avoid health-related harm, such as cutting down on portions of one's food and drinking water. The speaker also talks about the misperceptions that people have about fasting and breaking fast during a busy period.
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Start cutting down on your food a little bit. So panela think about the poor from now start planning, what are you going to do? You know,

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I was speaking to someone who was telling me,

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one of the sisters was actually telling me, I haven't yet prepared for Milan. And I said, What are you going to prepare? She said, I haven't made a single pie, a single samosa, I haven't made any savories and I'm thinking all Gosh, Subhan Allah, blah, blah, blah.

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So I thought, you know what? Oh, no, look at this.

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I'm thinking on perhaps I'm thinking preparation might be. So each one thinks of different types of preparation for the month of abstaining from food, our preparation is cooking food, making food, the same reasons. By the way, those savories are not healthy at all. No, are they a part of the sooner? I'm not saying that they are. They are prohibited? No, they are unhealthy because of the fries and all the the whatever is unhealthy in it and to break your fast with it is one of the most unhealthiest things return to the sooner Why don't we make a plan this Ramadan? To fulfill asuna of opening your fast with dates and water? Or one of the two or both? And perhaps you want to add a bit

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of yogurt and bread? How's that? Subhan Allah bland? I mean, and how about keeping it healthy this Ramadan? And how about

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cutting down on the portions that we have from now so that in Ramadan, we don't think that we have to do cover up? And I've said this so many times people when they fast and at the end of the day when they open their fast or some people call it when they break their fast both are correct actually, when you break your fastest more correct.

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You break your fast on something that is very unhealthy and after that you eat more than you've ever eaten outside of Rome, or Milan Subhan Allah. That's not fair. That's not a Muslim. Meaning that's not the way a Muslim should be. We should be conscious of our food from now.

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