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Smilla Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Allah He was a busy woman while Hammerberg as reported in the Muslim Imam Muhammad and also are the books of Hadith, that once the Prophet saw some was walking in the streets of Medina and he saw a person in the distance a Bedouin, taking a hostile without any clothes on in the public. And this was something the Bedouins did. The prophets Allah Allah who I sent him, walk to the masjid and he stood on the member and he gave her a mini hotbar. And by the way, the prophet system would often give them or either or the hotair or from the member, that was the default, not just the hot tub, he would stand and he would give what

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we give the hotter here. He would give it on his on his member. And he said, in Allah ha ha ye Yun city, run your hip boo setter. Allah subhana wa Taala is shy. Hi ye. And CTL he loves to cover your caribou Sutter he loves to cover. So when one of you takes a hustle, fail, yes stutter, let him cover himself. This hadith teaches us it is the only Hadith in which one of the names of Allah occurs and that is a CTL. This name is not found in the Quran. There are a number of names that are found only in the Hadith. And this is one of those names of Allah that is found in the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, a CTL from the root cetera, and cetera means to cover up. Setara

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means to envelope so that you don't see and therefore we call the curtain sitar. Because it covers up okay, we call the curtain sit out because it's covering what is behind it. A seated there was an affair it means the one who covers up regardless of how large what is underneath, it needs to be covered. So a city you're the one who covers no matter how large the covering Allah's cover can encompass it. By the way, the name of Allah, the technical name is a city. Some of our brethren they say yes, sir. And this is not wrong. It's not incorrect, but it is not correct either. The name of Allah is CTL. And also some brothers say Setar. So Abdu setout is a common name in some lands. And

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again, it's not wrong, but the better version or the more accurate version is still and this is what it found in the Hadith. So in today's short, hotter want to extract some benefits from this name of Allah azza wa jal. What does the city mean? A city is the name of Allah that indicates that Allah has nature. And Allah azza wa jal is name. And Allah's action is an action of covering the faults of those whom he loves. Allah covers the faults of His Beloved, Allah protects other people from seeing the faults of those whom he loved. So Allah himself is a city, and he loves sitter, and he command sitter and he practices sitter. All of this is encompassed in the Name of Allah, a city, there are

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many types of sitter, we'll go over three or four of them as time permits. The first type of sitter is mentioned in this hadith, and that is the physical Sutter, the covering of one's own Outre. And this is the most obvious Allah wants us to cover. And Allah does not love fascia. He does not love nakedness and nudity in public. It is not of the commandments of Allah, as Allah says in the Quran, that when the Quraysh said that Allah commanded us to do tawaf, without clothes, Allah says no, in Allahu Allah Buddha will fascia and the Hadith of or the the verse of Adam Alayhis Salam Yeah, that Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, once again, I think you have any Adam called unsanitary

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commonly baths and you worry so article What Isha are Children of Adam, We have sent down clothes unto you. Allah did not create us with clothes. We are born without clothes. Where did clothes come from? How did they get here? By the N Zan Aleikum. Li Basa our mother and father according to our tradition did not come down naked. Yes in Jana. What happened happened? What would they came down to earth? They were dressed they were clothed. So Allah sent our parents down wearing the garments that they wore, Allah sent them down wanting to teach them and then Allah says yeah, Bani Adam, oh children of Adam. We have sent down clothes we taught you and we ingrained in you that you should be

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wearing clothes, what what is the purpose of clothes because buttons inadequately baths and you worry so article, it covers your power and what Isha it is a declaration for you. So this is the first setup and it is mentioned in the Hadith that the Prophet system said Allah is Satya. He loves Sutter. So when one of you takes a bath, don't do it in public do it in private fell yesterday. This is the first meaning of Sutter. The second connotation of Sutter is to cover and conceal one's own faults from other people. It is a matter of HYAH and a matter of belief in Allah that we do not want

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Want to publicize our own sins? And this is something that some people misunderstand. They say, You know what, if I'm going to do a sin, everybody should know about it. On the contrary, don't do a sin. But if you're going to do a sin, do not publicize it, keep it between you and Allah because Allah azza wa jal is seated, and he loves Sutter. This is something explicitly mentioned in a hadith in Abu Dhabi. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that all believers Yama, children, Muslim in avoid these are the Quran, these disgusting deeds, avoid doing the sins, but whoever amongst you has done one file Yes, that'll be Saturday Allah, this hadith of the Prophet system. If you've done

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it, then do cover yourself with the covering of Allah subhanho wa taala. So he told us don't do sins. But if you've done one, don't go tell people about it. Cover with the covering of Allah subhanho wa taala. Because when you tell other people, then our profit system said, Could lumati more often ill Bucha he ruin all of my Alma shall be forgiven, except those who publicize the Sahaba said, What do you mean those who publicized so the prophets have said a man commits a sin in the middle of the night and Allah has given Saturday to him. Then the next day he goes, and he says, Hey, so and so? Do you know what I did last night I did this and this and he tells them and he

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destroys the center of Allah, Allah has at least covered your sin have enough HYAH and shame that you don't take that center away. And the Hadith and Behati A man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and said O Messenger of Allah, I have committed a crime. And I have hugged and kissed a lady that I should not have done so enacted who do it on me? That's all he did. He hugged and he didn't go all the way he hugged and kissed or whatever. HotJobs said, yah, ha. Oh, so and so? Were you hack Woe to you? Allah subhanho wa Taala cetera COVID City He, Allah covered his city upon you, why did you have to come and break that sector? Why did you have to come and tell us in public,

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I did such and such you did something. You don't have to come and tell us it's something private. So this shows us if you do a sin that is private between you and Allah, we're not talking about a sin that is glued on to other people, that's a separate category, we're going to come to that a private sin, you don't boast about it. You don't go and publicize it. You don't go and tell other people it is Allah's nature, a city, he wants sins to be private, he doesn't want you to commit sin. But if a sin has occurred, then between private and public, you choose Private, this is the second meaning of city and the third meaning of city. Or the third connotation is if you see another person commit to

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sin, that is a private sin between him and Allah, it does not involve the bulk of the rebirth, it does not involve the whole over the community. If you see a person committing a sin, that is private smoking, drinking, you know, consensual thing that might happen between two people, if you see that, then you give them not see her privately, you tell them to fear Allah privately, but unless the community is involved, unless the bulk of innocent people are involved, because obviously by the way, if somebody is stealing money, and he's gonna keep on doing that, now, that's a separate thing. You know, if somebody did something that is a crime against humanity, that's a separate thing. We're

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talking about a private sim a slip up that is between a person and Allah subhanaw taala. Nobody else is affected. The community doesn't need to know our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Min Cetara Hill Muslim, whoever covers the faults of his Muslim brother Cetara. Whoever covers the faults of his Muslim brother in this world, Allah azza wa jal will cover his faults on the Day of Judgment. This is an authentic hadith, which contradicts completely the culture we live in right now. This culture that we live in, it loves gossip, and it loves spreading innuendos and drama. You don't need to subscribe to HBO and the drama channels, Facebook and your social media will tell you

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all you need to know so and so did this, you know the latest thing with a biller? And there are especially in this culture, news channels and specific programs dedicated to spread gossip and innuendo. And unfortunately, our communities or Muslim communities have absorbed this culture. Yeah, it is nobody's business. If somebody commits a sin that is private between him and Allah or her and Allah and if you happen to find out about it, it's not your business to go tell other people yes, you go to that person. Yes, you advise that person directly. Yes, you try to correct it within you know, private between you and him. But unless it involves the help of others, you are not forget

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obliged. You are sinful in most times for spreading and that's why Allah says in the Linden new hit buena and Toshi alpha, those who want far harsher to spread, and in the Hadith are the cause of the slander of Arusha. What did we learn from that slander story? Be quiet, don't spread slander, don't spread gossip, you just stop don't spread it to the corner will be a senator come. So our Shediac aims to cover up why, by the way, why somebody can say but I need to know the crimes of so and so and the responses

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Why? Why do you need to know? Because it is possible that the crimes of so and so might indeed be there, but then his good will outweigh that bad. And by publicizing the bad, you have minimized his good, you have made Toba difficult for that person. Also, when you constantly publicize evil, you desensitize evil in the eyes of the masses. So in a society where hardly anybody drinks and you come across somebody drinking, then you start spreading Oh, so and so's drinking. So surgery and 510 15 people, then shaytani is gonna come and say, You know what everybody's drinking, let me drink as well. You shall incentivize by spreading far harsher, the goal should be to minimize, don't speak

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about it publicly. And the same goes as well when you spread the sins of other people. shaytaan comes and gives you an ego boost because one of the goals by the way of gossip and this is well known psychology. One of the goals of gossiping, is it makes you feel good by speaking about the faults of other people. And that's not ethical that's not shattering. That's not Islamic Kibera. Arrogance is of the greatest crimes. You know, what are prophets or some said Hadith isn't a Buddha would listen to this. Our Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that OH groups of people meaning the Bedouins who have embraced Islam with your tongues, but your hearts are not yet Muslim, fear Allah

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and do not follow the mistakes and sins of the believers. What at the tiberiu erotica, our auto Muslimeen do not follow and expose the mistakes of the believers. For whoever exposes the mistakes of his brothers. Allah will expose him and humiliate him even if he is in his house without any witnesses, Allah is going to expose him this is a Hadith of the prophets of Allah, why they you would send him Do not expose the faults of your brothers. And we'll go to studio one said that if I had to hide a shot, I'll be somebody who's drinks or zani with my own job, I would hide him. This elbow could acidic if some if a person is running from from drinking or something he needs refuge.

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If I had to hide him with my own job, I would hide him. Why should I go tell other people that I found somebody drinking I found somebody doing that. And one of the scholars of the past said that I met a group of people, they did not have any mistakes or sins, but they started speaking about the sins of other people that was there. All they do is spread gossip and innuendo until Allah subhanho wa Taala created sins in their lives and then expose them. This is a very famous quote from one of the scholars of Medina, his name is escaping me now that a drug to acquirement I met a group of people that they were good people overall, but they started emphasizing gossip and talking about

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others and spreading Kalam and spreading fashion what not. So Allah subhanho wa Taala created sins in their lives, things happen to them, that didn't happen before they started talking about other people. And then Allah humiliated them because they emphasize the faults of other people. So the third commandment have settled cover up the faults of other people don't speak about gossip and innuendo unless it involves the rights of the innocent and the rights of the community. If somebody is harming people, then yes, you need to get involved and go to the public. And then we conclude shallow to other with well, two things we can quickly conclude it is prophetic sunnah da Hadith and

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Agudo. Of the drama's of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he would say, Allah who must stir our RT, he would make dua to Allah, O Allah, cover my weaknesses, and my IRA out of here isn't just your physical nakedness. It is also the spiritual Allah Who muster our RT, we make dua to Allah that our faults are within whom our sins are covered. We don't want people to know our sins we don't want them to know. And we ask Allah the city to cover our sins. One of the scholars of the past said that if sins had a smell, then none of you would sit in my vicinity because my sins would spread to all of you by smell. But Allah has covered me with his stutter. Allah has covered me with his stutter.

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This is the reality of WhatsApp that is so of the prophetic do ask Allah Who muster our RT, O Allah conceal my mistakes, and my IRA and the final Hadith will conclude with beautiful Hadith about settler. And this is what we strive for when we cover our own hours, and we cover our own sins and we cover the sins of our brothers. What is the fruit of all of this? The final Hadith in Sahih Muslim, a man was doing tawaf and he saw Abdullah had been Omar Radi Allahu taala. And Obama would live in Makkah for the last 20 years of his life, and he will do to off all the time I show that demotic Allah and so this is a Hadith that was narrated during the throw off of the Kaaba, beautiful

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Hadith. It's a hadith that was narrated during the Ottawa for the Kaaba, so he rushed up to Ibn Omar, and he said, Oh, even Omar, what did you hear from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about the Najwa the private conversation between Allah and the person on the Day of Judgment, what did the process and tell you about

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that private conversation. So even even Omar said that I heard the prophets Allah Allahu Allah he was setting them say that on the Day of Judgment. Allah subhana wa Taala will come closer and closer to the believer until there is nothing between him and Allah will speak to the believer directly and ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will say to the believer will say to the movement, did you do such and such a sin? And the believer will say yes, then he will say did you do such and such and the movement will say yes, and he will continue going over all of the list until the movement thinks I am destroyed. Allah has mentioned all of my sins. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala will say to her alayka for

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dunya I was the one who covered the sins in the dunya and today I shall forgive all of them. The fact that Allah conceal the sins in the dunya was a blessing from Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala bless the believer by concealing his sins, it is a blessing from Allah that my sins are concealed and your sins are concealed. We take this as a blessing from ALLAH and a sign that in sha Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah wants us to repent, and Allah wants us to be better. So this person thought he would be destroyed because Allah listed all of his sins. But even in this conversation, it's a private conversation. It's a Najwa. Even on the Day of Judgment, Allah will not expose the believer

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and Allah will conceal the sins, then Allah will tell the believer, so tell to Holika for dunya I'm the one who conceal the sins from everybody else on in this world. And so today I shall forgive all of them. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala this material to cover our sins, it was to our Artena and to make us of those who on the Day of Judgment, we are not embarrassed. We are not ashamed in front of mankind and our faults are covered in this world and the next and forgiven by the default under