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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim

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is where we'll be coming to see Heather Falco who Allah g a b. De basura.

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What Tony B Anika

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w use of Allah Sato Salam is now addressing the brothers for the first time as yourself.

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In other words, whilst they now know it

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and as we said yesterday,

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if we were to be in the same position, or in a similar position whereby we now have control and power, as Allah subhanho wa Taala inspired to him when he was in the wealth that you know,

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you will tell them about this matter of this, you will tell them meaning you're going to be in a position of authority over them. And they're not going to know that it's you. And now he's standing and he's actually informing them remember what you used to do and the first point of business laughter three body communion, there's no blame upon you today, I'm not going to hold you accountable. The first thing I'm going to do is forgive you. Because now we use Valley salat wa salam is not wanting to exact vengeance, he actually wants to reunite his family, he wants to bring them together again, under the low of a luxury behind with the island. And whenever we want, love

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and justice to prevail.

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Usually when there was a quarrel in the past, it's going to take for one or more of the parties to let go of the rights even though they have the right to exact vengeance or to take justice. But it's going to take for one of them to take the short end of the stick and say, You know what, it's fine. Let's just forget about all of this. Who says take my shirt, once again, the shirt is featuring even I will go and take before me see had this shirt of mine. So throughout the story, this, this upper garment, right? We want to be exactly quality shirt, we don't understand the nature of it, but it's an upper garment, take it for alcohol allergy A B and throw it on the or place it on the face of my

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father. Yet people see raw and he will once again be able to see. So remember yesterday, he became so sad. And he was crying so much and so profusely that his grief actually lead to blindness, physical blindness. So yeah, of course, WC was telling him this is how you will be restored to being able to see once more. Now there are some discussions around this, but I am not an expert in that field as to how this works. And if there's a scientific explanation for it well, and what we do know for certain is that this is obviously a miracle. A another caroma because kerama take place takes place in the hands of other than the profits. This should be more jeiza Medical, because it's

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happening in the hands of an Abbe What do you need to come in? And then bring your entire family to me know what it means your bodies I don't just want being me now. I don't just want you my brothers now. I don't just want my father now my mother, I want everyone in the household if you when that works for you bring everybody together while I'm facilitating call a boom. So now the camera the caravan goes. Now, up until this point does not Bianca know that Wcm is still alive? No. Does he know that being your minister life? No, say he's a father that deeply grieved from the loss of his children. So the caravan is moving forward either above him the father then says in Neela edgy duty

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hi Yousuf first thing he says when he sees them coming on or rather not sees them on camera with the senses then coming on. First thing is he says I find the reef the smell of use I get the fragrance of use of Lola and to funny Dune If only it was that you wouldn't regard me as funny. Lola and too funny don't actually the draft session will be you're going to think that I'm seeing now but the funny thing works well because it sounds like a lyric you get to find me see now you're going to find me crazy. Now I'm telling you I can still smell yourself call outta la he. Now the brothers become a bit upset. Because you can imagine it's now decades later. And the first thing that he

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still thinks about when he sees them when we perceive them his use of an asset of Sam so they still have this little bit of jealousy within them. Call it Allah He in Luffy balani Cal Kadeem This is no by Allah you're still in your your old stray ways you still way off the track man. Why are you still being like this first thing you mentioned is Yusuf Philomena and Al Bashir, in the giver of good news among them comes forward alko Allah whether he he places the shirt on the face of Nambiar ku, are the tables have now turned once upon a time representing that we used to share two false blood for 10 double zero and instantly he could see again, color alarm

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Hola como el amin Allah Hema that Allah moon. And in that moment he says, didn't I tell you didn't I want to inform you that I know of Allah that which you don't know? Meaning he still feels this hope with inside that you know that Allah is not going to let this matter be lost and he read this Ed news he's he's confidence in a low superhero who went diamond with them also.

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All lujah, Bannister filled and luminous obviously now in this moment he's asking, Allah doesn't mention all of this because it's obvious. He's asking how did this happen with us, etc, etc. And they are now explaining so we fast forward and they are now appealing to the Father. callooh Yeah. Our father is Stanfield. Another no brainer. seek forgiveness for our sins. Please ask Allah to forgive our sins. So that's permissible to do that. You can ask someone who you feel is perhaps closer to Allah Subhana Allah more righteous than you are. Please make dua for me. We do that all the time. Please make the art for me. So this is what they are asking of the father the father's a

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number of Allah subhana wa Tada. In. In really, we we have those who made mistakes, we made a serious error. So this is what we call remotes. Now, in this entire phrase, we find the conditions of Toba, we find the conditions of Tibet Toba is not just to ask us forgiveness, we ask us forgiveness all the time you ask each other's forgiveness all the time, though, is when you make a azima you make a firm decision to change to make a complete turnaround. So yes, I'm asking you for your forgiveness of Allah. But at the same time, I feel remorse for what I did in the past. I'm not going to do it again. That's the Oba requires no words. So in the month of Ramadan, we are in the

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month of Ramadan we are in the days of mellifera as one of the narrations mentioned, but the entire month of Ramadan is for Rama form of Iraq for salvation from the fire. If we really want to maximize the benefits of Ramadan It is about making a decisive change in them that will last you forever thereafter. It's not a month where we temporarily break away from our vices temporarily break away from our bad ways and then when Ramadan is over, then you know that's also over shaitan is back in action we also back in action now. Ramadan is the time we look we we taking a step away from everything that we normally do, but navigate to decide, we're going to decide to remove ourselves

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from that completely and then we make to it Allah Subhana Allah and inshallah Allah grants us the dough feek to click to maintain it for the rest of our lives. So this is what we see in your corner so fast and furious, a camera B he says, I will soon ask Allah My Lord, to forgive you. He still has this mercy, even though they did what they did in the who who will have food over him. Verily he is the most forgiving, the Most Merciful. He did not say to them, I will forgive.

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But I will never forget that. So we like to say, you know, fine, I'll forgive you, I forgive you. But don't think I'm gonna forget about this. This is the type of things that we come up with. But this is not the conditions that Allah places down in the corner. And this is not the way that Allah teaches us in the Quran, he's expression to them is I'm going to ask Allah to forgive you. Because Allah is awful Rahim. We can place conditions in Allah Subhana, Allah terrafirma and masirah who he is always the most merciful, always the most forgiving. We have no right to withhold that forgiveness from others from Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah usofa, Ufa, our nav avoid. So

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now they're all coming to Egypt, all of them and abuse takes his mother and he takes his father, our LA and he gives them both refused by his side, he takes them both by his side and he protects them by his side, or co lead to Hulu missiles. And he says to them, enter into Egypt insha Allah if Allah wills and meaning safely, you will have nothing to worry about here because I'm in charge, and I will make sure that you are safe. Well, Rafa, by the way, he added our first call of business now this is where the spirit still lives with his family. It takes his mother, and it takes his father and he puts the two of them on the throne.

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He puts the two of them on the throne. This is after decades of being away from his his parents,

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or her ruler who should judge her Java. And they then

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fall down in frustration before him.

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His mother and his father

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and his brothers also folder

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called Betty, and he says, Oh, my beloved father,

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the same expression we heard in the beginning of the story, he still has that same respect. That same reverence for his parents.

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Now all of them are saying

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The and the brothers and the mother and the father they bowing down to an abusive This is not allowed in our Deen. This is a bowed down of respect. But it was allowed in previous shahriar in previous laws. And as they bowing down, he says, Yeah, but he had that

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in common. This is the interpretation of the dream I had all the way in the beginning, when I saw the sun and the moon, and they live in stars, bowing down to me, you are the Son, and mother is the moon. My brothers are the 11 stars and all of them are now buying that to me as a child received the dream as an adult that comes through and the journey from point A to point B. This is the journey that Aleta and I laid out for him. It was always going to happen in that way. This is the decree of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But agenda of B hochkar. He says My Lord as indeed made it come through us and Abby and my lord has he's listened to these words. He says any indeed my Rob has been good to

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me. Allahu Akbar,

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who speaks like that after being thrown in a well and in prison and so on and so forth. My Lord has been good to me. If Raja Nieminen sesion He's the one who took me out of prison. He doesn't say he's the one who put in prison. He says he's the one who took me out of prison. Why jabby come in. And by the way, he's the one who brought all of you from the middle of the desert in Burundi and naza shaytaan Albania, Albania equity, Allahu Akbar of the shaytaan ad caused dispute between me and my brothers. This is attribution. He doesn't say after my brothers did what they did to me. He says after shaytaan caused the dispute between me and my brothers. in Nairobi, Lottie fully Masha. Allah

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subhanho wa Taala is the one who knows subtly and intricately and allows to do things he makes things happen in the subtle way, Lima Russia for whatever he wills in now who who will allow him will Hakeem, Verily Allah is the all knowledgeable the all wise. Then he turns to Allah subhanho wa Taala and he starts making your eye to Allah it and then he turns to Allah with beautiful words. But I think we will share that to our tomorrow evening inshallah, to Allah Darwin and in Hungary