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ICNA CON Speech (2023)

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Al hamdu Lillahi wa, wa Salatu was Salam or other Milena vivad Hammerberg

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Ignas, my favorite convention

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and within Akena young Muslims is my favorite panel to be with.

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Just don't tell that to the other people or else I'll be in trouble, but Alhamdulillah when I got the topic, I was genuinely surprised.

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Because this is a very, very sensitive topic. Talk about canceled culture, you're gonna see it right now, whatever I say. There is no way that you can talk about this topic without certain people finding this problematic and the speaker is going to be canceled, the convention is going to be canceled. And those who don't cancel will also be canceled. But Allah subhanho wa Taala praises the believers, when he says now you're half well if you lie along with Allah and they're not scared of the criticism of the critic. So if we wish to be believers and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, then we don't care about their criticism of the critic that is unfounded. Otherwise, we have not done our job.

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And, frankly, brothers and sisters,

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look around you. Look at how crazy the world has become. Look at what is being taught to our children.

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Look at even something as simple as marriage and divorce rates. As I mentioned in my recent hookbait that Dr. Asif referenced, I gave it three weeks ago.

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These statistics shocked me and I'm, I think I'm well read and educated in this regard. 100 years ago in this country. In America, more than 90% of young men and women saved their chastity for the night of marriage. They were virgins till they got married 100 years ago, more than 90% of this country had a sense of morality.

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Now, a staggering 95% of people engage in premarital intercourse. Of what point is marriage when 95% of the population is engaged 100 years ago, literally 100 years ago,

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over 87% of women above the age of don't quote me 25 Or something were married, ie 95% or 90% of women are married. Now, less than 50% of people are in a marital situation. The bulk of this country almost a single the entire family structure has been demolished, altered, rearranged. Brothers and sisters for how long? Are we going to be intimidated by the realities of what is going on? For how long? Are we going to shy away from talking about how and why this is happening? I mean, what are we waiting for? What exactly are we waiting for? Our own brothers and sisters are struggling in marriage. The divorce rates within our own communities are skyrocketing. The spinsterhood the number

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of young qualified Muslims that are struggling to find a practicing decent husband is on the rise.

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And on top of this, we have the rise of the far right the extreme toxic masculinity that many of us, including myself have spoken out against. Now, here's my blunt question to all of you. If we don't provide a moderate discourse that is politically incorrect, because we do have to mention masculinity and femininity that is proper, that is Islamic, if we are too scared, if we're too intimidated, to address directly what it means to be a proper Muslim man, and a proper Muslim or female, if we're too scared to challenge the stereotypes of the far left and the far right. Can we blame society around us for going to these extremes for finding refuge in toxicity? Because we're

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too scared to present the moderate middle? Every one of us has to be brave enough to challenge

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every one of us has to understand and realize that these radical changes and I did mention indirectly in my hotbar three weeks ago, and please do listen to it if you haven't listened to it yet about transgenderism. I did mention the big elephant in the room that a lot of people are scared to bring up

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And that is the changing societal norms of what it means to be a man and a woman under the guise of liberating women, under the guise of rediscovering femininity, certain interpretations of feminism, certain interpretations and strands of feminism began challenging, healthy femininity. Femininity that is, frankly, divine femininity that is encapsulated by Jana is under the feet of the mother. There is a reason why that femininity is a spark of divinity in it. There's a reason why from our childhood, we have been taught that there's something special about the mother, when you come in you mock that when you come and you stereotype it when you come and you say that is not the default. And

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the real power of a woman, frankly, is to be like a man to challenge a man to posit that there is a competition between masculinity and femininity. When you come with this ideology. And you allow 100 years to take place, which is what has happened in our country. Well then, look at the shambles and results. Look at the destruction. Look at the reality of what is left of what it means to be a decent family man or woman. So I'm sorry enough is enough. Because frankly, we as the Muslim community, are the last bastions of morality on earth. No other civilization. No other mainstream Abrahamic trend remains short pockets of Catholics pockets of you know, Orthodox Jews, but they're

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not doing their job as much as they should. They're shying away, many are capitulating. If we are going to capitulate, none shall be left and inshallah we're not going to capitulate. We're not going to acquiesce. Why? Because Allah has appointed us, Allah has appointed us to have a higher role. We're not worried about brownie points. We're not worried about acceptability. We're not worried about political correctness. We're not worried about wokeness we are worried about the pleasure of Allah subhana wa Tada going to hire our own mat in Oak Ridge at Linux, you are the best of all images that Allah has created for mankind. Why? Because we're politically correct. Because we're

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woke because we're popular, no doubt, Muldoon, I've been in my room if you attend Hona, and in Moncure, you stand up and preach what is right and forbid what is wrong. And Allah warns us if you don't do this job, I created you to be preachers of good and wonders against evil. That is your task. That is your role. Then Allah says, if you don't do this job for intentar Well, no. Yesterday they will call Coleman HighRock confirm mele Hakuna Matata,

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Allah will get rid of you and bring another group and they're not going to be like you, they're going to be better than you. So we have a simple mandate. And that mandate is, we are going to preach the truth. Regardless of the criticism of the critic, regardless of the trouble it gets into. And if we don't do so, well, Allah has promised that the truth will prevail in spite of me and you either we stand up and preach or else Allah will bring somebody else to preach simple. So because of this today's brief talk and by the way, where's the counter? I need a time before you know you call the moderator maniacal mode I really feel sorry for him Shala he's not monocle mode inshallah.

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That's a bit of a ne inshallah his monocle Rama insha Allah coming to keep things in check it I know you meant it as a joke, Inshallah, how much time do I have so that I keep my time so that was the moderator. Can somebody telling me how much time I have?

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How much time do I have? Okay. So, the moderator has said I have 15 minutes, okay.

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So Inshallah,

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I will get to the most explicit verse and I'm going to dive into the deep end, may Allah protect me? I'm going to go where hardly anybody else goes, because, frankly, what's the point of shying away? It's in the Quran. Which verse am I talking about? SUTA Nyssa verse 34.

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And I want you to write this first down. If you haven't a translation app if you have something to look it up. I wish I had prepared a slide but I didn't do so I'm very PowerPoint illiterate. I can't stand PowerPoint preparing. I like to see them but I don't have time to or patients to prepare them. But if you have an app, please look it up. So that the Nyssa verse 34, so that the Nyssa verse 34. And this verse is, frankly, the most explicit verse about gender roles in the Quran.

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So you must know it

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Now I will summarize an interpretation. And I want to be very clear, if you for whatever reason don't agree with my interpretation, no problem. But I need you to do your homework and to go back to Tafseer. And to look up what scholars of exegesis and scholars of Hadith in scholars of Quran have said, and then form an alternative interpretation that is consistent with the verse and the goals of the Sharia. I am not arrogant to claim my way as the only interpretation. But what I'm about to say is fairly mainstream, with slight modifications from Virginia to which I believe are possible to make. Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran,

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I reached out to a wa Munna Island Nyssa.

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Region, one either Nyssa men, or awam over women. This is really explicit, frankly, the verse is politically incorrect, but I don't care because I believe in the Quran and I don't believe in political correctness. For me what Allah says matters.

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I rejoice to our Mona Lisa. Now, of course, what does this verse mean is the million dollar question. Let's begin.

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Firstly, Allah says very important region. Now in the Arabic language, you have a number of terms for male the most common term for male is that Qatar. Allah says halacha XO Jane a DECA well Ansar. Allah created us in two genders, the male and the female that got the cool, okay, hello for coming in Dhaka. Allah created us from one DACA from one meal. In this verse, Allah did not use the term the cool a zoo cool hawan Island orthonow. Allah said a region why? Listen to me carefully and I wish I had a PowerPoint slide. But if you just write this down,

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every module is a docker. Not every Docker is virtually

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every module is a Docker, I'll translate. Not every Docker is origin.

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Region is a characteristic you acquire. It's not something you're born with. Allah did not say and this is how most people translate it. Men are responsible over women. If that were the verse it would be as the Quran. Allah didn't say the cool. Allah said regional. And Regina is a characteristic that is acquired after being a biological man. Not every biological man is worthy of being one over a woman. No, no, no, no, no, you earn that, right.

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You strive for that privilege. Just because you're born with a particular chromosome, and a particular genitalia does not give you the right to have a warmer over a woman. No, not at all.

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In order to get that the warmer, and I'll translate the warmer the problem is every word has to be translated. In order to get that P warmer. You have to earn it. And you earn it by becoming a Rajul. You're born the men in the audience. You're born of that girl, but you have to become a rajulio. And if you don't become Orajel, then you don't deserve the Tijuana. It's as simple as that. Okay, now I'm speaking in Arabic. I know there are people in the audience that don't know these words. So I have to, for those who understood you're all clapping and I'm good enough. For those who didn't understand I gotta deconstruct every single word. You understood Roger Andhaka what is a Rajul? A

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Rajan is a biological man who has acquired proper Islamic healthy, masculine qualities, not toxic masculinity, No, Allah azza wa jal praises in the Quran. Allah never praises mirror the Quran enough, the Quran untha that's not anything to be praised. We're equal. Allah subhana wa Taala explicitly says in the Quran, when it comes to being a man or being a woman, literally God, no see, well in this not enough sleep. You both have your shares. Allah says in the Quran festa. Jabba hombre boom, and Neela will do your ama the American Medical means that cat in a notice bottle document bow, lacquer on tap, the two are the same. Notice when Allah talks about a biological sex

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when Allah talks about being an XX or XY chromosome, Allah says, I'm not going to discriminate. This is literally in the Quran. The last page of Sudha other Emraan I'm not

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wanting to discriminate between a biological male and a biological female, the two of you are equal. But I do commend bow to each come from one another, whoever does a good deed will get the reward of that good deed regardless of their biological sex. And that is ultimate equality, your humanity, your nobility, your worth, in the eyes of Allah has nothing to do with your chromosomes and your genitalia. You are equally human in the eyes of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Now, that equality is explicit and guaranteed.

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But when it comes to the tasks, when it comes to the roles when it comes to the responsibilities of being a true man or a true woman, well, while they said that Gurukul unfair, biologically, even the man and the woman are not the same. And there are differences biologically, there are differences hormonally, there are differences. Physically, there are differences. Physiologically, there are differences in muscle density, and bone density, you can, you can unearth the skeleton of a person over a million years old. And by the skeleton, you can tell whether they're male or female, when they said that could who could own stuff every cell in your body can be taken to a lab and without

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telling who the person is, the person in the lab can say this is a male or female down to your cells, you are different from the bones, you are different physically, you are different. So when you're different top to bottom, surely, the tasks assigned to you should also be different. There is no discrimination. The one gender is not more noble than the other. And frankly, I'm going to be blunt here. The fundamental problem of some strands of feminism again, sometimes because again, pause here footnote, as I like to say, we should not criticize feminism in totality. Some aspects of feminism are Islamic, the first wave of feminism gave women rights that Islam gave 1400 years ago,

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right. So we should not criticize feminism in totality. Rather, when we want to criticize we criticize specific concepts leaves the term out of it. Some aspects of feminism are within Islam, some aspects are ambiguous and changeable and some aspects are completely antithetical. So the entirety of the movement should not be praised or criticized, if you want to you can be more specific. So some strands of feminism like I'm saying, they posited a competition between the man and the woman, and whether they admitted or not, they privilege the status of a man. They said, because the man does these things, he is privileged, then they said, it's not fair. The woman does

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not do these things. So then the whole injustice began. And the whole notion of discrimination began. The very problem of positing a competition is itself an Islamic, there is no competition, husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, you are on the same team, you're not competing against one another. This is the fundamental problem of some strands of feminism, your net worth is not by competing with the other gender, your net worth is not decided by whether you can take on the tasks of a man the choice of a man the job of a man No, Allah created you and gifted you with certain differences than the other gender because of this, your roles are different. So going back to the if

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I reach out to kawaman either Nisa I said Allah praises arugula in the Quran he doesn't praise the Quran in the Quran that God is not praised. You're a biological fact Rujuta is praised minute me Nina the return on sada Kuma Allah Allah right? Allah azza wa jal says that return on love to the empty Jonathan will have been on decree law, multiple iron praise being a module a man. And these are yachts if you do a whole survey of them, they talk about sacrifice, sacrificing the dunya for the akhira sacrificing your businesses for the masjid that is a sign of manhood. You want to be a man, frankly brothers and sisters, it has little to do with going to the gym even though yes, it's

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healthy to be healthy. I'm not putting that down, but the stereotype of being a masculine with your pumped up you know, a biceps and you know taking all these hormones to be more powerful and whatnot. Allah praises men who pray to god that's being a man. Allah praises men who defend Allah praises giving up wealth for the sake of the akhira that is what being a man is now don't get me wrong, it's very healthy. Go to the gym. I'm not criticizing that. But the stereotype of masculinity being only physical I'm sorry, no, the Quran never praises that version of masculinity. The Quran praises characteristics of courage, of bravery, of sacrifice, of prioritizing Allah's pleasure over your own

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tunnel pleasures that is being a man. So Allah praises Rujuta in this manner. As I said, not every Decker is original, but every Roger is a doctor now you understand right? Zachary is a biological male. Raju is a male who has acquired positive Islamic masculinity, not toxic masculinity. No. Toxic masculinity has nothing to do with Rajul you don't be original by putting men down and stuck women down or stuck for Allah. You don't be original by making women feel unsafe. You want to be original follow when Allah azza wa jal praised Musa in the Quran, Musa in that interaction with the two young ladies one of whom he ended up marrying. And I say publicly if the Quran has a type of Halal version

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of a love story, this is it because there is emotions involved. She comes shy, she's embarrassed she feels you know, this is a strong man defending me the whole story. This is what it means to be a man Musa alayhis salam took care of defended helped two young ladies without taking advantage of them. Not exchanging phone numbers or text messages. Okay. didn't sneak in. Oh, this is my whatsapp contact me.

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Some of the scholars of Tafseer say the women were being harassed cat called by the shepherds, right. There are two young ladies in a man's world. These are men shepherds, they're taking care of their what not. And Musa felt that this is not appropriate, he needs to intervene. He cannot allow even though the two ladies were not Muslim, even though the two ladies are not related to him. But as a man as a Raju, he cannot allow women to be intimidated in front of him by these other strange men. And so Musa alayhis salam walks up to them and exudes a modesty that allows the two ladies to open up to him. And they're not opening up to their own kith and kin, their own same co compatriots

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the same ethnicity, the same religion, those shepherds, they didn't feel safe with them. Musa comes as a stranger, as an outsider, not that the same faith not of the same ethnicity, but he exudes masculinity,

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true masculinity. And the scholars say he approached them with the level of shyness that a man should have looking down speaking in a manner that shows he wants to protect them. And he goes, What are you doing here? Like you're getting these cat calls, you're making fun of What are you two doing here? Right? And they explained, our father is sick and elderly, we don't have enough money to hire a shepherd. We're the only people we don't have brothers. That's why we're doing a man's job. By the way, we all know it's of course, when there's no man to do the job. Of course, the woman's going to do the job. Nobody's denying that, of course, it's halal. But I'm not going to shy away from saying

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there's a default of a man's job and a default of a woman's job. And until we say this, until we're skirting around it, we're never going to get to the root of the problem. Yes, there's always exceptions. But nothing, nothing is better for a man than to be a protector, a provider, a maintainer, a defender, and nothing is better for a woman to be in the role of a mother, a compassionate caregiver, a caretaker, these are the ideals. Are there exceptions, of course, there are exceptions. But let's not forget, forget the ideal. So most of it, he said, gives that impression that I will take care of you, I'm going to make sure that everything is fine. So they

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entrusted him and as soon as they entrust him, he does the job that men do. He takes care of the sheep, he gives them back and then he walks away. This is the ideal time for flotation. The ideal time for quid pro quo if you get my drift. The ideal but no, that's not what a man does. This is real jeweler in the Quran. So Allah says, reach out to our Mona Lisa,

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not men, but masculine men, men who have Islamic masculinity, men who are gentlemen, this is how you should translate the verse, Men who have acquired the characteristics of being a gentleman, those men, they are Paiwan over women. What does play well, I mean, a lot of people miss translate and say that men are the people in charge of as if you're the boss, as if whatever you say goes, no, look up your Alexa lexicons look up the meaning of Tijuana. The number one meaning of panorama, to maintain and to protect. Men are the protectors of women. Men are the ones who sacrifice for women. Men are the ones who have to make sure women are taken care of women are protected. Women have everything

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they need. That is the job of a man and we don't care how politically incorrect it is.

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So when

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a Docker becomes a module, that Rajan earns the right of another module to give his daughter over in marriage to this module and say, You know what, you

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You are a Rajul you will take care of my daughter, protect my daughter, or reach out to Kawa Munna either Nissa the ultimate meaning of Tijuana has nothing to do with obedience. This is a misunderstanding. The primary meaning of Kawana is to protect and maintain to take care of that's what a warmer means. That's the job of a man to go defend, to go fight to go take care of. That's what a man does if need be. He sacrifices his life for the women that's what a real man does. There is nothing in this is about men are bosses over women. Men are kings over women. No, where'd you get this from? A Winema implies protection and safety and maintenance now, I'm gonna go on because the

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verse is very controversial, but it is a verse of the Quran. You don't agree with me go find another interpretation good for you. But I'm gonna move translate the next phrase. Allah azza wa jal says, I'm watching the time five minutes inshallah. Allah azza wa jal says,

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Men are Kym over women.

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Then Allah says, because of two reasons, and I need you to pay attention. This is a very deep and profound idea. Wallahi I, I have thought about this idea for many, many dozens of hours, I've contemplated read to Fossey. And what I understood from this verse to me, it was mind boggling. It was altering my perception really, of, you know, the realities of going on. And it really explained to me why we see what we see. So I'm going to try to summarize, you know, what I have derived from the idea in a few minutes pay attention to this Ricciardo Pomona, Allah Nisa, Min archiwum over women, then Allah says, I'm going to tell you why. And this is really cool, really interesting.

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Allah did not just say because I say so, even though if he said so. And he did say so it's good enough for us. But Allah wanted to explain why did I say that a job or clear one over women. There's a reason why I said this. And Allah told us two reasons in the Quran, because of which region or anyone one over women are you guys following me so far? You guys following me two reasons in the Quran, the one be my fault, but Allahu Balga, whom either about and the two were Bhima. And for Coleman and why they him. Number one reason, because Allah gave certain biological characteristics to the one that he did not give to the other. Biologically, the man is not like the woman. And so

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the one of them has certain characteristics that help in the job of piano. And the other has characteristics that help in the job of what she is doing, which is to be a provider, to be a nourisher, to be a loving and a supporting mother to the children to be a housewife that is helping the husband to be a maintainer of the household, they have what they need, and they have what they need. So when you want to be a clam, when you want to take charge, and fight and lay your life down and go and whatnot, you need to be physically different. And so Allah has given the male characteristics that are suited for the Oklahoma biologically now again, it's self evident, the man

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is generally speaking faster and stronger and physically more powerful. Actually, the bone densities, the mass of the muscles, the height, everything. That's why in the Olympics, men and women don't compete together. I mean, I mean, how much more political correctness Do you want? Right? There's never the same tracks. It's just the way things are. So biologically, men are different than women. And so what men have in terms of whatever they have suits them for Oklahoma. Now number one is that number two, what the mountain * woman and why lay him and because the one is obliged to spend their money on the other financial fiscal, a woman never has to spend depending

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on herself. Islamically you all know this, from the day she's born till the day she leaves this earth she is always being taken care of by her father or her brother or her husband or her son ideally, I know it doesn't always work out. Ideally shut er says this, whether some husbands don't act like any job, whether some brothers don't act like you know the job and they don't treat their sisters properly. That's definitely a problem. But the default is that women are protected and maintained in the shed from birth to death. We know this now. Allah azza wa jal mentions two reasons. Number one biological and number two, financial or fiscal time is up. I'm going to conclude

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on this point to me it was mind boggling.

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When you look at the modern world, we live in the post industrial, post mechanized world that we live in. We're no longer living in hunter gatherer societies where we have to go hunt our food. We're no no no longer living under threat of war where we live in gated communities in the city.

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Have their walls up. And we're worried about an invasion every second third date, our civil societies calm down by and large in the Western world. And our intellectual output has leveled the playing field. Biologically, it doesn't matter whether you're a man or a woman, when you're in front of a computer, your typing speed is the same.

00:30:20--> 00:30:54

It doesn't matter whether you're a man or a woman, when it comes to 80 90% of the jobs we do in corporate America, intellectually, IQ wise, it is true each one is slightly different. But IQ wise, they're pretty much the same, true the way a man thinks a woman thinks is slightly different. But intellectually, they're at a similar level, not the one is not bigger than the other. We know this, frankly, usually the women get the better grades than them. And we know this. But anyway, that's a separate one altogether. I know as I'm a professor, as a professor, I say, usually the default is SubhanAllah. You know, their notes are better all these multicolored colored, you know, pens and

00:30:54--> 00:31:16

whatnot, that cleaner handwriting, okay, better taking of the notes, better memorization skills, better answering of the comprehension exam. So anyway said, let's just say for him to be politically correct, they're roughly the same, even though one is better than another. But let's leave that aside. Okay. Let's just say they're roughly the same because generally IQ test showed that roughly the same now in the modern world we live in.

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One doesn't need physical strength to do most of the tasks and chores that the job requires. When situation in society changes, such that physical prowess is required. All of a sudden, a mama comes back, the war in Ukraine, the President announced, women and children may leave all men between the ages of 18 to 60 must remain and fight. Sorry to be crude. Where were the feminists clamoring for equality, then?

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It's not going to happen.

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When civil society flattens the curve, and you don't need men hunting gathering, you don't need men defending you don't need men laboring in the fields like once upon a time used to happen, then, one of the reasons of pay Juana will be diminished, you guys following me. And when post world war two second wave feminism wishes to change corporate life, because it's only been one generation, a lot of you guys don't understand this, and women don't understand this one generation. That's it. Look at any black and white movie from the 40s and 50s. Go read any book of sociology, anthropology, history, it's been one generation where men and women have similar jobs in corporate America, one

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generation, literally, back in the 20s and 30s. The track fields the the the, the notion of what a woman should do what a man should do, are distinct and separate. I'm not saying right or wrong. That's the way it was one generation, fiscal responsibilities have merged. And post World War Two, second and third wave feminism have brought a change such that in our generation, and I'm not saying good or bad, I'm being factual right now, in our generation, the average man and the average woman are both working and earning money. So the second reason for Oklahoma has been diminished as well.

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Don't be surprised in the world that we live in, when the biological differences don't care don't play a role. And when fiscal responsibilities are shared, don't be surprised when the reality of how Allah created us, a regional Kawamoto Denisa is also being disrupted. Because the two reasons that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala mentioned for this default, the both of them really no longer exist in society. So because they no longer exist in society, we're now seeing a new reality. This new reality can only function when both of these reasons don't exist. The minute these reasons return, look at Ukraine, the minute these two reasons return, the one was going to return the way the

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default is in the way that Allah created us. Now, bottom line to conclude,

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we live at a time and place where it's not my fault. It's not your fault. Both of these reasons have changed.

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It's not necessarily evil, that these reasons have changed. It's not necessarily evil, nothing wrong with a woman having a job in education. Nothing wrong with a man, you know, having less financial responsibility these days to income homes are the normal, you know, both husband and wife work and they pay for their rent. Nothing wrong with that. So my notion is not whether it's haram or halal, but my notion is let us never forget the default. Let us never forget the ideal situation, because that ideal is something we do strive for. And even if we cannot meet 100% If we can meet it partially, if we can sacrifice a little bit if it's possible for a family to live on one income and

00:34:58--> 00:35:00

if it's possible for

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

The mother to take care of the children as a priority, then I will say bluntly, there is nothing better than that, given how this world is corrupting our children, given the forces, dark forces in this world that are out there to brainwash your own kids, nothing will protect your children's Eman stronger than a loving mother. Nothing is going to protect Islam in the next generation than a mother who is there 24/7 For the children and that is their biological and a fifth three and a shudder a reality that we should not be ashamed of bottom line brothers and sisters bottom line, we all have to adapt to the circumstances and to a great extent that adaptation is halal. It's

00:35:40--> 00:36:20

permissible It's okay. So be it. Let us not forget the what the ideal is and let us strive in our lives to at least try to come close to that ideal as much as possible. And in the end of the day, Fatah Allah, mazel tov. We do what we can, may Allah subhana wa Tada. Give us all the courage. May Allah give us the courage to speak the truth. May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the fortitude to act upon that truth. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless us all to be role model men, those of us that are men and to be rolled model women, those of us that are women may Allah Subhana Allah to Allah grant us all righteous partners, righteous spouses that bring out the best of the masculinity

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or femininity. May Allah Subhana Allah to either protect our children and their children after them which is our from Allah Who hyaluron was set on why they come Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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either call

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me Mr. Heaton doll Seanie

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doesn't mean a lot to me what to feed.

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to me,

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