Yasir Qadhi – Impact of The Prophetic Character

Yasir Qadhi
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam O Allah Mala and we are back there, my bad. I do apologize, I'm a little bit jet lagged. I just came back from an eight country tour and I have to go another country in a few days inshallah Tada. I also want to confess, I don't have a prepared lecture, I'm going to speak from the heart. Sometimes they're the best sometimes of the worst.

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I want to go back when the title was handed to me. On a personal note, when I first started practicing Islam academically when I was first introduced to the study of Islam, I was probably 16 years old, 17 years old. This is back in the 90s. And the people that I was around, they taught me that what I need to be concerned about, was following the specifics of the Sunnah as they understood it. And so for a while, I became very interested in what is the Sunnah way to pray, what is the Sunnah way too fast? And, you know, we would study a lot about the specific Hadith and the specific methodology within the various legal schools. Allah subhanaw taala blessed me to go study with odema

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overseas. And the more I studied mainstream film and the schools of Islamic law, the more I realized that all of these mainstream schools are actually following the Sunnah. There is no competition between them. And really, as long as you're following any of the schools that hamdulillah that's basically following the Sunnah. So I moved on to another phase of my life, because I realized all of these schools are prophetic. There's no, there's no competition between them. So for the next phase, I became interested in advanced theology, I did a master's in theology, PhD in theology. I still love theology, I love to teach advanced classes. If you listen to some of my library chats, this is

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my intellectual passion. But the more I studied these abstract concepts, the more I began to realize that the average Muslim doesn't really need to be bogged down by third century polemics between the various groups of books that it's not inbound building to study what happened 2000 years ago, and the controversies of various shims and sects that no longer exist. Frankly, basic Eman is raw Love of Allah. Basic a man is you want to follow the Sunnah basic human is you believe in the hereafter. And that's really good enough, studying these controversies of 1000 years ago. It's interesting for my mind, but it doesn't increase my spiritual love of Allah and His messenger. So that too, I

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realized is not something I need to be obsessed about when I teach the people. So then I turned to the Sierra, this was like 1520 years ago. And that's when I realized the average Muslim doesn't really need advanced Islamic law. They don't need the details of the controversies of Islamic theology. The entirety of the Sierra is just how to live an ethical life, by treating people with dignity and love and respect, the beginning to the end of this era, the entirety of the life of the prophet system. He didn't obsess with the minutiae of law. He didn't care about these abstract issues of theology, which only developed in the third, fourth, fifth centuries. In fact, the basics

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of Islam, salvation of Islam, you just match to your rituals. Of course, you have to pray you have to, you know, do the fast you have to give Zika and the rest of Islam all of it has to do with how you treat people. How ethical you are, how moral you are, how upright you are. And the more I studied the Sierra, the more I realized that I had it wrong for decades of my life. What we need to emphasize to the people, well, we need to teach the people is the character of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that is salvation. This is what's going to make people better. This is what's going to draw the wall to Islam. In fact, what is the Syrah especially the beginning for two

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years, which when I was growing up, we just overlooked it for me like the CLR began with ikura. But if cry happened when the processing was 40, for 23 years of his life, he was preaching Risa. How about the first 40 years when you studied the CLR? The first 40 years laid the foundations for the next 23 Those 40 years zero theology, zero law? Are they not important? They aren't essential? Why are they essential? Because those 40 years laid the foundation for the next 20. Those 40 were the foundational premises, they gave the social credibility that the process would have needed for the next 20 years. What did he do in those 40 years? We know we all know the story. As soon as he comes

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back from Accra, as soon as, as soon as Gibreel hugged him, and he was wondering what is

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going on and he rushes back send me Looney deathy Rooney, our mother howdy God, Allahu anha summarized his entire 40 years in that beautiful paragraph preserving the Sierra literature Wallahi My dear husband, yeah rasool Allah, wala he, whatever happened to you, Allah is not going to misguide you, you too good to be misguided. Whatever happened, lie your Zika Allahu Akbar that you shall never be humiliated. Why? Number one, you're good to your family. Number two, you feed the hungry. Number three, you take care of the orphan. Number four, the Wayfair that comes to you make sure they're taken care of. And then number five, miscellaneous, what to eat and why that yummy are

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in Hawaii, Bill Hawk, every good deed that can be done, you're at the forefront of that good deed. The first 40 years of the prophecies on his life was nothing but pure rah, rah. That's all there was zero theology, zero 50 Zero law because there's nothing at this stage. There is no dishonor at this stage. But those 40 years, you need to show the people what it means to be a good human being. Then you open your mouth about theology, then you bring in how to worship then you bring in what to believe. If your own manners betray who you are then of what uses theology of what uses Islamic FIP when you can't even live an ethical and pure life. Well then, what is the purpose of going beyond

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this? And therefore, when I started studying the Sierra and teaching the Sierra, everything becomes reoriented when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada wanted to praise our Prophet system in the Quran, when he wanted to reveal what makes him special. What did Allah say? What in Nikka Lila Julio okay now the in four words, he didn't praise anything other than the clock of the Prophet SAW Selim. What makes him who he is. We're in Cana Allah Hello can have him you we are rasool Allah, the Isla notice the proposition the preposition that is used either to indicate or to because you could say fika Hassan within you are characteristics that's valid. You could say that, but a HELOC raises you up a HELOC

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makes you high ennobles you literally lie

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in your lap have caused you to be raised up you're UCLA or what makes you have that Lou, you have the noble characteristics that makes you who you are. So dear brothers and sisters, very simple. Once you have done your basics of knowing how to pray, knowing who is Allah believing in the Day of Judgment, the rest of the entirety of what decides your fate, what decides your akhira it is your luck. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us nothing is heavier than in the skills of judgment than good aka our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the person who has good clap will reach the highest level of the one who continuously prays and fast even though he doesn't pray

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and fast his clock will cause him to reach to those levels. Brothers and sisters. Islam is not a complicated religion. Islam is not something that is abstract. That is something that is intangible. Islam is super easy salvation of Islam, Jana to fit a dose is accessible to every one of you without having a PhD in Islamic Studies. Worship Allah believe in Him love the prophets of salaam expect to meet Allah on the day of judgment and live your lives as ethically as morally as kindly as compassionately as you can love for your brother and sister what you love for yourself, give more and be content to receive less be a role model in your manners and your luck. That's all you need.

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And if you do this, it doesn't matter. If you haven't mastered all of the textbooks of Islamic law. It doesn't matter if you don't have a PhD in Islamic Studies. If you're a good person, and you believe in your Lord and you want to be with your Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and you live an ethical and moral and upright life Alhamdulillah you have manifested the entirety of the religion of Islam. I'm not saying this. Our Prophet sallallahu sallam said, You know what he said two words memorize this idea of a dino Elmore Amira authentic hadith, a dino Elmore armella The entirety of your deen is going to be judged by how you treat other people, a dino Elmore, Armada, treat other

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people with the kindness and compassion that Allah and His Messenger wants you to do, and you're going to live the best life you possibly can. And you will enter the highest places of gender to for those May Allah subhana wa Tada grantors those who love may Allah subhana wa Tada guidance to the best of manners. May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah grant us that compassion to take on this responsibility and to be reunited with our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in for those that either Giselle como la Hara salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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