Advice for Itikaf and Eid Prayers in Light of COVID Lockdown

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Tip number seven

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so how did he come to LA he'll Baraka al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah why Allah Allah He was like the one Why

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do you brothers and sisters I hope inshallah to Allah your trauma bond has been a beautiful Ramadan I know for myself that this Ramadan has definitely been a very very unique Ramadan There is no doubt that we had some challenges there's no doubt that all of us are really really missing the msgid and the tarawih prayers and for me it's been the first year of my life really that I've never prayed that I will send the message of Ramadan every single thought we have mine has been humbled associated with the massage. So this is a very different Ramadan but you know, in this month and then it's Ramadan hamdulillah I think many of us are rediscovering the beauty of personal Eva, the

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beauty of late night 200 the beauty of just spending you know family time, the beauty of cutting back on the the hustle and bustle of going to if third parties and whatnot what hamdulillah there's always positives in sha Allah to Allah. As you're all aware of your brothers and sisters, the last 10 nights of this beautiful month are upon us. And so just some quick reminders. Obviously we are all aware of the brothers and sisters that this is the the the main point of the Ramadan. The main last point when we see the finish line, we're supposed to sprint up, these are the Knights of Nevada hijo de la Juan has said that the profitsystem would never spend the entire night awake except on

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the last 10 of Ramadan. I showed the last one who said when the last 10 would come, the prophet system would tighten his garment. This is an expression. You know when in English, we say roll up the sleeves. That's what we say. So in Arabic, the expression is even in English, you have tighten the belt like let's go we're going to do something and we're going to do it right. So the profit system would become more encouraged. And he would tell his family to spend the night awake as well. So try to get your children your spouse's into the spirit as well do whatever you can with them as well. And these are the Knights of Labor to cover one of these nights is better than an entire

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lifetime of worship. So let us maximize our worship on these on these last 10 nights. Some brothers and sisters asked about the year take off. So obviously, the issue of erotica, the vast majority of scholars, they conditioned actually all of them condition, takeoff to be in the masjid. For men. There is the Hanafi method that allows it for women only in the houses with a number of conditions. But even the other madhhab don't even allow that so this year, dear brother and says Dear brothers who wanted to take off, if you sincerely had that desire, Subhana Allah, Allah will give you the reward of your autograph. without you having to do the erotica in the amount of money yet, actions

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are judged by intentions you want to do your take off Allah subhanho wa Taala knew that intention from you. circumstances are beyond our control. As you can see, the situation of the pandemic really, it has not only not gotten any better, but the reality is everybody's predicting that may Allah protect us but there might be most likely another major surge. So this is just we're dealing with information as we come. The board by the way is actively looking at when and how we can come back to at least some state a little bit of essential services but as of yet the board will update you we are working on myself and working with the doctors of our community. This is an area that is

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not just the Islamic scholars we also have to work with the medical experts hand in hand and to see what the both of us we are trying and believe me, dear brothers and sisters will lie every one of us is eager to come back to the massage every one of us is eager to start resuming Joomla you know our hearts are empty Our hearts are feeling the emptiness you're not alone. At the same time. Our religion tells us to act with wisdom and with patience and with foresight and this is what every single major American and scholarly committee along with the doctors community, they're all saying the same thing that it is not wise to open up now. As soon as we're able to ensure a low data. We

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will do so with the proper protocol. And so inshallah we are working on that. The other question that I've been asked is regarding the selected lead and the field Council of North America along with many other scholarly bodies around the globe, they have suggested and this is not something that is new HDR, that is something that is well known in the in the traditional books a fifth, they have suggested that what can be done for side artillery is that it is allowed he does not like Juma. He does not require a

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40 people or a number of people in need can be done with different circumstances and there are statements of the Sahaba unnecessarily money for example, once that he did not pray, he was not able to pray read in the congregation. And so he prayed at his house with his children and all of the the people of the household and he prayed to the cow with the tech villatte. And this is explicitly explicitly reported from a number of tab your own and tab a tab your own that for whatever reason, they were not able to pray the Salah in the large congregation. And so they established it in their houses, and they pray to the guy with the tech v rods that are done for he asked for the hotspot of

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read. So all of them are that have stayed that the hotspot of read is not like the hotbed of Joomla. The hotspot of Joomla is obligatory to read is not obligatory. So what we will be doing here at the epic East Plano center, and I encourage any other mestu to do the same. But what we are going to be doing is that in Sha lozada, we will be announcing a particular time where the whole tuba will start. And what we asked the families to do is that they pray their sidewalks individually in their houses by individually I mean not connected to the messages, they pray within their households so they can gather the families together and they can follow the Sooners have read, we still want the

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Sooners of aid to be manifested we want the families to make sure that they're following all of the Sooners of the duck villatte after it's a little fragile, and of dressing up in the fine garments that are halal and permissible and of eating, if the breakfast because they're prophesizing them to make sure that he wasn't fasting on that day, he would have a breakfast on the day of read and have an early breakfast so that it is known you're not fasting on that day, and to pray to record as a family unit one Gemma within whoever is living in one family pray to God. And the tech bureaus are done within the sada and of course, there's minor differences. But generally in the domain, you have

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seven tech bureaus in the first striker. And then sixth bureaus in the second record, including the military from and so the details are found online, the different members have different ones. But the the the position that is done in many countries is that you do seven, tech v rot in that including so you start off with the tech military heroin. And then you follow that up with six tech Bureau. So seven total. And then when you stand up for the second record, you will then say Allahu Akbar as your first and then you will follow that up with five jakobi. Right. And so this is one opinion, there are other methods that have different positions as well, you will pray those to look

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at with your family, then you can have the live streaming from our Masjid. Or if you're in another community and they're having their eat salad at a different time, you can live stream the whole tuba and this is a hotbed that you can just take as a Islamic reminder just as a memorial, and this year, epic is obviously going to be doing this and they've asked me to deliver their ethos. And actually it is my general habit anyway. And this you will be definitely even more so that might eat hood buzz or the shortest hold the buzz ever. I personally have a very strict personal rule that I don't make it easy as long and in fact some years I have given I think my record was seven minutes and 23

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seconds I think on average in Sharla I promise you in sha Allah Allah if Allah gives me life in hell that they eat hood but will not be more than 10 minutes This is my philosophy hood but should not be made long, so a hood but that is short and sweet into the point and then after that inshallah that will be your eat. So we will be observing the same lockdown most likely up until eight. And therefore what we encourage all of you is that you celebrate or read in your houses and you pray the to the cause of the prayer and you pray the way that read prayer is done. And the timing will be sent out to you, most likely, or maybe around nine 930 or so that we will be starting these are

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football. So whatever the time you get for the hook, but 10 minutes before that, you can pray the prayer and then listen to the live stream and then inshallah with data that will be an read salah and this is also the position of the fifth Council of North America and many other councils as well and a lot of xojo knows best and shallow to other we will update you as soon as we're able to with more information and a more concrete plan and perhaps even dates about when we can start resuming semi normalcy. As you're all aware actual normalcy will not come for quite a while I asked a lot as a widget to protect me and you and to protect my families and your families. From what we are seeing

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I asked a lot as a widget to allow us to return to our massage and our state of normalcy as soon as possible. chisako moolah Heron was set on why they come to LA he were brought a casual

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